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Tim Childers, Popular Mechanics Photo by Vidmar Fernandes 

For the first time since the middle ages, Jupiter and Saturn will become so close to each other 
in the night sky that they'll appear as a brilliantly bright "double planet." On the winter solstice, 
December 21, the solar system’s two largest planets will be visibly on top of each other 
in the western sky.

If you live in the northern hemisphere, you can observe this planetary con-junction setting in 
the southwestern sky, shortly after sunset. If you’ve been waiting to take out your telescope, 
this may be the perfect opportuni-ty. Even if you have an amateur telescope with the right 
eyepiece, you may be able to see the Galilean moons, the bands of Jupiter, and Saturn’s rings, 
all in one spectacular view.

• Jupiter and Saturn will appear to align this Decem-ber, creating a "double planet" in 
the night sky.

• It’s the first time since the middle ages the planets have aligned this close.

• You can see this planetary conjunction on the winter solstice, December 21.

RainbowGifts From The HeartRead the clues to fill in the crossword:
gamebookdollkitairplanescollectioncodebankpatterntoysscienceboats1234567891011121. write a mystery and create a secret ___________ to solve it2. design and make a board __________
3. cut, fold, decorate a set of paper __________ to fly4. put together a box or basket with small __________ in it: cars, dinosaurs, or farm animals5. cut and draw to make a flip __________ of “moving images”
6. start a __________: baseball cards, miniatures, badges7. make a __________ box: a small magnifying glass, items 
to study – yarn, leaf, a dust ball, a rock, a flower8. draw and cut out a paper __________, make clothes with tabs to fit9. use a ruler or computer to create a simple ________ 
that can be folded, made into a toy10. turn milk cartons into paddle __________ that really float11. make a __________ – be a sport and put a few coins in it12. gather buttons, old jewelry, ribbons, colored string, etc., to put in a “__________ to make stuff” 
Wow! I went to the library and stood in frontof the “do it and make it yourself” section of books. 
I had no idea how many books there are, each 
filled with ideas for making presents. You need 
some basic skills for some of the ideas, such as 
knitting, sewing or woodworking. Some gifts require 
a few small purchases. But, most of these books 
offer ideas for plenty of gifts that anyone can make 
with stuff around the house. So...not much money 
for gifts this holiday season? No excuses anymore – 
get to work on these gifts from the hands and heart! 
Plan and make your gifts ahead so 
you won’t get crushed in the holiday rush! 
Holiday gifts for 
brothers, sisters and 
friends are easy and 
fun to make. Let your 
imagination soar!
ABBBBBBCCCCCCA1000101ONOFFAnnimills LLC © 2020 V16-45 
Kids: color 
stuff in!
I’m making puzzles for everyone.We’re making gifts for the holidays! 
are coming!
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