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Mountain View News Saturday, March 16, 2019 

Extra Police 
to be Out St. 
Patrick’s Day

City Council 
Deal to Get 
24 Tesla Fast 

Yogurtland Brings Boysen-
berry Festival to Pasadena

This Sunday, St. Patrick’s Day, 
Pasadena Police Department’s 
Traffic Section will have extra 
officers on patrol, from 6 p.m. 
to 2 a.m., ready to stop and 
arrest drivers suspected of 
driving under the influence 
the city announced. 

 “Don’t put yourself in a 
position where you need to ask 
whether you are okay to drive,” 
Pasadena Police Department 
Lieutenant Mark Goodman 
said. “If you feel the slightest 
hint of a buzz, you should not 
be driving.”

 Pasadena Police Department 
also wants to remind everyone 
that “DUI Doesn’t Just Mean 
Booze.” Prescription drugs, 
over-the-counter medications 
and marijuana can all be 
impairing, especially in 
combination with alcohol or 
other drugs.

 “We all know the dangers 
about driving impaired. DUI 
prevention and education is 
a community effort,” said Lt. 
Goodman. “This year, we are 
working with Day One to help 
get the word out and encourage 
people to Rethink Alcohol and 
Other Drugs (RAD).” RAD 
reminds you to plan ahead for 
a safe St. Patrick’s Day with five 
simple steps:

 Talk about the risks of 
excessive alcohol use with 
teens, friends and family.

Designate a non-drinking 
driver before any celebration, 
and encourage others to do the 

Never let friends drive under 
the influence of alcohol or 
drugs. Take their keys and help 
them make arrangements to 
find a sober way home.

If you’re hosting a party, offer 
nonalcoholic drinks. Monitor 
who’s drinking and how they 
are getting home.

Never provide alcohol or drugs 
to minors.

By working together, we can 
help keep everyone in our 
community safe.

For more information call 
(626) 744-4501.

 The Pasadena city council 
unanimously approved Monday 
night a deal with Tesla Motors, 
Inc. to install one of the largest 
electric vehicle fast-charging 
sites in the country. The five-
year agreement will provide 
twenty-four Tesla EV fast 
charging stations in the Civic 
Center area for charging Tesla 

 According to the city staff 
report, “In addition, Tesla will 
install electric infrastructure 
at their expense to enable 
Pasadena Water and Power 
(“PWP”) to install up to twenty 
DCFC EV charging stations 
for non Tesla vehicles. The site 
“Marengo Charging Plaza” will 
have 40 total charging stations. 
Direct Current Fast Charger 
(“DCFC”), can charge an 
electric vehicle typically

80 percent in 20 - 30 minutes. 

 A resident commented that 
although the stations were a 
great idea, he asked that they 
look into adding two hours 
of free validation at Paseo 
Colorado where the stations 
would be located.

 EV drivers using the Marengo 
Charging Plaza will be subject 
to prevailing parking fees in 
addition to any fees for use of 
the EV chargers staff said. 

 After a number of council 
members asked about the 
added time, City Manager Steve 
Mermell said that issue could 
be taken up during the city’s 
budget meetings. Currently city 
owned parking garages allowed 
90 minutes free.

 According also to the city 
staff report, the chargers will 
be installed on the top level of 
the Marengo parking garage, a 
multi-level parking structure 
consisting of 715 parking 
spaces serving both patrons of 
businesses located in the Paseo 
Colorado shopping mall and 
surrounding areas, and visitors 
of the Pasadena Convention 

 “The recommended agreement 
is in the city’s best interest 
because it will attract Tesla and 
other electric vehicle drivers to 
Pasadena who would likely visit 
local businesses while their cars 
are charged, motivate others to 
buy electric vehicles and also 
increase electricity sales,” the 
report reads. “In addition, Tesla 
will pay for all of the electrical 
infrastructure improvements 
to the garage that would be 
necessary to install additional 
City-owned EV charging 
stations, saving the city an 
estimated $140,000 in capital 

 As part of this year’s Knott’s 
Berry Farm Boysenberry 
Festival, Yogurtland has 
announced they have teamed 
up with the famous Buena 
park theme park to create 
Boysenberry Pie frozen yogurt. 

 Yogurtland is set to sell the 
new Boysenberry treat starting 
March 18 at all their locations 
including Old Pasadena and 
in The Shops On Lake Avenue. 
They also announced a new 
topping, mini boysenberry 
shortbread cookies, to go with 
the festival flavor. 

