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Mountain Views-News Saturday, July 4, 2020 


The theme for the 2020 Sierra Madre Public Library bookmark contest could not have been more appropriately 
selected: Sierra Madre Heroes. What better time than 2020 to highlight the heroes among us. 
Entries were thoughtful, topical, and beautifully drawn… and showed how heroes come in many shapes 
and sizes.

 The winners were selected by age groups by our sponsors: The Friends of the Sierra Madre Library, the 
Mountain Views News, the Sierra Madre Community Foundation, Sierra Madre Firefighters Association, 
and the Sierra Madre Woman’s Club... and here are the winners! 

Grades K-1, Ellen Thomas – 1st place and Zina Chou – 2nd Place; Grade 2, Autumn Noh

– 1st Place and Sage Alva – 2nd Place; Grade 3, Anne Garrett – 1st Place and Arcadia Shula – 2nd Place; 
Grade 4-5, Emma Noel Abajian – 1st Place and Juliet Kirages – 2nd Place; Grade 6, Kaiya Masuda – 1st 
Place and Amy Hu – 2nd Place; Grade 7-8, Chloe Tubbs – 1st Place and Peyton Thomas – 2nd Place.

 In addition to winning in their grade, four of these fabulous winning entries (depicted in the photo) 
have been selected by the Mayor, City Manager, Friends of the Library President and Library Trustee 
Chair to be printed. Those winners are 

Emma Noel Abajian, Ellen Thomas, Anne Garrett, and Chloe Tubbs. Bookmarks will be printed and 
available soon with your checked out materials and don’t forget to stop by the Library this month to view 
the bookmarks outside of the Library. Congratulations to all of the inspiring artists.

Read, Discover, Connect @ Sierra Madre Public Library, 440 W. Sierra Madre Blvd. Sierra Madre, CA 
91024, (626) 355-7186, Text (626) 662-1254,


 by Deanne Davis

“Those who won our independence valued liberty as an end and as a means. They believed 
Liberty to be the secret of happiness, and courage to be the secret of Liberty.” 

Louis D. Brandeis

“Freedom has its life in the hearts, the actions, the spirit of men (and women) and so it must be 
daily earned and refreshed else like a flower cut from its life-giving roots, it will wither and die.” 

Dwight D. Eisenhower

Yep, today is the 4th of July 
and normally, we’d all be 
downtown lined up for the 
parade and gearing up for 
all the festivities in the park 
but this year we’re going to 
concentrate on decorating 
homes and businesses and 
hoping to win one of the 
prizes the Sierra Madre 4th of 
July Committee has planned. 
I know my friend, Celia, has 
done up her house like the rest 
of us wish we could, but she’s a 
decorator so…no wonder.

If you haven’t bought the really 
terrific July 4th t-shirt yet, you 
need to. It was designed by 
local resident, Matt Moran, 
who was a Sierra Madrean 
even before he arrived on the 
planet and, obviously, loves 
our town. Matt attended 
Sierra Madre Community Nursery School, and Gooden School before moving on to Flintridge 
Prep and Claremont McKenna College. He has been a member of the Sierra Madre Volunteer Fire 
Department and an EMT here in town. Matt was the founder of the Sierra Madre Youth Activity 
Center and ran it successfully for several years. In short, Matt loves Sierra Madre and the design 
of his t-shirt definitely reflects that love. Just look at all the special Sierra Madre treasures he’s 
managed to get on that one shirt! Our fire engine, the bell tower in Kersting Court, the monastery, 
a few bears, our own personal mountains and even a witch or two…we do love Halloween. All 
that and so much more and you can wear it all summer, not just this weekend. (Photo by Robert 

You can pick up your shirt at Arnold’s hardware, The Bottle Shop or Leonora Moss for just $10.00 
and all proceeds go to the 4th of July Committee. You’ll look stunning in this shirt…trust me!

