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 SATURDAY, MARCH 23, 2019 



 On Sunday, March 17, 2019, literally thousands of visitors visited Sierra Madre to participate in the 
Wistaria Festival and to view the 125 year old Wistaria Vine. The Vine, which holds the Guinness 
Book of World Records for being the largest blooming vine in the world, managed to start blooming 
after a rainy, cold winter. 

 Thanks to the hospitality of homeowners Robert and Nell Solt and Tony and Claire Held, more than 
3,000 people either took a shuttle or walked to see the magnificent sight.

 In addition, visitors to Sierra Madre had the opportunity to shop and dine with local businesses, 
visit 100 crafters and food vendors that participated in the festival and view 100 Custom Automobiles 
in the Sierra Madre Car Show which was coordinated by Ted Sariff. The Best In Show 
was awarded to a black 1933 Packard and a Blue 1966 Chevy Nova owned by Steve Reider was the 
runner-up. The Chief's Award was given to a red and white 1955 Chevy Wagon owned by George 

 This year, in celebration of St. Patrick's Day, there was also a Beer Garden (38 Degrees) and a concert 
in the park featuring Gem City Jazz Cats.

 The Festival is sponsored by the Sierra Madre Chamber of Commerce with support from the Sierra 
Madre Police and Fire Departments, Sierra Madre Emergency Communications Team, The City of 
Sierra Madre Public Works Department, City Staff, Kensington Senior Living, Athens Management, 
Berkshire Hathaway, The Mountain Views News , Mail Box and Postal and 38 Degrees Ale House.

 And, of course, the festival would not have been possible without the dozens of volunteers who 
served as docents, facilitators and logistical help.

 Photos are courtesy Dirk Bolle.

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