 The Knott’s Boysenberry 
Festival, March 29, operating 
daily at the park through April 
28, is an annual food-inspired 
event that celebrates the park’s 
historic roots by highlighting 
the little berry that started 
it all, the boysenberry. This 
year’s newly-expanded festival 
will feature over 75 unique 
boysenberry-inspired creations 
crafted by the Knott’s culinary 
team. Guests will have the 
opportunity to indulge in a 
tantalizing line up of dishes 
ranging from savory foods with 
a boysenberry twist to one-
of-a-kind specialty desserts 
and drinks that can only be 
found at Knott’s Berry Farm 
during this time of the year. In 
addition to the numerous food 
and drink offerings, the Knott’s 
Boysenberry Festival offers a 
wide selection of local crafters, 
live music, musical stage shows 
and fun activities for guests of 
all ages to enjoy.

 Boysenberry food items can 
be tasted during the festival 
by purchasing a tasting card 
priced at $35 which offers eight 
tastings from a selection of 
fourteen boysenberry-inspired 
dishes. A variety of signature 
boysenberry items will also be 
available for purchase a la carte. 
Tasting cards are available at or at the theme 

 The Boysenberry Festival is 
included with admission to 
Knott’s Berry Farm. Knott’s 
Boysenberry Festival will also 
have entertainment including: 
“Tied Up in Knott’s!” is a 
tribute art show dedicated 
to the rich history of Knott’s 
Berry Farm. Over 30 artists 
will be contributing 50 pieces 
of art to the show, which pays 
homage to Knott’s Berry Farm’s 
past, present and future in 
various mediums including: 
oil paintings, illustrations and 
digital mixed media. These 
original pieces will be hung on 
display at the Wilderness Dance 
Hall during the duration of the 
Boysenberry Festival. 

 Other entertainment will 
include, Snoopy’s Boysenberry 
Jamboree, a musical comedy 
melodrama with a surprising 
boysenberry twist and the Old 
MacDonald Petting Zoo.

 The Yogurtland frozen yogurt 
will not be available at Knott’s 
park although the stores will 
have discounted park admission 

 Knott’s Berry Farm is located 
8039 Beach Blvd, Buena Park. 
For more information, visit:

Church Senior 
Pastor Greg 
Waybright to 
Step Down

 The senior pastor of Pasadena’s 
Lake Avenue Church, Greg 
Waybright, will step down from 
the leadership role, August 30, 
he has held for nearly 12 years, 
but he and his wife, Chris, plan 
to remain at the church.

 Lead Ministry Pastor Jeff 
Mattesich will step in as acting 
senior pastor while the church’s 
governing body, the Ministry 
Council, sets in motion the 
process for forming a search 
committee to find a new senior 

 In a letter to the congregation 
Waybright said that a few years 
ago he and his wife Chris “began 
to sense that a new season was 
at hand for us. She and I began 
praying and seeking God’s 
guidance. I also communicated 
those promptings in our hearts 
to the Ministry Council so 
that we might pray and plan 

 After he steps down Waybright 
will take a sabbatical and then 
return this December on a part-
time basis. He writes that he 
believes that “the next season 
in ministry for me will likely 
include continued preaching 
and teaching, development 
and mentoring of younger 
leaders, some writing and more 
involvement in our Father’s 
global mission. I believe it 
will probably include less 
organizational management and 

 In his letter Waybright thanked 
the congregation “for allowing 
me to be your senior pastor 
for almost 12 years” and “for 
welcoming Chris and me so 
warmly into the congregation. 
Thank you for your own 
faithfulness to the Lord, to this 
wonderful church and to us.”

A Ticket to 
Explore JPL

 The next “A Ticket to 
Explore JPL” event will be 
held on May 18-19, and 
online ticket registration 
will begin promptly at 8:00 
a.m. PDT on Saturday, 
April 6.

 Tickets are free but limited, 
and will be distributed on 
a first-come, first-served 
basis. The maximum 
number of tickets per 
requestor is five(5); note 
that children under two 
years of age do not require 
a ticket.

 You must enter the names 
of all ticket holders when 
you reserve your tickets. 
Tickets are not transferrable 
and cannot be sold.

 To enter JPL on the day of 
the event you are scheduled, 
you must have your ticket 
in hand. You must bring a 
matching ID if you are 18 
or older.

 Tickets will be distributed 
beginning at 8:00 a.m PDT 
Saturday, April 6, and be 
sure to refresh the page 
after 8:00 a.m.

 To reduce congestion 
during the Explore JPL 
event, your ticket will 
designate the time for your 

 Vehicles entering NASA/
JPL property are subject to 
inspection. Visitors cannot 
bring these items to NASA/
JPL: weapons, explosives, 
incendiary devices, 
dangerous instruments, 
alcohol, illegal drugs, pets 
and all types of skates, 
skateboards and Segways. 
Bicycling to NASA/JPL is 
welcomed, but not inside 
the event, as the venues are 
crowded with pedestrians. 
Bike racks will be provided 
near the main entrance. No 
bags, backpacks or ice chests 
are allowed, except small 
purses and diaper bags. 
Drones are not allowed to 
fly over NASA/JPL under 
any circumstances.

