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Saturday, May 11, 2024

City to Honor 
Fallen Heroes 
Memorial Day

Farmers’ Market Celebrates 
Over 40 Years in Pasadena

The City of Pasadena and 
the Pasadena Veterans Day 
Committee announced 
Thursday that they will honor 
the sacrifice of fallen heroes at 
the Pasadena Memorial Day 
Commemoration on Monday, 
May 27 from 10:30 a.m. to 
1:30 p.m. at Memorial Park, 
85 E. Holly St.

 The ceremony will include 
the reading of 320 names of 
the men and women from 
Pasadena who lost their 
lives during World War I, 
World War II, the Korean 
War, the Vietnam War, and 
other conflicts. The Condor 
Squadron will perform a 
missing man formation 
flyover, paying tribute to 
those who did not return 
from the battle. As a final 
homage to the fallen, the event 
will conclude with funeral 
honors performed by the 
2nd Battalion, 23rd Marines, 
symbolizing the respect and 
gratitude owed to those who 
made the ultimate sacrifice for 
our country.

 The event is open to the 
public, and all community 
members are invited to join in 
remembrance and reflection 
during this solemn ceremony.

 This event is sponsored by 
the City of Pasadena Parks, 
Recreation and Community 
Services (PRCS) Department, 
The Rose Bowl Stadium, and 
the Pasadena Management 

 For more information visit:

 The Pasadena Farmers’ Market 
is celebrating more than four 
decades of providing fresh and 
local products, connecting 
farmers with consumers, and 
giving back to the community.

 The Pasadena Farmers’ Market 
operates at two locations: 
Villa Parke, 363 E. Villa St., on 
Tuesday mornings and Victory 
Park, 2575 Paloma St., on 
Saturday mornings. The first 
location at Villa Parke opened in 
1980, offering a variety of local 
goods to the greater Pasadena 
community. In response to 
its success, a second location 
opened in 1984 at Victory Park 
to include weekend shopping.

 “Farmers’ markets introduce us 
to the hardworking farmers who 
grow food for our families,” said 
Gretchen Sterling, manager of 
the Pasadena Certified Farmers’ 
Markets. “Farmers work long 
days, deal with changing 
weather conditions, and travel 
a long way to be at our markets 

 In addition to boosting the 
local economy, Pasadena 
Farmers’ Market has 
contributed to a wide range 
of community needs. Some of 
the organization’s charitable 
donations include clothing and 
school supplies for students, 
summer camp and swim lesson 
fees, and transportation to 
special events. Through this 
assistance, generations of youth 
in Pasadena are given access to 
educational and extracurricular 

 In 1995, the City of Pasadena 
Parks, Recreation and 
Community Services (PRCS) 
Department took over sole 
operations of the farmers’ 
markets. The success of this 
program has resulted in surplus 
funding which provides support 
to recreation programs within 
the City’s four community 

 “PRCS is proud to support such 
a meaningful and long-standing 
program,” said PRCS Director 
Koko Panossian. “The Pasadena 
Farmers’ Market aligns with 
our mission to offer affordable 
resources, encourage healthy 
choices, and foster connections 
within the community.”

 For more information, visit

 Pasadena city officials 
announced Tuesday that the 
third construction phase of 
the Avenue 64 Complete Street 
construction, located at the 
intersection of Avenue 64 and 
Burleigh Drive will begin today 
with a temporary full road 
closure at the intersection of 
Burleigh Drive and Avenue 
64 which will allow for the 
transition to a new traffic control 
pattern. This closure will occur 
until 8 p.m. and continue Sunday 
from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., as needed. 

 Once the traffic control transition 
is complete, the third and final 
construction phase will have a 
new traffic pattern where the 
newly constructed roundabout 
separates northbound and 
southbound traffic through the 
intersection. One lane in each 
direction will remain open to 
traffic at all times. Access to 
Burleigh Drive from Avenue 64 
will also be available. Signing 
and changeable message boards 
will be provided in advance of 
the work to warn motorists of 
the new traffic pattern. 

