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Mountain Views-News Saturday, July 11, 2020 

Input Wanted 

Tournament Foundation 
Elects New Leadership 

While the day to day job 
of the police department is 
for sworn and trained law 
enforcement personnel, 
the police department is 
ultimately accountable to 
civilian control. In Pasadena, 
the Chief of Police reports 
to the City Manager. In turn, 
the Public Safety Committee 
of the City Council provides 
general review and the City 
Council is the ultimate policy 
making body for the Police 
and all city departments. The 
City Manager, the members of 
the Public Safety Committee 
and the City Council are all 
non-police civilians. 

 City officials are seeking the 
input of Pasadena residents, 
advocacy groups and others 
with constructive viewpoints 
on whether there needs to 
be an additional civilian 
review body, such as a 
Community Police Oversight 
Commission, established to 
provide greater oversight or 
review of law enforcement 
in Pasadena. If so, we are 
seeking input on the nature of 
oversight that you would like 
to see provided. 

 The City of Pasadena values 
the input of our community 
and is committed to reviewing 
all submissions. to take the 
survey visit: cityofpasadena. 
net search “police oversight 

 The Pasadena Tournament of 
Roses Foundation announces 
2020-2021 Board of Directors 
and new officers. Since its 
inception in 1983, the Pasadena 
Tournament of Foundation has 
invested over $3 million in 
more than 200 Pasadena area 

 The Foundation elected 
Mimi Evers and Nancy 
Hornberger to the 2020-2021 
Board of Directors. Their 
complete bios can be found 
at www.tournamentofroses. 
com/foundation. These new 
members replace outgoing 
board members Shannon 
Boalt, Ed Morales and Diana 
Peterson-More who provided 
outstanding service and 

 The Foundation Board 
also elected officers: Mark 
Harmsen, President; Maxine E. 
Harris, Past President; Judith 
A. Gordon, Vice President; 
Paige Parrish, Treasurer; 
and Leslie Lyons, Secretary. 
The Pasadena Tournament 
of Roses Association Vice 
President Terry Madigan will 
be transitioning in to replace 
Association Vice President Ed 
Morales. Continuing to serve 
on the Foundation Board; 
Brian Birnie, Glenn Bowie, 

Robin Flynn, Mark Leavens, 
Krysty Leckrone, Joan Madsen, 
Brandon Shamim, Rob Woolley 
and Kristin Yanish. 

 Last month, the Pasadena 
Tournament of Roses 
Foundation announced its 
2020 grant awards totaling 
over $140,000 presented to 
16 organizations in the San 
Gabriel Valley. Community 
programs receive grants in 
the categories of Performing 
and Visual Arts, Sports and 
Recreation and Education. Due 
to COVID-19, many of the 
grant recipients were able to 
adjust their service approach 
to comply with physical 
distancing, while others 
pivoted their programming to 
meet community needs related 
to the pandemic. 

 The Tournament of Roses 
Foundation is a tax exempt, 
non-profit public benefit 
corporation established 
to receive and manage 
contributions from the 
Pasadena Tournament of Roses 
Association, its supporters 
and the general public. The 
13-member board of directors 
is comprised of community 
leaders and Tournament 
members, appointed by the 
Pasadena Tournament of Roses 

 For the 2020 Foundation 
grant recipients and more 

Streets Partially Close for Outdoor Dining 

 Colorado Boulevard, one of 
Pasadena’s most well-known 
streets, is set to get a makeover 
starting today, it will 
become the first location 
in the city to offer outdoor 
dining in city streets. 

 According to city officials, 
the State’s recent directive 
to limit dining indoors 
has resulted in a flurry 
of outdoor dining. This 
has become a priority for 
local governments and 

 City officials have been 
working with The Playhouse 
Village and Old Pasadena 
Management District to 
identify where street closures 
should take place to best 
facilitate outdoor, on-street 
dining. The first of several 
partial street closures go into 
effect today they said. Patrons 
and residents can expect to 
see partial street closures in 
the following areas: 

Colorado Boulevard between 
Madison and El Molino 
Avenues (north and south 

Colorado Boulevard between 
Fair Oaks and Raymond 
Avenues (south curb only) 

 On Friday, crews started 
reconfiguring the streets 
segments to allow for 
one lane of travel in each 
direction and to include a 
limited number of diagonal 
parking spaces to support 
curbside pickup operations. 

