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Mountain View News Saturday, December 16, 2023 

Officers File 
Racial Claims 
against the 
Police Dept.

Pasadena Senior Center 
Receives Transformative 
Seven-figure Donation

Speaking though an 
attorney, three Pasadena 
police officers announced 
Wednesday that they are 
all in the process of filing 
lawsuits against the city 
for racial discrimination 
and harassment among 
other allegations such as 
retaliation for speaking up.

 All three are still active 
in the department said 
attorney Brad Gage during 
a press conference in front 
of the Pasadena Police 

 All three are African 

 One of the officers, Taisyn 
Crutchfield, alleges that 
she was put in danger after 
officers did not respond to 
her call for backup when 
she responded to a call to a 
man with a gun.

 Both officers, Jarvis 
Shelby and Milton White 
are claiming there were 
harassed and assaulted by a 
commanding officer.

 Gage said, “If Black police 
officers are threatened or 
physically assaulted what 
does that mean for members 
of the community.”

 City officials also released 
a statement to the media, 
“There are at least two 
sides to every story, and 
complainants and their 
lawyers are free to take their 
side to the media. The City 
of Pasadena cannot respond 
in a public debate regarding 
the claims, as they involve 
personnel matters, which 
are confidential under 
California law. With that 
said, personnel complaints 
against any Pasadena police 
officers are investigated 
thoroughly and fairly, and 
all personnel throughout 
our ranks are always held 
accountable for their 


 The Pasadena Senior 
Center announced Monday 
that it has received a $1.25 
million donation from an 
anonymous donor – the 
largest gift to the center in 
the past 40 years. 

 The historic seven-figure 
gift will provide vital 
general operating support 
immediately and into the 
future. The funds will be 
partially invested in the 
center’s endowment and 
the remainder will support 
general operations for the 
next four years that will 
address pressing needs as 
they arise. 

 “We are thrilled and 
extremely grateful that this 
generous benefactor believes 
in the important work we 
do,” said Akila Gibbs, the 
center’s executive director. 
“The Pasadena community is 
aging faster than most other 
cities of the same population 
size, so this makes our 
presence and work all the 
more vital.” 

 With a mission to empower 
and enrich the lives of older 
adults through caring service 
with opportunities for social 
interaction, recreation, basic 
support and needs services, 
education, volunteerism 
and community activism, 
the Pasadena Senor Center 
opened in 1960 as the first 
nonprofit senior center in 
Southern California and one 
of the first in the nation. 

 In addition to online 
classes, onsite events and 
other activities and services, 
members and nonmembers 
of the Pasadena Senior 
Center are encouraged to 
visit the website regularly for 
a quarterly online magazine, 
free food delivery for older 
adults in need, COVID 
updates specifically for older 
adults and more. 

 The center is an independent, 
donor-supported nonprofit 
organization that has served 
older adults for more than 
60 years. Hours of operation 
are Monday through Friday 
from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. 
and Saturday from 8 a.m. to 

 For more information visit: or 
call (626) 795-4331. 

Tournament Unveils Parade Opening Act

 Buckle up for excitement as 
Pasadena Tournament of Roses 
officials announced Friday the 
names of a stellar lineup for 
the 2024 Rose Parade Opening 
Spectacular presented by Honda. 

 “Prepare to experience an 
electrifying and creative 
performance that will have you 
cheering, dancing and feeling 
the world brought together by 
the magic of music,” they said. 
“An array of incredibly talented 
performers will take the stage 
alongside Honda’s awe-inspiring 
float, ‘Keep Dreaming’.”

 To kick off the 135th Rose 
Parade, a magical convergence of 
musical brilliance awaits as four 
extraordinary artists ignite the 
atmosphere with their unique 
talents and vibrant energy – 
David Archuleta, Cassadee 
Pope, Michelle Williams and 
Rush Davis.

