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Mountain View News Saturday, February 2, 2019 

Major Orange 
Grove Blvd 
Project to Start

Rose Queen Siskel Named 
25th State Senate District 
Women of the Year

Senator Anthony Portantino 
announced Monday he has 
selected Rose Queen Louise 
Deser Siskel of San Marino 
as the 25th State Senate 
District 2019 Women of the 
Year. Every year during the 
California State Legislature 
honors one woman from 
each district and honors then 
in a ceremony. 

 “I am very honored and 
excited that Louise has agreed 
to come to Sacramento to 
represent our district. She 
has distinguished herself 
as an amazing leader, not 
just displaying poise while 
the entire world watched 
her in the Rose Parade but 
through her trailblazing 
leadership. She embraced 
the responsibility of being 
selected Rose Queen 
with a bold civic agenda, 
impressed everyone who has 
encountered her during this 
past year and exemplified 
intelligence, confidence 
and maturity,” commented 
Senator Portantino.

 In a very heartfelt Op-ed 
for the Los Angeles Times, 
Louise introduced us to 
depths of the Royal Court that 
are often out of the pageantry, 
a multidimensional personal 
story. Through Louise’s 
leadership, young women 
in the LGBTQ and Jewish 
communities have a new 
and dynamic role model. 
In addition, something as 
simple and commonplace 
as wearing glasses took on 
greater cultural significance 
in the year 2019.

 “I am grateful to Senator 
Anthony Portantino for 
nominating me for the 
California Legislative 
Women’s Caucus Woman of 
the Year award. I feel lucky to 
be honored among a group of 
truly dedicated women who 
make the world a more kind 
and welcoming place. This 
year, as the 101st Rose Queen, 
I had the opportunity to 
promote scientific thinking, 
education, and inclusion. 
This recognition encourages 
me, and I hope will encourage 
others, to advocate for these 
values.” commented Louise 
Deser Siskel

 The California State 
Legislature first recognized 
March as Women is History 
Month in 1987 and has 
continued the tradition. 
Each year, members of the 
State Legislature recognize 
the exceptional women 
in their district with a 
celebration commemorating 
their accomplishments 
and positive impact on 
our communities. This 
year, Senator Portantino 
is recognizing Louise as 
his district honoree. The 
ceremony is set for March 
4th. Louise and her parents 
will fly to Sacramento for the 
event. Louise is a high school 
senior at Sequoia School and 
resides in San Marino.

The first phase of 
Construction involving 
heavy equipment along 
Orange Grove Boulevard 
is set to begin Monday, 
city officials are advising 
residents in the area to 
expect delays.

 The project involves the 
installation of a new water 
mainline under Orange 
Grove from Sunset Ave. to 
Los Robles Ave. city officials 
said all work will occur 
Monday thru Friday from 7 
a.m. to 4 p.m. They said the 
first phase will be competed 
by June. 

 According to officials, 
equipment will include 
excavators, backhoes, 
loaders and trucks, causing 
noise and dust in the 
area. Expect there to be 
constructions signs and 
flagmen. They said there 
will also no parking in area.

 They also said, traffic signs 
and delineators will be used 
to minimize the impact of 

 A second phase will 
involve the installation of a 
new transmission mainline 
between Sunset Ave and 
Palo Verde Ave. 

 “The pipelines will increase 
the overall reliability and 
quality of water service, 
officials said.

 The second phase is 
expected to be completed 
by November 15.

 Any questions or concerns 
regarding construction, 
contact Pasadena Water and 
Power at (626) 744-4138. 

College Celebrates Jackie Robinson

Rose Queen Siskel

 By Dean Lee 

 Flanked by family members, 
Pasadena City College officials 
honored legendary baseball 
player Jackie Robinson 
Thursday, on the late athlete’s 
100 birthday.

 “The training, discipline and 
guidance of their mother, Mallie 
Robinson, gave to, not only 
Jackie but Mack Robinson, all 5 
of the kids were very athletic in 
all activities from the beginning 
of school.” said Delano 
Robinson, Jackie Robinson’s 

 Newly hired PCC President 
Erika Endrijonas said, “What 
an ambitious beginning to being 
president here at Pasadena City 
College. Today we are going 
to pay tribute to his [Jackie 
Robinson] legacy at PCC and 

 Endrijonas said Robinson 
played at PCC, then called 
“Pasadena Junior College,” in 
1937 and 1938.