 Transit services will continue 
on their designated routes, 
with bus stops within these 
street segments relocated to 
nearby temporary bus stops 
they said. 

 Officials also said they will 
continue working to advance 
plans for additional on-street 
dining opportunities and is 
anticipating the following 
partial street closures to be 
in place by July 25, if not 

Colorado Boulevard between 
El Molino and Oak Knoll 

Colorado Boulevard between 
Oak Knoll and Hudson 
Avenues (south curb only) 

Green Street between 
Pasadena and De Lacey 
Avenues (north curb/half 

Green Street between De 
Lacey and Raymond Avenues 
(south curb) 

Colorado Boulevard between 
Fair Oaks and Raymond 
Avenues (north curb) 

Colorado Boulevard 
between Raymond Avenue 
and Arroyo Parkway (north 
curb/no parking) 

 With the governor’s 
most recent health order 
restricting indoor, sit-down 
dining, but allowing for 
outdoor sit-down dining, 
the need for restaurants to 
identify outdoor seating 
areas has been a priority 
officials said. The city’s 
transportation department 
has developed guidelines 
that allow for restaurants 
or Business Improvement 
Districts (BIDs) to apply for 
an outdoor dining permit. 
The new Temporary On- 
Street Dining Application can 
be found at: cityofpasadena. 

Public Art 


Applications will be accepted 
starting Wednesday 

 The city of Pasadena’s housing 
department announced this 
week that it is providing 
rental assistance to residents 
who have been financially 
impacted by COVID-19 and 
are struggling to pay rent. The 
Emergency Rental Assistance 
Program provides eligible 
applicants grants for up to 
three (3) months’ worth of 
past due rent, not to exceed 
$4,500 total. 

 “Over the past few months, 
we’ve received a lot of calls 
and letters from residents 
in need of help because 
they’re suffering financially 
as a result of the pandemic. 
We’re so happy to be able to 
provide these grants so they 
can remain in their homes 
and focus on staying healthy,” 
said William Huang, director 
of housing. 

 Applications will be accepted 
from Wednesday through 
July 29 only. The application 
will be available on the 
Emergency Rental Assistance 
Program webpage starting 
July 15. 

 The program is not first 
come, first served, nor is 
it a Section 8 program. 
Each application will be 
scored and ranked based on 
household data submitted 
in their application. The 
highest-ranking applications 
will be contacted after the 
application window closes. 
Rental assistance payments 
will be made directly to 
landlords or property 
management companies on 
behalf of qualifying Pasadena 

 Eligibility requirements 
are available on the city’s 
Emergency Rental Assistance 
Program webpage at:;, along 
with answers to frequently 
asked questions in English 
and Spanish 

 NASA’s Perseverance Mars 
rover has been attached to the 
top of the rocket that will send 
it toward the Red Planet this 
summer. Encased in the nose 
cone that will protect it during 
launch, the rover and the rest 
of the Mars 2020 spacecraft – 
the aeroshell, cruise stage, and 
descent stage – were affixed to 
a United Launch Alliance Atlas 
V booster on Tuesday, at Cape 
Canaveral Air Force Station in 
Central Florida. 

 The process began when a 
60-ton hoist on the roof of the 
Vertical Integration Facility 
at Space Launch Complex 41 
lifted the nose cone, otherwise 
known as the payload fairing, 
129 feet (39 meters) to the top 
of the waiting rocket. There, 
engineers made the physical 
and electrical connections that 
will remain between booster 
and spacecraft until about 50 to 
60 minutes after launch, when 
the two are pyrotechnically 
separated and Perseverance is 
on its way. 