Pet of the 

Knott's Executive Chef Bobby 
Obezo. Photo D. Lee /MVNews 

Free Monthly Events at 
Pasadena Senior Center


 There is something for 
everyone in December at 
the Pasadena Senior Center, 
85 E. Holly St.

 You do not have to be a 
member to attend. Some 
events require advance 
reservations as 


 Tax Time – Wednesdays 
and Fridays through April 
12 from 8:30 to 10:30 a.m. 
Representatives from the 
AARP Foundation’s Tax-
Aide program will assist 
low- to middle-income filers 
in preparing their federal 
income tax returns. There is 
no age limit. Appointments 
are required: 626-795-4331.

 Friday Movie Matinees – 
Fridays, at 1 p.m. Everyone 
enjoys movies and the 
pleasures they bring. March 
22: “Sinbad the Sailor” 
(1947, NR) starring Douglas 
Fairbanks Jr. and Maureen 
O’Hara. An ocean of 
adventure awaits Sinbad 
as he sets out in search of 
the fabled lost treasure of 
Alexander the Great.

 Mimis Film Discussion 
Group – Tuesdays at 1:30 
p.m. Diehard film fans are 
invited to watch a movie 
the first and third Tuesday of 
every month, preceded by a 
presentation about the film’s 
hidden history and followed 
by lively discussion. Popcorn 
will be provided. March 
19: “The Italian Job” (1969, 
G) starring Michael Caine 
and Noël Coward. A team 
of some of England’s most 
notorious criminals devises 
an intricate plan to hijack 
gold bullion from Italy.

 Sages and Seekers – 
Tuesdays to April 30, from 3 
to 4:15 p.m. In tribal cultures, 
elders have a vital role 
as keepers of memories 
and wisdom, and younger 
members learn from them. 
Sages and Seekers is an 
intergenerational program 
that brings together teens 
and older adults to share 
experiences. On a one-on-
one basis, sages describe 
highlights of their lives and 
what they have learned 
from their experiences, 
and seekers weave that 
knowledge into essays 
honoring the sages.

 Diabetes Workshop – 
Mondays, March 11 to April 
15, from 1 to 3 p.m. If you or 
someone you care about 
is diabetic or pre-diabetic, 
this series encourage you to 
make lifestyle changes while 
learning more about your 
diabetes and how it affects 
your health. Registration is 
required: 626-685-6732. 

 Health Insurance 
Counseling and Advocacy 
– Wednesdays, March 20, at 
10 a.m. Trained professionals 
will provide counseling 
and advocacy on issues 
related to Medicare, 
Medicare Advantage, 
Medicare Part D, Medigap 
and Cal MediConnect. 
Appointments are required: 
626-795-4331. Presented by 

 LA Opera Talk: “The 
Clemency of Titus” – Monday, 
March 18, at 1 p.m. An LA 
Opera community educator 
will take participants through 
one of Wolfgang Amadeus 
Mozart’s many operas, 
“The Clemency of Titus,” 
which he composed in 
1791, the last year of his life. 
The universal concepts of 
loyalty, friendship, betrayal 
and forgiveness surround 
power players seeking glory 
in ancient Rome where the 
emperor Titus reigns.

 Elder Abuse – Thursday, 
March 21, at 10 a.m. Elder 
abuse is a crime, and all 
seniors should know their 
rights. Protect yourself by 
learning what to do in the 
event you or someone 
you love is being abused. 
Presented by Elder Abuse Los 
Angeles County.

 For more 
information visit www. 
or call 626-795-4331.

 Founded in 1960, the 
Pasadena Senior Center 
is an independent, donor-
supported nonprofit 
organization that offers 
recreational, educational, 
wellness and social services 
to people ages 50 and older 
in a welcoming environment. 
Services are also provided 
for frail, low-income and 
homebound seniors.

Sunday, March 3rd 

4:21 AM – Krzysztof 
Wroblewski, 34 years old of 
Washington was arrested in the 
1400 block of Altadena Drive 
for drunk in public. 

2:30 PM – A residential burglary 
occurred in the 2100 block of 
Santa Rosa Avenue. Suspect(s) 
entered the residence by 
removing the window screen. 
Stolen: unknown. 

