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OPERATION FAIRYTALE: B4B4 Mountain View News Saturday, June 4,2022 

By Meghan Malooly, Paper Heart Concierge Services 

This week I’m not just spotlighting an individual. I'm 
shining a light on a group of people that did somethingmagical, Operation Fairytale. Sierra Madre Gives backhosted this amazing event and I am so excited to showgratitude to everyone who helped these incrediblyhardworking and deserving kids have a carefree andbeautiful prom! 

Something I’ve come to realize about myself is that I love making others happy.
Hence, Operation Fairytale. I contacted all the local high schools and met Dr.
Elisa Perez from Blair Highschool in Pasadena. She told me about their amazingInternational Program and thought that they might be interested. From there it 
just exploded. They not only needed dresses but everything that accompanies 
prom. So, I took a deep breath, ate a french fry and did what I do best, talk. I 
contacted hair stylists, makeup artists, and of course posted on our facebookpage. The response was overwhelming. We had over 50 gorgeous dresses andmultiple suits donated. 

I am so impressed with everyone's generosity. So many people stepped up to help.
Our very own local, Luis Ayala, donated four suits from his resale business. Theday before prom we realized that we needed a different size. So, I threw a hailmary. I called Friar Tux in Arcadia, explained the situation and they said theywould see what they could do. After a restless night of stress dreams about suitsand dresses I woke up to a miracle. A supervisor personally went through theirinventory to find what we needed. I was in shock. They generously donated 1 brandnew suit, 2 pocket squares, 2 ties and 2 pairs of mens dress shoes. When I went 

to keep everyone on time. After over 6 hours of eye shadow, hairspray and nail polish everyone emerged looking flawless. All that was left to do was pass out the gorgeous corsages and boutonnieresthat the incredible Lisa Cardella from “Ixora Floral Studio” donated. Before they left Anna’s husband, Brian Vales, a fantastic photographer, who owns “Of Mind Media”, brought a photo shoot setup.
Allowing the kids to send professional photos to their families that live out of the country! While being surrounded by the amazing dresses, terrifyingly high high heels and rows of lipstick was fun, itwas truly all of the amazing volunteers that made that day happen. I will never forget this amazing experience. Thank you to everyone that donated a dress, suit, time, anything at all! Because of you,
ALL OF YOU, those kids had a night to remember! 


Annually, the Sierra Madre Rose Float Association is proud to award a scholarship to a qualified college-bound student or college freshman 
who meets the following qualifications: 

1. Applicants must currently be a student in or just completing their senior year of high school or be a college freshman with a minimum 
GPA of 3.0. 
2. Applicants must have been active in one or more Sierra Madre Rose Float Association activities such as fundraising, design, construction, 
decorating or as a past or present float rider. 
An application form and service recommendation form must be completed and returned with unofficial transcripts. An official transcript 
may be required from the scholarship recipient. 

For any questions or to receive a scholarship application packet, please email, 
All forms must be postmarked or sent by E-mail to NO LATER than June 15, 2022. You may 
email any questions to 

to pick it up the woman who handed i t 
to me had tears in eyes saying how 
grateful she was that we were doingthis. 
I have to admit that one of 
my favorite things is to have mymakeup done, not that I’ve had a 
reason to do so lately, my cats love mewith or without makeup! But there's 
something so exciting about it! So Dr.
Perez and I were on a mission to make it 
happen! Luckily we came across 4 verytalented women: Anastassia (Anna)
Vales, Justine Gonzazlez, Madeline 
Adamo and Andromeda Legegorreta.
These lovely ladies brought the houseDOWN. The girls looked beyondbeautiful. Andromeda owns an eyelashextension service called “Wiked Lashes By Andromeda” and generously offered her services. Anna, who owns “Anna Makes Me Pretty” was our lead stylist and made an organized and clear schedule
Pasadena High School Senior Miguel Roybal Monzo delivered 
an inspirational speech at last week’s State of Schools. Miguel isa “progressive Latino advocate for civil rights, critical pedagogyand restorative justice in and out of the classroom.” A musicianwho plays guitar and piano and writes his own music, he’s alsocomposing a bright future for himself and his community. He’sa founding member of PUSD’s Think Tank, a diverse collectiveof high school students from across the District who tackle issuesrelated to equity, mental health, and curriculum. Miguel hasattended PUSD schools for his entire K-12 education and was in 
the first kindergarten class that launched the District’s Spanishdual-language immersion program at San Rafael Elementary.
He then moved on to Blair Middle School, and to Pasadena 
High School’s Law and Public Service Academy. He said, “PUSDprovides students with the resources to interact with, make friendswith, and have essential discussions with students from different 
racial backgrounds, ethnic identities, sexual orientations, genderidentities, and socio-economic backgrounds.” However, he said,
more needs to be done to make PUSD everything it can be forthe “next generation of thinkers, the next generation of advocates, 
the next generation of PUSD students.” He looks forward to 
attending UC Berkeley in the fall and eventually becoming a civilrights attorney. Congratulations, Miguel! You make us incredibly#PUSDproud! 

Mayfield Junior School Celebrates the Arts 

(PASADENA, CA) – Traditionally, the month of May at Mayfield Junior School is appropriately dedicated to the arts. This yearstudents could not contain their excitement to express their creativity. The celebration lasted a few more days than usual as aresult. 

Whether singing, dancing, acting, drawing, painting, or playing instruments, the visual and performing arts are valued andembedded into Mayfield's educational program each day. As a Holy Child school, perhaps Cornelia Connelly, the founder of theSociety of the Holy Child Jesus, said it best, "...Art is one of the most important branches of education, second only to the art ofspeaking and writing, and in some respects even beyond the languages, as it is in itself a universal language.” 

View the many opportunities for creative expression throughout Mayfield's Lower School and Middle School towards the end 
of the school year: Live Stations of the Cross led by the 6th Grade along with 3rd Grade Sacred Dancers; the 8th Grade Musical“Children of Eden”; the 90th Anniversary Mass featuring Chamber and Concert Choirs; the popular Art Show, an impressivegallery of student work held in the Greg Smith Memorial Gymnasium; the 5th Grade Musical “Oliver Jr."; Grandparents' andSpecial Friends' Day Mass featuring the 3rd Grade Choir; Kindergarten's Noah’s Ark Play; the Spring Concert featuring Concertand Chamber Choirs, MJS Orchestra, and Rock Band; and the First Grade Musical “Friendly Neighborhood Helpers.” 

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