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Mountain Views News 80 W Sierra Madre Blvd. No. 327 Sierra Madre, Ca. 91024 Office: 626.355.2737 Fax: 626.609.3285 Email: Website: www.mtnviewsnews.comPASADENA EDITIONVOLUME 13 NO.11 
The senior pastor 
of Pasadena’s Lake 
Avenue Church, 
Greg Waybright, will 
step down from the 
leadership role, August 
30, he has held for 
nearly 12 years, but 
he and his wife, Chris, 
plan to remain at the 
Lead Ministry 
Pastor Jeff Mattesich 
will step in as acting 
senior pastor while 
the church’s governing 
body, the Ministry 
Council, sets in motion 
the process for forming 
a search committee to 
find a new senior pastor. 
In a letter to the congregation 
Waybright said that a few years 
ago he and his wife Chris “began 
to sense that a new season was 
at hand for us. She and I began 
praying and seeking God’s 
guidance. I also communicated 
those promptings in our hearts 
to the Ministry Council so 
that we might pray and plan 
After he steps down Waybright 
will take a sabbatical and then 
return this December on a part-
time basis. He writes that he 
believes that “the next season 
in ministry for me will likely 
include continued preaching 
and teaching, development 
and mentoring of younger 
leaders, some writing and more 
involvement in our Father’s 
global mission. I believe it 
will probably include less 
organizational management 
and administration.” 
In his letter Waybright thanked 
the congregation “for allowing 
me to be your senior pastor 
for almost 12 years” and “for 
welcoming Chris and me so 
warmly into the congregation. 
Thank you for your own 
faithfulness to the Lord, to this 
wonderful church and to us.”
Church Senior Pastor Greg 
Waybright to Step Down 
The next “A Ticket to 
Explore JPL” event will be 
held on May 18-19, and 
online ticket registration 
will begin promptly at 8:00 
a.m. PDT on Saturday, April 
Tickets are free but limited, 
and will be distributed on 
a first-come, first-served 
basis. The maximum 
number of tickets per 
requestor is five(5); note that 
children under two years of 
age do not require a ticket. 
You must enter the names 
of all ticket holders when 
you reserve your tickets. 
Tickets are not transferrable 
and cannot be sold. 
To enter JPL on the day of 
the event you are scheduled, 
you must have your ticket 
in hand. You must bring a 
matching ID if you are 18 or 
Tickets will be distributed 
beginning at 8:00 a.m PDT 
Saturday, April 6, and be 
sure to refresh the page after 
8:00 a.m. 
To reduce congestion 
during the Explore JPL 
event, your ticket will 
designate the time for your 
Although children under 
two do not require a ticket, 
experiences at the event are 
not intended for very young 
Vehicles entering NASA/
JPL property are subject to 
inspection. Visitors cannot 
bring these items to NASA/
JPL: weapons, explosives, 
incendiary devices, 
dangerous instruments, 
alcohol, illegal drugs, pets 
and all types of skates, 
skateboards and Segways. 
Bicycling to NASA/JPL is 
welcomed, but not inside 
the event, as the venues are 
crowded with pedestrians. 
Bike racks will be provided 
near the main entrance. No 
bags, backpacks or ice chests 
are allowed, except small 
purses and diaper bags. 
Drones are not allowed to 
fly over NASA/JPL under 
any circumstances.
A Ticket to 
Explore JPLBy Dean Lee 
As part of this year’s Knott’s 
Berry Farm Boysenberry 
Festival, Yogurtland has 
announced they have teamed 
up with the famous Buena 
park theme park to create 
Boysenberry Pie frozen yogurt. 
Yogurtland started selling 
the new Boysenberry treat 
last week at all their locations 
including Old Pasadena and 
in The Shops On Lake Avenue. 
They also announced a new 
topping, mini boysenberry 
shortbread cookies, to go with 
the festival flavor. 
The Knott’s Boysenberry 
Festival, March 29, operating 
daily at the park through April 
28, is an annual food-inspired 
event that celebrates the park’s 
historic roots by highlighting 
the little berry that started 
it all, the boysenberry. This 
year’s newly-expanded festival 
will feature over 75 unique 
boysenberry-inspired creations 
crafted by the Knott’s culinary 
team. Guests will have the 
opportunity to indulge in a 
tantalizing line up of dishes 
ranging from savory foods with 
a boysenberry twist to one-
of-a-kind specialty desserts 
and drinks that can only be 
found at Knott’s Berry Farm 
during this time of the year. In 
addition to the numerous food 
and drink offerings, the Knott’s 
Boysenberry Festival offers a 
wide selection of local crafters, 
live music, musical stage shows 
and fun activities for guests of 
all ages to enjoy. 
Boysenberry food items can 
be tasted during the festival 
by purchasing a tasting card 
priced at $35 which offers eight 
tastings from a selection of 
fourteen boysenberry-inspired 
dishes. A variety of signature 
boysenberry items will also be 
available for purchase a la carte. 
Tasting cards are available at or at the theme 
The Boysenberry Festival is 
included with admission to 
Knott’s Berry Farm. Knott’s 
Boysenberry Festival will also 
have entertainment including: 
“Tied Up in Knott’s!” is a 
tribute art show dedicated 
to the rich history of Knott’s 
Berry Farm. Over 30 artists 
will be contributing 50 pieces 
of art to the show, which pays 
homage to Knott’s Berry Farm’s 
past, present and future in 
various mediums including: 
oil paintings, illustrations and 
digital mixed media. These 
original pieces will be hung 
on display at the Wilderness 
Dance Hall during the duration 
of the Boysenberry Festival. 
