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Mountain View News Saturday, July 4, 2020 

Pasadena Playhouse 
Receives CARES Aid

Transit Again


Pasadena Playhouse has been 
approved for a $50,000 award 
as part of the Coronavirus Aid, 
Relief, and Economic Security 
(CARES) Act. 

 Pasadena Playhouse is one 
of 855 organizations located 
in every state, the District of 
Columbia, and Puerto Rico 
selected for this grant. The 
National Endowment for the 
Arts received more than 3,100 
eligible applications requesting 
$157 million for the $45 million 
available in direct assistance. 
Pasadena Playhouse, along 
with the other awardees, 
represents the diverse nature of 
arts organizations around the 
country. Overall funding was 
divided nearly evenly between 
small, medium, and large arts 

 This grant will be used to 
support Pasadena Playhouse’s 
digital programming personnel 
in response to the COVID-19 

 Producing Artistic Director 
Danny Feldman said, “At the 
start of the current crisis, 
we began an aggressive 
fundraising campaign to 
sustain the Playhouse through 
this uncertain time while 
continuing to serve our 
community. This grant bolsters 
that effort, helping us reach 
our goal of employing as many 
artists and staff as possible 
while our curtain is down. We 
thank the National Endowment 
for the Arts for their support.”

 National Endowment for the 
Arts says that Arts and culture 
are a key component of the 
U.S. economy that contribute 
$877.8 billion, or 4.5 percent, 
to the nation’s gross domestic 
product in 2017 and employ 
over 5 million wage-and-
salary workers who collectively 
earned $405 billion. This 
funding will help support 
those jobs and those nonprofit 
organizations during this time 
of great need so that arts and 
culture will persevere as a 
significant contributor to the 
American economy.

 In light of the recent rise 
in COVID-19 cases, fare 
payment will continue to be 
suspended on both Pasadena 
Transit and Pasadena Dial-
A-Ride. When the Safer 
at Home order was issued 
in mid-March, Pasadena 
Transit and Dial-A-Ride 
instituted a number of 
protocols to provide the safest 
environment possible for 
customers and bus operators, 
including suspending fare 
collection. After a trial day 
of resuming fare payment 
on July 1, fare collection will 
continue to be temporarily 
suspended to avoid customers 
being in close proximity to 
drivers. Customer boarding 
will also continue to be 
from the rear doors of buses 
wherever possible.

 In addition to the temporary 
suspension of fares, other 
actions that have been in 
place on Pasadena Transit 
and Pasadena Dial-A-Ride 
since mid-March, include:

 Limiting the number of 
passengers per bus;

Increased frequency of buses 
on the most heavily used 

Disinfecting high-touch 
surfaces on buses frequently 
throughout the day;

Enhanced nightly disinfecting 
of every bus surface from 
floor to ceiling;

Blocked off select seating on 
buses to encourage physical 
distancing; and

Allowing only rear-door 
boarding where possible.

Also, in accordance with the 
City of Pasadena health order, 
passengers must wear clean 
cloth face coverings over their 
noses and mouths while on 
board a Pasadena Transit or 
Dial-A-Ride vehicle. Drivers 
are wearing face coverings, 
and we ask that you also help 
keep your fellow transit riders 
and bus operators safe by 
wearing one too.

 Pasadena Transit operates 
six local bus routes within 
the City of Pasadena, as 
well as portions of the 
unincorporated community 
of Altadena, serving nearly 
400 bus stops and six Metro 
L Line (Gold) stations. 
Route, fare and schedule 
information is available at or 
by calling (626) 744-7311.

Firefighters Apply Phos-Chek to Hillsides 

By Dean Lee

 Sending a mixed message 
Wednesday, Pasadena Police 
Chief John Perez (pictured) 
invited people, looking 
for something to do this 
Independence Day, after 
the traditional AmericaFest 
fireworks show at the Rose 
Bowl had been cancelled, down 
to the stadium to see movies at 
a temporary drive-in theater in 
the parking lot. 

 “As we all know, there will be 
no fireworks show this year, 
however, there is a Tribeca 
Drive-In experience from July 
2 to July 26,” he said. “We’re 
hoping everyone get’s a chance 
to experience that.” 

 Perez later said that he should 
have been more specific 
explaining that the entire 
Arroyo around the Rose Bowl, 
including the walking, biking 
loop and Brookside parks will 
be closed today from 10 a.m. to 
10 p.m. and the only people let 
in the area will be people that 
have tickets to the drive-in.