 “While he was here, he 
didn’t just excel at baseball, 
he also excelled at basketball, 
football and track and field, 
which means he was really and 
underachiever,” she joked.

 She said he led all the team to 
state championships. The PCC 
Robinson football stadium is 
named after him and his older 
bother Mack Robinson. 

 Endrijonas also said the 
women’ and men’s PCC baseball 
teams will wear commemorative 
hats and visors with “JR 100.”

 “So we are going to celebrate 
Jackie Robinson all spring,” she 

 Dyan Miller, PCC dean of 
kinesiology and athletics said 
“The cultural impact of Jackie 
Robinson had on the nation 
had on African Americans and 
Major League Baseball extends 
beyond sports. As the sacrifices 
and struggles were a precursor 
to the Civil Rights movement. 
Jackie Robinson may have 
been one of the first African 
Americans to participate in 
activism that we still see to this 

 She continued, “Today we 
come here to celebrate Jackie 
Robinson 100 birthday, and as 
we stand upon his shoulder, 
as he fought for Civil Rights... 
we need to continue that fight. 
As Martin Luther King Jr 
so eloquently said ‘Injustice 
anywhere is a threat to justice 

 Pat McGee, PCC baseball coach 
said “We brag yearly, daily, 
weekly about our association 
with Mr. Robinson and how 
it’s a privilege to have that 

 In honor of Robinson’s 100 
birthday 100 cupcakes were 
handed out at the event. 

on PG&E

Pasadena Playhouse 
Block Party Returns

 Pasadena Playhouse – 
State Theatre of California 
is announcing the return of 
the Playhouse Block Party, in 
partnership with the Playhouse 
District Association, after last 
year’s blockbuster inaugural 
event. This all-day event, free 
to the public, is from 12-noon 
to 10:00pm on Saturday, June 8 
on El Molino Ave. at Colorado 
Blvd. There will be more than 
twenty performances on two 
different stages – a Main Stage 
and a Family Stage -- during the 
course of the day, in addition to 
activity booths hosted by some 
of Pasadena’s most celebrated 
arts organizations, theatre 
tours, a silent disco, and more. 

 Danny Feldman, Producing 
Artistic Director of Pasadena 
Playhouse said, “Over 12,000 
people joined us last year from 
all over Southern California to 
help us celebrate the theatre’s 
Centennial anniversary. We saw 
people arrive in the morning 
and stay all day enjoying the 
Playhouse campus and the 
Playhouse District. This Block 
Party fulfills a core tenant of our 
mission to serve as a gathering 
place for the community. It also 
allows us to celebrate all of the 
rich culture that Pasadena has 
to offer, and provide it free of 
charge to everyone.”

 Pasadena Playhouse has a team 
that has been working on the 
Block Party since the day after 
last year’s event, and is again 
assembling all things Pasadena 
for June 8, including two stages 
with live music, professional 
bands and performances; 
interactive exhibits; food and 
libations; guided tours; and 
much, much more. Beginning 
at noon, families can enjoy 
activities in the Kids’ Zone 
centered around the Family 
Stage on El Molino. In late 
afternoon and early evening, 
the focus will shift to a “street 
party” feel with live music and 
bands, silent disco, food, drink, 
and more fun.

 Playhouse District Association 
Executive Director Brian 
Wallace said, “We’re thrilled to 
welcome the community back 
to the Playhouse District for this 
all-ages event, which celebrates 
creativity from throughout our 
city. With Pasadena Playhouse 
as our partner, this first-
rate event helps broaden our 
identity as Pasadena’s home for 
arts and culture.”

The lineup for this year’s Block 
Party will be announced in the 
coming months. Last year’s 
performances included Athletic 
Garage Dance Center, Ballet 
Folklorico Quetzal, Blue13 
Dance Company, Bob Baker 
Marionettes, Creating Arts 
Company, Los Angeles College 
of Music, Makoto Taiko, Nine 
O’Clock Players, Pasadena 
City College Theatre & Opera, 
PCDA (Professional Child 
Development Associates) Youth 
Choir, Pasadena Civic Ballet 
& Musical Theatre, Pasadena 
Conservatory of Music, 
Pasadena Dance Theatre, 
Pasadena Master Chorale, and 
School of Rock Pasadena. 

