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Mountain View News Saturday, February 26, 2022 
Mountain View News Saturday, February 26, 2022 
South Pasadena Condemns Rover Celebrates First Year Assemblymember Holdenits History as a Sundown Town on Mars by Learning to Run Bridges the Digital Divide 

Assemblymember Chris

Earlier this month, The variety of cultural backgrounds, 

Holden last week introduced

South Pasadena City Council countries, and sounds; Support 

AB 2748 that will update the 

approved a resolution an annual community forum 

Digital Infrastructure and Video 

condemning the city’s history in demonstration of South 

Competition Act (DIVCA) of 

as a sundown town and past Pasadena’s commitment to 

2006, an outdated state law, to 

practices of institutionalized promote diversity, equity and 

directly address modern issues

racism. The resolution has been inclusion in the community; 

with broadband connectivity,

posted online, and on social hosted by Assistant to the 

subscriber discrimination by

media according to city officials. City Manager Tamara Binns; 

telecommunications providers,

The 5-0 Council vote in support Continue to support the spirit 

and other digital equity barriers 

of the Resolution included the of inclusionary initiatives 

that effect Californian’s ability

following recommendations; proposed by county legislation, 

to access high-quality video 

-Adopt a resolution entitled budget proposals, and policies 
and broadband services.

“Resolution of the City Council that would reverse past racist

 DIVCA was originally passed in 

of the City of South Pasadena policies and reduce racial 

2006 to encourage competition

Condemning the City’s History disparities consistent with this 

in the cable market, with its 

as a Sundown Town and Past Resolution, and actively oppose 

intent to benefit consumers by

Practices of Institutionalized state and county legislation, state strengthen its oversight for

lowering prices and promoting

Racism.” budget proposals, and policies cable internet service providers 

expansion of service, including

-Direct staff to attend that would impede the goals of to ensure that Californians of
broadband. Over 15 years,

information sessions on the the Resolution Condemning any income level regardless

later it is clear that DIVCA has

Government Alliance on Race the City’s History as a Sundown of zip code have equal access

fallen short of its promises.

& Equity (GARE) and discuss Town and Past Practices of to service. Even in my own

For example, thousands of

the membership with our Institutionalized Racism”; district, there are households

households across the state lack 

neighboring cities. Continue to promote diversity that are prevented from buying

access to broadband service,

-Direct staff to engage in the in the membership of city floor – the first step in the Mars the highest quality of fiber 
even in urban areas where

following Equity-Developing commissions; and continue to NASA’s Perseverance rover Sample Return campaign. internet service because of their 

has notched up a slew of “donut holes” of service remain

Activities: Review the deeds of provide diversity, equity, and “The samples Perseverance address.” 

firsts since touching down on in areas that ought to be served This bill would leverage the

properties currently owned by inclusion training for all city has been collecting will provide 
the city or owned in the future employees. Mars one year ago, on Feb. a key chronology for the by existing companies. Further, state’s licensing authority over

DIVCA’s outdated anti-


in coordination with LA County Residents are welcome to attend 18, 2021, and the six-wheeled formation of Jezero Crater,” said cable companies, who

discrimination statutes and

Registrar Recorder adoption the upcoming Government scientist has other important Thomas Zurbuchen, associate among the largest internet 

accomplishments in store a lack of focus around digital 

and implementation plan; Alliance on Race & Equity administrator of NASA’s service providers in the state, 

as it speeds toward its new equity issues generate little by obligating them to serve

remove any existing racially information session being held Science Mission Directorate

destination and a new science incentive for providers to give 

restrictive housing covenants; on Tuesday, February 22 at 10 in Washington. “Each one is the public under the highest 

equal service to low-income 

and for any property purchased a.m. Pacific and Tuesday, March campaign. carefully considered for its standards and in a manner 

Weighing roughly 1 ton (1,025 and unserved areas.

in the future remove the racially 22, 2022 at 10 a.m. scientific value.” that ensures equal access to 

kilograms), Perseverance is the “At the end of the day, we know 

restrictive housing covenant For more information or to Counting the Eons service. This legislation builds 

heaviest rover ever to touch that affordable, reliable access upon the federal Digital

prior accepting property; Hire register for the sessions visit: Two more samples will be

down on Mars, returning to and high-quality broadband Equity Act, passed as part of

artists to perform at the Music collected in coming weeks 

in the Parks reflecting a wide dramatic video of its landing. from the “Ch’al” rock type is necessity for living in the 21st President Biden’s Infrastructure 
The rover collected the first century and that the digital Investment and Jobs Act, as