 Both Perez and interim 
Pasadena Fire Chief Bryan 
Frieders said they will be 
monitoring the Rose Bowl for 
anyone with fireworks. Frieders 
said the Drive-In expects 
around 500 vehicles.

 Perez said they are seeing not 
just an increase in fireworks this 
year but extremely dangerous 
ones, “the M-60 the M-80s, the 
message today, absolutely no 
fireworks... we will be enforcing 
our own ordnance. The 
ordinance has up to six months 
in jail and a $1,000 fine.”

 He also said there could be 
charges for other things like 
endangering children and the 
ability to hold property owners 
accountable, “also know that 
in Pasadena we have seen an 
increase [in calls related to 
fireworks] of over 700 percent.”

 Perez said, so far, they 
have issued 25 citations and 
confiscated 300 ponds of 

 Pasadena Director of Public 
Health Dr. Ying-Ying Goh 
said there has been dramatic 
increase” in COVID-19 cases in 
Pasadena. She said that unless 
there is an immediate change in 
the way people are conducting 
business and socializing, local 
hospitals will be overwhelmed 
in the coming weeks.

 “Our data show that the 
increase in Pasadena is largely 
due to people venturing out 
with other households, having 
social gatherings or not being 
able to quarantine or isolate. We 
are seeing more transmission 
among younger people,” she 
said adding that those with no 
or mild symptoms can transmit 
COVID-19 without knowing 
it. She said the state requires 
that people do not get together 
with others, family or friends, 
especially today the Fourth of 
July. She also said face covering 
are required in public.

 Frieders said they were spying 
eight tons of Phos-Chek to the 
brush areas surrounding the 
Rose Bowl for fire safety. The 
Phos-Chek helps keep trees and 
grassland from catching fire 
if exposed to an igniter. Fire 
retardant is one of the main 
tools firefighters use to contain 
growing fires. It is not harmful 
to pets, he said. 

 “The goal is to try to minimize 
the exposure, not only to 
COVID-19, but also these 
catastrophic wildfires. For the 
past several years, we’ve seen 
the devastation, we’ve seen the 

 Some people on social media 
have questioned why the city 
did not have a dive-in fireworks 
show at Rose Bowl instead of 
dive-in movies, such as being 
done in San Juan Capistrano, 
the city of Dana Point and 
the “Fourth of July Drive-In 
Fireworks Extravaganza” in San 

 Officials also warn 
about illegal fireworks 
and attending Fourth 
of July parties or 

Film Office 

John Leano Chosen Chair 
of the Chamber Board

 John Leano of BRYAN’S 
Cleaners and Laundry was 
chosen as Chair of the Board 
of Directors of the Pasadena 
Chamber of Commerce and 
Civic Association for 2020-
21. Because of the current 
pandemic, Mr. Leano will serve 
as Chair of the Board from July 
1, 2020, to December 31, 2021.

 John Leano was elected to the 
Chamber Board in 2015 and 
has served the past three years 
as a member of the Executive 
Committee and Chair of the 
Member Services Committee 
of the Chamber. Mr. Leano has 
been associated with BRYAN’S 
Cleaners for nearly four 
decades. He has been involved 
with the Pasadena Chamber 
for nearly 30 years. BRYAN’S 
Cleaners has been a member of 
the Chamber for more than 80 

 In addition to his duties at 
BRYAN’S Cleaners & Laundry, 
Mr. Leano serves on the 
board for Pasadena Chamber 
member Judson International 
School, is a contributing 
writer and correspondent for 
an international publication, 
is a registered financial 
professional, and active in 
church ministry at New Life 
Assembly of God.

 John Leano was born at 
Saint Luke’s Hospital and 
raised in Northwest Pasadena. 
He attended PUSD schools, 
is an alumnus of Marshall 
Fundamental School, and 
earned his Bachelor of Arts in 
Music at JSBC in Baton Rouge, 
Louisiana. An avid sports fan, 
Mr. Leano’s rooting interests 
are inclined primarily toward 
the Lakers, Dodgers, UCLA 
Basketball and USC Football. 
His greatest joys come from 
being a dad, husband, brother, 
and living with his family in 

 Mr. Leano will be the first 
Filipino-American to lead 
the Board of the Pasadena 
Chamber of Commerce.

