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Mountain View News Saturday, January 20, 

City Parking 
Plan Meeting

City to Celebrate Jackie 
Robinson’s 105th Birthday

The City of Pasadena 
is set to present a new 
Parking Strategic Plan in 
two upcoming Town Hall 
Community Meetings. The 
first meeting will be held 
Thursday, at 6:30 p.m., at 
Robinson Park Recreation 
Center located at 1081 N 
Fair Oaks Ave. The second 
meeting will be held 
Thursday, February 1 at 6:30 
p.m., at the Santa Catalina 
Branch Library located at 
999 E Washington Blvd.

 The goals of this plan are 
to: Unify the management 
of the citywide parking 
system; Improve the 
parking user experience and 
enhance access; Implement 
financially sustainable 
strategies; Create an 
integrated parking system 
that is adaptable to the city’s 
ongoing needs.

 For more information 


 The City of Pasadena Parks, 
Recreation and Community 
Services Department is set to 
celebrate the 105th birthday of 
famed baseball player and civil 
rights activist Jackie Robinson 
on Jan. 31 from 2 p.m. to 4 
p.m., at the Jackie Robinson 
Community Center.

 According to officials, the 
birthday party will include self-
guided tours of Jackie Robinson 
memorabilia. This exhibit is on 
loan from the Pasadena Baseball 
Reliquary which features a Grays 
jersey, Negro League baseball 
items, historical pictures, and a 
model of Ebbets Field. Members 
of Jackie Robinson’s family 
will be in attendance. Light 
refreshments will be served.

 At 4:30 p.m. the public is invited 
to gather at the Jackie Robinson 
statue at the Rose Bowl Stadium 
for birthday cupcakes and free 
guided tours of the stadium 
and field departing every 30 

 “As we recognize our Pasadena 
native son, please join city 
employees in wearing a Jackie 
Robinson baseball jersey or 
shirt, or simply the number 42, 
which was his jersey number,” 
officials said.

 Jackie Robinson lived in 
Pasadena from 1922-47 where 
he learned to play sports. While 
living in Pasadena, he attended 
John Muir High School where 
he first excelled in baseball, 
football, track, and basketball. 
Robinson went on to attend 
UCLA before joining the 
Dodgers in 1947. Throughout 
his life, he contributed to the 
Civil Rights Movement and 
was the first African American 
to play Major League Baseball 
and become Vice President of 
a major American corporation.

 The Jackie Robinson 
Community Center, 1020 N. 
Fair Oaks Ave., was named after 
this trailblazer and is located 
in the neighborhood where he 
grew up. It was dedicated in his 
name on June 2, 1974.

 For more information about this 
event or to request a disability-
related accommodation, call 
Jackie Robinson Community 
Center at (626) 744-7300.

TofR Reveals 2025 Theme ‘Best Day Ever!’


 Newly installed President Ed 
Morales announced Thursday, 
on the front steps of Tournament 
House, the 2025 Pasadena 
Tournament of Roses theme, 
“Best Day Ever!” 

 The sounds of the Pasadena 
High School Orchestra filled the 
air as Morales also revealed the 
2025 theme poster (pictured).

 Earlier in the evening, the 
Tournament of Roses’ Board of 
Directors confirmed Morales 
as President and Chairman 
of the Board for the 2025 
Pasadena Tournament of 
Roses Association, providing 
leadership for the 136th Rose 
Parade presented by Honda 
and 111th Rose Bowl Game 
presented by Prudential.

 “The 2025 theme celebrates 
life’s best moments – those 
unexpected times that bring a 
smile, warm our hearts and fill 
us with joy,” Morales said. “From 
a once-in-a-lifetime experience 
to the simplest pleasures, each 
is indelibly etched into our 
memory. Together, we celebrate 
where we’ve been and what 
we look forward to. It’s about 
family, friends, and community 
and what we have to celebrate – 
and to be thankful for. On New 
Year’s Day and throughout the 
year, let’s celebrate the times that 
make up our Best Day Ever.”

 According to Tournament 
officials, throughout his tenure 
as a volunteer Member of the 
Tournament of Roses, Morales 
has been the driving force 
behind numerous committees, 
wielding his expertise in areas 
such as Community Relations, 
Membership, Queen and Court 
and Media Operations.

 Beyond his involvement with 
the Tournament of Roses, 
Morales is a member of the 
Pasadena Optimist Club and 
serves on the Foundation Board 
for the California School of the 
Arts. Professionally, Morales is a 
Partner with the Law Offices of 
Borton Petrini, LLP.

