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April 28 to May 5, 2019

During this period the Sierra Madre Police Department 
responded to 228 calls for service.


Sometime between 4:30PM on 4/26/19 to 8:15AM 
on 4/29/19 both restrooms behind City Hall were 
vandalized with graffiti. Unknown suspect(s) 
used markers to write on the walls.

Case pending further investigation

Theft from a vehicle

Personal items were stolen from an unlocked 
vehicle parked in the resident’s driveway in the 
100 block of W. Orange Grove Ave. The theft occurred 
sometime between 5:30PM on 4/2/8/19 to 
7:30AM on 4/29/19.

Case to Detectives

Theft Arrest

On Tuesday, 4/30/19 at about 1:29AM, a male 
subject was contacted and arrested for theft and 
possession of prescription medications in the 100 
block of N. Lima St. The subject was taken to the 
Pasadena Police Jail for booking.

Case to Detectives

Theft from a vehicle

At about 5:30PM a resident came to the station’s 
lobby to report that he parked his truck on the 
street in the 100 block of E. Sierra Madre Bl. on 
Monday, April 29. The following morning he discovered 
the tailgate belonging to his truck was 
stolen overnight.

Case to Detectives

Hit and run

On Wednesday, May 1st a hit and run, non-injury 
accident causing minimal damage was reported to 
have occurred in the 00 block of Kersting Court at 
about 12:12PM.

Vandalism to a vehicle

At about 7:39PM officers responded to the station’s 
lobby to take a report of possible vandalism. 
The resident stated that sometime between 
3:30PM and 7:15PM, unknown person(s) used an 
unknown object to shatter the right rear passenger 
side window. Following an inspection of the 
vehicle, the resident confirmed that nothing appeared 
to be missing.

Warrant Arrest

Officers conducted a vehicle traffic stop on May 
4th. of a speeding vehicle at about 8:41AM in the 
300 block of W. Orange Grove Ave. Upon further 
investigation, the female had a warrant out 
of San Bernardino Sheriff's Station. The subject 
was taken to the Pasadena Police Jail for booking. 
The subject’s vehicle was turned over to a licensed 

Case to DA’s office

Driving with a suspended license

On Sunday, May 5, at about 3:09PM a vehicle was 
stopped for a vehicle code violation. A registration 
check of the vehicle showed it was expired for 
over a year but the vehicle displayed a current tab. 
The driver admitted the tab was not registered to 
his vehicle. The driver also had a suspended driver’s 
license. The vehicle was stored and the driver 
was cited and released.

Case to Detectives

“You don’t take a photograph, you make it.” 
Ansel Adams

“Painting is easy when you don’t know how, 
but very difficult when you do.” Edgar Degas

“Every artist was first an amateur.” Ralph 
Waldo Emerson

You probably spent at least an hour or so last 
weekend at the 57th Annual Sierra Madre Art 
Fair. At least, I hope you did! The weather was 
spectacular, perfect for meandering, browsing 
and admiring. Buying would have been a good 
idea, too, as there was so much to take home and enjoy forevermore.

The first thing I saw was Lucia Friedericy’s booth, where the walls were filled with 
shadowboxes with dolls perched on their bottom edges. Everybody famous you 
can think of was represented: The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, the characters from Alice 
in Wonderland – I especially loved the Mad Hatter. Lucia’s dolls, whimsical little 
people that they are, are sculpted in porcelain and paper clay on a wire framing 
body. Their clothing is created from vintage textiles, laces and silks and I don’t think 
I’ve seen anything like these before. Just charming!

Robert Marble had me with his hysterical interpretation of “When Pigs Fly” 
featuring deliriously happy winged porkers flying up, down, sideways and every 
which a way! Robert’s acrylic paintings, limited edition lithographs and giclees are 
seen all over the world, including, I’m pretty sure, in our own Dr. Patrick Challita’s 
office. And, in case you’re wondering what a giclee is, it’s a fine art digital print made 
on an inkjet printer! If you’d like one of Robert Marble’s whimsical pieces where 
he defines the human predicament by creating outlandish wildlife with titles that 
speak to the more positive side of life, check out his website: www.robertmarble.

I fell in love again at Tony Galindo’s booth where paintings of musical instruments, 
hibiscus flowers, palm trees and a glass of red wine superimposed over piano keys 
took my breath away. Tony’s artwork is a process where he photographs images then 
combines watercolor, pen, ink, acrylic gel, resins directly onto film or watercolor 
paper to create what he calls lively works of art and I call fantastic! The palm 
trees against a background of the most intense blue were awesome. The drums, 
saxophone and other musical instruments were combined with colors that were 
beyond intense. Photomanipulation art is what his work is called. Ya gotta see it! 

My son-in-law, Chuck Seitz, was especially taken by the stone sculpture of Robin 
M. Cohen, as was I. As Robin herself says, “I love art making in all its forms yet 
stone sculpture has my heart like no other. There is something about the dance of 
shaping these “bones of the earth” that stirs my passion. That phrase, “bones of the 
earth” truly describes Robin’s work with stone. It has been said that the true sculptor 
lets the stone speak to him/her before they lift the chisel. That’s Robin Cohen.

