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Pasadena city officials 
announced Tuesday efforts 
to expand free public Wi-Fi 
service to all 33 city parks and 
park facilities after receiving 
a $1.5 million grant from the 
Department of Housing and 
Urban Development (HUD). 
The money was approved by 
the U.S. Congress last week. 
Sponsored by Senator 
Dianne Feinstein and 
Congresswoman Judy 
Chu at the request of city 
officials, the funds will be 
used to expand broadband 
access into each of the city’s 
neighborhood parks. The 
public Wi-Fi service will 
improve access to reliable 
high-speed broadband 
service and support all 
members of the community 
to work, study and stay 
connected. Several parks are 
expected to be online within 
12 months of receiving the 
grant funds. The funds will 
also improve broadband 
service at a critical City 
facility that supports police, 
fire, transit, and water 
delivery services they said. 
“Free public Wi-Fi in city 
parks and park facilities 
provides all residents, 
students and visitors reliable 
access to broadband, 
supports digital learning, 
and offers safe space for all to 
work, study, communicate, 
and participate in the digital 
economy,” Pasadena Mayor 
Victor Gordo said “We 
are proud and appreciative 
that Senator Feinstein and 
Congresswoman Chu would 
prioritize this important 
project as part of their 
requests for funding in 
the fiscal year 2022 federal 
According to a press 
statement, over the past six 
years, the City of Pasadena 
has deployed free public Wi-
Fi to 15 of 33 city parks and 
park facilities. Usage metrics 
show over 1,000 unique 
connections accessing this 
service daily and over 40,000 
connections annually—a 100 
percent increase since the 
start of the Covid pandemic. 
Free public Wi-Fi service 
is already available at all 
Pasadena public libraries and 
community centers. 
For more information visit: or call 
the Citizen Service Center 
Monday through Friday 
during business hours at 
(626) 744-7311. 
City to Expand Free Wi-FI in Public 
Pasadena Mayor Victor 
Gordo’s Housing Task 
Force announced they are 
again inviting the public 
to participate in a second 
virtual community meeting 
to discuss the future of 
housing in the city. The 
City of Pasadena’s Housing 
Element implements the 
declaration of state law 
that “the availability of 
housing is a matter of vital 
statewide importance, and 
the attainment of decent 
housing and a suitable 
living environment for all 
Californians is a priority of 
the highest order.” 
At a minimum, a 
jurisdiction’s Housing 
Element must include: 
an assessment of current 
and future housing needs; 
an analysis of potential 
constraints that affect the 
development, maintenance, 
and improvement of 
housing; an inventory 
of resources available to 
address the City’s housing 
need; an evaluation of 
current housing programs 
and accomplishments; and 
a series of goals, policies, 
and scheduled programs to 
further the development, 
improvement, and 
preservation of housing. 
The next Housing Task 
Force community meetings 
is Wednesday from 6 p.m. 
to 8 p.m. The meeting will 
be held through Zoom. 
The first meeting was held 
March 16. 
These workshops will 
discuss and gather feedback 
on future growth in the 
Pasadena, the status of the 
Housing Element, and the 
state’s comments on the 
draft Housing Element. 
To participate sign 
in at: us02web.zoom. 
By Dean Lee 
With very little discussion 
Monday night, the 
Pasadena city council 
unanimously approved 
allowing the Rose Bowl 
Operating Company to 
hold two major Rose Bowl 
stadium concerts in June, 
both with an unknown 
headlining band. Each 
concert is expected to 
have approximately 60,000 
According to the city 
staff report, Darryl Dunn 
General Manager Rose 
Bowl Operating Company 
said that the promoter, 
KAMP Global Inc, has 
requested the artists not 
be named, the tour has 
nationwide marketing 
strategies, and the timing 
of the announcement of 
the show is very important 
to the promoter and artists 
he said. 
The events would 
be the 21st and 22nd 
displacement events for 
this year, not including the 
July 4 AmericaFest. The 
city council is required to 
vote on any displacement 
events over 15 as outlined 
in the Arroyo Seco 
The only comment 
before voting came from 
District 1 Councilmember 
Tyron Hampton who 
had concerns about the 
neighbors around the 
Rose Bowl. Dunn said 
they have worked with the 
contractors about sound, 
including from generators. 
This would include, 
speaker placement, sound 
levels, and direction of 
sound. The stage would be 
located in the south end of 
the stadium. 
A sound permit exempting 
each event from the general 
standards of the city’s noise 
ordinance would be issued 
allowing sound up to 
the limits specified in the 
Noise Element of the City’s 
General Plan. 
Although specific times 
have also not been set, 
Dunn said he expects the 
events to begin at around 3 
p.m. and end no later than 
11:00 p.m. each day. 
“A pre-event will be 
planned in order to 
attract fans to come to the 
stadium early, and other 
traffic mitigation measures 
will be put into place,” 
the staff report states. 
“Communication between 
stadium, police and 
neighborhood associations 
will occur regularly leading 
up to the concerts.” 
Dunn said the RBOC 
would generate, at least, 
$300,000 in revenue from 
each event. 
For more information 
about events at the 
Rose Bowl visit: 
ApprovesLarge MusicConcerts 
held in June 
The promoter asks, 
the city, that the 
performing bandsbe kept secret. 
