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Mountain Views-News Saturday, June 8, 2019 



Submitted by James Faulkner (Pictured below)

Photo credit to AKA Photography - Ken Chen

Congratulations…and thank you…for running in this year’s phenomenal MWTR. It had all the best conditions in way of weather, 
trail condition and vibe.

Over 320 went up the mountain, and they all came back more or less healthy. , except for my wife Marianne. (Bubble wrap for her next 
year!) Everyone did a fantastic job looking out for each other, which is all the MWTR Committee can ask for.

Congratulations to 2019 MWTR Champs Michael Eastburn (1:04:38) and Hannah Briggs (1:15:15).(Both pictured above) And to 
the two overall winners of the Foothill Trail Challenge, Jeff Lawler and Dene Schulze-Alva, along with all of the FTC participants. We 
salute all those who support trail running in the San Gabriel Valley.


Suggestions Wanted! While the race is still fresh in your mind, 
please send me any suggestions or ideas on how to make the race 
and its related activities better for next year. The MWTR Committee 
will review them in the next couple weeks; your input is 
important to us!

Trail Support Needed! Our jar for contributions to the Fletcher 
Fund, which pays for materials and equipment we use on the trail, 
was pretty full on race day. Thanks to all who made a contribution. 
If you train or race on the trail, you need to give back by 
giving us a day of work or sending a contribution to the trail’s 
upkeep. Make out your check to the Sierra Madre Community 
Foundation (put “Fletcher Fund” on the memo line) and send it 
to Sierra Madre Community Foundation Fletcher Fund, P.O. Box 
716, Sierra Madre, CA 91025. 

We appreciate all who came out to volunteer, participate and's to another great year. Our crew will get to planning 
and we hope to see you all again next year!

Pete Siberell Chair, MWTR Committee

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