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Mountain View News Saturday, August 18, 2018 

Free Boxing Exhibition 
in Front of City Hall

Police Chief 

Pasadena City Manager Steve 
Mermell announced Tuesday 
the recruitment process for the 
next Chief of Police.

 Mermell said that the public is 
encouraged to attend meetings 
to provide input about the 
most important qualities that 
potential candidates should 
have. The executive search 
firm of Teri Black & Company, 
LLC. will facilitate the 
executive search and public 

 “Public input is crucial to 
selecting the best individual 
to lead the Department. I 
encourage all community 
stakeholders to attend the 
upcoming forum(s) and 
share their thoughts on 
the characteristics and 
professional background 
they feel are most important 
when selecting a new Chief,” 
Mermell said.

 Community forums will take 

Thursday, September 6 – 
6:30 p.m. City Hall Council 
Chamber 100 North Garfield 
Avenue, Second Floor

Saturday, September 8 – 9:30 
a.m. Villa-Parke Community 
Center Auditorium 363 East 
Villa Street

Saturday, September 8 – 
11:30 a.m. Jackie Robinson 
Community Center 
Auditorium 1020 North Fair 
Oaks Avenue

 Applications for the 
position will be accepted in 
September with screenings 
and interviews taking place in 
October and November. The 
rigorous interview process will 
include a community panel in 
addition to law enforcement 
professionals and municipal 
agency administrators.

 Based in Los Angeles, Teri 
Black & Company, LLC offers 
premier comprehensive 
executive search services to 
cities, counties throughout the 
Western United States.

 Anyone who would like 
to offer input can do so 

 The City of Pasadena 
Human Services and 
Recreation Department will 
host its third annual, free 
“Centennial Square Boxing 
Show” featuring a full-scale 
boxing ring in front of City 
Hall, 100 N. Garfield Avenue 
this Friday, August 24 from 7 
p.m. – 10:30 p.m. Weigh-ins 
begin at 4:30 p.m. The “Main 
Card” will feature pugilistic 
match-ups in the “Master’s 
Division” with boxers age 
50 and older. A variety of 
other boxing exhibitions 
will be highlighted with 
competitors, both male and 
female, ages 8 and older.

 Every month, about 1,800 
people of all ages take 
advantage of the Villa-
Parke Community Center’s 
programs, but one of the 
most popular activities at the 
center is the Boxing Program. 
During the past two decades, 
hundreds of hopeful future 
Olympians and professionals 
have undergone training 
with Boxing Specialist Fausto 
De La Torre. Currently, 
more than 300 youth and 
adults are registered to use 
the boxing program’s gym. 
Boxing promotes physical 
and mental discipline, 
strength and well-being and 
is often a good fit for youth 
who are typically not drawn 
to more traditional sports.

 Garfield Avenue will be 
closed to traffic in front of 
City Hall to allow for the 
boxing ring in Centennial 
Square. The event is free and 
open to the public. Last year’s 
Pasadena Media coverage 
of the event won a WAVE 
Award from the Alliance for 
Community Media Western 
States Region in the category 
of Sports Coverage. 

 For more information about 
Villa-Parke and its programs, 
including boxing, visit
humanservices or contact 
the Villa-Parke Community 
Center by phone, (626) 744-
6530. The center is open 
8 a.m. to 8 p.m., Monday 
through Thursday; 8 a.m. to 
7 p.m., Friday; 8 a.m. to 3 
p.m. Saturday and closed on 



 Planned Parenthood 
Advocates, Congresswoman 
Judy Chu, and representatives 
from Congressman Adam 
Schiff’s office held a press 
conference on the steps of 
Pasadena City Hall Monday 
morning, calling on senators 
to reject the nomination of 
Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the 
Supreme Court. Californians 
are demanding that their 
constitutional rights be 
protected, including access to 
safe and legal abortion they 

 “Women’s equality cannot be 
questioned, nor will we go back 
to the days of women dying 
from botched abortions because 
of Republicans taking away 
our access to safe and quality 
healthcare.” Chu said. “That is 
why I’m proud to stand with 
Planned Parenthood today and 
every day. They work hard to 
guarantee healthcare for women 
and families, and help fight 
these attacks from Washington.” 

 “There are only eight states 
including California that have 
laws that protect the right to 
chose. So what this means if 
they overturn Roe v. Wade is 
that immediately, we think 
that 20 states would outlaw 
abortions. She also said. ”

 According to event organizers 
and Chu, Public support for Roe 
v. Wade — the 1973 decision that 
affirmed the right to access safe, 
legal abortion — is at record 
high of 71 percent, including 
52 percent of Republicans. 
Gallup polls indicate that public 
support for Judge Kavanaugh is 
lower than any other Supreme 
Court nominee in over 30 
years. Yet, President Trump has 
made clear that he would only 
nominate justices to the court 
who would “automatically” 
overturn Roe v. Wade. 

 Planned Parenthood Advocates 
are calling for the Senate to 
hold nominees to the Personal 
Liberty Standard, where they 
must affirmatively declare that 
they believe the Constitution 
protects individual liberty 
and the right of all people to 
make personal decisions about 
their bodies and personal 
relationships -- including the 
right to use contraception, to 
have an abortion, and to have 
the freedom to marry whom 
they choose. 

