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By Rebecca Wright/MVNews

If you have been to the Paseo in Pasadena in the 
past two weeks, then you have likely noticed the 
exciting new shop: Jade’s Fashions. Run by owner 
Marianne Reyes and designer Kim Holbrook, 
Jade’s is a store designed for every woman. Kim 
focuses on designing with inclusive sizing in mind, 
and Jade’s carriers clothing from size 2 to size 20. 

 Jade’s has been around for three and a half years, 
first in South Pasadena and then here at Paseo. 
Marianne says that the move was good because 
Paseo gets a lot more foot traffic than her South 
Pasadena location did. She also talks about how 
she and Kim met: through LinkedIn. Originally 
Marianne bought all the clothes for her store 
from showrooms, but she says that when she did 
this she never got to meet with the designers or 
discuss things like their inspiration or vision. Last 
year she happened to meet Kim through LinkedIn 
and brought her on board as a designer for the 
store. Their partnership happened, “naturally, 
organically, and pretty quickly,”. 

 Before Marianne owned Jade’s, she worked for 
30 years in corporate insurance. She knew from 
the time that she was 16 that she wanted to own her 
own boutique, and when she had the opportunity 
to make that dream come true, she took it. Jade’s is 
designed around a “glam” aesthetic, and Marianne 
says that her husband did a lot of the work in their 
current location to get it ready. 

 Kim has been 
a designer for 
20 years. She 
comments that 
she started 
designing because 
she could not find 
pieces that she 
loved and wanted 
to wear. Her goal in designing clothes- which is 
a goal that Marianne had in mind for her own 
store- is to create clothes that her customers feel 
beautiful in now, not “if I lose five pounds,”. 

 Marianne and Kim share a lot of goals for the 
store, one of which is to make it a place where 
young, up and coming designers can find a place 
to showcase their work and to receive mentorship. 
The women both talk about how important it is 
to bring new people to the table. The featured 
designer changes each quarter; currently Jade’s is 
featuring Clairvoyant by Megan Monroe. 

 Another goal they share is to source their 
product as locally as possible; they would love to 
feature entirely LA designers. This is because both 
Marianne and Kim prefer to get to know their 
designers and foster relationships with them. They 
like knowing about values, creative vision, and the 
inspiration behind different pieces. 

 Their third goal is to get to know their customers 
and create lasting relationships there as well. Both 
women love the idea of going into a store where 
they know the staff and the staff knows them, and 
they wanted to bring that feel to their own store. 
They describe it as the “missing link,” in a lot of 
stores. Right now, they are the only two people 
working in their store; down the road they would 
love to hire more people, but they also say that 
they want to make sure that at least one of them 
is in the store every day, to foster that feeling of 
connectedness with their customers. 


September 18, 2018 – San Gabriel Valley, California. 
Are you interested in meeting new people, making 
new friends, exploring well-known landmarks, and 
enjoying new activities? Newcomers and Friends 
of San Gabriel Valley, a social club, invites local 
women to attend their October general meeting.

 On October 3, at 10:00 am, Newcomers and 
Friends of SGV’s “meet-and-greet” coffee will 
be held in Jordan Hall at Church of the Good 
Shepherd, 400 West Duarte Road, in Arcadia. 

 FREE tickets are available from Eventbrite,

 This general meeting is a great way to meet the 
members of Newcomers and Friends and learn 
about the club’s wide variety of daytime, weekday, 
fun activities. Anyone interested in joining is 
welcome to attend. You can bring a friend along or 
just come and meet your future friends!

 Additional Newcomers and Friends’ mostly-
daytime, weekday activities include a Book Club, 
Bridge, Crafters, Day Trips, Games (Bunco, 
Rummikub, etc.), Golf, Hiking, Happy Hour, 
Lunch Bunch, Mah Jongg, Movies, Pinochle, and 
Wine Tasting.

 Newcomers and Friends is a friendly, caring group 
of women of diverse ages. This group currently 
has 120 members of various backgrounds and 
has existed since 1965. You can choose to be as 
actively involved as you like, based on your time 
and interests.

 To learn more about Newcomers and Friends 
of San Gabriel Valley, contact them via email at or visit them online at

Katie Orth626.688.0418 
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