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Arcadia High’s Class of 2022 Holly Avenue Elementary alumni paying a visit to inspire 
their elementary school colleagues before high school graduation. 
ARCADIA-- Rounding out the school year with top marks from the State, the Arcadia Unified School 
District was recently recognized by the California Department of Education (CDE) with a 2022 California 
Pivotal Practice (CAPP) Award. This award recognizes a school and/or school district for taking an 
innovative, proactive approach to reimagining teaching, learning, and important school services during 
the pandemic, where California schools saw State-mandated distance learning for the 2020-21 school year. 
“We have asked a lot from our educators, students, staff, and families throughout the pandemic,” said 
Arcadia Unified Board of Education President Leigh Chavez. 
“Earning this recognition is such a wonderful way to celebrate the incredible determination and resilience 
of everyone in Arcadia Unified, who, regardless of the obstacles and challenges of distance learning, 
banded together to not only ensure academic progress but to also support the social-emotional well-being 
of our students.” 
In its news release announcing the CAPP Award winners, the CDE explained that due to the temporary halt 
in data collection through usual annual statewide assessments, the CDE created this CAPP opportunity 
to “honor the efforts of schools and districts who designed and implemented unique opportunities and 
strategies to support students in this most challenging time.” 
“With ‘pivotal’ in this award title, I am so grateful our principals, teachers, counselors, and the entire 
staff in Arcadia Unified are being spotlighted for the ways they quickly pivoted during distance learning,” 
reflected Arcadia Unified Superintendent Dr. David Vannasdall. 
“It wasn’t just a matter of creatively pivoting to keep students connected to learning but also to keep them 
connected to mental health and wellness resources, meals, extracurricular opportunities, and so much 
more,” said Dr. Vannasdall. 
To be considered for the CAPP Award, schools and/or districts were evaluated on innovative practices 
they implemented during the 2020-21 school year in any of the following categories: Student Engagement, 
Distribution of Technology, Nutrition Services, and Social Emotional Well-Being of Students. 
“I’m incredibly proud of these schools and districts for their creativity, dedication, and innovation in the 
face of adversity,” said State Superintendent Tony Thurmond. 
“These schools led incredible efforts to engage students, distribute technology, provide meals, and support 
the social and emotional well-being of students during an incredibly difficult time for schools and families.” 
In total, 727 schools and 121 school districts in California have earned CDE CAPP recognition. For Arcadia 
Unified, in addition to the district being named a CAPP recipient, Holly Avenue Elementary also received 
CAPP honors. 
The CDE advised that the CAPP Award is temporarily replacing the California Distinguished Schools 
program, which the CDE plans to return to in 2023. Over the years, each Arcadia Unified elementary 
and middle school has been recognized as a California Distinguished School by the CDE. Most recently, 
Dana Middle School earned a 2021 California Distinguished School Award, and Holly Avenue Elementary 
received this recognition in 2020. Both Holly Avenue and Longley Way Elementary Schools were named 
California Distinguished Schools in 2018. 
In addition to its CDE awards, Arcadia Unified has also been recognized as being in the top 1% of the Best 
School Districts in America, the top 10 Best School Districts in California, and the top three Best School 
Districts in the Los Angeles area, according to Niche. With at least one full-time counselor available on 
each Arcadia Unified campus, Arcadia Unified’s student-centered programs and strategies, such as The 
Leader in Me, Universal Design for Learning (UDL), Restorative Practices, Multi-Tiered System of Support 
(MTSS), and more, are implemented districtwide to meet the district’s stated Local Control Accountability 
Plan (LCAP) goals. 
For more details on the CAPP Award, visit, and for more information about the Arcadia Unified 
School District, visit 
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Preschool - and TK - 8th Grade 
Principal: Cindy Harmon 
Newspaper Fun! 
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Kids: color 
stuff in! 
Always wear protective... ...gear when riding bikes or scooters. 
When School’s Out, Safety’s In! 
Eeek! Head 
for the nest... 
er, shelter. 
3 4 5 
9 10
13 14 
1. Stay in the shallow end of a _______ until you learn to swim. 
2. Pack picnic food away in the __________ after you 
are done eating (help prevent food poisoning). 
3. Head indoors at the first sign of lightning or thunder when a ________ is coming. 
4. At the __________, climb on equipment using two hands. On the slide, wait 
for the person in front of you to finish sliding before taking your turn. 
5. Before you have friends over to play outside, ask them if they 
have any __________ to bee stings, plants or any foods. 
6. Offer your __________ water often and don’t leave them in the car. 
7. Wear your __________ when bicycling – plus pads when 
riding a scooter or rollerblading. 
8. Drink plenty of ________ when out in the heat to avoid heat stroke. 
9. Never leave a burning __________ unattended. 
10. Before hiking, learn what poisonous __________ such as poison ivy look like. 
11. At the beach, pay attention to the tides and stay in the view of your __________. 
12. Where __________ are being used, keep at a safe distance. 
When school is out, you will have to take care 
of yourself a little more. Make sure that safety is 
in your day as well as fun, fun, fun! 
During vacation there is more free time to enjoy, 
and there are lots of things you can do outside 
every day. Thinking about safety is smart. For 
example, protective equipment is a “no-brainer” 
when skateboarding and practicing tricks. 
I always wear a helmet and I don’t mind 
wearing the knee and elbow pads either. 
13. When outside, stay with __________ 
and don’t talk to strangers. 
14. To prevent a ________ put on 
sunscreen before going outside. 
15. If you have to stay home alone, 
have a sheet of phone 
________ handy and 
know where your 
parents are (address). 
Read the clues to fill in the safety puzzle: 
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