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Against CityDismissed 

A federal judge on Monday 
dismissed the Pasadena 
Tournament of Roses 
lawsuit against the city of 
Pasadena, noting that the 
city’s acknowledgment that 
the Tournament owns the 
Rose Bowl Game trademark 
rendered much of the lawsuit 

 According to a statement 
by the Tournament, the 
court left undecided a 
disagreement over contract 
language governing the 
right of the Tournament of 
Roses to relocate the game 
in an emergency, a provision 
known as “force majeure.” 
The court noted that with 
no current plans to move the 
game, there was no reason 
to rule on the disagreement 

 Through the confirmation of 
the Tournament’s trademark 
rights and the preservation 
of its force majeure rights, 
“the suit’s main goals were 
achieved,” Tournament of 
Roses CEO David Eads said.

 According to Tournament 
officials they felt compelled 
to file the suit after city 
officials contended that the 
emergency move of the 2021 
Rose Bowl Game had violated 
the Tournament’s contractual 
obligations. In addition, 
the city had been wrongly 
insisting that it co-owns the 
trademark to the Rose Bowl 

In their our statement, the 
city of Pasadena called the 
lawsuit’s claims that the city 
misused or misappropriated 
the Tournament’s trademarks 
related to the Rose Bowl 
Game “frivolous.”

 “This lawsuit should have 
never been filed in the first 
place,” said Gordo. “The 
City of Pasadena has been 
a tremendous partner to 
the Tournament, and it is 
appalling that the Tournament 
took such a significant step 
over nothing. We are pleased 
that the judge wasted little 
time in dismissing the claims 
made entirely.” 

 The city will now seek to 
recover the taxpayer dollars 
the City was forced to 
needlessly, albeit successfully, 
spend on defending itself 
in this litigation. The City 
expects to request an award 
that the Tournament of 
Roses Association reimburse 
the City’s taxpayers for the 
hundreds of thousands of 
dollars incurred in having to 
defend against these frivolous 
claims, the statement reads.
“Despite all of the legal 
wrangling, it is my sincere 
hope that now we can 
collectively return our focus 
to New Year’s Day, with an 
iconic parade and a game 
that puts Pasadena in the 
world’s spotlight once again,” 
said Gordo. “The Rose Bowl 
Game is a part of the fabric of 
Pasadena. As Judge Birotte Jr. 
recognized in his judgment: 
“The Court agrees with [the 
City] that [the Tournament] 
cannot reasonably dispute 
that, separate and apart 
from intellectual property 
ownership, the heart and 
soul of the Rose Bowl Game 
belongs to the people of 

GM to Move into New Pasadena Campus 

General Motors announced 
plans Thursday to establish anew $71 million campus in EastPasadena, for their AdvancedDesign Center operations, amove that they said wouldsubstantially increase the 
center’s capacity and create 
more jobs in the area.

 “We are very enthusiastic aboutGeneral Motor’s decision to 
locate their Advanced DesignCenter here,” Pasadena PublicInformation Officer Lisa 
Derderain said. “Pasadena’s 
Art Center College of Designcontinues to produce top tiertransportation designers. Withthe new location, GM will bein immediate proximity to 
both Art Center, Caltech andother top technology-based and 
design firms.”

 The new campus, which sits oneight acres near Rosemead Blvd.
and Sierra Madre Villa Ave., willexpand GM’s capacity to supportemerging business opportunities 

in areas of advanced technology,
software integration and futuremobility solutions GM officialssaid in a statement.

 “Having a physical presence inSouthern California’s technologyepicenter is an integral part of 
our global design operations andthis new innovation campus willnot only expand our operationstwofold, but offers access tothe rich cultural diversityand talent in the region,” saidMichael Simcoe, GM vice 
president of Global Design.
“Our positioning will allow us 
to attract dynamic candidates 
in fields that will bolster GM’s 
proven design capabilities andchallenge conventional thinkingof what our future portfolio ofconnected products and services 
can encompass.”

 GM Design facilities in thearea include the current North 
Hollywood Studio, which 
celebrated its 20th anniversaryin 2020. The North Hollywood 

Pasadena Police CommunityReinvestment Grant Program 

Applications must bereceived no later than 
August 31 at 4:00 p.m.

 The Pasadena Police 
Department announced 
Thursday they are again 
committed to providing theavailability of asset forfeiturefunds for appropriationto community based nonprofit 
organizations (501(c)

(3) or (4)) whose statedmissions are supportive of 
and consistent with a law 
enforcement effort, policy,
and/or initiative. 
The purpose of the 
Department of Justice 
Equitable Sharing Programallows law enforcement 
agencies to provide support 
to neighborhood safety,
promote crime prevention,
and provide drug abuse 
education and offer drugabuse prevention services.

 This is accomplished byoffering funding to nonprofit 
organizations whichhave developed specific 
projects to address these 
areas of concern. The 
Pasadena Police DepartmentAsset Forfeiture CommunityReinvestment Grant programis a critical component of thepolice department’s supportfor the neighborhoods thatwe protect and serve. Themaximum funds allowed 
is $25,000. This year, theyare committed to award 2 
qualifying recipients in theamount of $12,500 each.

 All applications that meetthe minimum eligibility 
criteria will be reviewed 

Chief John Perez 

by the Funding Approval 
Committee, which is 
comprised of the Chief 
of Police, administrative 
staff, and communitymember(s). Upon reviewingthe applications, the 
Chief of Police will make 
the final determination 
of awards in accordance 
with the Department of 
Justice Equitable SharingProgram guidelines and therecommendations of the 
committee. Prior to awarding 
the funds the departmentmust ensure the recipient is aqualified entity.