 The second annual Block 
Party will also see the return 
of special guided tours of 
the Pasadena Playhouse, 
including backstage access and 
production departments, a 
highlight of last year’s event.

 For more information, please 
visit www.playhouseblockparty.

 Pacific Gas and Electric 
Company (PG&E) 
on Tuesday filed for 
Chapter 11 bankruptcy. 
Assemblymember Chris 
Holden issued the following 

 “It was always my hope to 
see PG&E not find itself in a 
position where they would 
file for bankruptcy as the 
impacts to fire victims and 
ratepayers may be severe. Our 
goal all along was to protect 
the most vulnerable, but now 
the bankruptcy court will be 
managing the future of PG&E 
and its creditors, including 
the damages of fire victims for 
which the utility is deemed 

 I will continue to work with my 
colleagues in the Legislature 
and the Governor to consider 
all the options that protect the 
interests of fire victims and 
meet ratepayer expectations 
for safe, affordable, reliable 
power which also maintains 
California’s environmental 
goals. We will help to provide 
direction to the Public 
Utilities Commission who will 
be representing Californian’s 
interests in the bankruptcy 

 At the same time, we must 
continue to address fire threats 
in the state as well as the safety 
of the utility infrastructure to 
protect the public and avoid 
this situation in the future.”

Free Monthly Events at 
Pasadena Senior Center

Pet of the 

 There is something for 
everyone in December at 
the Pasadena Senior Center, 
85 E. Holly St.

 You do not have to be a 
member to attend. Some 
events require advance 
reservations as 


 Friday Movie Matinees 
– Fridays, Feb. 8 and 15, at 
1 p.m. Everyone enjoys the 
experience of watching 
movies and the pleasures 
they bring. Feb. 8: A Star 
is Born (2018, R) starring 
Bradley Cooper and Lady 
Gaga. A seasoned musician 
discovers natural talent in a 
woman who has given up 
on her dream of becoming 
a successful singer, then 
helps her advance her 
career while his alcoholism 
sends his own career into a 
downward spiral. Feb. 15: 
Tea with the Dames (2018, 
NR). In this documentary film, 
four legends of the British 
stage and screen – Dame 
Maggie Smith, Dame Judi 
Dench, Dame Aileen Atkins 
and Dame Joan Plowwright 
– spend a weekend in the 
country as they reminisce 
and discuss everything from 
art to aging to love. 

 Screening Mimis Film 
Discussion Group – Tuesdays, 
Feb. 5 and 19, at 1:30 p.m. 
Diehard film fans are invited 
to watch a movie the first 
and third Tuesday of every 
month, preceded by a 
presentation about the film’s 
hidden history and followed 
by lively discussion. Feb. 5: 
The Gods Must Be Crazy 
(1980, PG) starring N!xau 
and Marius Weyers. After 
a Coke bottle thrown from 
a passing plane lands in 
the middle of his village, a 
Kalahari bushman believes 
it to be a gift from the gods. 
Feb. 19: Touching the Void 
(2003, R). This documentary 
film recreates the adventures 
of two young mountaineers 
who set off in 1985 to climb 
the treacherous west face 
of the Siula Grande in the 
Peruvian Andes. 

 Keep Your Heart Healthy – 
Thursday, Feb. 7, at 10 a.m. 
Come learn at least five 
habits you can incorporate 
into your lifestyle to keep your 
heart health the best it can 
be. Presented by Huntington 

 Cultural Thursday – Thursday, 
Feb. 7, at 2 p.m. A.R. Gurney’s 
play Love Letters, a finalist 
for the 1990 Pulitzer Prize for 
Drama, will star Tom Laskey 
as Andrew and Sandy 
Mansson as Melissa. The two 
characters sit side by side as 
they read the notes, letters 
and cards they exchanged 
over the course of 50 years 
while they led separate lives.

