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Doing the Twist With Sid

“ The average dog is a nicer person than the average 
person” ~ Andy Rooney

The first time I met Sid, he was accompanied by his 2 live-in 
adopted ‘dog brothers’, Gunner and Elijah. Gunner has since 
passed on, and I would like to take this opportunity to pay my 
respects to the beautiful person that he was. He was my personal friend, and I loved spending time with him. He led his 
little pack of three with a loving and gentle paw and I know Sid and Elijah will always remember and appreciate him for 
the time and love he shared with them.

All three dogs got along harmoniously during our first meeting, with no excessive rough-housing or aggression, but I 
noticed immediately that Sid was the most bashful and least rambunctious of the three. He stood by quietly, allowing 
the other two dogs to sniff and greet me until they were familiar and comfortable enough to settle down and relax. He 
then approached me carefully and after smelling my scent, gave me a tiny lick on the cheek, letting me know I was okay 
by him!

The next week, when I arrived to take Sid out for a walk, his two big brothers were not home, so Sid and I were able to 
get to know each other better without any interruption by his live-in siblings. He greeted me at the door with immense 
enthusiasm, and he was much more willing to display his affection openly with me than he had been the week before. It 
was like night and day compared to my first visit with Sid, and I surmised that the difference in his demeanor was due to 
the fact that he now had me all to himself. In retrospect, now knowing him as well as I do, it is clear that Sid was taking 
full advantage of the chance to be the center of attention with no competition.

I am constantly amazed at the wide variety of personality traits manifested by the dogs that I am privileged to know. 
At this point in my life, I am fully convinced that just like humans, dogs possess very unique individual personalities 
and they have inner thoughts & desires just like we do. And - much like us - they use their own unique means of 
communicating those thoughts & desires to others.

Back in the day I used to think of dogs as somewhat generic in terms of personality and individuality, with the only true 
differentiating factor being the classified breed from which they came. Not so much, anymore. After spending hours of 
time with so many different dogs, I have come to realize that regardless of the breed, each of my canine companions is 
most definitely a unique person within. Anyone who doubts the individuality of the dog’s personality should spend more 
time with canines and observe their body language, eye contact, and voice fluctuations.

I don’t need to “read-in” to the interaction I have with my dog friends to know that each one is as unique as any human is 
from another. Of course there are certain similarities among dogs of a given breed, such as physical characteristics, agility 
and ability to perform certain tasks, or pre-disposition for particular diseases, but I believe the person inside the dog is 
as unique as that of any human being.

Sid shows his unique inner personality traits in the most artistic ways such that I have never observed with any other 
canine. The most interesting and entertaining way that Sid expresses himself is by dancing. That’s right, Sid has absolutely 
mastered the art of the “twist”! From the moment I emerge through the door, he begins his delightful dance routine 
across the floor. He wiggles his bottom from side to side so intensely that his tail whips around and smacks him on either 
side of his shoulders!

With his feet spinning almost full circle below him, Sid uses his muscular torso to gain momentum and keep the twist 
moving to and fro as long as he can, with the energetic tenacity of a wind-up toy! He continues to dance and smiles up at 
me until he is satisfied that I noticed his performance and then we can finally get leashed and ready for our walk.

I promise I’m not making this up! Sid is one heck of a swinger. He really likes it when I join him on the ‘dance floor’, so 
sometimes I will put down whatever I happen to be holding, and take the time to do the twist with Sid. It has become 
our regular ‘meet-and-greet’ routine when I arrive before each walk, and I always congratulate him afterwards, telling 
him that he is the best dancing dog I have ever 
known. He absorbs the praise like a sponge and 
seems to truly appreciate my participation.

Whenever I talk about my beloved canine 
companions, I have to end the story with 
the fact that I don’t know what I would do 
without them. They are all so talented in their 
own unique ways, and they show so much 
unconditional love and appreciation for the 
friendship we share. I am so grateful for the 
bountiful blessings I receive from my canine 
clients…they truly are among my best friends.

Happy Tails

by Chris Leclerc



This orange tabby girl, age 2, is active, 
curious, and playful. She is happy and 
very friendly, too, as long as she is 
allowed to rule the roost! LOL: Molly 
would love to run her own country! 
She is lovey-dovey but usually on her terms, and likes head and neck scratches! Now let’s get this deserving girl a forever 
home with adults only, where she can really blossom. Call to arrange a Meet & Greet, 626-449-1717 after filling out the 
adoption application at our website,, and see more pictures of Molly and her video at our Young 
Cats page. 

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