Seeing as how you’re going to be home more the next few days that you usually are, how would you 
like to learn how to make Bread & Butter Pickles? First, a little story…

When I was a young bride, my sister-in-law, Gloria, and her husband, John’s brother, lived in 
Agoura, which wasn’t all that close to Sierra Madre, but she was a lot of fun, and our kids and their 
kids were very close cousins and we always had a great time out there. They had horses, a buffalo, 
goats, dogs, and assorted other wildlife and we could count on at least one kid needing band-aids 
sometime during the course of the day.

She taught me to make these pickles, my first canning experience, by the way. They’re easy to 
make, just a little time consuming, but they are incredibly delicious and if you give someone a jar 
of them, they will be grateful forever and beg you for more.

15 cucumbers, sliced about .” thick or thinner, cut them the way you like them. (No, don’t 
peel them!)

4 onions, sliced, fairly thin (yes, agony on the eyes)

1 or 2 green peppers, chopped in strips (or a red one, or a yellow one – makes for great color)

1 clove garlic

1/3 cup salt

2 cups sugar

1 tsp. turmeric

1 tsp. celery seed

2 cups white vinegar

Put cucumbers, onions, peppers, garlic and salt into a large bowl. Cover with ice. Let stand 3 
hours. Drain.

Combine remaining ingredients and add to the cucumber mixture. Heat just to boiling.

Seal in sterilized jars. Be sure the brine covers all the pickles in the jar. Process in boiling 
water bath about 10 minutes. Makes 9 pints. These look fabulous and taste better than 
anything you can buy in the market. Many of you, including my son-in-law, Chuck, are doing 
more gardening than ever before and if you’ve grown cucumbers, here’s something neat you 
can do with them, which will make them all the more delightful.

 Take care of yourself this week, dear friends and neighbors. 

Wear that mask joyfully and be kind. Just be kind. 

My book page: Deanne Davis

Where you’ll find “Sunrises and Sunflowers Speak Hope”

And “A Tablespoon of Love, A Tablespoon of Laughter”

Take a look at both of these books, stuffed with hope and the

Occasional good recipe.


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4Support the Sierra Madre Rose Float 

Association by urchasing flowers, edibles, and succulents.

Specialty plants including longevity spinach!

Some fertilizer and tomato cages are available.

9 am to 11 am every Saturday 

until plants run out!

Check the website or updates

YMCA Sierra Madre Recreation 

Center Garden 

611 E. Sierra Madre Blvd., Sierra Madre

(Enter on the east side at the northeast corner) Suggested 
donations start at $5.00

Proceeds benefit SMRFA and the YMCA

Masks and social distancing required

We hope you’ll come support our non-profits and go home 
with some terrific new plants!

Sierra Madre Rose Float Association

587 E Sierra Madre Bl

Sierra Madre CA 91024

(626) 355-7005




Welcome to our first ever Hybrid Summer Session where we will will continue to offer 
Online classes and once again welcome students back into our classroom studios. 

For those of you who would like to return in person, we have restructured our studios 
and updated our safety policies. (We especially look forward to sharing with 
you our new inside-outside ceramics studio!) Some things will certainly be different, 
but we are optimistic that our art practices will see us through. Enroll in 
Summer 2020 today!

For those of you who would like to remain online or for those who are out of the 
area, you can enjoy many of your favorite classes and a number of new course offerings 
in our virtual Zoom classrooms! (It is so nice to see so many friends who have 
moved out of the area able to join us through our online classes.)


Membership has its benefits...

You can become a member of Creative Arts Group by purchasing an annual membership. 
Members are offered discounts on classes and workshops throughout the 
year and receive advanced notification when class enrollment is available at the beginning 
of each session. More that anything, members help support Creative Arts 
and ensure that we are able to continue offering high quality art classes year round.

Please note that if you purchase a membership online, you must first complete the 
membership purchase transaction and wait to receive your discount code via email. 
Once you receive your discount code, you can then purchase classes using the discount 
code. If you order a membership and classes in the same transaction, you will 
not receive the discounted rate.

 If we can help you, don't hesitate to reach out to us. We have still have limited staff 
in the office, but if you leave a message (626-355-8350), we will get back to you as 
soon as we can. Thank you! CAG Staff

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