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By Joan Schmidt

 Last Friday evening, this reporter felt so privileged as 
Bob and I listened to Dr. Adam Kendall, an outstanding 
humanitarian, perform one last time.

 My saga with Dr. Kendall began in December at 
Foothill Unity Center’s wonderful Salon Concert and 
Art Show. Prior to the concert there were displays 
of beautiful paintings, photography, dresses/purses, 
jewelry and tasty hors oeuvres. The concert began; we 
were mesmerized by Dr. Kendall’s piano performances. 
After a brief intermission were superb violin 

 When I returned home, I read Dr. Kendall’s bio on 
the Program. I learned Dr. Kendall had a passion for 
classical music since his violin and piano under Ms. 
Hiroko Wiancko. In 2011, he began public concerts 
at train stations and on street corners. He teaches ten 
students and in lieu of performance fees and lesson fees, 
he encourages donations to the Foothill Unity Center.

 Before I could write about Dr. Kendall and 
December’s Salon Concert & Art Show, I researched on 
line, learned a lot and did my article. But at Kendall’s last 
concert this past Friday, Jeannette Santana, his partner 
and patroness, handed me a copy of an outstanding 
commentary, “Monrovia’s Classical Musician on a 
Mission”, by Malak Hubbak. (A “must-read” for all Dr. 
Kendall’s fans.)

 I could write volumes about this wonderful man, 
but have limited space, so I will try my best to relay his 

 In 2011, Dr. Kendall’s beloved wife of fifteen years 
passed away. They had a medical practice together, but 
he was so grief-stricken, he sold it. His brother sent 
him on a train trip across Canada, hoping to ease his 
pain and help him go on with his life. While on the 
train, Kendall began to play Bach Partitas on his violin, 
to help him sleep, but it didn’t work. It was suggested 
Kendall play for the passengers, which he did. This was 
the first time Kendall had performed publicly and it was 
cathartic seeing people mesmerized by his music.

 Dr. Kendall returned to southern California, 
received a performer’s license and performed on Third 
Street Promenade in Santa Monica. He came to the 
San Gabriel Valley and began practicing medicine at 
HealthCare Partners in Arcadia. Dr. Kendall has been 
renting an apartment at the Parragon, and since 2013, 
has been performing at the Monrovia Street Fair. He 
wears a black tuxedo and plays on his 600 pound 1980’s 
Yamaha U3 piano and his Hopf violin, no matter what 
the weather is. Every Friday, people of various ages 
come to listen to his performances. He wanted to bridge 
the gap between the listener and concert hall which he 
has successfully accomplished. But his mission is more. 
He wants people around him find a place of healing and 
to make the world a better place.

 Always on hand for the concerts is Barney, his 13-
year old rescue Bichon Frise, sitting nearby on a dolly. 
The children love Barney and are encouraged to pet 
him. Twelve students have been taking lessons from 
Kendall at St. Luke’s Episcopal Church who lends their 
facility and instruments. To show what he has done-
In 2014, for instance, his performances raised over 
$25,000 for Foothill Unity Center and Bloom Where 
Planted, which supports education in Kenya.

 Dr. Kendall and Jeannette are relocating to Orange 
County; there are career advancement opportunities. It 
was not an easy for Dr. Kendall. Many may not realize 
he still is paying for medical school. But he promises he 
will be returning to Monrovia-he has his music lessons 
for children and a deep commitment to Foothill Unity 
Center. God bless you, Dr. Kendall; thank you for all 
you have done.


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Principal Hernandez knows how important music is. 
As a child, he was involved in a Fine Arts program 
from Kindergarten through 8th grade. He spent 
several years as a principal in Houston Texas, first 
at a middle school and then at an early college high 
school. Now, having been at Pasadena High School 
(PHS) for three years, he is excited to see that the 
music program is growing. 

 Band is on an upward trajectory. Recently the PHS 
band has seen a lot of growth and improvement in 
their halftime shows and has placed in a variety of 
competitions. It is also an integral part of school 
spirit at PHS, playing at pep rallies and at games. Mr. 
Hernandez mentions that there are a larger number of 
students in band, and there is a lot of support for the 
music program overall from parents, administration, 
and the Instrumental Music Club (IMC). 

 Orchestra Is working hard to grow as well. This 
year, for the first time, Orchestra is being offered 
during the school day instead of only being offered 
as a zero period. Scheduling has been an issue; 
Mr. Hernandez says, “It’s a juggling act with the 
schedules,” but the goal is to make Orchestra more 
accessible to students. Offering it during the day so 
that there are more opportunities for students is one 
way to do that. 

 “The High School Program is only as strong as the 
Middle School programs,” and fortunately the middle 
school programs are strong. The District Fine Arts 
Coordinator was Jen Olsen, who did a fantastic job, 
and Karen Anderson has continued to help the arts 
grow and facilitate communication between middle 
schools and high schools in the district. 

 PHS wants to connect with local middle schoolers 
involved in music to help recruit them in band and 
encourage them to continue with music. For the 
past few years, PHS has put on a Middle School 
Night where students from the local middle schools 
including Wilson, Eliot, and Sierra Madre Middle 
School have a chance to play with high schoolers at 
a home football game. This year, the Middle School 
Night is September 28th at PHS. 

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