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Mountain Views-News Saturday, February 2, 2019 

Happy Tails

by Chris Leclerc



Hey all you fluffy puppy fans 
out there; get ruff, get ready 
and grab a front-row-center 
seat for the most awesome, 
the most pawsome television 
event of the season! Ladies 
and gentlemen (football 
fans excepted), prepare 
yourselves for the return of 
Animal Planet’s furry, fun 
and fabulous PUPPY BOWL 

 Back by popular demand, 
this year’s exclusive annual 
adoption extravaganza is 
scheduled to air on the 
Animal Planet Channel, 
Sunday February 3rd at 3:00 
p.m. ET. If - on the big day 
- you’re super excited and 
simply can’t wait for the 
puppy action, tune in at 2:00 
p.m. ET for some pre-game 
coverage featuring canine 
correspondents Rodt Weiler, 
James Hound and Sheena Inu.

 This year’s precocious pup line-up is sure to be a hit with 
all who enjoy the incredibly hilarious, outrageous antics of 
two top-dog teams vying for position to run the bone to 
the end zone. There will be loads of grunting, groping and 
growling on the grid as each pup gives it up in their best 
effort to entertain the onlookers. 

 Animal Planet’s critically acclaimed PUPPY BOWL has 
grown in popularity and participation since its first event in 
2004. Over the past 14 years, PUPPY BOWL has featured 
more than 500 adoptable and adorable puppies that have 
played their hearts out and found forever homes. All of the 
puppies and kittens that have participated in PUPPY BOWL 
so far have been adopted by loving families, for a 100% 14-
year event success rate.

 Animal Planet continues the tradition this year with a 
whole new set of adorable animals that are ready to tumble 
and fumble into new homes across the nation. PUPPY BOWL 
XV features an unprecedented 93 puppies rescued from 53 
shelters located in various states throughout the continental 
US, Costa Rica and 
Puerto Rico.

 This year, the starting 
line-up of 36 precious 
pups will be joined 
by two cuties with 
special needs; Bumble 
is a hearing-impaired 
furry fella who will be 
proudly playing for 
Team Fluff, and Will 
is an amazingly agile 
three-legged cutie who 
will also be representing 
Team Fluff. Joined by all 
the other participating 
puppies, they will come 
rushing out to the field 
with tremendous zeal and a motto of “Go Big AND Go 

 You won’t want to miss this canine competition between 
“Team Ruff” and “Team Fluff” as they rock the set with their 
over-the-top playful personalities and tenacious team spirit. 
No doubt, they will all do their best in their common quest 
to win the title of MVP - Most Valuable Puppy!

 For full details of the event, to view photos of the pup line 
up, get information on the Kitty Tailgate Awards and find 
out who is playing for the half-time show (lots of adorable 
adoptable kitties, of course) - visit the PUPPY BOWL XV 
webpage at

 If you are a true-blue event enthusiast and wish to get a 
bonus tid-bit about what goes on behind the scenes of the 
PUPPY BOWL, tune in to “Meet the Puppies of the Puppy 
Bowl”, a Youtube video that includes an interview with 
Victoria Shade, official PUPPY BOWL trainer for 12 years. 
In it, Shade reveals that participating pups are all rookie 
players that she coaxes into impromptu performances and 
that the only real requirement to participate is a willingness 
to play nice with others.



Zeus is a handsome 3-year old “blue” brindle American 
Staffordshire mix boy with a goofy personality and loving 
disposition. He sports the classic “Staffy” smile and blue coat with 
a white patch on his chest and adorable white socks on all his 
paws. Weighing about 60 pounds, he is easy to handle on a leash, 
following the direction of his walker from a leisurely stroll to a 
nice jog around the park. When spoken to, he will tilt his head as 
if he is trying to understand. Zeus is a quiet boy, but with a fun 
side to his personality. He also does well when groomed and is as 
playful as any young puppy! Zeus’s past is mostly unknown as he 
was found as a stray in the streets of San Gabriel. He is a special 
pup who loves being around people and whose gratitude shows 
always through his loving kisses and cuddles. At this young age, 
Zeus deserves a forever loving family and home who will always 
keep him safe and loved. If you’re that special family, please come 
meet and prepare to fall in love with Zeus! His adoption fee is $145, 
which includes neuter surgery, a microchip, first vaccinations and 
a free wellness check-up at a participating veterinarian. Feel free 
to call us at (626) 286-1159 for more information. He currently 
resides at the San Gabriel Valley Humane Society located at 
851 E. Grand Avenue in San Gabriel which is located off San 
Gabriel Blvd, north of Mission and south of Las Tunas Drive. 
To arrange a ‘Meet and Greet’, please stop by any time from 
10:30am to 4:30pm Tuesday through Sunday. Website: www.



Luna and Beary are twins, 
age 4 months, but you can 
tell them apart by noticing 
Beary has a sort of gray 
“scarf “ of fur around his 
neck, and Luna is more black 
throughout. They are a fun 
loving pair, who instantly 
purr at any sign of affection! 
A little shy at first, then very 
playful and sweet! They are 
talkative, bonded, and always 
looking for one another.

 Good with kids, and other 
cats, and ready to be adopted 
together. They will come 
spayed/neutered, current on 
vaccines, and microchipped. 
626-533-5554, & 
scroll to our Young Cats 

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