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My mother would have been 
considered eccentric had she 
been financially wealthy.

She would do almost anything 
— and wear almost any silly 
costume — to bring joy into 
the lives of others, much to 
the embarrassment of her six 

But she is wealthy in the ways that really matter, and 
her greatest wealth is teaching the art of laughter.

She knew the benefits of laughter long before scientific 
studies confirmed them. When she wasn’t laughing 
herself, she was teaching us how to.

Most nights after dinner we sat around the table 
relating stories about what one of us had done and 
laughing aloud.

While many parents in the neighborhood went to 
social events Saturday nights, my mother preferred to 
stay home.

We’d make banana splits and watch the Carol Burnett 
show, and as Tim Conway’s old-man routine caused 
me to laugh so hard I’d fall off the couch, she’d sit 
there watching me, delighted to see me learn her craft 
so well.

She collected friends who were even livelier than she. 
One lady, Marty, had five children of her own. Both 
had been housewives their entire adult lives — both 
wanted to try their hand at writing.

In the 1970s, my mother began getting published in 
newspapers and magazines — Erma Bombeck humor, 
mocking the life of the housewife.

She and Marty wrote a play, “Betty’s Attic,” and it was 
performed by a local theater company.

They sold jokes to comedian Phyllis Diller. They were 
thrilled to see Diller perform their jokes at a live show 
— delighted to see the laughter their jokes provoked.

The writing gigs never produced much money, though, 
so my mother concocted a plan to generate extra cash. 
Did she get a part-time job at a bank or a department 
store, as normal moms in our neighborhood did?

another idea that embarrassed her children 
considerably: dress up like Miss Piggy, Big Bird, 
Raggedy Ann and Clown Clara and stage children’s 
parties for parents eager to pay her.

It was easy for her to bring instant order to a room 
of 40 kids or more. She still has an amazing way with 

She was soon staging three parties every Saturday and, 
to avoid costume changes, staged all of them as Clown 

As fate would have it, though — I’m not making this 
up — a thief in the area had been robbing banks 
dressed as a clown.

Well, while pulling into the driveway at the home of 
one of her gigs, a police car came roaring in behind 
her. A cop jumped out and began barking orders at 
her. He thought she was the bank robber!

It took some time to clear up the confusion — at one 
point the cop thought my mother was in cahoots with 
the guy who hired her to stage his kid’s party — but 
when everyone finally figured out what was going on, 
she had but one response: a giant burst of laughter.

All of those incidents happened 40 years ago or more. 
My mom kept doing parties throughout her 60s.

In her 70s, she penned a half dozen lively children’s 
books, which are still available on

Now in her 80s, she is sharing incredible treasures 
with her grandchildren and great grandchildren to 
ensure that they, too, master the art of laughter.

Happy Mother’s Day, mom!

A Word From The Editor;

 Mother's Day is one of the most important celebrations of the year in my book. 
And as mentioned above, it would be wonderful if we celebrated our Mom's every 
day of the year. If you're reading this, it's probably because of the love, time and 
energy invested in you by your Mother, or a Surrogate Mom that God placed in 
your life. so please remember to take a little time and let her know how much you 
appreciate and love her.

 I just wanted to take a moment to share the top 10 reasons why I loved my Mom 
so much. And, honestly, I didn't even realize most of these reasons until after I was 
grown, had children of my own and been through a few trials of life. 

No. 1 She was always there for me, even when I didn't have sense 
enough to realize it.

No. 2 She taught me how to love unconditionally as I realize that living 
with us - my Dad, my brothers, my sister and I was no picnic and 
yet she put us first in her life regardless!.

No. 3 She taught me how to love others, even when they don't treat you 
so well. She taught me how to forgive.

No. 4 She taught me how to be a Mom and Grandmother. By the way, I 
forgive you for spoiling my kids!

No. 5 She taught me how to love learning and value education.

No. 6 She taught me how to reach for the sky and that road blocks in 
your way were only temporary.

No. 7 ` She taught my how to cultivate my God given talents and she 
persevered the consequences when I came home with a violin!

No. 8 She was my biggest cheerleader. Or at least No. 2 - Daddy may 
have beat her out on that one.

No. 9 She taught me how to be a lady and how to never let anyone take 
advantage of that. (She also taught me when to take the gloves off!)

No. 10 She taught me how to Cook and Sew so I'd never be hungry amd always 
dressed appropriately.

And that is the short list. 

So to my mom, Grace Lorraine (and yes, my company was named after her),even 
though you are no longer with us, I want to wish you a Happy Mother's Day 
Above, left to right, me (Susan Henderson) Mom - (the short one) and my 

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can be tough. 
when you are 
under the 
weather. As I 
attempt to put a column together this 
morning, I must admit I’m under the 
weather. I must have gone to the lost 
and found, and found a cold.

 Before I proceed with some 
semblance of a column, I wondered 
where the expression “under the 
weather” came from? What does it 
really mean?

 My probative skills uncovered this 
profound explanation: Of course, 
it means unwell or feeling worse 
than usual. “Under the weather” is 
a nautical term from the days of the 
old sailing ships. Any sailor who 
was feeling ill would be sent below 
deck to protect him (or, in the very 
rare occasion, her) from the weather. 
Therefore, being below deck, the 
sailor would literally be under the 

 However, my eternal quest drives 
me to provide, you, the reader, with 
at least a slightly interesting, jocular 
and witty (or half witty) column. 
Fortunately, and possibly through 
divine intervention, I stumbled upon 
a email from a good friend, Dick 
Dahring. (It is possible Dick may be 
in the witness protection program), so 
let’s mask his true identity and refer to 
him as Richard Dahring.

