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The City of Arcadia in partnership with the Arcadia Chinese 
Association (ACA) will offer a free Ask-a-Lawyer Program at the 
Arcadia Public Library, 20 West Duarte Road, on Saturday, April 
27th from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. as part of the nationwide Law Day 
celebration. This is the 21st consecutive year that the City and 
ACA have offered this free public service.

Volunteer attorneys are available to meet with the public and 
provide them with a free, brief one-on-one consultation on 
general legal questions. They will provide a summary of legal rights 
and general advice on a “walk-up” basis, and where appropriate, 
will refer individuals to the proper legal or governmental 
organizations. Law Day attorneys are unable to accept any cases 
from the people they meet.

Law Day attorneys will answer questions on important legal 
topics, such as: immigration, consumer rights, landlord-tenant 
issues, insurance issues, property, family law, taxes, estate 
planning and trusts, general litigation, bankruptcy, government 
benefits, employee rights, workers’ compensation, personal 
injury, and other topics. Informational brochures and pamphlets 
are available as additional legal resources.

Participants are encouraged to bring any information pertinent 
to their case so the attorney is able to give the most accurate and 
reliable advice. No reservations are required for this free service 
and everyone is welcome to attend. Translation services will be 
available in Mandarin and Cantonese. Other languages may be 

For more information, please call the City Manager’s Office at 

MARSY’S LAW By Joan Schmidt

 At Rose Hills Cemetery, April 7, Justice for 
Homicide Victims (JHV) held its 35th Annual 
Memorial, and celebrated 10 years of Marsy’s 

 JHV was founded by Ellen Griffin Dunne 
and Marcella Leach whose beloved daughters, 
Dominique Dunne and Marsalee Nicholas 
were murdered by former boyfriends. 
Dominique’s killer spent less than three years 
in prison; Marsy’s was out on bail immediately, 
and the family was never told. After learning of 
Marsy’s death, Ellen called Marcella and said, 
“We have something terrible in common.” In 
late 1983, Ellen wanted to found a support 
group, and the Leaches were among the 
founding members. Early supporters were 
Jimmy Stewart and Robert Wagner.

 Sunday’s Memorial began with a welcome 
from Jane Bouffard, President, JHV Foundation 
and her husband Bill, President, JHV. Jane’s 
parents, Gladys and Elmer Benson were killed 
during a robbery in 1996. During the ordeal 
of the trial, the late Marsella and Bob Leach 
drove daily to Norwalk to offer moral support 
to the Bouffards; that is how they became part 
of JHV.

 Emcee was Gigi Graciette, Fox 11 News and 
Good Day LA . Gigi shared her tragedy-
her beloved mother, Maria Graciette was a 
homicide victim. Someone tried to steal her 
purse, but Maria held on to it. The coward 
began beating her, she fell to the ground and 
sustained serious injuries; three weeks later 
she died.

Speaker Nancy Aguilar recounted her son 
Jesse’s disappearance, murder and twelve years 
of hell, waiting for justice. The case was finally 
solved because LASD Homicide Detective Ray Lugo would not give up. They were presented with a JHV Medallion with “GUILTY 
VERDICT” and date of verdict on them

 Guest Speaker was Orange County DA Todd Spitzer. The man has such passion and such a deep commitment to victims and 
their families. He spoke of Marsy’s death and what her family endured. Spitzer, a former California State Senator and Orange County 
Supervisor, led a successful campaign to start a committee in support of Victims’ Bill of Rights, Marsy’s Law. He also was very supportive 
of Jack Reilly during the trial of the murderer of his daughter, Robbin Brandley. It took 32 years for the conviction of Andrew Urdiales. 

 Current Sheriff Alex Villanueva addressed us. He spoke of his 32 years with LASD, that LASD is committed to justice for those 
victimized by crime.

 La Wanda Hawkins, founder, “Justice for Murder Children” attended. (Her son Reginald was murdered; case remains unsolved) 
Also two great volunteer youths, Joseph Bejar and Nathalia Jackson, whose fathers were murder victims.

The awesome International Peace Choir performed, doves released, and family members lit candles, loved ones’ names. Another 
beautiful day of remembrance. Please visit 


For the period of Sunday, April 14th, through Saturday, April 20th, 
the Police Department responded to 1,088 calls for service, of which 
149 required formal investigations. The following is a summary 
report of the major incidents handled by the Department during 
this period.

