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Numbers— I am surrounded by numbers. What is the 
date today? What time is it? What is my morning weight, 
blood sugar and blood pressure? What is the predicted 
temperature and is it going to be too hot to walk the 
dog or play golf? How much money is in my checking 
account and do I have enough to pay the bills. How many 

games are the Dodgers behind the Giants and how many 

games remain in the baseball season? How many fans 

were at Dodger Stadium last night and how many will 
be at the Rose Bowl Saturday night for the UCLAgame 

and what is the starting time for the game anyway? New 
concerns are the rising cost of gasoline prices and what

about inflation and rent and housing prices? 

There are other numbers documenting the number of deaths and hospitalizations 

nation-wide and world- wide resulting from the Corona Virus. I used to check out the 

numbers as if they were a baseball score of last night’s game and wondered what the 

final score would be. The pandemic has been raging for eighteen months and nobody 
even talks about final estimates 
anymore. The talk is all about the new number 

of existing variants and the number of future possible mutations. What is the age 
appropriate for vaccine shots and how many shots are necessary? How close can we 
stand next to a masked or unmasked person and consider ourselves safe?

Lately we talk of hurricane and wind speeds and their death tolls while 
wild fires rage and numbers are presented indicating a percentage of containment… 
whatever that means. Anumber that I find particularly galling is the sole one passenger 
in over ninety per cent of the cars driving to and from work in the morning and late 
afternoon hours. We are given numbers, difficult to much understand predicting the 
end of human habitability on this planet connected to the use of fossil fuels and still 
every morning and afternoon gasoline powered automobiles make their way slowly 
back and forth on the freeways. What would happen if there were three carpool lanes 
instead of only one? Wouldn’t that change people’s driving habits? 

These are all numbers and often there are just so many of them we forget that 

some have more significance than others. We all remember 9/11 (at least all of us that 

were around at that time and are still around. The attack on the World Trade Center 
(the reasons for which I have never heard explained) initiated a war that lasted twenty 
years and cost multiple trillions of dollars and thousands of lives. As to these trillions 

of dollars- whose money was it and who received it? An obvious answer, but one that 
is never discussed, is that it was OUR money. Taxpayer dollars were used to fund this 
twenty year war, now revealed as pointless and ineffective, and the money was paidlargely to those who manufacture the weapons of war. War is always profitable for 
those in the business, a powerful and influential special interest that exercises control 

over legislators. 

Shouldn’t these trillions have been put to a better use such as discovering 
ways to allow for continuing human habitation? The answer is obvious as is the 
answer to what better uses could have been made by the State of California forced to 
waste hundreds of millions of state taxpayer dollars on the burlesque recall election 
in which, I believe, forty six candidates, including a billboard character, asked for 
the public’s votes. Certainly many advertising agencies and television networks and 
all sorts of consultants profited from these shenanigans. The public, you and I, at 
least the almost two-thirds of Californians, who voted against the recall did not. The 
whole recall debacle demonstrates the need to allocate more funds to the necessity of 
adequately educating the public. 

To me the present state of things indicates that this nation is crumbling from 
within. Science does not progress unless research institutions can predict great profits 
from their research. Important basic scientific inquiry is halted 
or not begun unless 
immediate profits can be predicted. All the numbers around us blind us to the simple 
fact that our nation has lost focus and is not doing what is necessary to survive. Is 
there a number of unnecessary deaths continuing avoidable illness that must occur 
before the cost is so high that a change in direction is demanded? We, or our children. 

and hopefully future generations, will be around to find out.
What was the score of the UCLAgame today. I almost missed it because I 

forgot the time. 



Reviewing the very diverse slate of candidates for the California 
governor recall, something or rather, someone is definitely missing. 
Could that be the reason for Newsom's landslide victory?
The roster included career politicians, radio hosts, soft porn 
stars and college students, but where were all the animals? The 
four-legged kind? 

