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for Tips in 

Free Public Tours of 
Tournament House

 The City of Pasadena will be 
offering a $5,000 reward for 
information that leads to the 
arrest and conviction in any 
existing unsolved Pasadena 
murder case.

 Over the past ten years, there 
have been 53 homicides in 
Pasadena and seven remain 
unsolved. In order to claim 
a reward, you must provide 
information to the Pasadena 
Police Department which 
leads to the apprehension 
and conviction of the party 
responsible for the homicide. 
If there are multiple claims, 
they will be reviewed to 
determine whether one 
claimant receives the entire 
$5,000 reward or the $5,000 
reward is split among 

 “Solving these murders and 
ensuring public safety is of 
paramount importance to 
our Police Department, said 
City Manager Steve Mermell. 

"We want to bring justice to 
the families affected by these 
tragedies and hope that the 
reward money will provide 
an incentive for anyone 
with information to come 

 Pasadena Police detectives 
continue to follow up on 
information that has been 
provided and will thoroughly 
investigate any new leads. 
To provide information 
anonymously, call “Crime 
Stoppers” at (800) 222-TIPS 
(8477); or report by using 
the website lacrimestoppers.
org. Crime Stoppers offers 
up to $1,000 for information 
leading to the arrest of 
those responsible for crimes 
committed in Los Angeles 
County, and you may remain 
anonymous. That $1,000 
reward would be in addition 
to any reward offered by the 
City. Tips can also be directed 
to Detective Lieutenant Jesse 
Carrillo at (626) 744-4517.

 Guided tours inside 
Tournament House, the iconic 
Southern California landmark, 
are now open to the public. 
Tours will be offered, at no cost, 
every Thursday at 2 p.m. and 
3 p.m. Tournament of Roses 
volunteers from the Heritage 
Committee, knowledgeable of 
the organization’s history and 
details of the house, conduct 
the tours. 

 The Rose Bowl Game room 
renovation at Tournament 
House is complete and open 
to the public for viewing. 
Highlights include: two new 
Hall of Fame touch screens, 
video playback of Rose Bowl 
Game history, depictions of 
Offensive and Defensive Player 
of the Game, a celebration of 
the 100-year anniversary of the 
1919 Rose Bowl Game, the B-2 
Flyover and more.

 Tournament House serves 
as the official headquarters 
of the Pasadena Tournament 
of Roses, its staff and the 935 
volunteer members who work 
year-round to organize the 
annual Rose Parade® presented 
by Honda and Rose Bowl Game 
presented by Northwestern 

 Located in Pasadena, the house 
was once the home of chewing 
gum mogul William Wrigley Jr. 
and his wife, Ada. After Ada’s 
death in 1958, the Wrigley 
family presented the property 
to the city of Pasadena, with 
the request that it become 
the base of operations for the 
Tournament of Roses. The 
Wrigley family enjoyed the 
Rose Parade as it unfolded just 
beyond their front yard.

 Surrounding Tournament 
House are the Wrigley 
Gardens, which feature a floral 
display of roses, camellias 
and annuals. The gardens 
feature the All-America Rose 
Selections (AARS) award-
winning Tournament of Roses 
rose developed especially 
for the Tournament of Roses 
Centennial in 1989.

 Groups of 10 or more may 
call (626) 449-4100 for tour 

 The Tournament of Roses 
is a volunteer organization 
that hosts America’s New Year 
Celebration with the Rose 
Parade, the Rose Bowl Game 
and a variety of accompanying 
events. 935 volunteer members 
of the association will drive the 
success of 131st Rose Parade 
themed “The Power of Hope,” 
on Wednesday, January 1, 2020, 
followed by the 106th Rose 
Bowl Game. 

OIS Discussed during Community Forum

 By Dean Lee

 Newly named Police Chief 
John Perez and City Manager 
Steve Mermell discussed a 
series of videos released to the 
pubic Wednesday, of an Officer 
Involved Shooting in January, 
where officers fired at a fleeing 
suspect in the residential area 
of 1900 Raymond Ave. 

 “We have a lot to do in this 
investigation, we shot into a 
residential neighborhood, I’m 
sorry for that.” Perez said. “We 
don’t want that to happen. But 
the threat that they saw, for us 
to say that no officer should 
shoot and get shot... I don’t 
know what to tell you.”

 Perez said the suspect, 
Brandon Green, was a 
known gang member with an 
outstanding warrant for drug 
charges. Green, was not struck 
by gunfire.

 In a press statement Pasadena 
Lt. Jesse Carrillo said, “The 
Pasadena Police Department 
conducts thorough Use of Force 
investigations which includes 
interviewing witnesses, 
officers involved, analyzing 
video evidence, forensic 
evidence, and statements from 
those involved in the chain of 
events. After the investigation 
is completed, a Use of Force 
Hearing will be convened and 
the Police Chief will make 
a final determination if the 
officers involved acted within 
department policy. This 
process may take up to one 
year to complete.”

 Members of the pubic 
asked why they were doing 
surveillance and suggested 
that Green ran from police 
because he was scared, “why 
were you guys sitting there 
watching Brandon?”

 Perez said bluntly, the facts 
were that he had a gun and ran 
from police. “An independent 
report, that you asked for, will 
happen at some point.” 

