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Mountain View News Saturday, July 1, 2023 

All Fireworks 
Are Illegal 

in Pasadena

Federal Lawsuit Against 
LA County Alleges ADA 
Violations at Vote Centers

 Only those with a ticket 
to the sold-out soccer 
game will be allowed 
around the Rose Bowl 
Stadium July 4.

The United States Attorney’s 
Office announced that they 
filed a lawsuit Thursday 
alleging the County of Los 
Angeles had failed to comply 
with the Americans with 
Disabilities Act (ADA) at 
vote centers, that include 
Pasadena, during recent 

 The complaint filed in 
United States District Court 
seeks a court order directing 
the county to comply with 
the ADA, promptly develop 
a plan to completely remedy 
the alleged violations, and 
not further discriminate 
against individuals with 

 The lawsuit identifies specific 
vote centers in Pasadena, 
North Hollywood, Downey 
and Watts that are still in 
use, even though the federal 
government first alerted the 
county about accessibility 
deficiencies at the first three 
facilities in September 2016 
and the Watts location in July 

 Other accessibility problems 
were identified with ballot 
drop boxes used during 
the November 2020 and 
November 2022 general 

 “Voting is the bedrock 
of our democracy, and all 
voters, including those 
with disabilities, should 
have an equal opportunity 
to participate in the voting 
process. This lawsuit 
should send a strong 
message to officials across 
the country regarding the 
Justice Department’s firm 
commitment to ensuring 
polling place accessibility,” 
said Assistant Attorney 
General Kristen Clarke of the 
Justice Department’s Civil 
Rights Division.

 During the November 2022 
general election, the United 
States surveyed 52 Los 
Angeles County vote centers 
to determine if they were 
compliant with the ADA 
and applicable standards for 
accessibility. “Each of the 
surveyed vote centers had 
non-compliant elements 
or features, including, for 
example, a lack of van 
accessible parking; wide 
gaps, abrupt level changes, 
and excessive cross slopes on 
designated accessible routes; 
ramps with steep running 
slopes and without the 
required handrails; entrances 
and/or exits that were 
obstructed or too narrow, 
lacked level landings, or had 
high thresholds; interior 
routes that had protruding 
objects; and voting areas 
with narrow routes,” the 
complaint alleges.

 The lawsuit discusses 
difficulties experienced 
during the August 2019 
special election by a voter 
who uses a wheelchair. 
This voter “reported feeling 
dismayed and frustrated by 
her treatment at the polling 
place and that she felt as if she 
had lost her freedom to vote 
privately and independently 
like everyone else,” the 
lawsuit states.

 The lawsuit is part of the 
Justice Department’s ADA 
Voting Initiative, which seeks 
to increase accessibility for 
voters with disabilities across 
the country. A hallmark of 
the ADA Voting Initiative 
is its collaboration with 
jurisdictions to increase 
accessibility at vote centers or 
polling places. Through this 
initiative, the Department of 
Justice’s Civil Rights Division 
and U.S. Attorney’s Offices 
across the country have 
surveyed more than 2,700 
polling places and increased 
polling place accessibility in 
more than 50 jurisdictions, 
including Kenton County, 
Kentucky; Travis County, 
Texas; and Lycoming County, 

 Assistant United States 
Attorney Katherine M. 
Hikida of the Civil Division’s 
Civil Rights Section is 
handling this case.

 Information about the Civil 
Rights Section in the Civil 
Division of the United States 
Attorney’s Office is available 
on our website. Members 
of the public may report 
possible civil rights violations 
to our office via email to 

City to Document 710 Freeway Displacement

 Officials reminded 
residents Wednesday that 
the city maintains a zero 
tolerance enforcement 
policy for fireworks, and 
Pasadena’s municipal code 
holds property owners and 
tenants responsible for 
permitting the possession, 
sale, usage or discharge of 
fireworks on their property. 
The ordinance allows for the 
prosecution of fireworks-
related offenses and for the 
demand of payment for all 
costs associated with the 
safe disposal of confiscated 
fireworks. Any person who 
violates the ordinance or 
any state law regarding 
fireworks is subject to 
arrest; having their vehicles 
impounded; serving up to 
one year in county jail; and 
being fined up to $50,000.

