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Mountain View News Saturday, September 18, 2021 



This week I had the pleasure of chatting with yet another fantastic individual 
right here in town: Bob Spears. In 1973 he became a teacher and administrator 
for the Los Angeles Unified School District. His hard work and passion is 
truly admirable. In time, He went to where he could be even more of a help, 
the Sierra Madre Fire Department. When asking around about Bob I felt like 
I was on yelp, I just kept getting 5 star glowing reviews, “He also has been 
responsible for our trails for years! He hauls the most ridiculous equipment up 
trail on his own back! He has redone Bailey Canyon, Jones Peak Trail and 
Mt Wilson trail all the way up to actual Mt 
Wilson. He is amazing!” 

- Carol Canterbury 
After years of dedicated service and multiple jobs within the fire 
department, Bob retired,but not before becoming The Volunteer Fire 
Department Chief. Even in retirement Bob wanted to continue making 
our community beautiful and very selflessly began refurbishing 
the benches all around town, not looking for money or compensation. 
This act of kindness should inspire everyone to be the best human 
beings we can be! No one asked him to do this, he saw that the 
benches needed a little extra love and decided to take the initiative and 
make a change! That’s something to admire and emulate. Refurbishing 
these benches is no easy task. Bob purchases all the materials he needs 
(the wood comes from a local lumber yard in Pasadena called Ganahl 
Lumber), he takes them apart and depending on the specific style of 
the bench (who knew there were different bench types? Bob has taught me so much!) he will sandblast, 
powder coat, varnish and replace the wood on each bench, he’s done about 20! All here in town! I find 
this absolutely inspiring! This is exactly why I wanted to start the Sierra Madre Spotlight, to find special 
people that are helping others! I have to admit I'm now going to play a game where I quiz myself and try 
to guess what style each bench is. I know that sounds lame, but I’ve basically been living alone in other 
peoples homes with their pets all summer so I have to make my own excitement. 

Bob’s wonderful benches now ensure that all are able to relax and enjoy a beautiful day. There's even 
one right in front of the sweetest ice cream shop: Mother Moo’s. According to Robert Gjerde, “ He [Bob 
Spears] is on the planning commission. He is sort of in charge of maintaining the Bailey Canyon and 
Mt Wilson Trails. He recently rebuilt the information/bus kiosk that goes in Kersting Court.” One of his 
current big projects is trying to get funding for a new beautiful Mt, Wilson trail head. The very talented 
Karen Moran is a successful architect and has already designed a stunning piece and now just needs to 
raise the funds to put it into being. If anyone would like to help this kind and selfless man continue on 
his journey of constantly improving and beautifying our town, please consider donating. No amount is 
too small or large, even just sharing our story would be more than enough. 

 Stay strong Sierra Madre and remember, everytime you sit on a bench (no matter if it's here or in 
space) think of Bob Spears. Think of the man who instead of sitting on his bed surrounded by cats, which 
is what I’m doing this exact second, he decided to go 

out into the world 
and do something 
for the community 
with absolutely no 
expectations. He 
truly is a jolly good 
fellow, which no 
one can deny! 

Left: First bench 
Bob refurbished - 
Before/Right: After 

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