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Mountain Views-News Saturday, January 16, 2021 

Luther King 
Jr. Holiday 

Cheeseburger Week Goin’ 
Take-out, not Goin’ to Texas 

 Multiple Pasadena eateries 
celebrate 1924’s invention of the 
cheeseburger in Pasadena with 
delicious offerings, specials and 
more. Sample as many as you 
can and vote for your favorite 
in the Cheeseburger Challenge 

 Pasadena celebrates the 
invention of the cheeseburger in 
the city in 1924, 40 restaurants, 
burger joints and more take 
part in the citywide celebration. 
For now, Cheeseburger Week 
is a take-out event. (Should 
Governor Newsom relax 
outdoor dining restrictions, 
that could change.) 

 During Cheeseburger Week 
from January 24th to January 
29th, Pasadena honors Lionel 
Sternberger’s genius in being 
the first to put cheese on a 
hamburger and serve it at the 
Rite Spot in Pasadena in 1924. 
Forty of Pasadena’s favorite 
restaurants, lounges and burger 
joints offer their signature 
burgers, some special creations 
and great deals during Pasadena 
Cheeseburger Week.

 In 1924, as legend has it, 
teenaged Lionel Sternberger 
(pictured) burned one side of 
a hamburger patty at The Rite 
Spot, his father’s roadside stand 
along Colorado Boulevard 
(then Colorado Street) in west 
Pasadena. Rather than throw 
away the spoiled burger, he 
masked his mistake with a piece 
of cheese and served it to a very 
appreciative customer. Word 
soon spread and customers 
flocked to The Rite Spot for 
The Aristocratic Burger, A 
Hamburger with Cheese. 
Sternberger’s achievement is 
the first verified instance of 
someone serving a hamburger 
with cheese to a customer.

 Over the years, Sternberger 
perfected his Aristocratic 
Burger, much to the delight 
of customers at The Rite 
Spot. Sternberger’s culinary 
achievement has been 
documented by Hamburger 
America, the Los Angeles 
Times and even Time magazine 
in its obituary of Sternberger.

 To celebrate Sternberger’s 
culinary masterpiece, Pasadena 
restaurants are offering 
specials, unique creations and 
the tried and true. Patrons can 
experience a terrific take-out 
burger experience, from top-of-
the-line fine dining experiences 
to burger stands and lounges. 
Those wanting a variety of 
experiences can organize a 
cheeseburger crawl or follow 
one of the pre-planned themed 

 Several participants in the 
2021 Cheeseburger Week 
celebration and Cheeseburger 
Challenge are offering special 
meals and deals. 

Clearman’s Galley (The 
Boat) has their Charbroiled 
Cheeseburger Combo on spcial 
for $14.95.

Dog Haus (both locations) has 
99¢ Cheeseburger Sliders and 
any of Dog Haus’ 7 amazing 
Haus Burgers for just $6.99 
during Cheeseburger Week!.

The Raymond offers their 
Classic Burger with Fries for 
$18 and the Impossible (veggie) 
Burger with Fries for $20. 

The Stand has their French 
Onion Soup Burger for $12

Kathleen’s has their sublime 
Avocado Bacon Cheeseburger, 
with their house made thousand 
island dressing. Served with 
onion rings or fries.

Mi Piace in Old Pasadena has 
created the Black Label Burger: 
exclusive Prime Rib Eye and 
Brisket mix with aged Vermont 
cheddar, raw Vidalia onion, 
organic tomato- Boston lettuce- 
fresh made 1000 island- toasted 
sesame brioche bun for $20; 

Many other participants are 
offering special creations and 

 For a full list of participants 
and more specials visit: 
and click on the Restaurants 
and Menus tab. Voting in the 
2021 Cheeseburger Challenge 
opens January 24, and ends 
January 30.

Pasadena residents and 
businesses are reminded 
that city hall and many 
city services will be closed 
Monday, in observance of 
Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

 The city council will not 
meet on Monday. The 
next city council meeting 
is scheduled for Monday, 
Jan. 25.