 “I have seen my fair share 
of spacecraft being lifted 
onto rockets,” said John 
McNamee, project manager 
for the Mars 2020 Perseverance 
rover mission at NASA’s Jet 
Propulsion Laboratory in 
Southern California. “But 
this one is special because 
there are so many people who 
contributed to this moment. To 
each one of them I want to say, 
we got here together, and we’ll 
make it to Mars the same way.” 

 The Mars 2020 mission 
is part of a larger program 
that includes missions to the 
Moon as a way to prepare for 
human exploration of the Red 
Planet. Charged with returning 
astronauts to the Moon by 
2024, NASA will establish a 
sustained human presence on 
and around the Moon by 2028 
through NASA’s Artemis lunar 
exploration plans. 

 For more about NASA’s Moon 
to Mars plans, visit: 

NASA Rover 
to Atlas V 

 Pasadena’s Public Art 
Program has collaborated 
with Side Street Projects 
and Pasadena’s Complete 
Streets Coalition to 
develop podcasts with 
the artists featured in 
Phase III of the Rotating 
Public Art Exhibition 
Program. This project was 
developed as part of the 
City’s participation and 
sponsorship of Bike Month. 
Given the Complete Streets 
Coalition’s suspension 
of group tours for the 
time being, the entities 
teamed up to create new 
programming that may be 
experienced broadly and 
safely via technology. 

 The podcasts are integrated 
into a tour platform that 
includes a suggested bike 
route. The tour accompanies 
podcasts intended as a 
program to engage listeners 
while safely visiting the 
sites. Listeners can tune in 
to the artists via a preferred 
transit method, or even at 
home, to hear about artwork 
in the Rotating Public Art 
Exhibition Program while 
viewing the accompanying 

 For more information 
email Wendy Miller: 
net or visit: cityofpasadena. 
net, search “rotating public 
art program.” 

Virtual Celebration of the 
Colorado Street Bridge 

 Tickets will go on 
sale on Tuesday 

 Join Pasadena Heritage as 
they celebrate one of Pasadena’s 
most iconic structures with a 
Virtual Colorado Street Bridge 
Party. The event has long been 
a community favorite. This 
year from August 9 through 
August 15 will be a new kind 
of Bridge Party; instead of a 
celebration on the bridge they 
invite everyone to a celebration 
of the bridge. 

 Classic cars will cruise the 
historic neighborhoods of 
Pasadena and across the 
Colorado Street Bridge to kick 
of the festivities on Sunday. 
Monday there will be a lecture 
on the history of the Bridge 
with best-selling author Chip 
Jacobs, and on Tuesday a panel 
discussion on the proposed 
new fencing with members 
of the Bridge Task Force. 
Wednesday architect and 
structural engineer Chris Peck 
will join us for a story time 
and hands-on bridge building 
activity geared towards the 
younger generation. Sponsors 
will be treated to en exclusive 
talk from renowned artist 
Kenton Nelson on Thursday. 
To begin your weekend with 
a bang, join us on Friday for a 
virtual happy hour and trivia 
with Bridge Party favorite 
Eagle Rock Brewery. Finally on 
Saturday, Pasadena Heritage 
will broadcast a special video 
on the Colorado Street Bridge. 
Detailed information on each 
event can be found on our 
website at: pasadenahertiage. 

 All this is included for the price 
of a ticket! $20 for members 
and $25 for non-members. 
Corporate and Individual 
Sponsorships are also available. 

 The Colorado Street Bridge is 
listed on the National Register 
of Historic Places and has been 
threatened numerous times. 
For the last 43 years, Pasadena 
Heritage has been its leading 
champion. After many years 
of effort, the Bridge was saved, 
seismically upgraded and 
restored to its original grandeur 
– a feat that is celebrated 
with this community event. 
Proceeds will support Pasadena 
Heritage’s ongoing work to 
preserve and protect Pasadena’s 
architectural treasures, 
including the iconic Colorado 
Street Bridge. 

 Pasadena Heritage works to 
identify, preserve, and protect 
the historic, architectural, and 
cultural resources of the City 
of Pasadena through advocacy 
and education 

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