 “Planned Parenthood provides 
judgement free, unbiased care 
and assistance for people like 
me. Today, I share my story 
to exemplify that, without 
Planned Parenthood and the 
continued access to the services 
that they provide, my life and 
the lives of millions of others 
would be negatively impacted. 
Governmental actions, such as 
the decision to nominate Brett 
Kavanaugh to be a Supreme 
Court justice, can severely affect 
the lives of people across the 
nation,” said patient Hannah 

Judy Chu, 
Rally Against 

Free Monthly Events at 
Pasadena Senior Center

Altadena Free 
Movie Tonight

Legislation Honors 
Victims of 1972 Arroyo 
Seco Bridge Collapse

 Take one last trip 
this summer... to a 
magical land called 


 There is something for 
everyone in August at the 
Pasadena Senior Center, 
85 E. Holly St.

You do not have to be a 
member to attend. Some 
events require advance 
reservations as noted.

 Friday Movie Matinees – 
Fridays at 1 p.m. Everyone 
enjoys watching movies 
and the pleasures they 
bring. Aug. 24: Downsizing 
(2017, R) starring Matt 
Damon and Kristin Wiig. 
When scientists discover 
how to shrink humans 
down to five inches tall as a 
solution to overpopulation, 
a man and his wife decide 
to get small and move to 
a downsized community, 
a choice that triggers life-
changing adventures.

 Screening Mimis Film Club 
– Tuesday, Aug. 21, at 3 
p.m. What used to require 
a monthly fee is now free! 
Classics, film noir, cult films, 
documentaries, shorts, 
foreign films, animated 
films and more are selected 
democratically by club 
members. Each screening 
is researched and its 
hidden history presented 
prior to each viewing. 
Lively discussions and Q&A 
follow each screening. 
Popcorn is provided. The 
film club is scheduled the 
first and third Tuesdays 
of every month. Email for 
more information.

 Free Summer Concerts for 
All Ages – Mondays at 6 p.m. 
through Sept. 3. Summer 
concerts sponsored by 
the Pasadena Senior 
Center have moved from 
Memorial Park to the air-
conditioned comfort of 
the center’s Scott Pavilion. 
Aug. 20: Lisa Haley and 
the Zydekats will play lively 
Cajun Zydeco music with 
plenty of Louisiana spice. 
Aug. 27: Leah Zeger will 
perform spirited Gypsy jazz 
and beloved standards. 
Sept. 3: The Great 
American Swing Band will 
feature the sounds of Big 
Band, rhythm and blues, 
jazz and Dixieland.

 LA Opera Talk – Monday, 
Aug. 20, at 1 p.m. An 
LA Opera community 
educator will give a 
multimedia presentation 
titled “The Creation of an 
Opera” that will provide an 
in-depth look at all aspects 
of opera beyond music 
and singing, including 
set design and costume 
design, illustrated with 
examples from some of 
the world’s most beloved 

 My Gift to You: The 
Importance of Planning 
Ahead – Thursday, Aug. 
23, at 10 a.m. Life is a cycle 
with a beginning and an 
end. Most people prepare 
for months and sometimes 
years to bring a beginning 
to life, but the same time 
and care is not given to 
the natural cycle of the 
other end of the spectrum. 
Learn how to plan ahead 
so you and your loved ones 
can maneuver through 
emotional and financial 
hurdles when the time 
comes. Presented by Forest 

 U.S./ROUTES – Friday, Aug. 
24, at 3:30 p.m. The most 
memorable moments 
and places in our lives are 
often set to music. Guest 
performing artists from 
MUSE/IQUE will explore the 
ultimate musical trip as the 
orchestra celebrates our 
unique American sound, 
from Duke Ellington’s New 
York state of mind and 
Jackie Wilson’s Detroit 
sound to the sparkling 
southern splash of James 
Brown and Frank Sinatra’s 
Vegas. The first 16 people 
who sign up at the 
Welcome Desk and attend 
this event will receive 
complimentary tickets for 
the Aug. 25 MUSE/IQUE 
concert at the Huntington 
Library, Art Collections and 
Botanical Gardens.

 Guide Dogs of the Desert 
– Thursday, Aug. 30, at 10 
a.m. Since 1972, Guide 
Dogs of the Desert has 
made a difference in the 
lives of people who are 
blind or visually impaired. 
Come learn about the 
more than 1,400 client/dog 
teams across the nation 
that are enjoying richer, 
fuller and more productive 

 For more information 
visit www. 
or call 626-795-4331.

 Founded in 1960, the 
Pasadena Senior Center is 
an independent, nonprofit 
organization that offers 
recreational, educational, 
wellness and social 
services to people ages 50 
and older in a welcoming 

Before we settle in for 
the new school year, let’s 
celebrate an amazing 
summer of “Reading 
Taking Us Everywhere” 
by taking one last visual 
vacation. Pack a picnic 
and join us for an end-
of-summer celebration 
tonight in the Main Library 
Parking Lot, featuring 
family fun for all ages and 
a special screening of The 
Wizard of Oz.