 Pasadena residents and 
businesses with power 
emergencies should call 
Pasadena Water and Power 
(PWP) at (626) 744-
4673. For water-related 
emergencies, call (626) 
744-4138. PWP’s Customer 
Service Call Center will be
closed, but customers can
access their accounts and
make payments by phone
at (626) 744-4005 or online

 The Municipal Services 
Payment Center, the 
Citizen Service Center, 
and the Parking Office 
will be closed. The Citizen 
Service Center will resume 
regular hours on Tuesday, 
along with the Parking 
Office for scheduled 
appointments only; 
however, the Municipal 
Services Payment Center 
will remain closed for two 

 All parking meters will 
be free, and parking time 
limits will not be enforced; 
however, violations for 
overnight parking, red 
curb parking, “No Parking” 
zones, and blocking fire 
hydrants will be enforced. 
All regular enforcement 
resumes Tuesday.

 The Permit Center 
remains closed to the 
public. Drop-off services 
for new plan submittals, 
resubmittals, revisions and 
new permit applications 
will be unavailable on 
Monday and will resume 
on Tuesday.

 Trash, recycling and yard 
waste collection will not 
occur on Monday. Instead, 
there will be a one-day 
delay for residents.

 Pasadena Transit and 
Dial-A-Ride buses will 
operate on regular weekday 
schedules on Monday, Jan. 

 Pasadena Public Library’s 
Live Chat and curbside 
pickup services will be 
unavailable Monday 
and will resume on 
Tuesday. All parks will 
be open; however, no site 
reservations are being 
accepted for the holiday.

 Pasadena Fire and Police 
Departments will continue 
to provide patrol, jail, 
fire, paramedic and all 
other emergency services. 
Residents are advised to 
always call 9-1-1 for life-
threatening emergencies. 
For all other non-
emergencies, call (626) 
744-4241. As always, “If
You See Something, Say

As a reminder, LA County
remains under the state’s
Regional Stay-at-Home

 For more information 

Man with Knife Killed by Altadena Sheriffs

 A shirtless man was shoot to 
death Sunday by an Altadena 
Sheriff deputies after he 
allegedly stabbed a woman and 
then later lunged at officers with 
a knife. The deputy-involved 
shooting in the 2400 block 
Figueroa Dr. occurred when 
deputies were flagged down by 
citizens at approximately 4:05 
p.m. and reported the stabbing.

 According to Altadena 
deputies they located a male 
suspect holding a knife nearby. 
“When the deputies attempted 
to detain the suspect at 
gunpoint, he raised the knife 
and charged at the deputies 
and a deputy-involved shooting 
occurred,” they said. The photo 
above is taken from video of the 

 The suspect was pronounced 
dead at the scene. The female 
victim was transported to a 
local hospital with stab wounds 
to her upper back, they said.

 The investigation is ongoing 
and there is no additional 
information at this time.

 In a statement Altadena 
deputies outlined the process 
whenever a deputy-involved 
shooting occurs involving 
Los Angeles County Sheriff’s 
deputies, and a person is 
struck by gunfire, multiple 
independent investigations 
immediately begin at the 
scene. These include separate 
investigations by the Sheriff’s 
Homicide Bureau and Internal 
Affairs Bureau. The Los Angeles 
County Sheriff’s Department 
immediately notifies the Office 
of the Inspector General who 
sends a representative to the 
incident scene and provides 
independent oversight 
throughout the investigative 
process. Once concluded, a 
preliminary review is conducted 
by the Critical Incident Review 
Panel to determine whether 
any immediate actions are 
warranted. Every aspect of 
the shooting is reviewed by 
the Sheriff’s Executive Force 
Review Committee.

 The Los Angeles County District 
Attorney’s Office, Justice System 
Integrity Division, conducts 
a legal analysis to determine 
whether any criminal charges 
will be filed and if the shooting 
was legally justified. 

 Anyone with information 
about this incident is 
encouraged to contact the 
Los Angeles County Sheriff’s 
Department’s Homicide Bureau 
at (323) 890-5500. 

In related news: 

 Los Angeles County Sheriff 
Alex Villanueva said Thursday 
that a deputy within his 
department is suspected, while 
off duty last week, of being 
involved with Capitol rioters in 
Washington, DC Jan. 6. 

 “I am very concerned one of 
my deputies may have been 
involved in wrongdoing at the 
U.S. Capitol. Upon learning, I 
contacted the Federal Bureau of 
Investigation and briefed them. 
Additionally, we have initiated 
an administrative inquiry 
into the matter. Anyone with 
additional information, please 
contact LASD.”