Sunday, April 14:

1. Shortly before 2:36 a.m., officers responded to the 
intersection of Santa Anita Avenue and Magna Vista Avenue 
regarding a hit and run traffic collision. The suspect’s vehicle was 
located nearby and upon contacting the driver, the officer detected 
a strong odor of alcohol emitting from the 36-year-old male’s 
breath. Through a series of tests, the officer determined the suspect 
was driving with a blood alcohol content of .21%. The El Monte 
resident was arrested and transported to the Arcadia City Jail for 
2. At approximately 5:10 p.m., an officer responded to 
Extended Stay Hotel, 401 East Santa Clara Street, regarding a 
vandalism report. An altercation occurred between a father and 
son resulting in the adult son throwing his skateboard at the 
father’s truck. The 33-year-old son from Hollywood was arrested 
and transported to the Arcadia City Jail for booking. 

Monday, April 15:

3. Just after 6:35 p.m., an officer responded to JCPenney, 
400 South Baldwin Avenue, regarding a petty theft report. Loss 
prevention employees witnessed the 36-year-old male from 
Rosemead steal more than $350.00 worth of merchandise. The 
suspect was arrested and transported to the Arcadia City Jail for 
4. At approximately 1:39 a.m., an officer responded to the 
800 block of South Golden West Avenue regarding a subject 
digging through trash cans. A records check revealed the 
33-year-old male from San Gabriel was on probation for burglary 
and a consensual search of his belongings revealed a glass pipe 
used to smoke methamphetamine. The suspect was arrested and 
transported to the Arcadia City Jail for booking. 

Tuesday, April 16:

5. Around 10:44 a.m., an officer responded to the Arcadia 
Police Department front counter regarding a fraud report. The 
victim never lost possession of her credit card but discovered 
twelve unauthorized transactions totaling a loss of $805.03. She 
does not know how the suspect obtained her personal information 
or the identity of the suspect. 
6. Just before 12:28 p.m., officers responded to the area of El 
Monte Avenue and Longden Avenue regarding a robbery report. 
The victim parked his vehicle against the curb to check on the 
contents in the truck bed when he was approached by three suspects 
who proceeded to hit him with a tire iron and steal his wallet and 
phone. The suspects are described as three black males in their 30’s, 
driving a silver 4-door sedan. The investigation is ongoing. The 
victim declined medical attention.

Wednesday, April 17:

7. At about 4:00 p.m., an officer responded to a residence in 
the 00 block of North Altura Road regarding a burglary report. 
Sometime between 2:30 p.m. and 3:30 p.m. on April 17th, unknown 
suspect(s) entered the home through an unlocked rear door, 
ransacked the location, and fled with a laptop and cellphone. No 
suspects were seen and no witnesses were located. 

Thursday, April 18:

8. Before 10:25 a.m., officers responded to a residence in the 
500 block of West Walnut Avenue regarding a burglary report. 
The suspect entered through an unlocked screen door, and when 
he/she encountered the victim, he/she fled through the same door. 

The suspect was wearing all black clothing including a hooded 
sweatshirt with the hood covering the suspect’s face. The suspect 
was approximately 5’4”, 100 pounds. The investigation is ongoing. 

9. Around 12:30 p.m., an officer responded to 24 Hour 
Fitness, 125 North First Avenue, regarding a grand theft report. 
Surveillance footage revealed a black male suspect, approximately 
5’10” tall, with short curly hair and an unshaven face stole the 
victim’s cellphone from the perimeter of the basketball court 
while the victim was playing. The investigation is ongoing. 
10. Shortly after 6:50 p.m., an officer responded to a battery 
report at Joker’s Koffee, 1 West Duarte Road. The officer discovered 
the juvenile victim was battered by an Arcadia High School senior 
and a Rancho Learning Center freshman. The investigation is 

Friday, April 19: 

11. At about 2:40 p.m., an officer responded to Victoria’s 
Secret, 400 South Baldwin Avenue, regarding a grand theft report. 
An investigation revealed three suspects attempted to steal more 
than $8,000.00 worth of merchandise but after being confronted 
by an employee, fled with nearly $5,000.00 worth of clothing. 