 The Tournament of Roses 
also announced the 2024-2025 
leadership and organizational 

 The Executive Committee 
elected Greg Custer to serve as 
the Association’s President in 
2032. He has been a volunteer 
Member since 1998 and will 
provide leadership for the 143rd 
Rose Parade and 118th Rose 
Bowl Game on January 1, 2032.

 In addition, the following 
officers were elected to serve 
with Custer on the 14-member 
Executive Committee: Mark 
Leavens, Executive Vice 
President; Terry Madigan, 
Treasurer and Pam Knapp, 
Secretary. Alex Aghajanian, 
President of the 2024 
Tournament of Roses, serves 
as Immediate Past President. 
Re-elected to the Executive 
Committee as Vice Presidents 
are Craig Washington, Jason 
Melillo and Ruth Martinez-

 Five At-Large Members are 
appointed to the Executive 
Committee and serve for two 
years. The outgoing At-Large 
Members, Steve Arellano and 
Regina Major, were thanked for 
their hard work and dedication 
to the Association. New At-
Large Members Charlotte Bland 
and Rafael Sanchez III will join 
Alain Camiling, Steve Darden 
and Eve Santillan. Morales also 
announced the election of new 
Members to the Tournament of 
Roses Board of Directors; Amy 
Garrity, Ciran Hadjian, Tina 
Lowenthal and Kirk Thorell.

 Experience the awe and wonder 
of the floats, bands and equestrian 
units of the 136th Rose Parade 
and the iconic college football 
matchup, the 111th Rose Bowl 
Game, Wednesday, January 1, 

MWD Pipeline 
to Shutdown

 City officials announced 
Thursday that the 
Metropolitan Water District 
of Southern California 
(“MWD”) is planning a 10-day 
disruption of imported water 
deliveries from February 5 to 

 According to a statement, 
MWD’s pipeline that typically 
delivers MWD supplies to 
Pasadena Water and Power 
(“PWP”) will be shut down 
for valve maintenance and for 
MWD facility inspection. 

 Sidney Jackson, General 
Manager of Water and Power, 
reported the department 
estimates minimal impacts 
to water deliveries given the 
disruption is planned for 
February, which typically 
exhibits a cooler and wetter 
environment. PWP will 
implement precautionary 
measures, such as holding 
greater volumes of water in its 
reservoir tanks, utilizing local 
groundwater supplies, and 
partial flow of MWD supplies, 
when available, during the 
shutdown period. 

 PWP coordinated with 
MWD in preparation of 
the reduced supplies and to 
ensure continued deliveries 
to PWP customers. PWP is 
performing outreach to key 
account customers, and other 
large commercial customers, 
for their assistance in curbing 
outdoor water use during 
MWD’s shutdown. 

 PWP will continue to monitor 
water demands. Should dry 
weather occur during the 
rest of January, outreach 
efforts may be expanded to 
include customers throughout 
the service area regarding 
voluntary reduction of 
outdoor watering. 

 Currently, the city is under a 
Level 2 Water Supply Shortage 
Plan that restricts outdoor 
watering to one day per week 
through March 31. PWP asks 
the community’s support and 
dedication to adhering to the 
Level 2 Water Supply Shortage 
Plan guidelines For more 
information, visit PWPweb.

Pasadena Symphony: 
Beethoven Emperor 
Featuring Pianist George Li

Illness Linked 
to Eating 
Raw Oysters


 The Pasadena Symphony 
continues its 96th season with 
Beethoven Emperor on Saturday, 
January 27. Beethoven’s heroic 
voice will be on full display with 
his powerful Piano Concerto 
No. 5 “Emperor” performed by 
award-winning pianist George 
Li. With unparalleled talent, 
Li has garnered international 
attention with his “staggering 
technical prowess, sense 
of command and depth of 
expression” (Washington Post), 
winning the International 
Tchaikovsky Competition Silver 
Medal and the Avery Fisher 
Career Grant.

 Conductor Kensho Watanabe 
returns to lead the orchestra 
after making his Pasadena 
Symphony debut last season. 
Fast becoming one of the most 
exciting and versatile young 
conductors to come out of the 
United States, Watanabe has 
served as Assistant Conductor 
of the Philadelphia Orchestra 
and has received the Solti 
Foundation’s Career Assistance 
Award. Along with Beethoven’s 
heroic masterpiece, Watanabe 
will conduct Kolády’s Hungarian 
tone poem Dances of Galánta, 
and will open the program with 
Jessica Hunt’s Climb, inspired by 
the composer’s shared struggle 
with Beethoven in overcoming 
physical adversities.

