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The June 4th edition of this paper will be dedicated to the Class of 2022! In order to be included, please send your grads senior picture, their full name, age and school. These grads 

SATURDAY, MAY 7, 2022 VOLUME 16 NO. 19VOLUME 16 NO. 19 
are making history, our the Mountain Views News wants to give them something else to remember! Send to: Subject: Class of 2022 
Listed at $1,599,000 | Sold for $1,940,000 
330 Toyon Road | $1,035 per foot 
3 beds | 3 baths | 1,875 sqft | 16,415 sqft lot 
x beds | x baths | x,xxx sqft. 
Jan Greteman 626.975.4033 
lic #01943630 
Judy Webb-Martin 626.688.2273 
lic #00541631 
Katie Orth 626.688.0418 
lic #00942500 
Q1 2022 
DAYSQ1 2021 
Q1 2022 Q1 2021 
Q1 2022 
Q1 2022 
Q1 2021 
Listed at $2,399,000 
471 Auburn Avenue | 
4 beds | 4 baths | 3,679 sqft | 11,179 sqft lot 
real estate 
We continue to be so appreciative of all our clients 
whom we have been able to support. Despite 
everything, we are NEVER too busy to support you. 
Feel free to reach out to any of us with questions 
about the market and/or if you are interested in 
moving forward with selling or buying a home. 
The 2022 Fourth of July Parade 
Grand Marshal will 
be Sierra Madre’s very own 
Chris Cimino. 

“The Grand Marshal is a person 
or persons whose efforts 
over a long period of time has 
been beneficial to the community 
of Sierra Madre. The title 
of Grand Marshal is intended 
to honor a person or persons’ 
volume of work, dedication and 
overall enhancements to our 

Chris Cimino came to Sierra 
Madre when he was two years 
old. After growing up in town 
and running the streets, as 
young people do, at eighteen,
he started work for the City 
of Sierra Madre on the weed 
abatement crew. He continued 
to work for the City in a number 
of capacities until present 
where he currently serves as 
the Director of Public Works. 
Throughout those years Chris 
was in integral part of numerous 
community projects and efforts 
like new water reservoirs 
through the City, the rebuilding 
of the City pool, Recreation 
Center, rebuilding sport fields, 
countless projects but none 
the most front and center as 
the most recently completed 
upgrade of Kersting Court. 
He is also dedicated to the Sierra 
Madre Pioneer Cemetery 
where he lovingly maintains 
the grounds and helps relatives 
plan for their deceased ones, 
with loving care and understanding. 
Over the years, Chris 
has assisted the residents in 
a number of ways, both in his 
role with the City but also as 
a volunteer with a number of 
civic groups like Sierra Madre 
Little League, Pony Colt, Girls 
Softball and St. Rita’s. Chris and 
his wife Pam settled in Sierra 
Madre and raised three children, 
adults now, and truly live 
up to the motto of the community 
spirit that is Sierra Madre. 

Left to right: Chris Cimino, Dan Bell and Carol Canterbury. Photo courtesy July 4th Committee 


 Additionally, the Committee 
is proud and honored to announce 
that Dan Bell and Carol 
Canterbury have been selected 
as “Hometown Heroes”. AKA 
and not even related Mr. and 
Mrs. Sierra Madre in their own 

Dan Bell was born and raised in 
Sierra Madre, the grandson of 
the Canyon’s very own Mary of 
Mary’s Market. As a youngen 
in town Dan worked at Taylors 
and Happy’s Liquor eventually 
working at the Recreation Center 
running youth activities and 
other community service programs 
including liaison with 
downtown merchants. Finding 
a calling in Public Service Dan 

has gone on to work for several 
municipalities over the years 
including Monrovia, Glendale 
and now the City of Ontario. 
But Dan never waivered far 
from home still staying activelyinvolved in his town of Sierra 

What can we anyone say about 
Carol Canterbury who exemplifies 
the love, energy, uniqueness, 
and spirit of our community! 
Some swear she has purple 
wings! Carol is the embodiment 
of the Sierra Madre spirit. For 
every city-wide event wherever 
you look, there is Carol. Always 
ready to lend a helping hand, a 
ride, a tour in her golf cart, or 
a smile, Carol has dedicated her 
time and heart to our amazing 
City. From Winter Village, 
the Wisteria Festival, the Firecracker 
fun-run she always has 

her finger on the pulse of Sierra 
Madre. Daily, you can find her 
on Facebook promoting businesses, 
events, and her fellow 
residents. There is nobody that 
doesn't know Carol. 