 One current candidate ran with the “Beast”, Tag, a 1000 pound 
Kodak bear. Tag is a show business veteran with ad spots pushing home insurance, 
mortgages and cheesy burgers. Ironically, the bear is further ahead in the polls than 
the candidate, given his lumbering good looks, his imposing 7 1/2 foot stance, razor 
sharp bite and polite refusal to talk smack against his opponents. How can any 
middle-age, certified public accountant compare to that?

 Senators, mayors, council members - through history, animals have taken their 
crate in office, a good many of whom are of the “Capra hircus” persuasion, in other 
words - goats. Dogs, cats, and pigs too have graced the honorable halls of democracy 
but the popularity of goats seem to give them an edge - maybe because they’re easier 
to blame, naturally taking on the mantle of “scapegoat”.

 After decades of living abroad in a one-party political system, it’s been exciting to 
be a part of a democratic system where every vote counts - the Electoral College 
system notwithstanding. What surprises me most are the requirements or rather 
lack of them for candidates. 

 This loophole has seen a run for the US presidential candidacy in 1968 by Pigasus 
the Immortal, of the Yippies party. Not only did Pigasus not win, he was last seen 
on the breakfast table served with a short stack of pancakes the morning after the 
election count. 

In more recent times, Molly the dachshund was on the presidential ballot in 2008, 
she didn’t make it to the White House, thanks to the overwhelming number of cat 
lovers who voted in Barack Obama. 

 Colossus the gorilla was denied a run in the 1980 New Hampshire Republican 
Presidential primary when his handlers tried to argue while he did indeed meet the 
requirement of a native-born candidate for the presidency, there was no specific 
rule he also had to be human. He returned to Benson's Wild Animal Farm in New 
Hampshire and consoled himself with a Goodyear tire and a bunch of bananas.

 But there are success stories in the animal kingdom. During the 80’s, in an overwhelming 
vote, Clay Henry of Lejita,Texas beat out a trading post wooden Indian, a 
dog named Buster and - oh yeah - Tommy Steele, the incumbent mayor. Clay Henry 
is a goat.
To prove that was no fluke, in Rabbit Hash, KY, 2008, Lucy Lou beat out a deep slate 
of mayoral nominees which included dogs, cats, a opossum and another misguided 
human. Lucy Lou is the third canine to win the mayor's seat and flea collars for life. 

 It may be that the attraction of animals as politicians is that they lead a life more 
conducive to the public's expectations. Loyal but friendly, nonjudgmental, not prone 
to biting the hand that feeds them, they work for peanuts or dry kibble, and they 
listen more than they talk. Most of all, hugging is allowed without the fear of impeachment 
down the line.

 The Rhinoceros Party of Canada took its inspiration from a Brazilian rhinoceros 
named Cacareco. He beat out more than 500 city councilmembers in San Paulo in 1959. The Canadian party notes that rhinos make the 
perfect politicians because they are “thick-skinned, slow-moving and not too bright, 
but can move fast as hell when in danger.” 
Sounds just like the “Beast”. 

 Email me at dinah@aletterfromabroad.comRead more at: 



“A blow out.” That’s what I said Mon-Democrats went 
day on Newsmax when I was asked to school and got 
what I thought would happen in Tues-educated while 
day’s gubernatorial recall election in the Republicans 
California. flunked out. 
It didn’t surprise me that in a state In the process of 

where Democrats outnumber Republi

defending New-
cans by 3-1 the “No” vote for recalling 

som and smearing Elder the Democrats 
Democrat Gavin Newsom won more 

found a tactic that they can use nation-
than 60 percent of the vote. 

ally to keep control of Congress in 2022 

– painting every Republican candidate 
I had been predicting for months that 

as a Trump clone. 

Newsom, no matter how awful he has 
been, would easily hold on to his job. 

In every race next year Democrats will 
be tying their Republican opponents 

It’s not that I had a crystal ball or I’m a 

to the so-called “insurrection” of Jan. 6 

political genius or anything. 

in Washington and the Nov. 3 election 
It’s just that unlike a lot of conserva-

Trump keeps saying was stolen from 
tives, I can recognize election fraud in 

California when I see it. 