 The second phase of 
construction was completed 
Friday May 10. Phase I was 
completed on March 15. The 
second phase of construction 
included installation of new 
pavement, two splitter islands, 
preparation of landscape 
amenities, and storm drain 
system improvements 
including two drywells that 
will capture, treat and infiltrate 
stormwater runoff from the 
surrounding area. Additionally, 
a curb extension on Avenue 
64 at Cheviotdale Drive was 

 During the final construction 
phase, the contractor will 
complete the curb and gutter on 
the west side of Ave. 64, install 
new sidewalk, curb ramps, 
streetlights, storm drain catch 
basins, and complete landscape 
and irrigation work. The 
construction of the final phase 
at Avenue 64 and Burleigh Drive 
is anticipated to be completed by 
end of June. 

 For construction updates 

Portantino Joins Newsom 
in Meeting with Armenia 
President Khachaturyan

Blanca Araceli 

Soto to 
Share Vision 
for Cutural 

Memorial Day 
at the 

Senior Center

Homeless Pasadena Seniors 
to be Permanently Housed

 Blanca Araceli Soto, founder 
and executive director of the 
Tierra Blanca Arts Center in Los 
Angeles, will share her passion 
for broadening awareness of the 
arts and folklore of Mexico on 
Thursday, May 30, at 2 p.m. at 
the Pasadena Senior Center, 85 
E. Holly St.

 Blanca will share stories from 
her life and career, and her 
passion for cultural awareness, 
especially the arts and folklore 
of Mexico. She founded Tierra 
Blanca Arts Center with the 
firm conviction that arts and 
culture have the power to break 
down the invisible barriers that 
often keep our multicultural 
community from truly living 
in harmony. The organization’s 
mission is to instill a sense of 
pride, identity and unity into 
the community and they do 
this through the arts of dance, 
music and theater.

 Born and raised in Mexico, 
Soto’s love of performing arts 
led her to study theater and 
dance at the University of 
Guadalajara. She has 40 years of 
experience working with Ballet 
Folklorico del Instituto Cultural 
Cabañas, Ballet Folklorico de 
Mexico de Amalia Hernandez, 
Floricanto USA and Los Angeles 
Mexican Dance Company. She 
has been featured in more than 
200 Mexican and American 
films and television programs, 
including Coco, Real Women 
Have Curves, The Conners, 
SWAT and many more. In 2023 
she was awarded the Jury Prize 
for Best Supporting Actress by 
the Global Film Festival for the 
Spanish-language film Mi Niña.

 This Cultural Thursday 
presentation is free for PSC 
members and only $5 for 
nonmembers. To register, 
visit PasadenaSeniorCenter.
org, then click on Activities 
& Events. Reservations are 

 Pasadena Department of 
Housing Director William 
Huang, announced Thursday 
that sixty-nine senior citizens 
who are experiencing 
homelessness in Pasadena 
will soon be permanently 
housed as Heritage Square 
South begins leasing its newly 
constructed apartments. 

 Heritage Square South is 
a Permanent Supportive 
Housing (“PSH”) project 
developed by BRIDGE 
Housing for chronically 
homeless senior citizens aged 
55 plus, located at 710 N. Fair 
Oaks Ave. 

 According to Huang Lease-
up for Heritage Square South 
began on April 29 and the 
project is expected to be 
fully occupied by the end of 
June. The City of Pasadena 
contributed 69 project-based 
vouchers, development 
financing in the amount of 
$6,992,683 and a below-
market rate ground lease. 

 This is a mixed-use building 
with retail space available on 
the first floor fronting Fair 
Oaks and Orange Grove. 
Marketing of the retail 
lease spaces is underway. 
PSH projects provide 
both permanent housing 
and supportive services 
for the residents. Union 
Station Homeless Services 
will provide the on-site 
supportive services he said.

 Prospective tenants are 
matched to Heritage Square 
South through the county-
wide Coordinated Entry 
System (“CES”), which 
prioritizes permanent 
housing placement for the 
homeless community. The 
City requires that CES apply 
the Pasadena preference 
to PSH projects located in 
Pasadena that are matched 
through CES. The Pasadena 
preference gives priority 
to those who became 
homeless in Pasadena or are 
experiencing homelessness 

 Event to include live 
band, dancing and 
tribute to USO


 State Senator Anthony 
Portantino joined Governor 
Gavin Newsom this week for 
a meeting with His Excellency 
Vahagn Khachaturyan, the 
President of Armenia (pictured 
right), to discuss continued 
economic collaboration on 
trade and investment.