 Doors will open at 
6:00pm. Animated shorts 
and music will play as 
guests settle in, do an 
Oz-themed craft, and 
pay a visit to the Haiku 
Guys + Gals. After the 
Adult Summer Reading 
Grand Prize Winners are 
announced and the sun 
begins to set, the movie 
will begin around 7:45pm.

What do I need to know 
about Saturday?

 The movie is free and 
open to the public.

 Guests are encouraged to 
bring their own picnics, 
but food and snacks will be 
available for sale, including 
shave ice from Kona Ice 
food truck, Mexican fare 
from Burrito Express, and 

 Want to dress up like 
your favorite Wizard of Oz 
character? Great, we can’t 
wait to see!

 Free parking will be 
available at the Senior 
Center next door and on 
the street.

What can I bring to the 
outdoor movie and picnic?

 Family and friends of all 

 Lawn chairs and blankets 
- Seating will not be 
provided, so bring what 
makes you comfy!

 Food - While snacks will 
be available for sale, we 
encourage you to bring 
your own picnic if you 
want a more substantial 

The Main Library is located 
600 E. Mariposa Street. For 
more information visit:

Pet of the 


 Legislation to memorialize 
the area around the Foothill 
Bridge collapse of 1972, 
Assembly Concurrent 
Resolution 250, passed the 
Senate Transportation and 
Housing Committee last 
week. The incident – where 
six lives were lost – occurred 
on the Foothill Freeway 
near Devil’s Gate in the City 
of Pasadena on Tuesday, 
October 17, 1972.

 “This bridge collapse caused 
an unexpected tragedy that 
created intense pain for 
families of those who were 
injured or died as a result,” 
said Assemblymember 
Chris Holden. “Naming the 
overcrossing of the Arroyo 
Seco honors the victims and 
may bring a sense of peace to 
their families.”

 At approximately 1:30 
p.m. on October 17, 1972, 
faulty scaffolding on a 60-
foot stretch of the Foothill 
Freeway collapsed while 
concrete was being poured 
for the bridge, crushing 
victims who were under the 
construction at the time of 
the collapse. An army of 
500 rescue workers labored 
throughout the night to 
locate missing workers who 
were buried under six feet of 

 Rafael Gonzales, son of 
the late Hector Delgado 
Gonzales testified in 
Sacramento on behalf of the 
victims in support of ACR 

 “The sacrifice of my father 
Hector Gonzalez Delgado 
and his five Coworkers 
will forever be known and 
appreciated by all those who 
utilize Highway 210,” said 
Rafael Gonzales. “Thanks to 
Assemblymember Holden 
and his staff, AB 250 will 
memorialize these men.”

 Allie (A462725) is a 
German Shepherd who is 
13 years young and does 
not act her age. She loves to 
play with toys and balls and 
walks on leash with spunk 
and energy. She spent this 
past weekend with our 
Wiggle Waggle Wagon 
crew and enjoyed meeting 
small and large dogs and 
people of all ages. She is a 
well-behaved dog with a 
great temperament and is 
looking for a new home. 

 The adoption fee for dogs 
is $130. All dogs are spayed 
or neutered, microchipped, 
and vaccinated before going 
to their new home. 

 New adopters will 
receive a complimentary 
exam from VCA Animal 
Hospitals, as well as a goody 
bag filled with information 
about how to care for your 

 View photos of adoptable 
pets at pasadenahumane.
org. Adoption hours are 
11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Sunday; 
9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Tuesday 
through Friday; and 9 a.m. 
to 4 p.m. Saturday.

 Pets may not be available 
for adoption and cannot be 
held for potential adopters 
by phone calls or email.

 *** Clear the Shelters,” 
a pet adoption campaign 
spearheaded by both 
stations. Today, the 
adoption fee for all animals 
will be reduced to $20 
and the shelter will hold 
extended adoption hours 
from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. View 
all animals at the shelter 


Sunday, August 5th

12:15 AM – A battery 
occurred in the 1600 block of 
Valencia Avenue. Suspect was 
taken into custody.

7:30 AM – A residential 
burglary occurred in the 
2000 block of Sinaloa Avenue. 
Suspect is known by the 

Monday August 6th

No significant incidents

Tuesday, August 7th

12:00 PM – A commercial 
burglary occurred in the 600 
block of E. Mariposa Street. 
Suspect entered the location 
by prying the lock. Stolen: 
white Nintendo Wii and 
remote controllers.

Wednesday, August 8th

1:30 PM – A theft of 
landscaping equipment 
occurred in the 2400 block of 
Porter Avenue. Stolen: red gas 
powered hedge trimmer.

Thursday, August 9th

6:16 PM – Joseph Peace, 29 
years old of Pasadena and 
Jonah Woodruff, 29 years old 
of Altadena were arrested in 
the 2100 block of N. Raymond 
Avenue for drinking in public.

Friday August 10th

No Significant incidents

Saturday, August 11th

1:00 AM – A domestic 
violence incident occurred in 
the 900 block of Dolores Drive. 
Suspect has been identified.

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