 David Archuleta, show-
stopping performer and hailed 
as a vocal sensation since his 
ascent on “American Idol,” 
effortlessly delves into emotional 
depths, drawing a devoted 
following across diverse musical 
landscapes with his mellifluous 
tones and heartfelt renditions. 
Cassadee Pope, whose journey 
from punk rock roots to victory 
on “The Voice” has forged her into 
a vocal powerhouse, enchants 
audiences with an emotive 
depth that permeates every 
note, paired with an undeniable 
stage magnetism. Michelle 
Williams, revered as a luminary 
of Destiny’s Child, graces the 
stage exuding charisma and 
unparalleled vocal prowess, 
firmly establishing herself as 
an iconic pioneer in the realms 
of contemporary R&B and pop 
culture. And then there’s Rush 
Davis, an artist whose mastery in 
blending genres—fusing house, 
Vogue beats, Underground club 
music with hip-hop, R&B, and 
soulful melodies—illuminates 
his performances, redefining the 
horizons of modern music with 
his innovative soundscapes. 

 Together, these four musical 
luminaries merge their talents 
to create an ensemble set to 
captivate, mesmerize, and ignite 
the stage with an electric fusion 
of their unique styles, setting the 
tone for the magnificence of the 
Rose Parade.

 Celebrating a remarkable 
30-year legacy as the parade’s 
Official Vehicle, Honda shines 
brightly once again in the 2024 
Rose Parade, marking their 14th 
consecutive year leading the 
floats as the Presenting Sponsor.

 The Rose Parade will be held 
Monday, January 1, followed by 
the CFP Semifinal at the 110th 
Rose Bowl Game. 

 For more information visit: 

Fire Spark 

of Love 

Toy Drive

Shoppers Lane Electric 
Vehicle Charging Depot

Pasadena Library to open 
New Bookstore in January

New electric vehicle (“EV”) 
charging stations are now 
available at Shoppers Lane near 
the corner of San Pasqual St. and 
South Mentor Ave. Following the 
success of the Marengo Charging 
Plaza, one of the nation’s largest 
fast-charging locations, and 
the Arroyo Electric Vehicle 
Charging Depot, Pasadena Water 
and Power (PWP) built the new 
Shopper’s Lane Charging Depot 
through a successful public-
private partnership. It features 
12 Tesla V3 Superchargers, and 
eight PWP-branded Tritium 
150-kW DC Fast-Chargers. 
The depot provides destination 
charging for consumers, and 
additional options for residents 
and visitors seeking to extend 
electric range.

 PWP continues to expand 
transportation electrification 
infrastructure, and currently 
offers over 100 publicly 
accessible EV charging stations 
throughout the City. Robinson 
Park is under construction to 
add five DC Fast Chargers, and 
20 Level 2 chargers. Victory Park 
is also under construction to add 
four DC Fast Chargers, and 21 
Level 2 chargers. Both projects 
are expected to be complete and 
operational in early 2024. Four 
new Level 2 chargers are currently 
operational at Playhouse Village 
Park with an expansion project 
of 20 additional Level 2 chargers 
currently in the design process. 
A 37-charger expansion project 
at the Del Mar Station Garage is 
also operational.

PWP EV Rebate Changes 
Starting January

 PWP reminds customers that 
PWP rebates for new plug-in 
EVs will end December 31. 
This change is part of a planned 
program update consistent 
with regional utilities and state 
programs. Please note that the 
$250 rebate for qualifying used 
EVs will continue. Customers 
can receive an additional $250 
bonus rebate if they purchase a 
used EV from a Pasadena auto 
dealer. An additional $1,000 is 
available for customers currently 
participating in PWP’s income-
qualifying programs.

 Eligible customers can also take 
advantage of upcoming changes 
to the Federal Tax Credit. 
Starting January 2024, buyers 
can transfer the tax credit to the 
car dealer at the point of sale, 
which will reduce the vehicle’s 
up-front purchase price.

