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Mountain View News Saturday, September 10, 20228 Mountain View News Saturday, September 10, 20228 
Peter Dills Knows 

During the Lunar New Year, many food items are a representation 
of the culture that is looking for luck and prosperity. What 
type of dishes can you enjoy if you are in the mood to celebrate? 
Fish is number 1 (one) in fact it is a requirement at the Lunar 
New Year dinner table, the reason is that the word fish (yu) goes 
with the word for surplus. 

Oranges are also a holiday tradition, the word tangerine (gam) 
means gold, please don’t ask how I got oranges and tangerines 
mixed up, just treat this as a brief history lesson. 

Rice… ? You bet sticky rice represents togetherness. People of 
the Philippines, a predominate Catholic country with a lot of 

Chinese people share a dish called (Tikoy) sticky rice fried in 
an egg batter, (try ordering that at your local Panda Express) the 
stickiness again represents close relations with friends and family. 

Dairy is also used in many dishes, the “white” symbolizes to purify what’s dark, as the moon 
does in the night. 

No matter if it’s Panda Inn, PF Chang’s or Egg Roll Express here a few of my favorite Chinese 

• Lettuce Wraps 
• Peking Duck 
• Dumplings 
• Spring Rolls 
• Hot and Sour Shrimp 
• Chicken 
Fun Fact 
The Fortune Cookie isn’t Chinese at all, well at least it wasn’t invented in China, the cookie hails 
from San Francisco, also home of the white go container with the handle, now you know! 
Peter Dills wishing you prosperityGung hay fat choy 

ALL THINGS By Jeff Brown 

The NRA's ideal world by Wiilam Falk "the Week" editor You might not have realized it, but 
our country is getting safer every day. How can that be? you might ask. Didn't the murder rate 
soar 30 percent in 2020, and isn't violent crime up nearly everywhere? Isn't there, on average, 
more than one mass shooting of four or more people every day — including a crazed gun-
man's barrage of 33 shots in a New York City subway this week? Yes, true enough, but look at 
the bright side: The sale of deadly weapons has been surging at a record pace for years, with 
nearly 40 million firearms sold in 2020 and 2021. Better yet, in 25 states, you can now legally 
buy and carry a firearm without a permit, testing, or training. 

For decades, the National Rifle Association and Second Amendment absolutists have assured 
us that the more guns there are in our communities, the safer — and "more polite,"
lol! — we'll all be. With nearly 400 million guns now in American hands, surely we must be 
the safest nation in the world. 

Actually, no. All those guns have turned our streets, schools, and homes into a 21st-century 
version of the Wild West, with tens of thousands of casualties. Nine mass shootings erupted 
on a recent weekend, leaving eight dead and 60 wounded, including a gunfight at acar show in Arkansas that left 27 people — including six children —injured. Road-rage 
shootings have become daily events. 

When people feel disrespected on the road, Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner said, "now instead 
of throwing up the finger, they're pulling out the gun and shooting." In NRA dogma, 
the best response to this endless carnage is to arm yourself and prepare to shoot back. So, 
when a "bad guy"sprays bullets in a crowded bar, theater, school, workplace, or subway, "good 
guys" can whip out their guns and return fire, while the unarmed dive under chairs. Doesn't 
that vision fill you with warm feelings of safety? 


Forever Stamp to Rise Three Cents 

WASHINGTON, DC — The United States Postal Service filed notice with the Postal 
Regulatory Commission (PRC) of price changes to take effect Jan. 22, 2023. The new 
rates include a three-cent increase in the price of a First-Class Mail Forever stamp from 
60 cents to 63 cents. 

If favorably reviewed by the Commission, the proposed increases will raise First-Class 
Mail prices approximately 4.2 percent to offset the rise in inflation. The price changes 
have been approved by the Governors of the U.S. Postal Service. 

The price for 1-ounce metered mail will increase to 60 cents, and the price to send a 
domestic postcard will increase to 48 cents. 

A 1-ounce letter mailed to another country would increase to $1.45. 

There will be no change to the single-piece letter and flat additional-ounce price, which 
remains at 24 cents. 

The Postal Service is also seeking price adjustments for Special Services products including 
Certified Mail, Post Office Box rental fees, money order fees and the cost to 
purchase insurance when mailing an item. 

The proposed Mailing Services price changes include: 

U.S. Postal Service Announces New Prices for 2023 
Product Current Prices Planned Prices 
Letters (1 oz.) 60 cents 63 cents 
Letters (metered 1 oz.) 57 cents 60 cents 
Domestic Postcards 44 cents 48 cents 
International Postcards $1.40 $1.45 
International Letter (1 oz.) $1.40 $1.45 

As operating expenses continue to rise, these price adjustments provide the Postal Service 
with much needed revenue to achieve the financial stability sought by its Delivering 
for America 10-year plan. The prices of the U.S. Postal Service remain among the 
most affordable in the world. 

The PRC will review the changes before they are scheduled to take effect. The complete 
Postal Service price filing, with prices for all products, can be found on the PRC website 
under the Daily Listings section at The Mailing Services filing is 
Docket No. R2023-1. The price tables are also available on the Postal Service’s Postal 
Explorer website at 

The Postal Service generally receives no tax dollars for operating expenses and relies on 
the sale of postage, products and services to fund its operations. 

For U.S. Postal Service media resources, including broadcast-quality video and audio 
and photo stills, visit the USPS Newsroom. Follow us on Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest 
and LinkedIn. Subscribe to the USPS YouTube channel, like us on Facebook and enjoy 
our Postal Posts blog. For more information about the Postal Service, visit 

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