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Mountain View News Saturday, September 18, 2021 
Pasadena Public Library JPL Engineers Recognized at Chu Statement on the 
Hispanic Heritage Awards

Free Take & Make Crafts Supreme Court Decision 
Sign-ups begin on Sept. 20. For not to Block Abortion Law

 Enjoy fun, free take-and-make ages 6+. Kits can be picked up 

crafts that are simple and easy at Hastings Branch Library. be functionally non-existent. 

to make. Kits are limited to Monday, Sept. 20 • While Last week U.S. Make no mistake about it— 

one per participant and may supplies last Representatives Judy this extreme law and the 

be picked up at your favorite Take & Make: Calaveras Chu, Lois Frankel (D-FL), Supreme Court’s decision is 

Pasadena library branch. You Scratch Art Ayanna Pressley (D-MA), a cruel, calculated attack on 

will be notified by email where Celebrate Día de los Muertos and Veronica Escobar (D-health care and reproductive 
and when your kit is available by creating your very own 

TX) and U.S. Senators rights.” 

for pickup. Kits contain the Calaveras scratch art pieces. 

Richard Blumenthal (D-“We must stop these 

necessary craft materials and Pick up your kit at Allendale 

CT) and Tammy Baldwin egregious attacks and clarify

instructions to help guide Branch Library beginning Oct. 

(D-WI), issued a statement that our rights do not depend

you in creating the craft. 1 while supplies last. No 

Additional household items sign-up needed. in reaction to the Supreme on zip code. Last night’s 
such as scissors, a stapler, glue Friday, Oct. 1 • While supplies Court’s decision to allow decision underscores the 
or tape may be needed. The last a restrictive Texas anti-urgency of our legislation 
kits are extremely popular and Take & Make: Papel Picado abortion law to take effect. to guarantee a person’s right 
available while supplies last. Learn how to create the The members are the lead to access an abortion—and 
Kits not picked up by a certain traditional Mexican craft of Diana has held several roles sponsors of the Women’s the right of an abortiondate will be released to those Papel Picado using tissue paper Three Latina engineers for NASA and JPL, including Health Protection Act provider to deliver these on the waiting list. For all ages and string. Pick up your kit at 

at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Mars Curiosity Mission (WHPA), bicameral federal abortion services—free 

unless specified. Hill Branch Library beginning 

Laboratory in Southern Lead, Deputy Project System legislation to guarantee from medically unnecessary

Take & Make: Sugar Skull Oct. 1 while supplies last. 

California are the 2021 Engineer, and Deputy equal access to abortion, restrictions that interfere

Create your own “sugar” skull Questions? Call (626) 744

to use for Dia de Los Muertos 7264. recipients of STEM Awards Team Chief of Engineering everywhere. with a patient’s individual 
that will last you all year long. Friday, Oct. 1 • While supplies from the Hispanic Heritage Operations on Curiosity. “Inthemiddleofthe night,in choice or the provider-
Pick up your kit at Hill Branch last Foundation. They will be Trujillo has also been active an unsigned, one-paragraph patient relationship.” 
Library beginning Sept. 15 Take & Make: Autumn Leaf honored for their significant in sharing the excitement order, a conservative “Congress must act now 
while supplies last. Questions? Lanterns roles in the agency’s Mars and opportunities of majority on the Supreme and pass the Women’s Health 
Call (626) 744-7264. Make your own wax paper 2020 Perseverance rover STEM with the public. Court effectively overruled Protection Act before other

Wednesday, Sept. 15 • While lantern with pressed autumn mission during the 34th She created and hosted Roe v. Wade by refusing states follow the lead of Texas supplies last. leaves. Additional supplies 

Hispanic Heritage Awards #JuntosPerseveramos, to block Texas’ extreme, and institute restrictions

Take & Make: Loteria Bingo needed: Dish cloth, iron and 

broadcast on PBS Oct. 8, NASA’s first-ever Spanish-restrictive anti-abortion law. that eviscerate reproductive

Game ironing board. Sign-up for your 

joined by Carlos Santana, language live broadcast of This dangerous decision health care and choice. We

