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Mountain Views-News Saturday, February 9, 2019 

South Pasadena Library 
Free February Events

City Earns ‘A’ Grade in 
Anti-Smoking Report

Coexisting with Coyotes

BARKS AND BOOKS February 11, March 11

Ages 5 – 10 years 3:00 p.m.–4:00 p.m.

Children’s Room

Children are invited to visit the library to read animal-
related short stories of their choice to dogs

from the Pasadena Humane Society Companion Animal 
Program. Not only does this make reading

more fun, it also builds a child’s confidence in reading 
aloud. Also, the available books will help

children realize that animals experience a range of emotions 
similar to their own and that they have

basic needs too. This will, in turn, encourage them to 
appreciate the importance of treating all

animals with respect and kindness. Sign-ups are required. 
Go to:

March 4 – March 10

Children’s Room

The Library will have a voting booth set up in the Children’s 
Room for children and teens to cast

their ballots to select the California Young Reader Medal 
Award winners. Children and teens who

read the nominees may visit the Children’s Room in the 
second week of March to vote. The CYRM

website at 
lists the selected titles for this year’s



All ages 10:30 a.m.

Children’s Room

Children of all ages are invited to a celebration of the CYRM 
nominees. Picture book nominees will

be shared and children will have an opportunity to create a 
craft to promote their favorite nominee.

In addition, children may cast their votes at the CYRM 
ballot box. For more information, call (626)

403-7358 or e-mail Maida Wong at mwong@

The City of South 
Pasadena has earned an “A” 
grade in the American Lung 
Association’s 2018 annual 
report, one of just 10 L.A. 
County cities to earn the 

 The Lung Association 
grades cities and counties 
in four areas: smoke-free 
outdoor air, smoke-free 
housing, reducing sales 
of tobacco products, and 
addressing emerging 
issues such as “vaping” and 
flavored tobacco products.

 South Pasadena adopted 
an aggressive anti-smoking 
ordinance that took effect 
in June, 2018, which banned 
smoking on all City property 
and facilities, transit stops 
and stations, places of 
employment, health care 
facilities, non-enclosed areas 
open to the public, multi-
unit rental housing (both 
indoors and in outdoor 
common areas), and all 
public sidewalks, walkways, 
parkways, curbs and gutters.

 Smoking is also banned in 
and on the following public 
areas and facilities in South 

 - City property and facilities, 
including parks

 - City vehicles and public 
transportation vehicles

 - City public transit stops 
and stations

 - Places of employment, 
including offices and 

 - Health care facilities

 - Enclosed areas open to the 
public (whether privately or 
publicly owned).

 - Non-enclosed areas open 
to the public (whether 
privately or publicly owned).

 - Multi-unit rental housing, 
both indoors and in outdoor 
common areas

 - All public sidewalks or 
walkways, parkways, curbs 
and gutters

 Additionally, smoking is 
prohibited within 25 feet 
from any of the areas and 
facilities listed

above except sidewalks, 
walkways, parkways, curbs 
and gutters

 Go to: southpasadenaca.
gov for FAQs on the 2018 
ordinance and for all of 
South Pasadena’s tobacco 

 The South Pasadena Animal 
Commission is pleased to 
announce that the Pasadena 
Humane Society & SPCA’s 
Wildlife Coordinator Lauren 
Hamlet will be providing a 
presentation on coexisting 
with coyotes on Wednesday, 
February 27 at 7:00 pm in 
the Library Community 

Our communities are 
teeming with native 
wildlife. Years of drought 
and warmer weather have 
caused wild animals, like 
coyotes, to venture further 
into our communities in 
search of food, water and 
shelter. A 45-minute visual 
presentation will cover 
topics such as: how to make 
your property uninviting for 
coyotes, keeping your pets 
safe in coyote prone areas, 
and techniques to use if 
you encounter a coyote. A 
question and answer session 
will follow the presentation.

 An illustrated talk on 
coexisting with coyotes by 
The Pasadena Humane 
Society & SPCA

South Pasadena Library to 
Undergo Minor Renovations

The South Pasadena 
Public Library will undergo 
some minor renovations 
in February. A new 
customer service desk and 
all new public computer 
workstations will improve 
customer service and 
increase the length of public 
internet sessions. Noise 
and disruption should be 
minimal, but note that 
the Library will be closed 
Tuesday, February 19 for its 
annual all-staff training and 
that the public computers 
will not be available 
February 5th through 7th.