 “It is an honor and a privilege to 
be chosen at Chair of the Board 
for 2020-21,” Mr. Leano said. 
“The Pasadena Chamber is a 
vital and important institution 
that focuses its energy on 
supporting the success of its 
members and helping create a 
thriving economy in the greater 
Pasadena area. I am happy to 
support that effort.”

 “John Leano has always been 
an active and contributing 
member of the Pasadena 
Chamber of Commerce. He has 
faithfully attended networking 
events, fundraising activities 
and supported the Chamber 
throughout his tenure at 
BRYAN’S,” said Chamber 
President and CEO Paul Little. 
“As a Board member he has 
been focused on the prosperity 
of the members, especially our 
small business members, and 
the success of the Chamber. I 
look forward to working with 
him for the next 18 months.”

 Now Accepting Permit 

 The City of Pasadena Film 
Office reopened Tuesday 
and began accepting permit 
applications for commercial 
production filming and still 
shoots within Pasadena city 

 Film Office guidelines have 
been updated to adhere to 
public health protocol and 
reduce the risk of COVID-19 
transmission. All proposed 
film and photography 
permit applications must 
abide by the City’s Public 
Health Reopening Protocol 
for Music, TV and Film 
Production, as well as these 
special conditions:

 The production/applicant 
must comply with all 
federal, state and local 
public health requirements, 
including the appointment 
and identification of a 
COVID-19 compliance 

The number of persons 
allowed to gather on site 
must conform to physical 
distancing requirements 
outlined in the Health 
Officer Order.

Filming in residential areas 
is to occur between the 
hours of 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. 
This includes set-up and 

 Filming in commercial 
areas is to occur between 7 
a.m. and 7 p.m. This includes 
set-up and breakdown.

Parking is only allowed on 
property and directly in 
front of a location with a 
minimum street width of 35 

 City personnel is required 
for all shoots.

 Payment must be rendered 
before permit is issued.

 For more information, 
visit the Film Office website 
or call (626) 744-3964.

Pasadena to Offers Aquatics 
Programs Starting on July 6

 The City of Pasadena Parks, 
Recreation and Community 
Services Department will 
offer aquatics programming 
at Pasadena High School, 
Robinson Park Recreation 
Center, and Villa-Parke 
Community Center pools from 
Monday, July 6 through Friday, 
August 7.

 Swimming lessons will be 
offered in weekly sessions 
for ages five to twelve. Each 
session runs Monday through 
Thursday, and lessons are 
available from 10 a.m. through 
5 p.m. Fees are $50 per week 
for residents, and $65 per week 
for non-residents. Lessons at 
Robinson Park and Villa-Parke 
will have a limit of three children 
per group, and Pasadena High 
School will have a maximum 
of five children per group. 
Private lessons will be offered 
on Saturdays at Pasadena High 
School every half hour from 
9:00 a.m. through 10:30 a.m., 
and are $50 per session for 
residents, and $65 per session 
for non-residents. Adult 
shallow water aerobics will 
be offered at Robinson Park 
Recreation Center on Mondays 
and Wednesdays, and at Villa-
Parke Community Center on 
Tuesdays and Thursdays from 
9:00 a.m. to 9:45 a.m. for ages 
18 and over. Fees are $8 per 
week for adults, and $4 per 
week for older adults age 50 
and over.

 COVID-19 protocols based 
on guidance from the Pasadena 
Public Health Department will 
be in place, and will include 
screening for symptoms, limited 
group lesson sizes, and social 
distancing. Parent/Guardians 
are encouraged to be in the pool 
for introductory level lessons 
to assist participants that are 
usually held by the instructor. 
Lockers will not be available, 
and patrons will be required 
to come fully dressed in the 
appropriate swim attire.

 For more information, and to 
register, visit: cityofpasadena.
net/parks-and-rec/or call (626) 
744-7330 Monday-Friday from 
8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

PHS Wiggle 
Waggle Walk 
Goes Virtual 

Pasadena Humane’s 22nd 
annual Wiggle Waggle Walk 
is set to go virtual for 2020, 
and you’re invited to join 
thousands of fellow animal 
lovers on Sunday, September 
27 for a walk around YOUR 
BLOCK to raise funds for 
animals in need! In addition 
to the walk, there will be a 
roster of fun-filled activities—
including live streaming, 
Virtual Vendor Fair, contests, 
and prizes. Officials said full 
event details will be posted 
Monday on their website: 

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