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Mountain Views-News Saturday, March 23, 2019 

TABLE FOR TWO by Peter Dills


Just this past week I went to the wonderful Chop House in Pasadena, the subject 
of tipping came up and was asked about tipping at lunch, seems my guest is was 
under the impression that lunch time was no tip time, she was sure that it was 
10% for lunch and %15 for dinner, if this makes sense to you please read on. My 
dearly departed pappy Elmer Dills would tell me, don‘t argue sex, politics and 
or religion, I must add tipping to the list. I have used this topic many times on 
my radio show, Dining with Dills on Go Country 105 Radio to get the phones 

There is a new law on the books, actually an old law that is now be enforced. 
Starting January 1, the IRS will classify automatic gratuities as service charges 
that are taxable as regular wages and subject to payroll tax withholding. That 
might sound like a bunch of arcane tax law mumbo jumbo, but what it means is 
that restaurants have to treat those tips like regular wages.

Typically, the IRS left it up to the waiter or tipped employees to declare that 
money. But with this new change the waiter won’t see those “tips” until payday—
instead of the end of the shift. And restaurants will have to withhold federal income, Social Security and Medicare 
taxes on that money, too.

What it means for the diner is that those automatic 18% gratuity charges on tables of 6 or more may well be a 
thing of the past. The addition has been added onto large parties to ensure that servers are paid for catering to a 
large group.

That doesn’t mean you should use this an excuse to start stiffing people. Remember, the minimum wage laws here 
in the States for tipped workers is still at a shocking $7.25 an hour. (California thankfully pays all of it’s workers, 
tipped or untapped, a minimum of $13/hour.) The new rule actually went into effect in June of 2012, however 
the IRS postponed enforcement until frequently to give restaurateurs enough time to adjust and properly comply.

While it might seem great to have some freedom as a customer, the service industry isn’t so excited about the idea.

Tips… To insure proper service. Here is my rundown and no it hasn’t changed in twenty years of reviewing 
restaurants. Anyone in any country that provides a service should be rewarded.

10% buffet plus $2 directly to busboy that brought you water and had to clean up after the kids through Jell-O on 
the ground.

$1 for each drink at the bar

$2 for a to go order, as long as they got it right

12% fair service, means they brought you the food and came back with your check

15% Good service brought you your food and drinks and refilled drinks and asked how was it

18% Very Good service all of the above plus asked you if your meal was prepared to your liking 

20-25% All of the above, brought items in proper order, waited for you to ask for check, asked if there is 
a validation needed and please ask for me next time.

One more note… I subtract 5% when the server blames the kitchen for a mistake, got it !!

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