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May 12 to May 19, 2019

During this period the Sierra Madre Police Department 
responded to 201 calls for service.

Attempted Theft from a vehicle

On Monday, May 13, at about 8:13AM.a vehicle burglary 
occurred in the 200 block of S. Mountain Trail 
Ave. The suspect entered the locked camper shell of 
the victim's truck and attempted to remove some of 
the victim's gardening equipment. This victim had 
equipment stolen from the same location last week. 
The suspect then fled the scene without taking any 
equipment. Case to Detectives

Drug Possession

Officers conducted a pedestrian stop on a male subject 
in the 100 block of Michillinda Ave. at about 9:01PM 
on Monday, May 13th. During the interview it was 
discovered the subject had three outstanding warrants 
and was in possession of drug paraphernalia. The subject 
was arrested and taken to the Pasadena Jail. 

At about 12:05AM on Tuesday, May 14th, a man was 
contacted in the Sierra Vista Park rear parking lot after 
hours. An investigation revealed the man had methamphetamine 
and paraphernalia in his possession. 
The man was arrested and taken to the Pasadena Jail 
for remand. 

Both Cases to Pasadena DA’s office

Vehicle Burglary

A vehicle burglary occurred at Bailey Canyon Parking 
lot, on occurred on Friday, May 17, between the hours 
of 6:00 AM and 9:00 PM.

Preliminary information reveals unknown suspect(s) 
entered the locked vehicle by smashing out the driver’s 
side door window and gaining access inside. Once inside, 
the suspect(s) took personal items and miscellaneous 
clothing. The suspect(s) then fled the location in 
an unknown direction with the stolen property. Case 
to Detectives

“They carry us beneath their hearts,

That’s how every new life starts.

The beating of our mother’s heart,

The first sound that we hear.

Love and peace surround us...

And very near.

Your mother, my mother,

And Mary....the mother of....God.” *

Mother’s Day was just a Sunday or two ago and I’m hoping yours was 
as nice as mine was. We got together, six of us mothers, along with 
assorted husbands and children, to enjoy some excellent BBQ, some 
great salads from Stonefire Grill, and exchanged carefully selected 
cards, chosen with such love and care. Let me quote just a few:

“To my mother. We all need someone to believe in who we are 
and in all we can become. Someone to cheer, encourage, comfort and 
guide give us the confidence we need to believe in ourselves 
and in our potential to reach our dreams. Thank you for being my 
someone. May you know how much your love and support mean to 
me and always will.”

“For our Grandma! If everybody had a grandma like you, there 
would always be lots of smiles in the world.” 

“Family is love and laughter, strength and smiles, hope and 
happiness. Every Mother’s Day is a gift – a chance to go back through 
the memories of the heart and say thank you. For a home that was 
warm and welcoming and filled with life and laughter – where each 
day seemed to hold some small adventure and something new to 
learn. For a family that loves being together – that cares for each 
other and helps one another through all the big and little ups and 
downs of life...for a connection that gives meaning and purpose and 
joy to every day. Thanks for all the joys of having a mother like you.”

“Happy Mother’s Day from both of us...the one you raised right, and 
the one who really appreciates it!”

If you haven’t gone back yet and taken a second look at your Mother’s 
Day cards, give yourself a few minutes, pour yourself a cup of coffee 
and read them again. You’ll be glad you did.

Speaking of being glad, I was over-the-top elated, overjoyed, and 
just plain delighted to see that dear friend, Bud Switzer, has been 
selected to be our 4th of July Grand Marshal. Bud and Donna were 
our neighbors on Alegria for all the years we lived there, 48 of ‘em! 
Mr. Pumpkin! Oh my yes! So many years ago, Bud and son, Kevin, 
would drive up to Camarillo, I think it was, load up a trailer with 
pumpkins and then create about 300 of the most exotic, unusual, 
alien being, gentle monster pumpkins and line their long driveway 
with these beauties. John and I, and everybody else on our street 
were enchanted. That’s how it all started on Alegria. That was 
genuine art, folks! 

Bud has done so much more for our community and, as it states 
in the job description for Grand Marshal: The Grand Marshal is a 
person or persons whose efforts over a long period of time has been 
beneficial to the community of Sierra Madre. The title of Grand 
Marshal is intended to honor a person or persons’ volume of work, 
dedication and overall enhancements to our community.” That 
pretty much sums up Bud Switzer. Congratulations, dear friend, you 
deserve it and we will all be cheering you this coming July 4th. The 
picture is Bud, second one in on the far right, with the gentlemen of 
Sierra Madre’s VFW Post 3208.

Take a minute to donate to the Walk to Cure Arthritis Los Angeles. 
Our own Jake Pevsner is the Youth Honoree and this 10 year old 
hero has put up with more unpleasant health stuff than most of us 
can even imagine. He is an outstanding young person and deserves 
our support. To donate: 
Again, you’ll be glad you did!

*Lyrics from “Your Mother, My Mother” – Star of Wonder – A 
Christmas Musical Book & Lyrics by Deanne Davis, Music by David 

My book page: Deanne Davis 

Star of Wonder the CD is now on TuneCore! Take a look!


Follow me on Twitter, too!

“Sunrises & Sunflowers Speak Hope” is coming soon! 

KATIE Tse....This and That


 My mom’s friend (we’ll call her Rita) recently 
became a grandmother again. Her grandson (we’ll call 
him Ayden, because everyone names their kid that) 
was born last week. I don’t know if “born” is the right 
word, since he appeared on the scene via C-section. 
“Extracted” is probably more accurate. But anyway, 
his dad’s already saying this kid’s stubborn. Stubborn 
at one week of age. His parents must already be 
looking forward to life with him as a teenager.

 I don’t know how a one week-old exhibits 
stubbornness, but I’ve heard hilarious tales of a two 
year-old who’s mastered the art of smuggling. This 
one’s from my mom’s other friend, Florence. If you 
frequent my column you might recognize Florence. 
I’ve lifted her stories from teaching, and for a while 
I hesitated about sharing this one. But I had nothing 
else to write about. And Florence is nice, she’ll forgive 

 So Florence spends 
a lot of time watching 
her younger 
grandson (we’ll call 
him Jayden, because 
that’s what everyone 
names their kid, right 
after Ayden). Jayden’s 
great, very mellow. A 
stark contrast to his 
mischievous older 
brother. Everyone 
probably assumed 
raising Jayden 
would be a smooth, 
unhindered walk 
in the park. That 
was, until they tried 
to break him of his 
pacifier habit. 

 I, for one, don’t 
remember having a pacifier as a child. But then, I 
guess no one really remembers much from that age. 
Pacifiers must be a riot, though, because this kid will 
not give them up. Simple, his parents thought. He’s 
small, just take it away from him. Problem solved. 
Oh no.

 Jayden allows you to take his pacifier without a fight, 
but that’s only because he’s got a better strategy up his 
sleeve than brute force. He’s got stealth. Florence was 
driving with him one day when she stopped at a light, 
checked the back seat, and realized that Jayden was 
sucking away at a pacifier in his car seat. She took 
it from him and proceeded on. At the next light he 
had another one! This was repeated an astonishing 
number of times.

 While a mystery exists as to how exactly Jayden’s 
lifting these things, the greater question is where on 
earth he’s hiding them! It’s not like this kid wears a 
pocketed trench coat like in the old movies where 
guys opened the sides to reveal watches. This is a little 
two year-old who’s still working on soft foods. The 
only other option is body cavities, but I’d rather not 
think about that. 

 One thing’s for sure, this kid is going places. All we 
can hope is that he’ll use his powers for good and not 
evil. Thanks for another one, Florence!

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