Join us for the 2022 parade on 
July 4th, from 10:00am – 12:00 
Parade Registration is now 
open through June 5. 

For questions regarding parade 
registration please contact 
the 4th of July Committee at 
com or the Community Services 
Department at 626.355.5278. 

For more information on all of 
the 4th of July Festivities, please 
visit https://www.sierramadrefourthofjuly.


A four-hour meeting filled with 
discussion and public comment 
yields no conclusion. 

By Kevin McGuire 

The Sierraa Madre Planning Commission 
met before a packed house 
for a whopping four hours Thursday 
to further discuss the project at 
The Meadows at Bailey Canyon. 

Chair William Pevsner, Vice-Chair,
Thomas Denison, and Commissioners 
Peggy Dallas, John Hutt, 
and Bob Spears were in attendance 
for this sold-out show. Vincent 
Gonzalez, Director of Planning and 
Community Preservation, was also 
available remotely. 

In this public hearing, which was a 
continuation of the April 7th meeting, 
the Commission’s goal was to 
do the following, based on the substantial 
evidence presented. 

• Certify the EnvironmentalImpact Report (EIR) and adopt theMitigation Monitoring and Reporting 
• Approve the Specific Plan 
• Approve amendments to 
the General Plan and Land Use and 
Zoning Codes and Zoning Map tochange the project site from Institutional 
to Single-Family ResidentialSpecific Plan Overlay
• Approve the Lot Line Adjustment, 
• Approve the DevelopmentAgreement.
If and when tasks are voted upon 
by the commission, 
the results will be in 
the hands of the CityCouncil. 

The public has had 
many opportunities 
to comment on The 
Meadows (at the Monastery), 
which proposes 
42 homes and a 
recreational park on 
the property. Some of 
the ongoing concerns 

• Increased 
• Disruption ofsmall-town 
• Water usage, 
• Fire danger 
More fuel was added to this community 
hot topic when the city 
agreed to adjust the Land Use Map,
Zoning Codes, and Zoning Map to 
accommodate the ministerial project, 
the proceeds from which is said 
to be needed for the benefit of retired 

Thirteen action items were addressed 
since the April 7 meeting,
including a site tour, a request for 
a road-widening update from the 
applicant, a request for a site map 
of the retreat center, and a draft of 
a table comparing the specific plan 
development standards and 

R-1 development standards. 

As part of public comment, Attorney 
Gary Bascio spoke on behalf of 
Attorney Beverly Grossman Palmer, 
retained by organized opponents 
against the project. Mr. Bascio, a 
committee member of one of the 
groups, brought issues to the legalities 
of the Lot Line Adjustments, 
the lack of public input on the EIR, 
and commented on tree removal 

The EIR draft was available to the 
public for a 90-day review. 

The Lot Line Adjustments will alter 
lot lines but won’t result in new lots. 
The intent, according to developers, 
is to delineate the Retreat Cen

ter, the residential development, 
and the park as individual lots. 

It was approximately two hours and 
30 minutes into this meeting before 
the rest of the audience had a 
chance to chime in with both positive 
and negative comments. 

Resident Alex Arrietta called for 
recirculation of the EIR to the public 
for more input. “I’m very concerned 
about the EIR even being 
considered that it could be finalized 
and ratified with all the significant 
concerns that have already been 
communicated including with the 
lot line adjustment and the issue 
around Carter,” Arrietta stated. 

(continued on page 3) 

AZUSA $1,099,000 

4 bed 3.5 bath 2,995 sf 
Newer home in the Rosedale 
Community of Azusa 

PASADENA $849,000 

1 bed 1 bath 715 sf 
Great opportunity to build in prime 
NE Pasadena. Avail 5/2/22 

SIERRA MADRE $1,100,000 
3 bed 1.5 bath 1,282 sf 
Traditional Home with Remodeled 
Kitchen and Mountain Views

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