 Residential electric customers 
are also eligible for a $600 rebate 
when they install a qualifying 
“Wi-Fi enabled” or “Internet 
Connected” EV charger at 
their home. Residential electric 
customers are eligible for a 
$200 rebate when they install 
a standard (Non-Wi-Fi/ Non-
Internet Connected) EV 
charger. Charger incentives are 
also available to commercial 
customers. If an electric panel 
upgrade is needed to add an EV 
charger in your home, PWP can 
help. A $1,000 rebate is available 
for a permitted panel upgrade if 
it coincides with an EV charger 
install with associated wiring 

 Phasing out new EV rebates 
helps PWP expand opportunities 
to address barriers to EVs for 
low-income residents, as well 
as additional benefits for city-
wide charging infrastructure. 
For more information about 
available incentives, EV charger 
types, and where to find charging 
stations, visit

 PWP rebates for new 
plug-in EVs will end 
December 31. 

 The Friends of the Pasadena 
Public Library recently 
announced that their new 
bookstore will open soon 
with a variety of used books, 
DVDs, CDs, LPs and lots and 
lots of children’s books for 
you to select from. They are 
hoping for a Tuesday Jan. 9 
as their opening date. Look 
for more details to follow in 
the January/February issue 
of Off the Shelf. The new 
location will be the former 
Jefferson Elementary School 
campus, 1500 E. Villa Ave. 
(between Hill and Allen), 
east of the Jefferson Library 
Branch. Opening hours will 
be Tuesday, Thursday and 
Saturdays from 11 a.m. to 4 
p.m. They hope to expand 
hours in a few months.

Donations are gladly 
accepted now! 

A donation bin is located 
to the east of the Jefferson 
Branch Library on the 
grass near the huge tree. 
Donations will be accepted 
only at this location not at 
any branch libraries. We are 
accepting all used books 
in good condition, except 
textbooks, magazines and 

Won’t fit into the bin? 

 For large donations, 
please contact Adrienne 
at to 
make an appointment.

 For more information visit:

The Pasadena Fire 
Department has partnered 
with the ABC-7/Spark of 
Love Toy Drive since its 
inception 31 years ago. 
It is one of the highlights 
of serving the Pasadena 
community each year. 
We are thankful for the 
commitment to partnership 
that our Pasadena 
businesses and individuals 
have shown over the 
many years! Because of 
your consistency, literally 
hundreds of children 
in Pasadena are able to 
receive lots of holiday cheer 
through your donations! 
We are confident that this 
year will be no different.

 They accept New, Unused, 
Unwrapped Toys and 
Sporting Equipment

They accept gift cards!

They do NOT accept 
clothing or shoes

They accept toys for boys 
and girls ages 0 – 17

Toys can be dropped off at 
any of our Pasadena Fire 
Stations or, if you’re a local 
Pasadena business that 
wants to support by having 
a Spark of Love toy drive, 
let us know how many 
boxes you need. We will 
also come to pick up the 

This year’s Toy drive ends 
on Saturday, December 24.

 For more information 


 The Friends of the South 
Pasadena Public Library are 
set January 28 to present a 
Restoration Concert featuring 
Susan Greenberg (flute), 
Michele Zukovsky (clarinet), 
and Pierre Tang (piano). 
The concert will be held at 4 
p.m. in the historic Library 
Community Room at 1115 El 
Centro St. in South Pasadena. 
Tickets are available at the 
door for $25. 

 The Restoration Concerts 
Committee, a committee of 
the non-profit organization, 
The Friends of the South 
Pasadena Public Library, has 
a goal to bring world-class 
music at an affordable price 
to the concertgoers in South 
Pasadena and surrounding 
communities. As the name 
suggests, net proceeds from 
the concerts provide for 
restorations, enhancements 
and other benefits to the 
South Pasadena Library and 
Community Room.

 For more information go to:

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