(named with the Navajo term

rock core samples from another divide is not just a rural problem well as previous efforts in the

for “frog”), a set of dark, rubbly

planet (it’s carrying six so far), but, an urban problem,” said state legislature to strengthen

Contest to Raise Awareness rocks representative of what’s

served as an indispensable seen across much of the crater Assemblymember Chris the state’s oversight of cable

of the Armenian Genocide base station for Ingenuity, the Holden. “This bill will help the companies.

floor. If samples of these rocks

first helicopter on Mars, and 

are returned to Earth, scientists

tested MOXIE (Mars Oxygen

State Senator Anthony Legislative Caucus’ annual think they could provide an SAN MARINO CRIME BLOTTER

In-Situ Resource Utilization

Portantino announced Armenian Advocacy Experiment), the first age range for Jezero’s formation 

and the lake that once resided

Thursday that the California Day and receive special prototype oxygen generator on For the period of Sunday, stop on a vehicle and


Armenian Legislative recognition from the the Red Planet. February 13 through contacted the driver and

Scientists can approximate

Caucus is holding two members of the Armenian Perseverance also recently Saturday, February 19 suspect to be in violation of

the age of a planet or moon’s 

scholarship contests for Caucus. Original artwork broke a record for the most surface by counting its impact the San Marino Police CVC 14601. the suspect was 
the 2022 remembrance of will possibly display in the distance driven by a Mars rover craters. Older surfaces have Department responded to issued an own recognizance

in a single day, traveling almost

the Armenian Genocide. California State Capitol. had more time to accumulate 510 calls for service. One citation and was released

1,050 feet (320 meters) on Feb.

California high school Students may enter both impact craters of various residential burglary, zero from the scene.

14, 2022, the 351st Martian 

students from 9th grade contests, but submissions sizes. In the case of the Moon, commercial burglaries, and 8:45 A.M. / 902T – Traffic

day, or sol, of the mission.

through 12th grade are must be entered separately. And it performed the entire scientists were able to refine zero attempted commercial Collision without Injuries 
invited to participate in an Essay Scholarship Awards: drive using AutoNav, the self-their estimates by analyzing burglaries occurred during Huntington Drive and Del

Apollo lunar samples. They’ve

essay contest and/or a visual First Place: $1,000 driving software that allows the reporting week. The Mar Avenue

taken those lessons to narrow

arts contest to increase Second Place: $750 Perseverance to find its own following is a summary Officers responded to a

down the age estimates of 

greater awareness of the Third Place: $500 path around rocks and other report of the key incidents traffic collision involving

surfaces on Mars. But having

Armenian Genocide on its Visual Art Scholarship obstacles. handled by the San Marino two vehicles.

rock samples from the Red 

anniversary. Awards: The rover has nearly wrapped Planet would improve crater-Police Department during 8:26 P.M. / PC 459 – 

up its first science campaign in

All winners will be contacted First Place: $1,000 based estimates of how old the this reporting timeframe. Residential Burglary

Jezero Crater, a location that

directly and announced by Second Place: $750 surface is – and help them find Sunday, February 13 1900 Block of Endicott Road

contained a lake billions of

the California Armenian Third Place: $500 more pieces of the puzzle that is No significant incidents to Unknown suspect(s) made

years ago and features some of

Legislative Caucus on April The deadline for all essay Mars’ geological history. report for this date. entry into the location.

the oldest rocks Mars scientists

15. All winners will be and visual arts submissions is have been able to study up “Right now, we take what Monday, February 14 Unknown suspect(s) then 
we know about the age of

awarded scholarships and April 8, 2022. For questions close. Rocks that have recorded 3:35 A.M. / 902T – Traffic fled from the location in

impact craters on the Moon

acknowledged contact Ryan Ahari via email Collision without Injuries direction by

will be at and preserved environments and extrapolate that to Mars,” an unknown 

the California Armenian at: that once hosted water are Huntington Drive and unknown means.

said Katie Stack Morgan, 

Cambridge Road Thursday, February 17

Perseverance’s deputy 

project scientist at NASA’s Officers responded to a solo 11:15 A.M. / PC 459 – 
Jet Propulsion Laboratory in vehicle traffic collision. Vehicle BurglarySouthern California, which 2:23 P.M. / Found Property San Marino Police 
manages the rover mission. 3100 Block of Huntington Department Lobby

“Bringing back a sample from Drive Unknown suspect(s)
this heavily cratered surface in A report was made for entered victim’s vehicle,

Jezero could provide a tie-point 

documentation purposes for took property, and then fled

to calibrate the Mars crater 

found property. in an unknown direction by

dating system independently, 

9:28 P.M. / PC 368 – Elder unknown means.
instead of relying solely on the 

Abuse 6:54 P.M. / 902T – Traffic

lunar one.”

