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Athens will provide enhanced recycling information to customers on a quarterly basis.

Athens will work with the City on solutions to illegal dumping in the City.

and Athens will pay for the Prop 218 process

The rate increase for the most common service levels are:

Schedule of Rates Current Rates New Monthly

Residential 64/64/96 Service $38.63 $42.11

Multi-Family 3-Yard Bin Service $209.76 $233.88

Commercial 3-Yard Bin Service $208.84 $232.8

Color of Containers - Acceptable contents::

"Black Container" are to be used for the purpose of storage and collection of Solid Waste

"Blue Container'' shall be used for the purpose of storage and collection of Source Separated Recyclable 

"Green Containers" are for organic waste disposal:



 Flower and hedge trimmings

 Grass clippings

 Leaves and branches


 Lumber/Scrap wood not painted or treated



• Bread, rice, and pasta

• Cheese and dairy

• Coffee grounds and filters

• Fruits and vegetables

• Flowers and herbs

• Meat, bones, and poultry

• Seafood and soft shells

• Pet food (nonmedicated)


• Food-stained paper

• Paper egg cartons

• Paper napkins

• kitchen paper towels

• Pizza boxes

• Plates

• To-go boxes (no coating)

• Wood and fiber-based utensils

* Must be 100%.fiber-based No materials with plastic, wax, or bioplastic coating, liner, or lam


• All plastics

• Cacti, succulents, and yucca

• Compostable plastics (bioplastics)

• Coffee cups and pods

• Fats, oils, and grease

• Food stickers (please remove from items)

• Gloves

• Hard shells ( clams, mussels, oysters)

• Medication

• Palm fronds

• Paper napkins with cleaning chemicals

• Paper towels with cleaning chemicals

• Parchment and wax paper

• Pet waste

• Rocks and soil

• Rubber bands and twist ties

• Tea bags

• Textiles

• Tissues and wet wipes

For additional information and the full text of the agreement, along with enforcement procedures, 
please go to the city's website:



Mountain View News Saturday, July 1, 2023 


by Deanne Davis

“It was a good day for a parade, sunny 
and unseasonably warm, the sky a Sunday 
School cartoon of heaven.” 

Tom Perotta

“July is a blind date with summer.” Hal 

“Half the people in Sierra Madre are 
watching the parade. The other half are in 
it! Deanne Davis

Can you believe it’s July already? What a 
weekend we have coming up! Don’t make 
any plans to leave town, there’s nothing 
happening anywhere else that can match 
what we have going on.

Saturday night, that would be July 1st, it’s 
the Boot-Scootin' Chili Cook-off featuring 
food critic, Peter Dills, as the celebrity 
judge. Chili cook-offs are so much fun. 
My son won one some years ago with a 
chili recipe that featured whole green olives 
stuffed with pimentos. “Chili With 
Eyes” he called it and, while it was somewhat 
startling to look at, it was good! So, 
plan on going to that and doing some 
dancing, too.

Sunday night is the movie in the park. 
It’s “Guardians of the Galaxy” and it’s 
a really fun movie with a lot of explosions 
and silliness. Trust me, you’ll love 
it. Speaking of movies, treat yourself to 
the new live version of “The Little Mermaid.” 
It’s really good and the underwater 
photography is fantastic. The new Indiana 
Jones movie comes out this week, 
too, and I can’t wait to see that one.

Monday night is the pre-parade party 
and picnic from 5:30 to 10 p.m. or the 
Concert in the Park featuring Groovy 
Lemon Pie.

Then, at last, one of the Sierra Madre 
highlights of the year, the July 4th Parade 
is Tuesday starting at 10 a.m. The 
parade is such a great time. John and I 
always got up early, drove downtown, set 
up our chairs in front of Happy’s Liquor, 
had coffee at dear departed Beantown 
and walked all over town to see who we 
would see. Every year it just got better. 
It is actually the best parade anywhere, 
mainly because it’s stuffed with people 
we know. We loved seeing the kids from 
all the teams, the fire engines, the parents 
pulling wagons with little people in 
them looking bewildered. We admired 
the Search & Rescue Guys, waved at all 
the dignitaries smiling in the backs of 
open cars, trying not to sweat, wondering 
if they’ve got enough sunblock on, 
working hard to look responsible and 
re-electable. Our veterans carrying flags 
and please, friends and neighbors, stand 
when our flag goes by. Oh! And be sure 
you buy a rose from those nice folks in 
the Sierra Madre Rose Float Association 
to support our float, “Enchanted Music 

“You have to love a Nation that celebrates 
its independence every July 4th, not with 
a parade of guns, tanks and soldiers 
who file by the White House in a show 
of strength and muscle, but with family 
picnics where kids throw frisbees, the 
potato salad gets iffy, and the flies die 
from happiness. You may think you’ve 
overeaten, but’s it’s really patriotism.” 
Erma Bombeck


Deanne Davis

 I’ll bring the hot dogs,

You bring the beer,

The Fourth of July,

Is finally here!

Let’s walk downtown,

And watch the parade.

I hope we can find,

A place in the shade.

It’s our day to celebrate,

Our Nation’s story.

Is your hand on your heart?

Here she comes! It’s Old Glory!

Let’s stand up and cheer!

Old Glory’s passing by.

Here come our V.A. guys,

Standing so tall and straight!

Thank you, guys, for your service,

We think you’re just great!

We love those old cars,

Filled with folks that we know.

We’ll barbeque later,

A burger…or three,

A hot dog for you, some chicken for me.

We’ll have potato salad,

Sure! It’s calorie free! (Not!)

We’ll count all our blessings,

Be glad that we live in a land that is free.

Free to celebrate Independence Day,

To celebrate…Liberty!

Speaking of potato salad, I’m fond of the 
hard-boiled eggs, pickle relish, onions, 
potatoes, celery

salt and seed, pepper, dill, mustard, mayonnaise, 
a dash of 1000 Island dressing 
and of making it

a couple of days ahead of time so everything 
has a chance to get acquainted and 
develop flavor.

I’ve cut out dozens of potato salad recipes 
from magazines and various newspaper 
cooking pages

but I can’t bring myself to deviate from 
the old familiar one. I have great memories, 
though, of a potato salad made by a 
chef in Greece that featured Greek olive 
oil (he turned up his nose at any other 
kind) celery and diced scallions. Simple, 
but absolutely delicious.

Whatever you do this July 4th weekend, 
be sure you have a great time with people 
you love,

people who enjoy food, laughter, each 
other, and maybe you can sit out somewhere 
and watch the sun set, put your 
feet in the water, have another hot dog 
and delight in every minute. Somewhere 
along the way, be sure to remember that 
freedom isn’t free. It has been bought 
and paid for at great cost by people who 
gave all.

Let’s Celebrate Everything!

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Deanne Davis

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Map, A Drunken Owl

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