 Villanueva did not identify the 
deputy but said they identified 
themselves as being there.

for CPOC 
Now Online

 The city is now accepting 
applications for the initial 
nominations for appointment 
to the Community Police 
Oversight Commission, with 
appointments to occur in the 
coming weeks. The application 
for those interested in serving 
as a commission member is 
now available online.

 In October 2020, the city 
council established the 
CPOC by ordinance. The 
purpose of the commission 
is to enhance, develop, and 
strengthen community-police 
relations, and review and make 
recommendations regarding 
the ongoing operations of the 
Pasadena Police Department 
to the chief of police, city 
manager, and/or city council.

 The CPOC will be composed 
of 11 members, with each city 
council member nominating 
one (for a total of eight), and 
three members nominated 
from community-based 
organizations. No later than 90 
days after appointment to the 
commission, commissioners 
must participate in a ride-
along with the Pasadena Police 
Department, and receive 30 
hours of training in relevant 
subject matter areas. Further 
information about the 
qualifications and duties of 
commissioners can be found 
in the Pasadena Municipal 
Code, Chapter 2.60.

 In the near future, the city 
council will consider and 
adopt by resolution a policy 
for appointment of members 
to the Community Police 
Oversight Commission. 
Those who are interested in 
serving are encouraged to 
apply immediately to be part 
of the pool of applicants to 
be considered for the initial 
appointments to the 11 
available vacant positions.

 For questions, additional 
information, or to be sent an 
application by mail, please 
contact the mayor’s office at 

Explore JPL With Virtual Tour

Altadena Seeking Applicants 
for Community Committee

 The Altadena Library 
Board of Trustees is now 
accepting applications for 
the newly created seat(s) on 
the Community Facilities 
District Committee, which 
was formed to oversee the 
assessment and funding of 
future capital improvement 
projects of the Altadena 
Library District, following 
the recent approval of 
Measure Z in the November 
2020 election. Attached 
is a press release with 
background information 
and application instructions 
for interested candidates.

 We think your readers 
in Altadena would be 
interested in hearing 
about this opportunity 
for engagement in local 
democracy, so we hope you 
will share this opportunity 
with your audience! Any 
questions about the CFD 
Committee can be directed 
Library Director Nikki 
Winslow at nwinslow@ or (626) 
798-0833 ext. 103.

 From visiting mission control 
to seeing where space robots are 
built, the interactive tour lets 
online users explore the historic 
space facility from anywhere in 
the world. 

 Have you ever wondered were 
the rovers we send to Mars are 
built, or where spacecraft that 
explore the cosmos return their 
data to Earth? In a typical year, 
over 30,000 people visit NASA’s 
Jet Propulsion Laboratory in-
person; now, for the first time 
ever, you can see the Southern 
California facility from 
anywhere in the world on a 
virtual tour. 

 The interactive tour takes 
visitors to several locations at 
the 177-acre laboratory, which 
together provide an overview of 
JPL’s rich history and its many 
space missions, past and present. 
Each location is embedded with 
dozens of points of interest – 
including videos, fun facts, and 
images. For example, you can 
drop by the control room for 
the Deep Space Network, where 
JPL staff communicate with 
every NASA spacecraft flying 
beyond the orbit of the Moon. 
Click on one of the embedded 
links to see in real-time which 
spacecraft are returning data to 
each of the three Deep Space 
Network facilities based around 
the world.

 “Seeing JPL from the inside 
is an amazing experience, and 
we hope this virtual tour creates 
the same sense of wonder,” said 
Veronica McGregor, manager 
of JPL’s Digital News and Media 
Office. “We plan to expand the 
tour with more locations later 
this year so people can return 
over and over.”

 The virtual lab tour is a 
collaboration of the JPL Digital 
News and Media Office and the 
Public Services Office, which 
handles in-person tours and 
other visitor activities. The 
tour staff’s expertise, honed 
from ushering thousands of 
visitors through the lab each 
year, was invaluable in creating 
the dozens of points of interest 
included in each virtual tour 
stop. In-person tours at JPL have 
been suspended since March 
2020 due to the pandemic.

For more information and to 
explore the virtual tour visit: jpl.

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