 “California has always had 
a strong partnership with 
the Republic of Armenia and 
we look forward to further 
strengthening our collaboration 
on trade and investment,” 
Portantino said. “As the Chair 
of the Select Committee on 
California, Armenia, and 
Artsakh Mutual Trade, Art, 
and Cultural Exchange, I 
was honored to be included 
in a meeting with President 
Khachaturyan and Governor 
Newsom to discuss the 
California-Armenia Trade 
Desk and explore ways to 
expand our historic ties. In the 
past, California and the Select 
Committee has also affirmed 
their commitment to Artsakh’s 
sovereignty. On this Shushi 
Liberation Day, I also want to 
take a moment to remember the 
heroic efforts of those who led 
Artsakh to independence, as we 
look forward to the days when it 
will be free again.”

 At the request of Senator 
Portantino, the California State 
Senate Rules Committee first 
established the historic Senate 
Select Committee on California, 
Armenia, and Artsakh Mutual 
Trade, Art, and Cultural 
Exchange in 2017 to expand 
business opportunities through 
trade, economic development, 
cultural awareness, and 
education between California, 
Armenia, and Artsakh. Senator 
Portantino also helped negotiate 
the historic Memorandum 
of Understanding between 
California and Armenia and 
joined Governor Newsom in 
New York for its historic, official 
signing - formally establishing 
the California Trade and Service 
Desk in Armenia.

 The California Trade and 
Services Desk was established 
to strengthen the economic 
partnership between Armenian 
and California, support efforts 
for mutual economic benefit, 
and encourage trade and 
investment by California and 
Armenia businesses. Yerevan is 
the first California International 
Trade and Services Desk to be 
established by the Newsom 

 Both California and Armenia 
benefit from collaboration and 
cooperation. Armenia has a 
flourishing high-tech industry, 
robust arts community, and a 
digital business corridor that 
is underutilized. California is 
at the forefront of these sectors 
and continues to be a leader in 
these areas. Tourism is also a 
place where California would 
benefit from direct marketing of 
our modern Golden State, while 
also highlighting the amazing 
and vast historical sites and 
landmarks of Armenia.

 California has the largest 
population of Armenian 
Americans in the country, with 
the 25th Senate District having 
the largest concentration. The 
continued work of the Senate 
Select Committee has a direct 
role in building stronger 
economic and cultural ties 
between California, Armenia, 
and Artsakh.

 Break out your stars and 
stripes and get ready to cut the 
rug at the annual Pasadena 
Senior Center Memorial Day 
concert and dance event, 
Monday, May 27, from 1:30 to 
3:30 p.m. It will be red, white 
and blue all the way as we 
observe this national holiday 
that remembers and honors 
U.S. military personnel who 
died while serving in the 
United States Armed Forces. 
Light snacks will be available.

 The event will include live 
music courtesy of the Great 
American Swing Band. 
Featuring bandleader and 
trumpet player Jodi Gladstone 
and vocalist Linda Vogel, 
the band will play a variety 
of musical — and patriotic 
— favorites with a salute to 
the USO to keep everyone 
dancing. Pam Kay’s Tap 
Chicks will perform as well.

 The cost is only $8 for 
members of the Pasadena 
Senior Center and $12 for 
nonmembers. To register, visit 
org and click on Activities & 
Events, then Special Events. 
Only cash payments will be 
accepted at the door.

 As a donor-supported 
nonprofit, the center operates 
without any local, state or 
federal funding and provides 
more services to older adults 
in the San Gabriel Valley than 
any other organization. Hours 
of operation are Monday 
through Friday from 8:30 a.m. 
to 4:30 p.m. and Saturday from 
8 a.m. to noon. To learn more, 
visit: pasadenaseniorcenter.
org or call 626-795-4331. The 
Center is located at 85 E. Holly 
Street in Pasadena.

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