 Rediscovering Hope – 
Thursdays, Feb. 7 to 28, at 3 
p.m. Rediscovering Hope is 
a support group for anyone 
grieving the death of a loved 
one. For more information 
call licensed clinical social 
worker Jody Casserly at 626-
918-2273, ext. 7455.

 Home Share Workshop: 
Room to Rent – Tuesday, 
Feb. 12, at 11 a.m. For 
any homeowner thinking 
about renting out a room, 
this workshop will explain 
how to list your space 
and find a good renter to 
share your home. Topics 
will include finding an 
online site that suits your 
needs, what type of home 
partners you are seeking, 
safe practices, how to 
spot a scam, how to set 
up your rental agreement 
and more. There will be 
optional follow-up sessions. 
RSVP at the Welcome Desk 
or by calling 626-795-4331.

 Founded in 1960, the 
Pasadena Senior Center 
is an independent, donor-
supported nonprofit 
organization that offers 
recreational, educational, 
wellness and social services 
to people ages 50 and older 
in a welcoming environment. 
Services are also provided 
for frail, low-income and 
homebound seniors.

This is Koby (A469484), 
a very sweet black and 
white Chihuahua. He 
is very eager to put on 
his leash and go for 
walks that he practically 
leashes himself! Koby 
likes spending time 
with people and enjoys 
showing and receiving 
affection. He is a 
good boy and knows 
his sit command well. 
Volunteers and staff say 
that Koby is an overall 
sweet dog who loves 
interacting with others. 
Everyone is rooting for 
this sweet boy to soon 
find the forever home 
that he deserves. 

 The adoption fee for 
dogs is $140. All dogs 
are spayed or neutered, 
microchipped, and 
vaccinated before 
going to their new home. 

 New adopters 
will receive a 
complimentary health-
and-wellness exam from 
VCA Animal Hospitals, 
as well as a goody bag 
filled with information 
about how to care for 
your pet.

 View photos of 
adoptable pets at 
Adoption hours are 11 
a.m. to 4 p.m. Sunday; 
9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Tuesday 
through Friday; and 9 
a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday.

 Pets may not be 
available for adoption 
and cannot be held for 
potential adopters by 
phone calls or email.

Women Artists 
of Disney


 Celebrate Women’s 
History Month in March as 
historian and author Mindy 
Johnson explores the creative 
and technical advances of 
leading women artists whose 
contributions expanded 
and defined many of Walt 
Disney’s classic animated 
films. Presented in conjunction 
with the landmark “Something 
Revealed; California Women 
Artists Emerge, 1860-
1960” exhibition currently 
at the Pasadena Museum of 
History. The work of Mary 
Blair and Nelbert Chouinard, 
along with other brilliant 
California artists, is explored 
in this fascinating celebration 
featuring original clips, fine 
artistry and classic animation!

Wednesday, March 20 at 
6:30 p.m. Pasadena Central 
Library/Donald Wright 
Auditorium 285 E Walnut 

Sunday, January 20th

11:00 AM – A residential 
burglary occurred in the 
1500 block of Atchison 
Street. Suspect(s) entered 
the residence via the rear 
sliding door. Stolen: gold 
and silver jewelry.

Monday, January 21st

4:15 PM – Alonso Garcia, 
29 years old of Pasadena was 
arrested in the 1700 block of 
Washington Boulevard for 
possession of a controlled 

5:10 PM – A battery occurred 
in the area of Woodbury 
Road and Lincoln Avenue. 
Suspect has not been 

Tuesday, January 22nd

8:35 PM – A domestic 
violence incident occurred in 
the 900 block of N. Weimar 
Avenue. Suspect was taken 
into custody.

Wednesday, January 23rd

3:24 PM – Jeisleyr Alpoche, 
40 years old of Pasadena was 
arrested in the 2200 block of 
E. Crary Street for possession 
of a controlled substance.

Thursday, January 24th

12:19 AM – Brian Jones, 41 
years old of Altadena was 
arrested in the 2100 block of 
El Sereno Avenue for being 
under the influence of a 
controlled substance.

8:17 PM – Mark Milton, 54 
years old of Altadena was 
arrested in the 3100 block of 
Lincoln Avenue for mayhem. 
Victim and suspect are 

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