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Mountain Views-News Saturday, January 20, 2024 


 The Rose Bowl Aquatics Center (RBAC) is excited 
to announce a significant tribute to Dr. EdnaGriffin, a 
trailblazer in social justice who served as the first Black 
female president of Pasadena's NAACP branch(1938-47) 
and led the charge in desegregating the Brookside 
Plunge. Recognizing her remarkable contributions 
tocivil rights and the Pasadena community, the RBAC’s 
Recreational Pool will be renamed in Dr. Griffin’s 

 In 1914, the Brookside Plunge, a municipal pool, 
was declared a racially segregated institution, 
thereforerestricting access to non-whites to one 
day a week. In 1942 the Pasadena NAACP under 
the leadership of Dr.Griffin, led the successful legal 
desegregation effort of the Brookside Plunge. Her 
legacy, now celebrated by theRBAC and the City of 
Pasadena, embodies her commitment to inclusivity 
and community well-being, foundationalprinciples 
deeply embedded in the core values of the RBAC.

Established in 1990 on the former site of the Brookside 
Plunge, the RBAC operates as an independent 
nonprofit501(c)3 organization, offering valuable 
resources to the residents of Pasadena and the 
broader San Gabriel Valley.With a mission to promote 
community well-being through water safety, aquatic 
programs, and competition, theRBAC is a cornerstone 
for fostering a vibrant, healthy community.

Jimmy Francis, President and Executive Director of the 
RBAC, expressed,

 “It is an honor to name the RBAC’s Recreational Pool 
after Dr. Griffin, celebrating her enduring impact on 
justice and equity in the City of Pasadena.Naming this 
pool, with its diverse range of activities that promote 
wellness and water safety, symbolizes ourcommitment 
to upholding her legacy. The RBAC is dedicated to 
serving our community with equity. We are morethan 
a pool, we are a community resource where everyone 
is welcome.”

 In collaboration with the City of Pasadena, the RBAC 
will commemorate the Recreational Pool's renaming in 
May2024, coinciding with Water Safety Month. Various 
pre-event activities will support this celebration.

Tyron Hampton, First District Councilmember for 
the City of Pasadena where the RBAC resides, first 
initiated thisproject emphasizing the importance 
of comprehensively and accurately acknowledging 
history to avoid repeatingmistakes,

 “Preventing access to a public pool and denying the 
opportunity to learn a crucial life skill harmed notjust 
our community but the entire region. Today, the RBAC 
inclusively welcomes everyone, offering access andlife-
saving water safety instruction in our public schools. 
Like many residents, I learned to swim at the RBAC.”

Justin Jones, Third District Councilmember for the 
City of Pasadena, who has championed the renaming 
effortechoed this sentiment, stating, “Pasadena's 
history reflects that of the United States, where 
economic conflictshave often been framed racially. 
One of the best ways to understand and navigate the 
present effectively is tostudy and understand the past. 
My great-grandmother was in the courtroom when 
the NAACP and Dr. Griffinsued the City for racial 
discrimination at the municipal pool.”

 The RBAC invites media inquiries and participation 
in upcoming events celebrating Dr. Griffin’s legacy. 
Together,we can continue to create a positive impact in 
the vibrant city of Pasadena.

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