There were so many ceramic makers with beautiful and unusual work. I wanted 
everything that Dane Venaas was displaying, particularly some gorgeous dinnerware 
and vases. Cathy Reichel-Clark was showing vases of extremely unusual shapes and 
sizes to fit anything from one lone flower to masses of blossoms. There was jewelry 
of every kind, but I liked everything displayed by Barbara and Colene of Beaded 
Asylum. Oh, dear friends and neighbors, I could go on for about another page 
about all the beauty I saw at our Art Fair and, frankly, I think this was our best one 
ever. The Garden Club had some lovely succulents in really nice pots for Mother’s 
Day and, if you haven’t bought your mother a card, get up right now and get one!

I loved all of Ivan Adaniya’s blown glass pieces and my picture of this polar bear 
by Ira Meyer touched me deeply. He had photographs of penguins, the Arctic, 
Antarctica, assorted wildlife, views from inaccessible spots around the globe and 
each one made me think, “How on earth did you get that shot!” You can check out 
Ira Meyer’s website, too: 

Bottom line: If you didn’t go to the Art Fair this year, for pity’s sake, don’t miss it 
next year. Twohey’s had a food truck there, as did the Kettle Corn and Olvera Street 
Tamales folks. See? A perfect event.

Happy Mother’s Day!! May all you moms out there get taken out to dinner 
someplace special.

My book page: Deanne Davis 

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KATIE Tse......This and That


 Happy Mother’s Day! I bought my mom earrings. 
Not the most inspired of gifts, but like most people in 
this age of online shopping, my mom’s hard to buy for. 
If she wants 
it appears in 
a box on her 
doorstep in a couple of days. But 
getting back to the earrings, these 
aren’t just any earrings. These 
were made by my Polish friend, 

 I’m totally shameless about 
plugging Krys. She’s just amazing. 
She’s been making beautiful Baltic 
amber jewelry for decades. She 
also sells pieces made by her 
uncle, a master at hand carving 
in addition to other old world 
techniques all but lost now. You 
can find Krys and her beautiful 
work at the La Canada farmers’ 
market Saturday mornings. Her 
website is 
Highly recommended!

 While I’m not very creative 
when it comes to Mother’s Day, 
I’ve still come a long way in gift giving for this holiday. I remember when I 
was a kid in school my teachers (probably younger than I am now) came up 
with some odd ideas for Mother’s Day projects. 

 One sticks out in my memory. I was probably in first or second grade at 
the time. I was definitely older than kindergarten because the only thing 
I vividly remember from kinder is hitting my teacher in the butt during 
music. (She’d bent down with her rear in my face and I was holding rhythm 
sticks. “When an irresistible force meets an old, immovable object...”) But 
that’s a whole other article.

 Anyway, this particular Mother’s Day brainchild was napkin holders. 
As if our families gathered around the dinner table to neatly rolled cloth 
napkins resting fashionably next to fine cutlery and other high-end niceties. 
I don’t know; maybe other families did that, but we were more utilitarian.

 The first thing our teacher instructed us to do was find out the color 
theme of our dining rooms. Uh, sure, that’s something first graders can 
reliably determine. I think I asked my mom something real subtle like, 
“Hey, Mom. What color is our dining room? Miss X wants to know.” 
Discretion at it’s finest.

 So after we’d all discovered the color theme of our dining rooms, Miss 
X cut toilet paper rolls into two inch sections and had us pick the color 
of contact paper that best matched our dining rooms at home. We had a 
choice of maybe five different patterns. I suppose contact paper was classier 
than tempera paint. After all, we were big first graders, and everyone knows 
tempera is for kindergarteners.

 Mom did a great job of suppressing laughter when I presented my 
lovely gift to her that Mother’s Day. She even let me comically roll up our 
utilitarian one-ply double folded paper napkins and insert them into their 
snazzy toilet paper roll holders. Dinner seemed extra elegant that night.

 So, I think you can agree that I’ve come a long way in my gift selection 
since those days. True, toilet paper rolls and contact paper napkin holders 
beat out earrings as far as creativity is concerned. But creativity is so 
overrated. Happy Mother’s Day!

Saturday, May 18th is National Kids to Park Day 
and this year to celebrate, we would like to invite 
all parents and children to the Mount Wilson Trail 
Race Park.

 The event will take place from 8:00 am to 1:00 pm 
and will consist of a morning filled with trail history 
and safety tips from our local Sierra Madre 
Search & Rescue Team, as well as a small hike up 
the Mt. Wilson trail route. Make sure all kids and 
parents bring a hat, sunscreen, water and good 
sneakers. We look forward to seeing you all at the 

Saturday, May 18, 2019

8:00 am to 1:00 pm

Mt Wilson Trail Park

189 E. Mira Monte Ave

Sierra Madre, CA 91024

 For additional information please contact the 
Community Services Department at 

(626) 355 – 5278


Athens Services provides bulky waste collection 
for Sierra Madre residents with barrel service up 
to 4 times per year free of charge. Bulky waste includes 
large items that do not fit into barrels or 
bins such as:

• Water heaters

• Furnaces

• Bed springs

• Mattresses

• Dressers

• Couches

• Washers

• Dryers

• Stoves

• Tables

• Chairs

• Refrigerators

• Freezers

• Air conditioners

• Patio furniture

Items should be placed curbside (not in the 

To schedule a pick-up, please call Athens Services 
at (855) 557-1007, or complete a Request 
Services form ONLINE and select “Bulky Item 
Pick-Up.” Click Here to Schedule pickup. 


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