 Arrive early for the pre-concert 
discussion Insights, or enjoy a 
bite or a glass in the Symphony 
Lounge, a posh setting along 
Ambassador Auditorium’s 
beautiful outdoor plaza with 
a full service beverage center 
serving coffee, spirits and 
fine wines from The Michero 
Family, plus sandwiches, 
soup, appetizers and dessert 
by Cynthia Brooks Catering 
before the concert and during 

 Performances will be held 
at 2 p.m. and 8 p.m. at the 
Ambassador Auditorium, 
131 South St. John Ave. 
Single tickets start at $42 and 
may be purchased online at: 
or by calling (626) 793-7172.

 Pasadena Public Health 
Department announced 
Tuesday that they are 
coordinating with the Los 
Angeles County Department 
of Public Health to investigate 
complaints of gastrointestinal 
illness potentially linked to 
raw oyster consumption in the 
region. At this time, residents 
need to be aware about the 
risks of consuming raw oysters 
and take precautions, especially 
those who may be vulnerable 
to severe health conditions, 
including young children, older 
adults, and/or people who are 

 “We are working closely with 
our state and county public 
health partners to assess the 
scope of the potential outbreak 
and investigating complaints 
to determine if there are any 
local impacts,” said Manuel 
Carmona, Acting Public Health 

 “If you are feeling sick with a 
gastrointestinal illness, avoid 
spreading illness by washing 
your hands frequently, avoid 
preparing food for others, and 
disinfect surfaces that might 
come in contact with the virus, 
especially in the bathroom and 
frequently touched objects, 
like your phone, door knobs, 
and kitchen countertops,” said 
Interim Health Officer, Dr. 
Parveen Kaur. “Seek medical 
care if symptoms are severe.”

 If you believe you became 
sick from eating or drinking 
something at a Pasadena 
food facility, file a report at 
the Pasadena Citizen Service 
Center under Public Health 
Restaurant-Food Borne Illness 

Police Department gets New 
False Alarm Billing Company


 The City of Pasadena 
will begin Tuesday using a 
third-party partner, Central 
Square Corporation, for the 
management of its alarm 
permitting and billing. 
The partnership includes a 
website using Central Square 
Corporation’s proprietary 
software, CryWolf, to facilitate 
alarm permitting, billing 
and appeals. Central Square 
Corporation will administer all 
false alarm notifications, billing 
and collections for the City. The 
program will help to encourage 
alarm users and alarm companies 
to maintain the proper working 
order of alarm systems. The new 
software service will improve 
the reliability of alarms, and 
the readiness of public safety 
resources to better serve the 

 In calendar years 2022 and 2023, 
the Pasadena Police Department 
responded to approximately 
4,800 and 4,300 respectively, 
incidents relating to false alarms, 
unintentional alarm system 
activation, system malfunctions, 
and other types of false alarms. 
Effectively processing false alarm 
fees helps to reduce responses 
to false alarms and allows 
police department resources to 
respond to actual emergencies. 

 Pasadena Municipal Code 
requires that City residents and 
businesses with an installed 
alarm system purchase an 
alarm permit from the City of 
Pasadena. The alarm permit 
covers a one-year period and 
expires on a one-year cycle on 
February 1st. The fee for the 
permit is prorated based on the 
application date and is adjusted 
annually on July 1st. 

 PMC establishes a fee for 
police response to two or more 
false burglar alarms in a twelve-
month period. A false alarm is 
defined by PMC as “an alarm 
signal that is activated by causes 
other than the commission or 
attempted commission of an 
unlawful act which the alarm 
system is designed to detect, 
necessitating a response by 
the Police Department where 
an emergency situation does 
not exist.” An alarm signal 
activated by violent conditions 
of nature or other extraordinary 
circumstances not subject to the 
control of the alarm subscriber, 
shall not constitute a false alarm. 

 PMC Section 5.24.070 (a) 
requires that an alarm company 
is responsible for ensuring that 
an alarm system is registered 
prior to installation whether the 
registration is completed by the 
alarm user or the alarm company. 
Failure to ensure an alarm 
system is properly registered will 
result in the assessment of civil 
penalties to the alarm business 
that maintains the contract with 
the alarm user.

 Central Square Corporation 
will begin working with the City 
of Pasadena tuesday. 

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