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SATURDAY, MAY 11, 2019 




 Each year MADD recognizes outstanding 
work by law enforcement officers who have 
made significant driving under the influence 
enforcement efforts in the communities 
they serve. These efforts help to reduce 
traffic fatalities in our communities.

 Driving under the influence continues 
to be the leading cause of death and injuries 
on our nation’s highways. MADD was 
started by a group of mothers that have lost 
loved ones due to a subject driving under 
the influence. They work to educate the 
public about the dangers of driving under 
the influence.

 Officer Deem has worked diligently to enforce 
driving under the influence laws to 
protect our community. His efforts for an 
agency our size have earned recognition 
from MADD. We are very proud of the 
good work Officer Deem has done this last 
year to keep our community members safe.


By Rebecca Wright

“When comedy is censored, free speech 
is in danger.” Joe Raiola knows what he is talking 
about. The comedian served as the editor of 
MAD Magazine for over 30 years, and in that 
time, he wrote more than one controversial piece. 
One piece in particular caused enough of an 
uproar that in subsequent reprints it was omitted. 
Despite that, he enjoyed a successful career doing 
something that he loved, an opportunity that he 
knows not everyone gets. Eventually, though, his 
time at the magazine came to an end. Raiola likes 
to joke that “Jesus died at 33, and so did my career 
at MAD.” 

The magazine moved from NYC to 
Burbank, but Raiola was not ready to make the 
move himself because, in addition to working at 
MAD, he was and still is, heavily involved with 
Theater Within, a non-profit that is dedicated to 
helping cancer survivors and children who have 
lost parents to cancer by offering free workshops 
on topics such as art, meditation, and more. As 
part of his work at Theater Within, Raiola works 
on the Annual John Lennon Tribute Concert, one 
of the main fundraisers for Theater Within. Every 
year since 1981, prominent artists have come 
to perform and to honor the memory of John 

Raiola describes himself as “very 
fortunate” to have had the opportunities at 
MAD and Theater Within. He draws on personal 
experiences as well as current events to develop 
his comedy, and his current show has toured for 
several years and has made it to 44 states. This 
month, in his first trip to Southern California, 
Raiola’s show, The Joy of Censorship: Free Speech 
and Comedy in the Age of Political Correctness, 
will be coming to Sierra Madre. His show will 
be an evening discussing comedy in light of the 
First Amendment, and especially in light of the 
many comedians who have recently apologized 
for their jokes (e.g. Kathy Griffin). His work is 
also informed by the bold and often controversial 
acts and jokes made by comedians before him. As 
Raiola puts it, “The purpose of satire is to provide 
truth,” and therefore he is seriously interested in 
when and how what comedians are allowed to say 
appears to change. He believes that comedians 
should always be aware of what they are saying, 
and take responsibility for their words, but that 
they should not “cede ground”. 

Raiola is fascinated by words and 
language, and he uses many controversial and 
offensive words in his act, though he clarifies that 
he uses them “in context”. He raises the questions 
“What are acceptable images/words?” and “Who 
is the judge of what is and is not acceptable?” As 
he examines these questions, Raiola also looks at 
slurs, and who owns them. According to Raiola, 
“if an oppressed group does not reclaim a slur, it 
remains the property of the oppressor for as long 
as it stays in use,”. He also discusses the history 
of MAD Magazine, complete with photographs 
of content that was censored, banned, or that 
writers were reprimanded for. His own work is 
included. Raiola describes his show as an “edgy, 
provocative evening.” 

The Joy of Censorship: Free 
Speech and Comedy in the Age of Political 
Correctness will be playing at the Sierra 
Madre Playhouse on Thursday, May 31, 
2019. Tickets can be purchased online. 

On Monday, May 20th, N. Baldwin will be closed between Sierra 
Madre Blvd. and Carter Ave from 7:00 am to 6:00 pm for road construction 

Temporary “NO PARKING” signs will be posted. Please remove 
your car from the street before 7:00 am on Monday, May 20, 2019.

Regularly scheduled trash collection will occur early Monday 

We apologize in advance for the inconvenience and can assure that 
every effort will be made to keep any disturbance to a minimum.

Should you have any questions please contact the Sierra Madre 
Public Works Department at (626) 355 - 6615

Friday, May 17 & Saturday, May 18 at 7pmSunday Matinee May 19 at 2pmO’Malley Hall318 N. Baldwin Avenue, Sierra Madre, CATickets: Kids $2 and Adults $5Intothe Woods JR. ispresentedthrough specialarrangement 
with and all authorized materials are supplied by 
MusicTheatre International, New York, NY(212) 541-4684 mtishows.comSt. Rita School 
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