October Is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

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October Is Breast Cancer Awareness Month 

VOLUME 15 NO. 40VOLUME 15 NO. 40 
Walter Cailleteau, DVM Free Exam! 
927 N. Michillinda Ave. For New Clients 
Pasadena, CA 91107 Bring this coupon to save! 
(626) 351-8863 
broker lic. #01514230 | source: CoreLogic, Freddie Mac, Bankrate 
Jan Greteman 626.975.4033 
jangreteman.com #01943630 
Judy Webb-Martin 626.688.2273 
jwmartin@dppre.com #00541631 
Katie Orth 626.688.0418 
korth@dppre.com #00942500 
Your Story. Your Home. Your Team. 
Together Stronger. 
500 North Michillinda Avenue 
Sierra Madre, 91024 500NMichillinda.com7 Beds | 5.5 Baths | 6,588 sf | 50,113 sf lot 
The Hoover Estate Sold at $3,715,000 
We're doing very well for our clients in 
buying and selling homes. 
Call us today for a free home assessment 
with no obligations. 
650 North Holliston Avenue 
Pasadena, 91106 
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1921 Spanish Listed at $629,000 
The first, Senate Bill 9, makes it possible to build 
more than one housing unit on land that was 
previously designated for only one unit. 
The second, Senate Bill 10, allows for denser 
development near public transit corridors, such 
as bus and train lines. 
Two new Bills, effective 
January 1, 2022, will impact 
single-family zoning in California. 
Zoning regulates how land can be used, or what can 
be built where. Can a business be built on a given plot? 
That area is zoned for commercial use. Can a home or 
condo complex be built there? That is residential zoning. 
In a downtown area, you might have mixed-use 
zoning — say, ground-floor retail businesses and 
residential units in the high-rise above. 
Single-family zoning refers to a residential area where 
only one housing unit can be built on a given parcel of 
land. Think of the Southern California suburban staple 
of a home with no shared walls — in other words, not 
a duplex, triplex or multiunit complex. If you live in a 
house with a driveway, garage, three bedrooms, two 
bathrooms, and front, back and side yards, it’s almost 
certainly a single-family home. 
Info Reported from The LA Times 
For full Prop details, Contact Us 
On Tuesday, State and Local officials honored Sierra Madre's outgoingLibrarian Christine Smart, thanking her for her dedication, creativity and 
innovative leadership, especially during the Pandemic when she assembled 
a team that managed to offer library services and activities online and in 
person when permissable to the Sierra Madre community. Picture above 
are, left to right, Front row, Christine and Mayor Rachelle Arizmendi; Back 
row, Mayor Pro Tem Gene Goss, Councilmembers Kelli Kriebs, Robert 
Parkhurst and Edward Garcia. Photo courtesy City of Sierra Madre. 
There has recently been some confusion related to addi-
tional electrical energy costs that have appeared on the 
monthly bills of Sierra Madre residents. Environmental 
Consultant Robert Parkhurst, a freshman City of Sierra 
Madre councilmember explains this situation as follows: 
Councilmember Parkhurst explains that all utilities across 
the Western United States are experiencing high prices,
due in part to a doubling in natural gas prices this year 
Three years ago, rather than continuing to purchase elect-
rical energy from Southern California Edison, the City of 
Sierra Madre joined Clean Power Alliance (CPA) with 29 
other cities located throughout Los Angeles and Ventura 
counties as well as the unincorporated areas of both. 
These municipalities have come together for the purpose 
of purchasing CLEANER local power from newly const-
ructed or soon to be constructed, environmentally respon-
sible renewable energy plants. Clean Power Alliance (www. 
cleanpoweralliance.org) has grown to become the single 
largest provider of 100% renewable energy to customers 
in the nation. Due to the efforts of CPA, more than 90% of 
the electricity Sierra Madreans use daily is renewable and 
by 2024 about half of that will originate from these newlydeveloped sources exclusive to CPA. 
Parkhurst also points out that Southern California Edison 
is a private company which must earn a profit and there-
fore adds additional costs to its customers. In contrast,
CPA is a non-profit entity which does not need to add such 
costs, charging its customers only the cost of providing 
electricity. Additionally, due to CPA’s work, many good 
paying renewable energy jobs have been and continue to 
be created throughout the Southern California region. 
Presently, CPA customers have the choice of three categ-
ories of service: 1) Lean Power, which provides 40% clean 
power 2) Clean Power, which provides 50% clean power 
3) 100% Green Power, which provides 100% renewable 
energy. The cost for each category varies, but accordingto Councilmember Parkhurst, 95% of Sierra Madre resi-
dents have chosen 100% Green Power. CPA customers 
can change to another level at any time. 
CPA recognizes that many Southern Californians have 
been adversely impacted by the COVD-19 pandemic and 
thus may have trouble paying their electricity bill. As such,
CPA’s Board of Directors voted to provide $2 million in 
COVID bill assistance, which helped more than 72,000 re-
sidential and small business customers. 
Parkhurst added if you are having trouble paying your 
electricity bill, contact CPA at 1-888-585-3788 to see if you 
qualify for one of CPA’s many financial assistance prog-
rams. You can learn about these programs by visiting ht-
S. Tolchin/MVNews

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