In honor of Hispanic Heritage kit at: cityofpasadena.libwizard. 
Month enjoy Loteria, a bingo com/f/leaf_lantern while Ivy Queen, and others. a major mission milestone outlaws a woman’s right to applaud Speaker Pelosi for 
game that’s over one hundred supplies last. Sign-ups begin NASA JPL recipients are: (Perseverance landing on choose after six weeks with her announcement that the 
years old! Call San Rafael Monday, Oct. 4. Kits can be • Christina Hernandez Mars), attracting millions of no exceptions for rape or Women’s Health Protection 
Branch Library at (626) 744-picked up at Hastings Branch began her work at JPL in the viewers worldwide. incest—denying millions Act will be brought to the 
7270 beginning Sept. 15 to Library Natural Space Environments “Congratulations to access to constitutionally floor for a vote when the 
reserve your game board while Monday, Oct. 4 • While group and as mission Christina, Clara, and Diana protected health care before House returns, and President 
supplies last. Game boards can supplies last assurance manager on on receiving this prestigious many of them even know Biden for his intent to use

be picked up at any branch Take & Make: Haunted Beads 

STABLE (Sub arcsecond STEM award,” said Dr. they are pregnant, and a whole-of-government

library. Create your own spooktacular 

Telescope and Balloon Jim Green, NASA’s chief disproportionately harming effort to respond to the

Wednesday, Sept. 15 • While melty bead designs! 

Experiment). Her Mars-scientist. “Each of them was low-income Texans and Supreme Court’s assault on

supplies last. Sign-up for your kit at: 

Take & Make: Alpaca Activity cityofpasadena.libwizard. related work began with integral to the planning, people of color.” reproductive rights.” 

Celebrate Hispanic Heritage com/f/pplhauntedbeads while impact assessment to keep development, and successful “This decision defies Introduced with historic 

Month with a weaving activity supplies last. Sign-ups begin Mars spacecraft safe during landing of our Mars precedent, turns the clock support by Blumenthal and 

inspired by the alpacas Thursday, Oct. 14. Kits can be the Comet Siding Spring Perseverance rover. Our back by decades, and offers Chu, WHPA has 48 total co-

indigenous to the Peruvian picked up from Santa Catalina event. As a payload systems Mars Perseverance mission cash bounties to anyone sponsors in the Senate and 

Andes. Sign-up for your kit Branch Library. engineer for Perseverance, will advance NASA’s quest who wants to police the 196 total co-sponsors in the 

at: cityofpasadena.libwizard. Thursday, Oct. 14 • While she has worked on three to explore past habitability bodies and choices of their House of Representatives. com/f/AlpacaActivity while supplies last 

of its seven science of the Red Planet. Because of neighbors. Without action, The text of the Senate bill is 

supplies last. Sign-ups begin on Take & Make: Mini Pumpkin 

instruments. Her work on the hard work and dedication abortion access in Texas will available at:

Sept. 15. Kits can be picked up Decorating 

the rover’s PIXL (short for of our team, we can now

from the Santa Catalina Branch You don’t have to remove the 

Library. pulp for these pretty pumpkins. Planetary Instrument for look for past microbial life Portantino’s Statement on 
Wednesday, Sept. 15 • While Just come and design your X-Ray Lithochemistry) will through the collection of 

supplies last own mini pumpkin monster. help scientists hunt for signs core rock and soil samples Sister State RelationshipTake & Make: Loom Weaving Sign-up for your kit at: of ancient microbial life by and test technologies that 
Craft cityofpasadena.libwizard. taking super-close images will pave the way for future with Syunik ArmenianLearn to make your own com/f/MiniPumpkin, while of rock and soil textures and human exploration of Mars. 

Guatemalan-inspired woven while supplies last. Sign-ups using its X-ray spectrometer Thank you to the Hispanic Senator Anthony Portantino Armenia. Governor 
wall-hanging on a DIY begin on Monday, Oct. 18. Kits released the following Newsom signed an

to identify chemical Heritage Foundation for

loom for Hispanic Heritage can be picked up at San Rafael statement on Assembly agreement to establish the

elements within them. their consideration and for

Month. Sign-up for your kit Branch Library. 