Other entertainment will 
include, Snoopy’s Boysenberry 
Jamboree, a musical comedy 
melodrama with a surprising 
boysenberry twist and the Old 
MacDonald Petting Zoo. 
The Yogurtland frozen yogurt 
will not be available at Knott’s 
park although the stores 
will have discounted park 
admission coupons. 
Knott’s Berry Farm is located 
8039 Beach Blvd, Buena Park. 
For more information, visit:
Yogurtland Brings Boysen-
berry Festival to Pasadena 
The Pasadena city council 
unanimously approved, at their 
last meeting, a deal with Tesla 
Motors, Inc. to install one of 
the largest electric vehicle fast-
charging sites in the country. 
The five-year agreement will 
provide twenty-four Tesla EV 
fast charging stations in the 
Civic Center area for charging 
Tesla vehicles. 
According to the city staff 
report, “In addition, Tesla will 
install electric infrastructure 
at their expense to enable 
Pasadena Water and Power 
(“PWP”) to install up to twenty 
DCFC EV charging stations 
for non Tesla vehicles. The site 
“Marengo Charging Plaza” will 
have 40 total charging stations. 
Direct Current Fast Charger 
(“DCFC”), can charge an 
electric vehicle typically80 percent in 20 - 30 minutes. 
A resident commented that 
although the stations were a 
great idea, he asked that they 
look into adding two hours 
of free validation at Paseo 
Colorado where the stations 
would be located. 
EV drivers using the Marengo 
Charging Plaza will be subject 
to prevailing parking fees in 
addition to any fees for use of 
the EV chargers staff said. 
After a number of council 
members asked about the 
added time, City Manager Steve 
Mermell said that issue could 
be taken up during the city’s 
budget meetings. Currently city 
owned parking garages allowed 
90 minutes free. 
According also to the city 
staff report, the chargers will 
be installed on the top level of 
the Marengo parking garage, a 
multi-level parking structure 
consisting of 715 parking 
spaces serving both patrons of 
businesses located in the Paseo 
Colorado shopping mall and 
surrounding areas, and visitors 
of the Pasadena Convention 
“The recommended agreement 
is in the city’s best interest 
because it will attract Tesla and 
other electric vehicle drivers to 
Pasadena who would likely visit 
local businesses while their cars 
are charged, motivate others to 
buy electric vehicles and also 
increase electricity sales,” the 
report reads. “In addition, Tesla 
will pay for all of the electrical 
infrastructure improvements 
to the garage that would be 
necessary to install additional 
City-owned EV charging 
stations, saving the city an 
estimated $140,000 in capital 
Knott's Executive Chef Bobby 
Obezo. Photo D. Lee /MVNews 
City Gets 24 Tesla Fast Charging Stations 
The Board of Supervisors 
approved a motion by 
Supervisors Kathryn Barger 
and Sheila Kuehl Tuesday that 
directs county departments to 
stop the use of the herbicide 
glyphosate while a full 
investigation is conducted for 
its use by the county based on 
potential environmental and 
health impacts. 
“I am asking county 
departments to stop the use 
of herbicide until public 
health and environmental 
professionals can determine 
if it’s safe for further use in 
L.A. County and explore 
alternative methods for 
vegetation management,” 
Barger said. 
The use of glyphosate, a main 
ingredient in the herbicide 
brand called “Roundup,” is 
a well-known and effective 
weed abatement method used 
by many public and private 
entities. The Agricultural 
Commissioner, who has 
established protocols for its 
use in full compliance with all 
Federal and State regulations, 
also uses herbicide. Despite 
these controls, however, 
there is a growing body of 
scientific study around the 
safety of using herbicides 
and the potential for negative 
impacts on human, animal, 
and environmental health. 
“In a 2015 study led by 17 
experts from 11 countries, 
the World Health Agency’s 
International Agency 
for Research on Cancer 
concluded that glyphosate 
should be classified as 
‘probably carcinogenic to 
humans,’” Supervisor Sheila 
Kuehl said. 
The Department of Public 
Works, in conjunction with 
Public Health, Parks and 
Recreation, Beaches and 
Harbors, and the Agricultural 
Commission, will study the 
issue and report back to the 
Board with findings and 
alternatives within 30 days.
L.A. County 
Bans Use of 
The Pasadena Humane Society 
& SPCA’s 20th annual Doglegs, 
Birdies & Eagles Golf Tournament 
will tee off April 15, at Annandale 
Golf Club. An unforgettable day 
awaits with unparalleled golfing, a 
spectacular setting, fun on-course 
contests, exceptional cuisine, 
exciting live and silent auctions, 
awards dinner, and opportunity 
By participating in this 
tournament, you will help provide 
food, shelter, medical care and 
so much more to the more than 
11,000 animals that come to our 
shelter every year. More than that, 
your support will give them a 
second chance to find safe, loving, 
forever homes. 
For more information visit: 
pasadenahumane.orgIT IS TIME ONCE AGAIN 

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