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Mountain View News Saturday, January 29, 2022 



The county of Los Angeles has seen an alarming 
increase in vehicle thefts. From 2020-2021 auto 
thefts increased by 59%. The most targeted vehicle makes are Honda, Kia, Hyundai, GMC and Chevrolet. These vehicles are targeted by thieves due to their security features and locking mechanisms. 

Along with vehicle thefts, there has been a significant increase in catalytic con-vert­er thefts all over Southern California. Catalytic converters are easy to steal and con­tain several types of precious metals, which are scrapped for a quick illegal profit. 

There are several actions one can take to reduce or prevent vehicle and catalytic converter thefts: 

When choosing a parking location opt for a well lit area and avoid dark secluded spaces. 

If you are able to park inside a garage then do so. 

Add security surveillance cameras or motion sensor lights in the area where you regularly park. 

Installing or adjusting the security alarm in your vehicle to activate from vibration will maximize your security and overall give peace of mind. 

Learn How You Can Help Law Enforcement Help You! 

One of the most difficult issues regarding investigating catalytic converter thefts is the lack of serialized infor­mation that aid law enforcement in locating a victim when a suspect is found in possession of one. 

This makes it nearly impossible to prosecute as well as give victims the ability to possibly receive restitution for damages to their vehicle. 

To assist with this problem, in the coming weeks' Sierra Madre Police Department will be offering a "free of charge' opportunity for community members to have their catalytic converters etched with identifiable infor­mation. This will aid with investigations, as well as in some cases act as a deterrent to the individuals who steal them and the recycling locations that purchase random catalytic converters. 

Stay tuned for the details on this program! 

Rod Armalin, Chief 
Sierra Madre Police Department