• Clara O’Farrell, who is this outstanding recognition Concurrent Resolution 105 first California Trade and 
at: cityofpasadena.libwizard. Monday, Oct. 18 • While 

com/f/loom while supplies last. supplies last originally from Argentina, of our extremely talented, (ACR 105), which recognizes Services Desk in Armenia. 

moved to the U.S. on her diverse, and inspirational the Armenian Province of The formal MOU between 

19th birthday to start college. NASA workforce.” Syunik as California’s sister GO-Biz and Impact Hub

American Rescue Plan Could state was

She studied aerospace In the Hispanic Heritage and approved Yerevan was signed earlier Lower Costs and Expand engineering at Princeton and Foundation’s news release, today by the Assembly this year. The establishment 

completed a doctoral degree the organization’s president Committee on Jobs, of a sister state relationship is

Health Care Coverage at Caltech with research on and CEO, Jose Antonio Economic Development a continuation of our efforts 

fluid dynamics of jellyfish Tijerino, said, “As leaders and the Economy. ACR to strengthen ties with 

The American Rescue Plan swimming. After joining in the STEM space, these 105 was introduced by Armenia and represents the 

could lower health care costs for JPL in 2013, she began inspirational Latinas Assemblymembers Chris strong bond between people 

tens of thousands of individuals her work on parachutes, demonstrate the great Holden and Adrin Nazarian. of California and Armenia.” 

in California’s 28th District, aerodynamics, and trajectory vision and value proposition Senator Portantino is a The Armenian Province of 

a report commissioned by simulation for Mars entry, our community presents principal co-author of the Syunik is the southernmost 
Congressman Adam Schiff descent, and landing. America. These engineers measure. province of Armenia. 

has found, including slashing Her accomplishments as also represent role models “Today’s resolution adopting It is bordered by the

health care costs by $2,400 

eligible and a guidance and control for aspiring Latinx engineers the Province of Syunik as Nakhichevan Autonomous

for individuals 

engineer include certifying a in expanding human California’s sister state is an Republic, the Islamic


 The report, released today, supersonic parachute to land knowledge and scientific important declaration of Republic of Iran, and the 
said that by reducing premium Perseverance via supersonic discovery.” friendship and I am proud Republic of Artsakh. It is also 
contributions and expanding sounding rocket tests. The Hispanic Heritage to support this endeavor. one of the original provinces 
access to premium tax credits, • Diana Trujillo, an Awards are produced by Many of my neighbors of the ancient Kingdom 
the district’s uninsured rate aerospace engineer, is the Hispanic Heritage and constituents have of Armenia. On May 12, 
could drop by 39% if the currently Technical Group Foundation and were family and friends living in 2021, the Azerbaijani 
estimated 33,000 individuals in Supervisor for Sequence created by the White House Syunik. ACR 105 serves as military crossed into the 
the district who are currently Planning and Execution in 1988 to commemorate the a connecting bridge to the Republic of Armenia and

uninsured enroll in the low-

and a Tactical Mission Lead establishment of Hispanic Province of Syunik and I am moved 3.5 kilometers into 

cost plans provided for in the 

American Rescue Plan. While some households that for Perseverance. Born and Heritage Month in America. confident the relationship Syunik Province, seizing 

“Access to affordable health already receive their health raised in Colombia, Trujillo The awards are among the will bring prosperity for the entirety of Sev Lake. The 
insurance can be the difference insurance through California’s immigrated to the U.S. at the highest honors by Latinos for both regions and facilitate next day, the Azerbaijani 

marketplace or ACA tax credits

between being able to thrive age of 17 to pursue her dream Latinos and are supported mutually beneficial military breached two other 

or merely survive, provide will automatically have their of working for NASA. While by 40 national Hispanic-educational, economic, and sections of the border and 

premiums lowered, uninsured

for your family or live in enrolled in English-as-a-serving institutions. The cultural exchanges. In 2019, occupied more areas of

households will not receive the

poverty — and the COVID-19 second-language courses, Foundation’s programs focus I introduced SB 302 to re-Armenia. The government 

enhanced tax credits in 2021 if

pandemic has only exacerbated they do not act by the end of she also worked full time on education, workforce, establish the California-of Azerbaijan continues 

these hardships and inequities. 

the year. to support her studies in and social impact through Armenia Trade Office in to attack and threaten the

