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Recently Assemblyman Chris Holden chose Foothill Unity Center as the 41st District Non-Profit of 
the Year. In the above photo collage, in addition to Assemblyman Holden, is Assemblywoman Blanca 
Rubio; the Center’s Executive Director, Betty McWilliams; President of the Board, Gary Kovacic; and 
Board Members Lois Gaston and Eric Bell.

I cannot think of any organization who is more deserving of this award. It is mind-boggling, that 
in 1980, Josephine Anderson asked her Church (Immaculate Conception, Monrovia), how she could 
share her time, compassion, and energy, and was led to a small closet where items for the needy are kept. 
Yes, the Foothill Unity Center began as a Food Bank in a church closet!

Today the Center is the primary provider of food, case management/crisis help, and access to 
health care and resources across eleven San Gabriel Valley Cities in LA County. 79% of their clients are at 
or below poverty level. The number of the people served by the organization has more than tripled over 
the last five years.

How does the Center help meet the need? Client Services is made up of three direct service 
departments, food services, social services and health service.

Food services include weekly and monthly supplies of groceries available, bagged lunches for the 
homeless three times a week, and homebound deliveries to the sick.

The Center’s goal is to be part of solutions to help end and prevent homelessness. This is done 
by a network of coordinated housing connections to help their participants secure an affordable place to 
call home.

Health services are a vital resource for the low-income community. The goal is to make health 
care services accessible, educate about chronic diseases and preventive practices.

Foothill Unity Center’s annual “BACK TO SCHOOL” event is phenomenal. Last year’s had 1200 
attendees. They were given a backpack with supplies, haircuts/manicures available, dental, vision and 
hearing screening, uniforms and last year’s even had a college area! CHP officers attended and explained 
auto safety use.

Thank you, Assemblyman Holden for honoring the great Foothill Unity Center who serves many 
communities, and helps so many people with immediate needs and to get back in their feet.

TABLE FOR TWO by Peter Dills


I must admit as a schoolboy I looked forward to the month of June. Mostly because I knew 
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two, and it didn’t hurt that most years there 
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June. Every moment in the penitentiary of 
school was a clockwatching moment until 
my release for Summer Vacation. Show me 
a boy that doesn’t love summer and I will 
show you a boy that has read Huckleberry 
Finn but doesn’t practiced the spirit. 

These days I look forward to Summer once 
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Case of confirmed measles 
traveled through LAX

LOS ANGELES – The Los Angeles County 
Department of Public Health (Public 
Health) is assessing a non-resident measles 
case that traveled through Los Angeles International 
Airport (LAX) while infectious 
and is also looking to identify others who 
are at risk for measles and may have been 
exposed to this person. Public Health urges 
residents, especially those who travel internationally 
and those who have not been 
fully protected against measles, to get the 
measles immunization in order to better 
protect their individual health and to prevent 
the spread of measles to others.

Other people may have been exposed to 
measles since this person visited public 
locations while infectious. Potential public 
exposure locations and times were as 

There is no known current risk related to 
measles that exists at any of these venues 
at this time.

Anyone who may have been at these locations 
on those dates may be at risk of developing 
measles for up to 21 days after 
being exposed. People who were in the 
location(s) above around the same time(s) 

• Review their immunization and 
medical histories if they don’t already 
know they are protected against measles. 
People who have not had measles or the 
measles immunization should talk with 
a health care provider about receiving 
Measles, Mumps and Rubella (MMR) 

• Contact and notify their health 
care provider as soon as possible about a 
potential exposure if they are pregnant, an 
infant, have a weakened immune system 
and/or are unimmunized.

• Monitor themselves for illness with 
fever and/or an unexplained rash from 7 
days to 21 days after their exposure (the 
time period when symptoms may develop); 
if symptoms develop, stay at home and 
call a health care provider immediately.

Public Health is also working with LAX 
and the airline to contact people who may 
have been exposed to this case and who 
are at risk of developing measles, especially 
those at increased risk of severe outcomes, 
such as infants, pregnant women, and 
those with compromised or weak immune 

Currently, there are eight measles cases 
among Los Angeles County residents in 
2019, and this makes seven non-resident 
measles cases that traveled through Los 
Angeles County. Of the eight measles cases 
among residents, three are not linked to 
any of the others, and two of these cases are 
linked to international travel. The majority 
of the cases were unvaccinated.

Additional cases and exposures may occur 
here related to returning travelers, especially 
returning international travelers who 
are not already protected against measles. 
Public Health encourages everyone who 
can to be up-to-date with their recommended 

“For those who are not protected, measles 
is a highly contagious and potentially severe 
disease that initially causes fever, 
cough, red, watery eyes, and, finally, a rash,” 
said Muntu Davis, MD, MPH, Los Angeles 
County Health Officer. “It gets spread, by 
air and by direct contact, even before you 
know have it. The MMR immunization is 
a very effective measure to protect yourself 
and to prevent the unintentional spread of 
this potentially serious infection to others.”


About Measles

Measles is considered among the most contagious 
viruses in the world. About 90% of 
people who have never been immunized 
against measles become ill 7-21 days after 
exposure. Infected people can infect those 
around them before they have symptoms 
and know they are infected. Common 
symptoms of measles include fever, cough, 
runny nose, conjunctivitis (red eyes) and a 
rash which usually appears 10 to 21 days 
after the exposure. The measles virus can 
be transmitted from one person to another 
up to 4 days before the onset of rash.

Individuals should contact their healthcare 
provider by phone before going in if they 
develop measles symptoms, so measures 
can be taken to prevent possible spread 
to others in the provider’s waiting room. 
They should also tell their doctor or other 
healthcare provider if they traveled internationally 
or had international visitors in 
the last 21 days or had exposure to another 
person with measles.

Public Health interviews all persons with 
measles in the county to identify who may 
have come in contact with them, in order 
to try to prevent further spread of measles. 
Public Health communicates with health 
care providers, health plans, local governments, 
schools, and elected officials to provide 
updates on the measles outbreak and 
actions they can take to help prevent the 
spread of measles and support the countywide 

Measles immunizations are available at 
healthcare providers, local pharmacy or 
health clinic. Public Health clinics offer no 
or low-cost immunizations for individuals 
who are uninsured or underinsured. To 
find a nearby Public Health clinic, call 2-1-
1 or visit http://www.publichealth.lacounty.

For more information about measles, visit:
measles or call 2-1-1.




Businessperson of the Year

Community Activist of the Year

Educator of the Year

Non-Profit of the Year

Volunteer of the Year

Building Bridges Award


Please submit the attached nomination packet by Friday, June 
21, 2019.

Winners will be announced at Congresswoman Judy Chu’s Congressional 
Leadership Awards celebration in July.

 For more information or questions please contact:

Maile Z. Plan

(626) 304-0110

 *Nominees must reside, study, work or provide services in the 
27th Congressional District: Alhambra, Arcadia, Bradbury, Claremont, 
Glendora, Monterey Park, Monrovia, Pasadena, Rosemead, 
South Pasadena, San Gabriel, San Marino, Sierra Madre, 
Temple City, Upland, Altadena (unincorporated), San Antonio 
Heights (unincorporated), East Pasadena (unincorporated), 
South San Gabriel (unincorporated).


Date Location Address Time Frame

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Tom Bradley International 
Terminal 3:30 PM – 5:30 PM

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