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Mountain Views-News Saturday, February 2, 2019 

TABLE FOR TWO by Peter Dills



Love to drink during the day? Well, how 
about just on Sundays. Where did the 
Sunday Brunch originate? That one is 
just like any other food origin, one isn’t 
sure. The word “brunch” a portmanteau 
of the words breakfast and lunch, was first 
used in 1895 in a article entitled “Brunch: 
A Plea”. Writer said it puts you in a good 
mood after the worries of the week. By 
the 1920’s this article circulated on our 
shores and the Brunch was born many 
say in the Midwest, see Chicago was the 
half way point that Hollywood socialites 
stopped on their Trans America trips. 
Local hotels offered late morning meals 
since many restaurants were closed on 

 It wasn’t till the 1980’s that brunch 
saw the Crab Legs, Caviar and Shrimp 
hit the buffet line. Maybe it was Sex in 
the City that help glorify the “Coolness” 
of Brunch, Regions have their own spin 
on Brunch, In Atlanta dishes like biscuits 
and fried chicken are popular, where as in 
Vegas, (where I know it wasn’t invented, 
but done right) you can get a bloody mary 
where it’s almost a meal in itself!! 

 I aim to give you my favorites every 
Sunday morning on my report on the 
radio, tune in!!!

 Save The Date: Santa Anita is hosting 
their Annual Chili Cook Off February 

 Tune into MY Morning Sunday Brunch 
Report on KKGO 105 FM at 8 AM www.

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