Thanks to the American 

community college and later the lens of leadership. hopes of building a vibrant internationally recognized

Rescue Plan, tens of thousands 

of families no longer have to Based on estimates from the the University of Florida More information at: business relationship borders of the independent 
choose between staying healthy House Committee on Oversight and University of Maryland. between California and state of Armenia. 

and Reform, individuals and

and staying financially afloat,” 

families in CA-28 could see the

said Schiff. “There’s still time South Pasadena Scary Story September Movies at

following benefits:

for individuals and families 

An estimated 44,000

to access these life-changing Contest for Kids and Teens Pasadena Senior Center

individuals and families

savings, and I encourage 
anyone in my district who is who currently purchase In celebration of used in the story. All entries Friday Movie Matinees are After the brilliant but antisocial 
eligible to act immediately. At health insurance on the Halloween, the South must be the original work back onsite at the Pasadena mathematician John Forbes 
the same time, Congress must individual market could save Pasadena Public Library will of the student. Parents may Senior Center, 85 E. Holly St., Nash Jr. accepts secret work in 
continue to do everything approximately $2,400 in health hold a Scary Story Contest. transcribe a young child’s after having been canceled due cryptography, his life takes a 
it can to expand affordable, insurance premiums annually. Children and teens in grades story. Entries will be judged to the COVID-19 pandemic. turn for the nightmarish. The 
quality health care to everyone An estimated 33,000 individuals Kindergarten through for creativity and originality. Seating will be limited and film is based in part on the 
in America, lower costs, and who are not currently insured 12th grade are invited to The winning compositions reservations will be required biography “A Beautiful Mind” 
remove barriers to treatment are now eligible for subsidies on a first-come, first-served by Sylvia Nasar.

submit entries to the South will be featured on the 

for generations to come.” under the American Rescue basis. Each member of the “The Good, The Bad and The

Plan -- including approximately Pasadena Public Library library’s website and social

For 2021 and 2022, the Pasadena Senior Center may Ugly (1966, R) Starring Clint

23,000 individuals who can from now through Saturday,

American Rescue Plan media. reserve one additional seat Eastwood and Eli Wallach – 

broadens eligibility for now enroll in an ACA plan September 18. Submissions The entries will be judged for a nonmember guest. Call Friday, Sept. 24, at 1 p.m. In

for less than $10 a month. If

financial assistance to help should be delivered to the by the Children’s Services 626-795-4331 or stop by this classic western set in the 
pay for health care coverage everyone with access to these South Pasadena Public librarians and by special the Welcome Desk to make Southwest during the Civil 
through the federal and state-plans enrolled, it would cut the Library Children’s Services judge, Sam Wineman, a a reservation or for more War, two men form an uneasy 
based marketplaces and lowers uninsured rate in the CA-28 by desk. The winners will be Los Angeles based writer information. alliance against a third in a race 
premiums for most people who up to 39%, reducing the rate to announced in mid-October. and director known for “A Beautiful Mind” (2001, to steal a fortune in gold buried 

currently have an Affordable 6.3%. Submissions must include his horror film, The Quiet PG-13) Starring Russell in a remote cemetery. 

Care Act marketplace plan. Others who were not previously an official entry form, Room. The Scary Story Crowe and Jennifer Connelly For more information, visit: 
Since it was signed into law by eligible to receive tax credits, – Friday, Sept. 17, at 1 p.m.

but now qualify under the which are available on the Contest is sponsored by

President Biden in March 2021, 

American Rescue Plan could Children’s Services web page the Friends of the South

the American Rescue Plan has, 

also see substantial savings --at: Pasadena Public Library,

on average, lowered premiums 

especially among older adults children and in the library. Inc.

for consumers with existing

federal marketplace plans by who historically pay the highest Submitted stories can be The library is located 
40%. For new consumers, the premiums. up to 300 words, or one 1414 Mission Street, South

The full report can be found at:

median deductible has fallen by page typed. One entry per Pasadena. For more info call

90%. person. No weapons may be (626) 403-7200. 

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From left to right: Diana Trujillo, Christina Hernandez, and Clara O’Farrell 
are engineers with NASA’s Mars Perseverance rover team. Credit: Hispanic 
Heritage Foundation