The suspects are described as three black females, all in their early 
20’s, with thin builds. The investigation is ongoing. 

12. Just before 4:18 p.m., officers responded to Macy’s, 400 
South Baldwin Avenue, regarding a shoplifting report. Loss 
prevention employees witnessed the suspects steal more than 
$300.00 worth of merchandise. During a search of the suspect, the 
store employee located a 13 ounce can of pepper spray and other 
burglary tools. Two Pasadena residents, a 30-year-old female 
and a 32-year-old female, were arrested and transported to the 
Arcadia City Jail for booking.



This past week, the Monrovia Reads Van sustained a substantial 
amount of damage when it was hit by a dump truck owned by 
Vulcan Materials! The driver of the dump truck was delivering 
materials to the Public Works Yard when he inadvertently 
backed up into the Monrovia Reads Van. Fortunately, no one 
was injured in the incident, however, the Monrovia Reads Van 
will be out of service indefinitely. See the pictures below for 
more details on the damage to our van!

We are in the process of coordinating an insurance claim against 
Vulcan Materials to compensate the City for the damage to our 
Monrovia Reads Van. In addition, to ensure that there is no 
service disruption for our overall mobile library program, the 
City will be providing a loner bus for the City’s Monrovia Reads 
Van library team to use until we find a permanent replacement.



DUARTE, CA, April 22, 2019 - District 7 Councilmember Jocelyn 
Nunez tendered her resignation to the City of Duarte on 
April 8, 2019 and it was announced at the April 9, 2019 City 
Council meeting.

At the April 23, 2019 City Council meeting, the Council will determine 
how to fill the vacancy. State law requires that it be filled 
within 60 days of the date the resignation was received or June 
7, 2019 at the latest. The public is invited to participate in the 
discussion starting at 7:00 pm at the Duarte Community Center, 
1600 Huntington Drive. 

For additional information, feel free to call Duarte City Hall at 


Los Angeles County Department of Public Health (Public Health) is working closely with health officials at University of California Los 
Angeles (UCLA) and California State University Los Angeles (Cal State LA) to institute a series of actions to limit the spread of measles 
based on its as-sessment of the previously identified measles cases. The goals are to build awareness among stu-dents, faculty and staff 
about the risks of measles after a potential exposure to measles, to confirm immunity to measles for those exposed, to provide instructions 
on what to do if you think you were exposed, and to offer measles immunizations to the broader university community.

In this situation, for those exposed to a confirmed case of measles who could not provide evidence of two doses of measles immunizations 
or lab verified immunity to measles, a Health Officer Order for quarantine is being issued. Generally, a Health Officer Order (“Order”) 
mandates the exposed person to remain at their residence, to notify Public Health if they develop symptoms of measles, and to avoid 
contact with others until the end of their quarantine period or until they provide evidence of immunity. Quarantine for measles can be 
up to 21 days from the date of last exposure, at which time the exposed person is no longer a risk for developing the disease and spreading 
measles to others.

Both universities are assisting with the implementation of quarantine orders and determining how best to support students who must be 
quarantined and who live on campus.

Measles is highly contagious. It can stay in the air for up to two hours after a sick person coughs or sneezes and can also stay on surfaces 
for many hours. About 90% of people who are exposed and not immune to measles become ill 7-21 days after exposure.

Schools are considered high-risk 
settings for exposure due to potentially 
frequent and prolonged con-
tact. In accordance with the February 
1, 2016, California Department 
of Public Health Immunization 
and Screening recommendations 
for college students, UCLA and 
CSULA require two doses of Measles, 
Mumps & Rubella (MMR) 
immunization OR positive titer 
(laboratory evidence of immunity 
to disease) for incoming students. 
Two doses of measles immunization 
are about 97% effective. Thus, 
getting immunized is the best way 
to prevent getting and spreading 
measles. Immunization protects 
not only the person who receives 
the immunization but also reduces 
the chance that measles will spread 
to family members, coworkers and 

Public Health will continue to 
communicate with schools, health 
care providers, health plans, local 
governments, and elected officials 
to provide updates on the measles 
outbreak and actions they can take 
to help prevent the spread of measles 
and support the countywide 

If a person doesn’t know their immune 
status, Public Health recommends 
they talk with their health 
care provider.

For more information about 
measles, visit: http://publichealth. or call 

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