 Dick, errr, Richard stumbled upon 
a cornucopia of entertaining rhetoric 
and was kind enough to forward this 
treasure chest of humorousness in my 
direction… approximately 4-5 years 
ago. Dick, your timing was excellent. 
Let’s jump in:


Some people are like clouds, once 
they disappear it's a beautiful day!


My doctor asked if anyone in my 
family suffered from mental illness. I 
said, "No, we all seem to enjoy it."


I thought the dryer made my 
clothes shrink. Turns out it was the 


My bucket list: Keep breathing.


Camping: Where you spend a small 
fortune to live like a homeless person.


Just once, I want a username and 
password prompt to say, "close 


Being an adult is the dumbest thing I 
have ever done.


I'm a multitasker. I can listen, ignore, 
and forget all at the same time!


Retirement to do list: Wake up. 
Nailed it!


I won't say I'm worn out, but I don't 
get near the curb on trash day.


When you can't find the sunshine ... 
be the sunshine.


I don't have grey hair. I have wisdom 


Sometimes it takes me all day to get 
nothing done.


I don't trip, I do random gravity 


My heart says chocolate and wine, but 
my jeans say, please, please, please, eat 
a salad!


Hold on while I overthink this.


Losing weight doesn't seem to be 
working for me, so for now I'm going 
to concentrate on getting taller.


Day 12 without chocolate ... lost 
hearing in my left eye.


Some people you're glad to see coming; 
some people you're glad to see going.


Common sense is not a gift. It's a 
punishment because you have to deal 
with everyone who doesn't have it.


Nothing to do with the virus. I'm just 
a grouch.


I came. I saw. I forgot what I was 
doing. Retraced my steps. Got lost 
on the way back. Now I have no idea 
what's going on.

 And again, not really knowing 
what’s going on… thank you dear 
friend Dick, errr Richard Dahring.


Yesterday I made a 
terrible mistake. Nine 
o’clock was the time 
of my long-awaited 
appointment with my primary physician. 
I had taken a CT contrast test after which 
I was directed to give multiple blood 
samples which would then be subject to 
tests. Weeks ago, I had been informed 
that I suffered from cirrhosis of the liver 
which was connected to many of the 
problems I was experiencing. There was a 
period within the last couple of months or 
so when I was completely dysfunctional. 

For days I did not get out of bed and after 
that I realized that I had lost my appetite 
in addition to most of my senses. I could 
not taste or smell anything and I was very 
tired and kept falling asleep during the 
day. Additionally in the mornings I had 
severe bronchial problems and had great 
difficulty with my short-term memory 
and kept misplacing and losing things.

Yes I was a mess; but these conditions 
did not prevent me from creating and 
submitting my weekly articles which 
sometimes described my condition. After 
submitting the articles to my editor for 
publication I personally forward the 
article to about twenty or so long-time 
friends and relatives. One friend texted 
me that he was having the same kind 
of problems. Eventually he went to the 
doctor and learned that he had been 
suffering from undiagnosed Covid and 
pneumonia. As most of my symptoms 
went away –symptoms which I had 
believed were connected to my non-
alcoholic fatty liver diagnosis I came 
to believe that I too had suffered from 
undiagnosed conditions which had now 
run their course.

Actually, as of yesterday, I was feeling 
pretty good. My appetite was back, and I 
enjoyed the return of my ability to taste 
and smell. I am still genuinely concerned 
about my memory loss and discussed this 
with the doctor. Some of the memory loss 
and the concurrent kind of mental fog 
that plagues me might well be associated 
with the liver condition, but the doctor 
told me to just follow a healthy diet and 
walk regularly and scheduled new tests 
for months away. Hooray I thought I was 
relieved and happy but then I made a 
crucial mistake.

Already I was scheduled for a video 
visit with a nutritionist that afternoon 
and thought what is there to lose if I 
keep the appointment. Happily, I told 
the nutritionist that I was feeling pretty 
good, but she emphasized that I should 
absolutely follow an extremely strict 
diet. No more sodas sweetened or not; 
no more juices; no more meat except for 
occasional fish. No more milk, only egg 
white omlettes, and be very aware of salts, 
sugar, and fats. Of course, no cheese, my 
special favorite foods which I treat as a 
delicacy. The very worst thing for me 
though was – no more restaurants.

The nutritionist explained that almost 
all food served in restaurants is highly 
salted with lots of sugar and fat content. 
She also explained that this consumption 
of processed food is a major cause of the 
health problems Americans suffer. Look, 
I love going to restaurants. It allows me 
to feel privileged to have the servers bring 
me food and I love kidding around with 
them. Already most of us are aware that 
eating processed food, salty and sweet, 
delicious stuff that it is, is not healthy for 
us. How much do we care? My primary 
doctor, at a previous meeting, responding 
to my statement that I was stressed 
because I thought I was dying had told me 
not to worry about it--” everyone dies.” 
That didn’t help much. 

I know that I will unhappily try to follow 
the nutritionist's advice and probably fail. 

Frankly, I don’t wish to fail. I want to live 
forever, or at least as long as I can but I 
want to do that happily and that’s tough 
to do without restaurants and cheese. 

Would it be better not to think or even 
know about it? A question for privileged 
Americans like us.


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