 The public also accused 
Pasadena police of knowing 
that the gun Green had could 
have been sold by former Lt. 
Vasken Gourdikian. The US 
Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, 
Firearms and Explosives had 
raided Gourdikian’s Sierra 
Madre home last year after 
Gourdikian sold a shotgun 
to an undercover agent. He is 
thought to have illegally sold 
141 firearms. A gun sold by 
him had been recovered at a 
narcotics crime scene. 

 Gourdikian attorney, this 
week, had make a plea 
agreement with prosecutors. 
He is set appear Monday in 
court for sentencing.

 During the two hour meeting, 
Perez discussed proactive 
and community policing. He 
also said this year, 20 officers 
are set to retire. The public 
suggested he hire new officers 
from within Pasadena. 

 Mermell stayed quiet for 
most of the meeting, He briefly 
discussed how city policies are 
made. In December, Mermell 
hired Perez, a thirty-three year 
veteran of the department. 

 Thursday night’s “Let’s Learn, 
Let’s Talk” community forum 
was held at the Alkebulan 
African Center and moderated 
by videographer, community 
activist, James Farr. 

 All of the Critical Incident 
Briefing videos can be seen 

Rain Barrel 
Sale Event

 A rain barrel is the 
perfect addition to your 
home and a way to collect 
water for use at a later 

Assistance League Donates 
School Supplies to Blair 

 On Saturday, February 23rd, 
Foothill Municipal Water 
District will be hosting a Rain 
Barrel Truckload Sale at Lake 
Avenue Church, 393 N. Lake 
Avenue, Pasadena between 
9-11 AM. Rain Barrels will be 
for sale at a community bulk 
rate discounted price of $65.00 
+ tax. The Metropolitan Water 
District currently offers a $35/
barrel rebate for up to 2 barrels 
in a household, saving you a 
nice chunk of change!

 If you are interested in 
purchasing rain barrels for this 
community sponsored event, 
go to: rainbarrelsintl. com/

asp?id=376 and follow the 
instructions. Once rain barrels 
are purchased, they will be 
guaranteed for pick up at the 
event. Rain Barrels will also be 
sold on the event day until sold 

 The rain barrels are made 
from reused food-grade 
plastic barrels, outfitted with a 
solid brass .” spigot for hose 
attachment and a side overflow, 
also brass. A 4” ‘no-see-um’ 
steel screen is riveted and 
sealed to the lid, preventing 
any mosquitoes or bugs from 
finding a home in your barrel. 
The barrels come in Black (60 
gallons) or Terra Cotta Orange 
(51 or 58 gallons).

 For more information email or 
call (919) 602-6316.

 Foothill Municipal Water 
District provides imported 
water to Crescenta Valley 
Water District, La Cañada 
Irrigation District, Mesa 
Crest Water Company, Valley 
Water Company, Lincoln 
Avenue Water Company, 
Las Flores Water Company 
and Rubio Cañon Land & 
Water Association. Kinneloa 
Irrigation District, another 
retail agency, takes no water 
from Foothill.

Road Closures for the 

37th Black History Parade



 Pg. 3


Pg. 4

Photo (left to right): Michelle Chino (Assistance League of 
Pasadena), Bernadette Cole (Blair), Maria-Teresa Garcia (Blair), 
Cynthia Nelson (Assistance League of Pasadena), Frances 
Sanchez (Blair)




 Assistance League of 
Pasadena continues its 
partnership with the 
Pasadena Unified School 
District with the School 
Supplies for Success 
Program. The goal of the 
program is to provide school 
supplies to financially 
underserved students 
during the second semester 
when support from many 
agencies has waned.

 To that end, Assistance 
League of Pasadena recently 
delivered Middle School 
supply kits to Washington 
STEAM Magnet Academy, 
Eliot Arts Magnet Academy 
and its newest partner, Blair 
Middle School. Each school 
supply kit contained school 
supplies for a financially 
underserved middle school 

 To learn more, please 

 One of Southern California’s largest Black History parades 
begins at 10:00 a.m. at Metropolitan Baptist Church at 
Figueroa St. in Altadena; heads south on Fair Oaks Ave 
before ending at Robinson Park Recreation Center (1081 
N. Fair Oaks Ave.). Stay and Enjoy the Festival at Robinson 
Recreation Center from 12:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.

 The festival features live entertainment for all ages, Miss 
Black Pasadena, Power 106 Street Team, community booths, 
Celebrity Grand Marshal Kaj Goldberg, KTLA weatherman 
and Pasadena resident, food to purchase and fun! Proudly 
coordinated by the Black History Planning Committee, 
and the City of Pasadena’s Human Services and Recreation 

 Pasadena’s Black History Month Parade is one of the 
largest in the U.S. and oldest too. Pasadena media, www., will record the parade in its entirety for 
broadcast on KPAS, the Pasadena City’s government TV 

****The following streets will be closed for the parade and 
festival at the times listed below. Motorists are advised to 
use caution while driving through the area.****

Hammond Street, between Fair Oaks Avenue and Morton 
Avenue, 7 a.m.-6 p.m.

Morton Avenue, between Mountain Street and Woodbury 
Road, 9 a.m.-5 p.m.

Fair Oaks Avenue, between Woodbury Road and Harriet 
Street, 7 a.m.-noon

Mountain Street, between Raymond Avenue and Sunset 
Street, 9 a.m.-1:30 p.m.

Fair Oaks Avenue between Mountain Street and Woodbury 
Road, 9 a.m.-1:30 p.m.

 For event information, please call 626-744-7300. or visit:


Pg. 7




 Pg. 10









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