 Even hand-held sparklers, 
which many consider 
safe, are dangerous and 
can reach 1,200 degrees 
Fahrenheit, causing serious 
burns or fires. National 
Fire Protection Association 
statistics reveal that a 
majority of fireworks-
related injuries are caused 
by so-called “safe and sane” 
fireworks, which are illegal 
in Pasadena.

 They also reminded 
residents of the dangers of 
animals and load noises.

"We don’t need a 'ruff' start 
to our 4th of July weekend 
so please leave the fireworks 
to the professionals because 
the noise can be harmful 
to our furry friends and 
cause anxiety and fear," fire 
officials said. 

 Help keep our 

children, our homes 
and our property—safe 
from illegal fireworks. If 
you see something, say 
something! Call Pasadena 
Police Department at 
(626) 744-4241 to report 
illegal fireworks and other 
suspicious activities.

 Pasadena police and 
firefighters are teaming 
up for special fireworks 
enforcement patrols before 
and during the Fourth of 
July holiday, and officers 
will seize fireworks in an 
effort to protect the public. 
Parking enforcement 
officers will ensure that 
vehicles illegally parked in 
Pasadena’s hillside areas on 
July 4 are impounded.

 Rose Bowl Stadium will be 
hosting a sold-out soccer 
game on July 4 at 7:30 p.m. 
Only ticket holders will be 
permitted to park in the 
area, and parking will be 
strictly enforced around the 

 The city of Pasadena 
announced Tuesday that they 
have extended the Request for 
Proposals for the 710 Freeway 
Displacement Report, a project 
to document the impact to the 
established community formerly 
located within the 710 Freeway 
relinquished area 

 According to city staff, the 
project also seeks documentation 
regarding freeway expansion at 
the national and regional level 
as well as background on the 
impacts of construction of the 
SR 210 Freeway, “The city seeks 
to understand the impacts that 
freeway expansion has had on all 
sectors of our community.”

 The project shall incorporate 
a rigorous data collection and 
analysis of the SR 710, including 
but not necessarily limited to, 
the demographic make-up of 
the people who were displaced, 
as well as the number and types 
of buildings that were removed 
(commercial, institutional, 
multi-family residential, single-
family residential, etc.). The 
report shall document the laws, 
practices, cultural environment, 
and other influences that existed 
at the time that may have 
resulted in racial discrimination 
and segregation in Pasadena. 
The project also seeks to 
include an oral history of this 
time as may be told from many 
vantage points: people who were 
displaced or family members of 
displaced residents; people who 
lost community connections 
as businesses they patronized, 
schools they attended and/or 
places they worshipped were 

 The bidding is open to 
professionals experienced in 
historical research.

 The city council has created 
the Reconnecting Communities 
710 Advisory Group (RC 710 
Advisory Group) to provide 
input on the vision, land 
use, transportation network, 
infrastructure, economics, and 
restorative justice lens through 
which these key policy topics 
may be evaluated against. 

 The displacement area of the 
SR-710 North was constructed 
over several years in the early 
1970s and displaced at least 
4,000 residents and destroyed 
1,500 homes. A majority of the 
homes were owned or rented by 
low income residents and people 
of color, According to the city’s 

 For more information visit:


Make Life 

Better Month

 The City of Pasadena Parks, 
Recreation and Community 
Services Department (PRCS) 
announces the arrival of Parks 
Make Life Better Month in July. 
This national observance is 
aimed at promoting the benefits 
of parks and recreational spaces 
that enhance the quality of life 
for residents and visitors.