 Applications must be 
received by the PasadenaPolice Department no laterthan August 31 at 4:00 

p.m. Applications receivedafter 4:00 p.m. will not beconsidered for funding. 
For additional information, 
eligibility requirements 
and access to the 
Community Reinvestment 
Grant application at: 

Design Center will continue tobe utilized for advanced designoperations as work on the new 
facility is completed through thesecond half of 2022 they said. 

Sees First 
Delta Variant

 The Pasadena Public Health 
Department (PPHD) has 
received the first confirmed 
reports Wednesday of the 
COVID-19 Delta variant 
infection in six Pasadena 
residents. The Delta variant 
was identified in laboratory 
specimens from these residents 
through genomic sequence 
testing. The households 
infected in Pasadena included 
a mix of vaccinated and 
unvaccinated individuals. 
Through contact tracing, 
PPHD has linked all of the cases 
to household exposures. This 
SARS-CoV-2 virus variant was 
first identified in India, spreads 
more easily and quickly than 
other variants, and likely 
causes more severe disease 
based on hospitalizations and 
case fatality rates. In the state 
of California, 1,085 cases of 
the Delta variant have been 
reported, and as of June 2021, 
42.9% percent of all sequenced 
variant of concern cases are 
Delta. To protect the privacy 
of the individuals, no further 
information will be released.

 “Now is the time for anyone 
who is not yet vaccinated to 
get fully vaccinated. Help 
connect friends and family 
who are not yet vaccinated to a 
vaccine opportunity as soon as 
possible. Current vaccines are 
effective in protecting against 
the Delta variant that spreads 
much more easily than prior 
variants and is more likely to 
cause serious disease,” said Dr. 
Ying-Ying Goh, health officer 
and director of the Pasadena 
Public Health Department.

 COVID-19 vaccines are 
proven to be highly effective 
at preventing hospitalizations 
and death from COVID-19, 
and people who are fully 
vaccinated are also much 
less likely to be contagious or 
transmit the virus to someone 
else. The longer you wait to get 
vaccinated, the greater the risk 
of contracting COVID-19 and 
infecting a friend, loved one, 
or coworker.

 COVID-19 vaccines are 
available through the Pasadena 
Public Health Department 
at no cost. People age 12 
years and over are eligible to 
receive the vaccine. For more 
information and to register for 
an appointment, visit MyTurn. Get vaccinated at a 
PPHD clinic and receive a 
$20 gift card to a local retailer 
while supplies last 

The Boys & Girls Club 
of Pasadena announced 
Wednesday that three newmembers have been added 
to its Board of Directors 
this month: Christina 
Altmayer, Corey Castillo, 
and Lola Osborne. Each 
brings unique work and 
volunteer experience that 
will complement the talentsof BGCP’s Board, and they allshare a passion for the Club’swork with kids and families 
in the community.

 “We’re delighted to welcomeChristina, Corey, and Lola 
to our Board, and look 
forward to working withthem to further the Club’s 
post-Covid reawakening,” 
says Lisa Cavelier, CEO ofBGCP. “Each brings a uniqueset of skills and talents to our 

Christina Altmayer is 
a senior executive with 
deep experience and 
success leading publicagencies dedicated to earlychildhood. Her work has 
focused on policy and 
system changes to better 
serve the needs of children 
in both the healthcare and 
early education spaces.
She recently joined HealthManagement Associates afterleading high-impact effortsto implement and expandmaternal and pediatric earlyintervention services as 
the Senior Vice President 
of the Center for Children 
and Family Impact for FirstLA. A long-time resident ofPasadena, Christina and herhusband Tom have raised 
three kids who are now 

Dr. Corey Castillo (Ed.D.)
is an Executive Leader 
with proven results in 
organizational optimization, 

Boys & Girls Club WelcomesThree New Board Members 

strategic development, andrevenue enhancement across 
multiple industries. From 
Health & Fitness to CorporatePhilanthropy, Professional 
Services, Healthcare, LegalServices, and a variety ofother fields, Corey has taken 
a multi-industry approachto aligning people, process,
and product to deliver 
value-based, scalable, and 
sustainable results. Corey 
currently serves as the 
Chief Operating Officer ofLagerlof, LLP, now the largestlaw firm in Pasadena. 

Lola Osborne began her 
career with the City of 
Pasadena in 1986 in the 
Planning Department.
During her 35-year careerwith the City, she has held thepositions of City Inspector,
Planner, Northwest Manager,
and Deputy Director. In 
these various positions, Lolahas acted as the City liaisonwith a variety of community 
groups, developers, and 
local businesses. In her 
current position in the ParksRecreation and CommunityServices Department, 
she oversees communityservices programs at variouscommunity centers. An 
added benefit to her current 
position is a program for localhigh school students whereshe found her passion forworking with youth throughthe City’s “Youth AmbassadorProgram” – giving 32 highschool students and over 
300 alumnae basic, hands-
on employment trainingthrough participation at Cityand local events.

 Since 1937, the Boys &
Girls Club of Pasadena has 
enriched the lives of youngpeople in our community,
enabling them to reach theirfull potential as productive,
caring, healthy, and 
responsible citizens. Servingmore than 2,000 youth, ages 6 

– 18 annually, BGCP focuses 
on Academic Success, 
Healthy Lifestyle, and GoodCharacter and Leadership.
The Club operates two 
locations in Pasadena: Slavik 
Branch on E. Del Mar Blvd., 
and Mackenzie-Scott Branch 
on N. Fair Oaks Avenue. For 
more information visit: https: 
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