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On behalf of the Sierra Madre Community Foundation’s Fletcher Trail Maintenance Fund, the Mt. Wilson Trail Race Committee, and the 
many volunteers who maintain the historic Mount Wilson Trail (located in Sierra Madre) , we are reachimg out to the public for support. 

This is what the Mount Wilson entrance, or “trailhead” looks like now. If you look closely to your left, you will note a trail map, but you might 
miss it. Otherwise you will go right past it and hope you are on the right trail. Or alternatively, you go up the private road to the right, which 
its residents do not want to happen. 

The unsightly fence in the photo was installed about 18 
months ago as emergency prevention closing the trail 
for Covid and then for the Bobcat Fire, as the fire consumed 
part of the trail above Orchard Camp. Fortunately, 
the fence was unlocked after a few months so that our 
regular hikers and runners could resume enjoying the 
trail, along with hundreds and even thousands of others 
who are coming from other nearby trails that have been 
closed, including Chantry Flats. 

Not much charm here, I think you would agree. 

That’s where our brainstorming on the trail came in. 

Below is what we would like the trailhead to look like. 
We, Bob and Sue Spears and Pete Siberell, turned to 
another longtime Sierra Madre resident and fantastic 
architect, Karen Moran. She is an avid lover of the trail, 
served on the Mt. Wilson Trail Race committee for many 
years and runs the race annually. 

We asked Karen to design what some call an arch, some 
a gate, but it’s really both! 

This structure will be made of high grade steel by theAffordable Fence Company, based in Corona. When 
it rusts it will look like the old wooden arch originally 
constructed over the trailhead and shown on the cover 
of John Robinson’s book Old Mount Wilson Trail, 
right down the to the curious period after the words 
Mt. Wilson Trail. Arcadia Sign Company will provide 
the signage portion of the arch. 

A related project already completed is the sign board 
installed just to the right of where the arch will go. It 
was conceived of and built as an Eagle Scout project 
by Alex Comer, son of Mike. 

The sign board will allow us to consolidate the various 
signs that were up around the trailhead and remove 
the clutter from that area. We now will be able 
to put all the messages to the public in one place, including 
ones for: 

Trail use etiquetteNo camping restrictionsCleaning up after one’s dogPromoting the Mt. Wilson Trail RaceInformation on the Fletcher Fund 

Promoting other city events 
Please be assured that any funds you are able to provide 
will be used solely towards the installation of a new Mount 
Wilson Trailhead gate, sign, and wrought iron fencing. 

The total cost of the project is $45,000 and the City of Sierra 
Madre has already committed half of the money required 
to complete this design. 

The remaining balance of $22,500 that we need must be 
raised from Sierra Madre community residents and other 
donors. The trailhead gate will be made out of steel to ensure 
that it will stand up to the elements for a long time. 

Having a solid and imposing structure will allow the 
Mount Wilson Trail to be closed to protect the public in 
the event of an emergency, fire or flood. 

The current chain link fencing at the beginning of the Mt. 
Wilson Trail did little to keep the public off the trail when 
it had to be closed, first during COVID and then during theBobcat Fire. It is also quite unsightly and not a structure 
that Sierra Madre residents can be proud of While protecting 
public safety, the new gate will also honor its historical 
significance to the City of Sierra Madre. The gate has 
been designed by local architect and former Sierra Madre 
Firefighter, Karen Moran, to match the 1910 picture on the 
cover of John Robinson’s 2001 book, “Sierra Madre’s Old 
Mount Wilson Trail.” 

The new gateway will become an iconic structure in Sierra Madre to complement Lizzie’s Trail Inn and the Richardson Museum. 
Please be assured that we will be publicize and recognize all donors to this worthwhile effort to support the protection of this important and 
valuable Sierra Madre community resource. 
If you'd like to help us with this project,, please send a check payable to the Sierra Madre Community Foundation 
– Fletcher Fund. The mailing address is P.O. Box 916, Sierra Madre, CA 91025 
Thanks for your consideration! 

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