 The mission hasn’t been 1500 Block of Virginia Road Collision without Injuries 
without challenges. The rover’s A report was taken for Sierra Madre Boulevard and 
first attempt at drilling a rock elder abuse and is under Oakwood Drive 
core came up empty, prompting investigation. Officers responded to a 
an extensive testing campaign Tuesday, February 15 traffic collision involvingto better understand fragile 9:29 A.M. / Found Property two vehicles. 

rocks. The team also needed 

1200 Block of Rosalind Road 11:03 P.M. / 901T – Traffic

to clear out pebbles that had 

A report was made for Collision with Injuries

dropped into the part of the 

documentation purposes for Huntington Drive and South

sampling system that holds the 

found property. Los Robles Avenue

drill bits.

 Perseverance’s airborne 10:00 A.M. / 902T – Traffic Officers responded to a 
companion, NASA’s Ingenuity Collision without Injuries traffic collision involvingMars Helicopter, has proven Lorain Road and San Marino two vehicles. 
similarly plucky: It was Avenue Friday, February 18 
grounded for almost a month Officers responded to a 10:05 A.M. / PC 664/484 –
following a dust storm before traffic collision involving Attempt of Theft 

recently resuming its flights. 

two vehicles. 3000 Block of Monterey

Originally slated to fly five 

4:09 P.M. / PC 530.5 – Road
times, the rotorcraft has 

Identity Theft Unknown suspect(s)

successfully completed 19 

600 Block of Canterbury approached the victim’s

flights now, providing a new 
perspective of Martian terrain Road truck in attempt to take 
and helping Perseverance’s Victim reported use of the victim’s gardening 
team to plan the path ahead. personal identity for equipment from the bed of 

To the west of “Octavia E. Butler fraudulent activities. the victim’s truck. 
Landing,” where Perseverance 10:53 P.M. / CVC 14601 – 4:23 P.M. / PC 978.5 – Bench 
started its journey, are the Driving while License is Warrant 

remains of a fan-shaped delta 

Suspended/Revoked Huntington Drive and

formed by an ancient river as 

Huntington Drive and San Blackstone Road

it fed the lake in Jezero Crater. 

Marino Avenue Officers conducted a

Deltas accumulate sediment 

Officers conducted a traffic traffic stop on a vehicle

over time, potentially trapping 

organic matter and possible stop on a vehicle and and identified the driver 
biosignatures – signs of life – contacted the driver and and suspect to be have an 
that may be in the environment. suspect, to be in violation of outstanding warrant. the 
That makes this destination, CVC 14601. the suspect was suspect was issued an own 
which the mission expects to issued an own recognizance recognizance citation and 
reach this summer, a highlight citation and was released released from the scene. 

of the year to come. 

from the scene. Saturday, February 19

A key objective for 

Wednesday, February 16 9:01 A.M. / Found Property

Perseverance’s mission on 

2:31 A.M. / CVC 14601 – 1500 Block of Pasqualito
Mars is astrobiology, including 

Driving while License is Drive

the search for signs of ancient 

microbial life. The rover Suspended/Revoked A report was made for 
will characterize the planet’s Huntington Drive and documentation purposes for 
geology and past climate, pave Fletcher Avenue found property. 
the way for human exploration Officers conducted a traffic 
of the Red Planet, and be the 
first mission to collect and 
cache Martian rock and regolith 
(broken rock and dust).

For more about Perseverance: and: 

Catch breaking news at:
prime locations to search for 
signs of ancient microscopic 
Using a drill on the end of 
its robotic arm and a complex 
sample collection system in its 
belly, Perseverance is snagging 
rock cores from the crater 
The rover has racked up aseries of accomplishments,
including new distance 
records, as it reaches the 
end of the first of several 
planned science campaignson the Red Planet. 

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