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VOLUME 15 NO. 29 SATURDAY, JULY 17, 2021 
broker lic. #01514230 | source: CoreLogic, Freddie Mac, Bankrate 
Jan Greteman 626.975.4033 #01943630 
Judy Webb-Martin 626.688.2273 #00541631 
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Your Story. Your Home. Your Team. 
Together Stronger. 
200 West Terrace Street 
Altadena, 91001 
415 West Highland Avenue 
Sierra Madre, 91024 
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Classic Janes Cottage 
1890 Cottage 
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our clients in buying and selling homes. 
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At Tuesday's city council meeting the community had the opportunity to wish 'Gabe' Engeland fare-
well. Presenting him with a few Sierra Madre momentos are, left to right, Mayor Rachelle Ariz-
mendi, Mayor Pro Tem Gene Goss, Councilwoman Kelly Krieb, "Gabe", and Councilmen Robert 
Parkhurst and Edward Garia. Photo courtesy City of Sierra Madre 

Friday, June 16, 2021 was a sad day for manyin Sierra Madre. It was the day that popular 
City Manager Gabriel 'Gabe' Engeland turned 
in his keys. He resigned his position with the 
city and has been appointed City Manager of 
Los Altos, California, a town that is about three 
times the size of Sierra Madre. 

During his tenure in Sierra Madre, he has 
accomplished a great deal. Since his arrival in 
2017 the city has (partial listing): 

Hired a great new Fire Chief Brent Bartlett;
Hired a new Police Chief Rodrick Armalin;
Transitioned the SMFD from a Volunteer 
Department to a fully paid Department;
Through his leadership the SM Fire Department 
became part of the Verdugo Mutual Aid , 
something that the city had aspired to be for 
more than a decade; 

Sierra Madre's Water Department has reduced 
it's water losses, made Investments in the city’s 
Water Infrastructure Funding and improved 
the City’s Water Department Credit Rating.
For his team of city employees, he improved 
employee retention by finding ways of making 
compensation competitive with other cities. 

He encouraged promotions from within 

existing staff where possible; and he 
implemented a Pension Stablization Plan to 
protect their futures. 

As for his fiscal prowess, he managed to keep abalanced budget. In fact, he is leaving the city 
with a $2 million dollar surplus. 

He has done off of the above and so much 
more. with his excellent municipal finance/
management experience. 

Gabe also was a master at handling the unique 
character of the town as residents and business 
owners, while they may not have always agreed 
with him, because of his efforts at transparency 
and professional demeaner, they respected 

The most asked Question: Why did we let him 
leave because Gabriel Englund has left the City 
of Sierra Madre in a much better position, 
physically, financially and emotionally than it 
was when he took the job. 

Thanks Gabe for a job well done and good luck. 
We will miss you! MVNews 

Read Gabe's Farewell To The City on page B5 


At their July 13, 2021 meeting the Sierra 
Madre City Council voted unanimously to 
appoint the City’s Director of Utilities, Jose 
Reynoso to serve as Interim City Manager. 

Mr. Reynoso will take over for City Manager 
Gabe Engeland who’s final day in Sierra 
Madre will be July 16, 2021. Mr. Engeland 
announced his resignation in a City Council 
closed session on June 15, 2021 after 
serving 4.5 years at Sierra Madre’s helm. 

Mayor Arizmendi said, “The City Council 
is proud to appoint Jose Reynoso to serve 
as Sierra Madre's Interim City Manager. 
As the Director of Utilities, his leadership 
and ability to manage the department has 
proved to be exceptional over the years. Because 
of his high level of understanding of 
local government, his strong relationships 
with external stakeholders, and the respect 
he garners from the staff - he is well poised 
to take on this role.” 

Mr. Reynoso has served 25 years in public 
service with various cities, including the 
cities of El Monte, Alhambra, MontereyPark and Sierra Madre. Mr. Reynoso joined 
Sierra Madre in 2010. 
"Jose Reynoso is an excellent choice to lead Sierra Madre as the Interim City Manager," said 
departing City Manager Gabriel Engeland. "He has established himself as a leader in the organization 
and on the City's Executive Team.” 

Director Reynoso holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business from the University of La Verne and 
is pursuing his Master’s Degree in Management from the University of Illinois. He currently 
serves on the Board of Directors for the Raymond Basin Management Board, as well as being 
the City’s Liaison Representative on the San Gabriel Valley Municipal Water District. Mr. 
Reynoso has been married to his high-school sweetheart Lourdes 
for 28 years. They have three adult children. 

VOLUME 15 NO. 29 


By Kevin McGuire 

The City of Sierra Madre is expected to implement 
an Urban Water Management Plan (UWMP) and 
Water Shortage Contingency Plan (WSCP) as California, 
once again, is faced with drought conditions 
and hot temperatures in the midst the 2021 
summer season. 

The law, signed in 1987, requires cities that have 
3,000 or more water source connections to have 
a UWMP in place and to present an updated plan 
every five years, which will then be sent off to the 
California Department of Water Resources. 

City Council was back in session at their City Hall 
Chambers to consider two resolutions allowing for 
the filing and implementation of both proposed 
plans from 2020, but the consultant on the matter 
was unable to attend and so the vote was pushed 
back to Tuesday, July 27. Miles Prince, San Gabriel 
Valley Municipal Water District Director and Jose 
Reynoso, Director of Utilities, did give a presentation 
at the public hearing on Tuesday, July 13. 

The UWMP describes the current and historical 
status for water supplies in the city and provides 
statistics on supply and demand. It also looks toward 
the future and the long-term goals to make 
sure adequate water supplies will be available and 
looks at opportunities to expand water sources. 
The WSCP explains how and when conservation 
measures will be taken and provides a path for 
establishing regulations to limit water usage. You 
can see the full final UWMP report on the city 
website at in the July 13 
staff reports listed as item #10. 

Sierra Madre has become more self-reliant over 
the past five years, measurably reducing its dependency 
on imported water supplies. The city has 
also made strides in infrastructure repairs which it 
plans to continue into 2022 at least. Those repairs 
included an upgrade to one of the city’s water wells 
and the replacement of water mains. The goal is 
to replace two-miles of pipes over the next fiscal 
year as the water loss through leakage is at 14%. 
The city repairs approximately 400 leaks per year 
on average. 

Local rainfall in the San Gabriel was 35% below 
normal for 2020-21. Right now, Governor Gavin 
Newsom is calling for a 15% voluntary reduction 
in water use. There are no mandatory restrictions 
in place at this time. 

Overall, the Sierra Madre water supply situation is 
in good shape. In fact, the city made a deal earlier 
this year to enter into a purchase agreement with 
the San Gabriel Valley Municipal Water District 
in the amount of $2,376,592. In addition, the cities 
of Arcadia and Sierra Madre are expecting the 
completion of a joint well this year. Sierra Madre 
currently depends highly on the Raymond Basin 
and the main San Gabriel Valley Basins for a good 
portion of their water supply. Once the new joint 
well is up and running, it’s expected to pump 1,000 
gallons per minute. 

Sierra Madre currently supplies water to 10,731 
residents, a number that is expected to be on the 
rise in years to come. Though the city is not expected 
to be in any danger with their water supply 
over the next five years, residents are expected to 
do their part to conserve water whenever possible.

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