3:27 PM – Jacinto Ruiz, 54 
years old of Altadena and 
Elmer Martinez, 41 years old of 
Pasadena were arrested in the 
area of Sacramento Street and 
Raymond Lane for drinking in 

8:30 PM – Oddis Cole, 62 years 
old of Pasadena was arrested 
in the area of Lincoln Avenue 
and Altadena Drive for under 
the influence of a controlled 

Monday, March 4th 

3:42 AM – A battery occurred 
in the 500 block of W. Harriet 
Street. Suspect has been 

1:00 PM – A vehicle burglary 
occurred in the area of Chaney 
Trail and Brown Mountain. 
Suspect(s) entered the vehicle 
by punching the driver’s side 
door lock. Stolen: various 
Canon camera lens, tan Canon 
backpack and a tripod. 

4:15 PM – A residential 
burglary occurred in the 
1900 block of New York 
Drive. Suspect(s) entered the 
residence by shattering the rear 
door. Stolen: silver chain with 
diamond stone, gold Harvard 
women’s ring, gold Westridge 
women’s ring and a black and 
white jewelry box. 

9:57 PM – Timothy Sams, 
51 years old of Altadena was 
arrested in the 2300 block of 
Lincoln Avenue for possession 
of a controlled substance. 

Tuesday, March 5th 

1:00 PM – A residential 
burglary occurred in the 1300 
block of La Solana Drive. 
Suspect(s) entered the residence 
by shattering a window. Stolen: 

8:30 PM – A vehicle burglary 
occurred in the 1100 block 
of Morada Place. Suspect(s) 
entered the vehicle via unknown 
means. Stolen: blue handicap 
placard, vehicle registration and 
baseball gear. 

9:30 PM – A residential 
burglary occurred in the 2200 
block of Mar Vista Avenue. 
Suspect(s) entered the residence 
by shattering the French doors. 
Stolen: black safe. 

Wednesday, March 6th 

4:48 PM – Gregory Moore, 
56 years old of Altadena was 
arrested in the 2200 block of 
Lake Avenue for shoplifting. 
Stolen items were recovered. 

Thursday, March 7th 

9:47 AM – A vehicle was 
reported stolen in the 3300 
block of Rubio Crest Drive. 
Vehicle described as a grey 
2017 Toyota Prius. Vehicle 
was recovered on 3/9/2019 by 
Claremont PD. 

Friday, March 8th 

1:00 AM – An assault with a 
deadly weapon occurred in the 
area of Fair Oaks Avenue and 
Loma Alta Drive. Suspects have 
not been identified. 

11:10 AM – A vehicle burglary 
occurred in the 2500 block 
of E. Washington Boulevard. 
Suspect(s) entered the vehicle 
by shattering the window. 
Stolen: black Louis Vuitton 
purse and currency. 

Saturday, March 9th 

11:30 AM – A vehicle burglary 
occurred in the area of Windsor 
Avenue and Ventura Street. 
Suspect(s) entered the vehicle 
by shattering the window. 
Stolen: peach colored handbag 
containing personal documents 
and currency. 

2:00 PM – A vehicle burglary 
occurred in the 2100 block of 
Lincoln Avenue. Suspect(s) 
entered the vehicle by shattering 
the window. Stolen: brown 
purse containing credit cards 
and personal belongings. 

 Shadow (A471931) is 
a 3-year-old German 
Shepherd who doesn’t 
really know his size and 
he’ll try to cram his 
whole fluffy body onto 
your lap to snuggle. 
He is an affectionate, 
mellow dog with a great 
temperament, looking for 
a home. He knows his “sit” 
and “down” commands 
and volunteers are 
starting to teach him to 
“shake.” He hasn’t quite 
gotten the hang of it yet 
but we know he’ll get 
there. He doesn’t mind 
when strangers come 
over and pet him, even 
kids, and when he gets 
to know you, he’ll want to 
give your face a few licks. 
Just so you know he loves 
you. Come meet Shadow 
at the Pasadena Humane 
Society & SPCA. 

 The adoption fee for 
dogs is $140. All dogs 
are spayed or neutered, 
microchipped, and 
vaccinated before going 
to their new home. 

 New adopters will receive 
a complimentary health-
and-wellness exam from 
VCA Animal Hospitals, as 
well as a goody bag filled 
with information about 
how to care for your pet.

 View photos of 
adoptable pets at 
Adoption hours are 11 
a.m. to 4 p.m. Sunday; 9 
a.m. to 5 p.m. Tuesday 
through Friday; and 9 
a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday.

 Pets may not be available 
for adoption and cannot 
be held for potential 
adopters by phone calls 
or email.

San Marino 
Free Bulky 
Item Pick-up

 A free bulky item pick-
up day is scheduled for 
Saturday, July 13th. Please 
call the City’s trash hauler, 
Athens Services, to make 
an appointment if you have 
bulky items you would like 
removed. Athens’s customer 
service number is (888) 

 “Bulky” items are those 
that are oversized or 
overweight, such as stoves, 
refrigerators (Freon free), 
water heaters, washing 
machines, furniture, sofas, 
mattresses, and large rugs.

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