For more information visit:

Community Meeting on 
Clean Power Alliance

The Huntington and LA Arts 
Organization Clockshop 
Reunite for Art Initiative

 Join South Pasadena 
officials for a community 
meeting on Wednesday at 
7 p.m. on the Clean Power 
Alliance partnership, which 
is bringing 100% green 
power to South Pasadena 
households beginning next 

The meeting will be at the 
South Pasadena Library 
Community room, 1115 
El Centro St. and include a 
presentation and Q&A.

 For more information on 
CPA please visit the City’s 
CPA informational web page 


 The Huntington Library, Art 
Collections, and Botanical 
Gardens named Los Angeles 
arts organization Clockshop 
as its partner for the fourth 
year of The Huntington’s /five 
initiative. Artists invited to 
participate in this year’s project 
are Nina Katchadourian, 
Beatriz Santiago Muñoz, 
and Rosten Woo, along with 
writer Dana Johnson and Poet 
Laureate for the City of Los 
Angeles Robin Coste Lewis. 
Each participant will create 
new work based on research 
in The Huntington’s collections 
that will be presented in public 
programs and an exhibition 
scheduled to be on view Nov. 
10, 2019–Feb. 25, 2020.

 A part of The Huntington’s 
Centennial Celebration, which 
runs from September 2019 to 
September 2020, the 2019 /five 
project uses Thomas More’s 
satirical work Utopia (1516) as 
a thematic point of departure, 
focusing on perfection, utopia, 
and the utopian ambitions 
of railroad and real estate 
visionary Henry E. Huntington, 
the institution’s founder.

 “We couldn’t be more thrilled 
to be working with Clockshop 
on this year’s /five initiative,” 
said Jennifer A. Watts, curator 
of photography and visual 
culture at The Huntington. 
“They’ve helped select a stellar 
interdisciplinary cohort of 
artists, as well as a compelling 
theme that holds particular 
resonance for the institution’s 
hundredth year. In a sense, 
The Huntington stands as one 
man’s utopian dream. Henry 
Huntington spent millions of 
dollars over decades collecting 
rare books, fine art, and 
botanical specimens from all 
over the world. These artists are 
sure to bring new meanings to 
bear on The Huntington and its 
rich collections.”

 Founded by artist and 
filmmaker Julia Meltzer in 
2004, Clockshop commissions 
work by artists and writers and 
curates public programs about 
social and political issues. It 
partnered with The Huntington 
in 2016 on “Radio Imagination,” 
a project exploring the work of 
the late science fiction writer 
Octavia E. Butler, whose papers 
The Huntington holds.

 “The Huntington’s collections 
provide endless opportunities 
for artists, writers, and the full 
range of creative voices,” said 
Meltzer. “They include rare 
and wonderful treasures. And 
we are inviting these artists 
to plumb the treasure chest 
to consider questions around 
the idea of utopia and how we 
might find or build these spaces 
here and now.”

 More information will be 
announced later in the year.


Advances In Healthcare

Hal Slavkin, Professor and 
Dean Emeritus from USC, 
returns with a six-week 
class on Tuesdays, through 
February 12 at 12:30 p.m. that 
outlines the past and possible 
future of healthcare in this 
country. Learn about new, 
significant medical discoveries 
that may transform medicine. 
Sponsored by the Friends of 
the Library. No reservations 
are required. 

Movie Classics 

3rd Thursday of every 
month at 1:00 pm Join us for 
complimentary popcorn and 
free screenings of some of the 
best films ever made:

Feb 21: The Hours,2002

Three women cope with 
sadness and dissatisfaction 
with their lives in this 
tale of Virginia Woolf, 
a ‘50s housewife and a 
contemporary book editor. 
Meryl Streep, Julianne Moore 
and Nicole Kidman star.

Mar 21: Sense and 

This Oscar-nominated 
adaptation of Jane Austen’s 
novel about the still-single 
Dashwood sisters and how 
they cope with men, marriage 
and money after their 
father dies, features Emma 
Thompson and Kate Winslet.

 Crowell Public Library 
is located 1890 Huntington 
Dr, San Marino. For more 
information call (626) 300-

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