Registration now open for the 
Pasadena Tournament of Roses 
anticipated #ThisGen2022: A 
Youth Empowerment Forum 
on Saturday, April 23. The 
event, which features industry 
leaders and thought-provoking 
panel discussion, is designed 
to engage Southern California 
youth and inspire them to be 
courageous, confident and 
intentional with the choices 
that impact their future. The 
half-day event will be held in 
Pasadena, outside on the front 
lawn of the Tournament House. 
With the success of the 
inaugural #ThisGen in 2019, 
#ThisGen2022 will continue 
to bring together high school 
and college-aged students 
throughout the Pasadena 
and Greater Los Angeles 
area to discuss various topics 
related to career, networking 
and personal development. 
#ThisGen2022 will run from 
8:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. 
Registration for the no 
cost, half-day event is now 
open and available online at: 
The annual event will feature 
a diverse group of speakers and 
include two panels, a breakout 
session with lunch and a 
keynote address. Speakers 
slated to attend include: 
Anedra Edwards, Visual Effects 
Editor at Marvel Studios 
Johnathan Franklin, Director 
of Social Justice and Football 
Development for the Los 
Angeles RamsBritt Johnson, On-Air Host 
& Producer for the Dallas 
CowboysDrew Rios, Creator at Rogue & 
Fox Floral Co. 
Kristine Rodriguez, Founder/
CEO of GRL Collective 
Jose Zelaya, Senior Character 
Designer/Visual Development 
for Walt Disney Television 
Animation Studios 
For complete speaker bios 
Registration is complimentary, 
and all Pasadena Unified School 
District (PUSD) students are 
eligible to receive six hours of 
work-based learning credits 
for graduation. The event will 
allow attendees to learn about 
breaking barriers, overcoming 
obstacles, and following their 
passions and dreams. 
For more information about 
#ThisGen2022, contact events@ 
The Tournament of Roses 
is a volunteer organization 
that hosts America’s New Year 
Celebration with the Rose 
Parade, the Rose Bowl Game 
and a variety of accompanying 
events. The Association’s 935 
volunteer members will drive 
the success of 134th Rose 
Parade themed “Turning the 
Corner,” on Monday, January 
2, 2023, followed by the 109th 
Rose Bowl Game. 
The Tournament House is 
located 391 South Orange 
Grove Blvd. 
For more information, visit: or call 
(626) 449-4100. 
Registration Now Open forYouth Empowerment Forum 
Assemblymember Chris 
Holden’s bill AB 1720 -
Care facilities: criminal 
background checks passed the 
Assembly Human Services 
Committee Wednesday with 
7-0, unanimous, bi-partisan 
“We are removing barriers 
to employment opportunities 
for all Californians,” said 
Assemblymember Chris 
Holden. “The exemption 
process would be 75 more days 
of unemployment and 75 more 
days that care facilities need 
to wait to onboard a qualified 
candidate – streamlining 
this helps care facilities and 
qualified applicants at the same 
AB 1720 would streamline the 
licensure process for those that 
have been convicted of a crime 
to ensure that an unrelated prior 
conviction does not prohibit a 
qualified, rehabilitated person 
from securing employment. 
The bill would not make major 
changes to the procedure for 
licensing foster family homes, 
certified family homes or 
resource family homes of a 
licensed foster family agency. 
AB 1720 Passes AssemblyHuman Services Committee 
After a two-year hiatus due to 
COVID, adults ages 50 to 99 
and over are invited to show off 
their athletic skills during the 
28th Pasadena Senior Games, a 
series of 15 competitive sporting 
events ranging from archery 
to track and field in June and 
July. Previous competition 
experience is not required. 
Beginning April 20, athletes 
are encouraged to visit: and 
click on Activities & Events, then 
Senior Games to register for the 
athletic competitions that will 
take place in the Pasadena area. 
Fees are $35 per participant plus 
individual event fees. 
“Every year the Pasadena 
Senior Games promotes healthy 
lifestyles for older adults 
through education, fitness 
and the spirited competition 
of sports,” said Akila Gibbs, 
executive director of the 
Pasadena Senior Center. “These 
remarkable athletes are shining 
examples of the benefits of an 
active lifestyle that embraces 
health and vitality. We’re so 
happy the Senior Games are 
Another way to participate in 
the Pasadena Senior Games is 
to volunteer for positions that 
include registering athletes, 
timing, scoring, manning water 
stations and more. Volunteers of 
all ages may call Renee Uriarte at 
626-685-6724 or email reneeu@ 
In addition to online classes, 
onsite events and other 
activities, members and 
nonmembers of the Pasadena 
Senior Center are encouraged 
to visit the website regularly for 
a monthly magazine, free food 
delivery for older adults in need, 
COVID updates specifically for 
older adults and more. 
The center, at 85 E. Holly St., is an 
independent, donor-supported 
nonprofit organization that 
has served older adults for 
more than 60 years. During the 
pandemic, doors are open for 
social services and other critical 
services for older adults in need. 
In accordance with Pasadena 
Public Health Department 
guidelines, proof of COVID 
vaccination is required for 
everyone who uses the fitness 
center or attends onsite 
activities indoors. Masks are 
Registration Opens for 2022Pasadena Senior Games 
Athletes 50 to 99 and over 
Invited to Participate