The core Trump crowd may get all gid-
The fraud I’m talking about has nothing 

dy about this, but the fact is, a Repubto 
do with any dirty tricks pulled by the 

lican candidate will eventually get to a 

point where the only people who’ll vote 
for her are the Trump people. 

The fraud in this week’s recall election 

If you look at Tuesday’s numbers, for 
future election in California – was the 

– just like the fraud in every recent and 
example, the “yes” vote for recalling 
Republican Party. 

Newsom was about equal to the per

centage of Californians who voted for 
Republicans around the country still 

Trump in 2020. 

think they have a competitive party 
in the former “Golden State,” but that 

What the GOP did by putting their 
hasn’t been true for a long, long time. 

hopeless recall election together was to 

set up a launching pad for Newsom to 
Just 24 percent of the electorate are 

run for president. 

registered as Republicans, which is 
why Newsom won in a walk, Joe Biden 

He can run for governor again next year 
crushed Donald Trump by 5 million 

and win, then leave Sacramento in 2026 
votes and Democrats have controlled 

in time to set up a campaign to run for 
the state assembly for decades. 

president in 2028. 

Before that happens, the Republican 
fornians elected was Arnold Schwar-

The last Republican governor Cali-

Party better wake up and find some 
zenegger, who was at heart a Democrat 

fresh presidential horses for 2024. 
and only won because he was a global 

After what they learned Tuesday night 


about playing the Trump Card, I can 
Since Arnold’s era, the Republican Party 

hear Democrats across America pray-
here has had no leader, no message and 

ing that Trump runs in 2024. 
no hope of ever electing a U.S. senator, 

It’s not that President Trump didn’t do 

governor or president. 

many good things for the country. It’s 
The recall election just made things 

about how he went about doing them. 
worse for the GOP in California – and 

He’d almost certainly win the Republi

around the country. 

can nomination because of his base, but 
The Republican candidates to replace 

I predict he’d lose bigger in the general 
Newsom – a parade of losers and no-

election in 2024 than he did in 2020 – to 
bodies led by the great conservative 


L.A. talk show host and top vote-getter, 
As I tweeted this week, if the GOP 

Larry Elder – never had a chance. 

wants to retake Congress next year and 
What hallucinogenic drug made GOP 

regain the White House in 2024, I hope 
bigwigs think they were going to win 

they learned this week they have to be-
on Tuesday? 

come more like Ronald Reagan and less 

like Donald Trump. 
Because 2 million people in a state with 
22 million registered voters supported a 

Michael Reagan, the son of President 
ballot measure to recall Newsom a year 

Ronald Reagan, is an author, speaker 
before a general election? I hope not. 

and president of the Reagan Legacy 

Politically, during the recall election the 



The below “cleverisms” are not all necessarily 
paraprosdokians in the truest sense, but they are 
fun. And worth having in your quiver of clever 
conversation starters or stoppers. (For those of you 
who missed last week’s column, a paraprosdokian is 
a linguistic scrambler in which the latter part of the 
sentence isn’t what you expected following the first 
part of the sentence) 

One that applies to me: “He’s a writer for the ages… 
ages four to eight.: Dorothy Parker 

The voices in my head may not be real, but they have some good ideas!
Where there’s a will, I want to be in it. 
If I could just say a few words…I’d be a better public speaker. 
People say nothing is impossible…but I do nothing every day.
Why do Americans choose from just two people to run for president and 50 for 

 Miss America? 
Dolphins are so smart that within a few weeks of captivity they can train people 
to stand on the very edge of the pool and throw them fish.
To be sure of hitting the target, shoot first, and call whatever you hit the target.
If I agreed with you, we’d both be wrong.
Knowledge is knowing a tomato is a fruit; Wisdom is not putting it in a fruit 

The early bird might get the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese.
Evening news is where they begin with ‘Good evening’, and then proceed to tell 

 you why it isn’t.
I didn’t say it was your fault, I said I was blaming you.
A clear conscience is usually the sign of a bad memory.
When tempted to fight fire with fire, remember that the Fire Department usually 
uses water. 
You’re never too old to learn something stupid. 

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