 Pasadena is home to 26 parks, 
each offering unique amenities 
and recreational. Throughout 
July, residents and visitors can 
enjoy a wide array of fun-filled 
activities and events designed 
to engage the community and 
showcase all that Pasadena 
parks have to offer. Highlights 

 Parks After Dark - Families 
are invited to Pasadena parks 
on Thursdays, Fridays and 
Saturdays, July 6 - Aug. 5, to 
enjoy FREE recreation and 
fitness activities, including 
glow sports, basketball, soccer, 
boxing, swimming, outdoor 
movies, and more! View the 
Parks After Dark details.

 Community Volunteer Day - 
Join fellow residents Saturday, 
July 22, in various Pasadena 
parks for a day of cleaning 
park areas and trails. Help by 
organizing your own cleanup 
event at your local park. Gloves, 
trash bags, and trash bag drop-
off locations will be provided. 
Contact ParksAndRec@ to submit 
a request.

 Parks Make Life Better Month 
Fridays - During July, PRCS 
staff will wear “Parks Make 
Life Better” t-shirts to promote 
the month. Say hello and share 
why parks make life better for 

 Nature Walks and Activities 
- Explore the wonders and 
tranquility of Pasadena’s parks 
by exploring the Arroyo Seco. 
Discover trails, the casting 
pond, and the archery range 
while learning about the rich 
history of the Arroyo area.

 All are encouraged to 
participate in Parks Make 
Life Better Month and take 
full advantage of the fantastic 
opportunities available in 
Pasadena’s parks.

 For more information, 
call (626) 744-7300 or 
email ParksAndRec@

City Announces 4th of July 
Closures and Reminders

 Pasadena residents and 
businesses are reminded that 
City Hall and many city services 
and administrative offices will 
be closed Tuesday, July 4, in 
observance of the Independence 
Day holiday. Specific closures 
and exceptions are noted below.

 Pasadena residents and 
businesses experiencing power 
emergencies should call the 
Pasadena Water and Power 
Department (PWP) at (626) 
744-4673. For water-related 
emergencies, call (626) 744-
4138. PWP’s regular Customer 
Call Center will be closed for 
the holiday, but customers can 
access their accounts and pay 
bills online at or 
by calling (626) 744-4005.

 City trash collection will occur 
on Tuesday, July 4. There will be 
no delay in trash, recycling and 
yard waste collection.

 The City’s Citizen Service 
Center (CSC) will be closed 
Tuesday, July 4. During this 
time, CSC requests can be 
submitted via the web and by 
calling (626) 744-7311. All CSC 
requests, voicemails and emails 
will be monitored. The CSC will 
return to normal business hours 
on Wednesday, July 5, opening 
at 8 a.m.

 The City’s Municipal Services 
Payment Center and Parking 
Office at City Hall will be closed. 
All parking meters not posted 
as a “No Parking” zone will be 
free on Tuesday, July 4, and 
time limits will not be enforced. 
Violations for overnight 
parking, red curb parking, “No 
Parking” zones, and blocking 
fire hydrants will be enforced. 
Motorists are especially 
cautioned about parking 
restrictions in the Arroyo Seco 
area near Rose Bowl Stadium. 
All regular enforcement resumes 

 Pasadena Transit and Dial-A-
Ride buses will not operate on 
Tuesday, July 4.

 All Pasadena Public Libraries 
will be closed on Tuesday, July 
4. Community centers operated 
by the Parks, Recreation 
and Community Services 
Department will also be closed 
on July 4; however, all parks 
will be open for picnics, fun and 
play. No site reservations will be 
accepted for the holiday.

 The Permit Center will be 
closed on Tuesday, July 4, 
although some services will 
still be available via the Permit 
Center Online website. Online 
services include: subtrade 
permits and plan submittals 
for new construction, tenant 
improvements, accessory 
dwelling units and additions. In-
person operations will resume 
on Wednesday. To access 
our online services, please 

 Pasadena Police and Fire 
Departments will be staffed for 
all patrol, jail, fire, paramedic 
and other emergency services, 
but administrative offices will 
be closed. If you see something, 
say something; report suspicious 
activity to Pasadena Police 
at (626) 744-4241. For life-
threatening emergencies, dial 

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