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Mountain Views-News Saturday, June 22, 2024 


Monrovia Association of Fine Arts (MAFA) will be bringing talented, well-known 
Monrovia and Southern California artists to the streets and exhibition venues of 
Monrovia this summer beginning June 29 with the first of the city’s traditional Monrovia 
Art Walks on Myrtle Avenue. A variety of creative MAFA artists will be on hand at 
these events June 29, July 27, and August 24 to showcase and sell their work, including 
paintings, pen and ink drawings, jewelry, photography, and woodworking. Art Walk 
begins promptly at 6 pm. 


Ongoing art exhibitions will continue throughout the summer on a rotating basis at 
Artists Alley at the Monrovia Community Center, as well as the Monrovia Historical 
Museum, Grey & Cash Coffee Shop and starting soon, Old Town Pizza. The displays 
change regularly, so stop in to see what's new. 

Also in the works is a new event called ART NIGHT, a once-a-month artist exhibit 
and sale at Grey & Cash and Old Town Pizza. ART NIGHT will take place the second 
Saturday of the month from 6 - 9 pm, starting August 9 at Grey & Cash. The event will 
alternate between Grey & Cash, 425 S. Myrtle Ave (August 9, October 11, December 13) 
and Old Town Pizza, 338 S. Myrtle Ave. 9 (September 13, November 8, January 3, 2025).

"We're excited to bring visual arts to the Monrovia area by continuing with traditional 
events and introducing new ones," said MAFA president Anthony Fellow.

Since its inception in the 1950’s, the Monrovia Association of Fine Arts has been a 
Monrovia tradition whose continuing mission has been to cultivate local artistic talent 
through exhibitions, social and professional get-togethers and classes taught by creative 
professionals. It is a mission that MAFA carries on to this day.

For further information contact Sally Weiss at

Understanding the importance of Benign 
Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH) is crucial for 
several reasons:

1. **Symptoms:** BPH can significantly 
impact a man's quality of life by causing 
bothersome urinary symptoms that can 
affect daily activities and sleep. Recognizing 
these symptoms and seeking timely medical 
attention is important for managing the 
condition effectively.

2. **Diagnosis:** Proper diagnosis of BPH 
involves a medical history assessment, physical 
examination, and possibly additional tests 
such as a digital rectal exam, prostate-specific 
antigen (PSA) test, and imaging studies. 
Accurate diag-nosis is essential to differentiate 
BPH from other prostate conditions, including 
prostate cancer.

3. **Treatment:** Several treatment options 
are available for managing BPH, ranging from 
lifestyle modifications and medications to 
minimally invasive procedures and surgery. 
The choice of treatment depends on the 
severity of symp-toms, the size of the prostate, 
and the patient's overall health. Effective 
management of BPH can improve symptoms, 
reduce complications, and enhance quality of 

4. **Complications:** Untreated BPH can lead 
to complications such as urinary retention, 
urinary tract infections, bladder stones, and 
kidney damage. By addressing BPH promptly, 
these complications can be avoided or 

5. **Awareness:** Increasing awareness 
about BPH and its symptoms is essential for 
promoting early detection and appropriate 
management. Men should be educated about 
the condition, encouraged to seek medical 
advice if they experience urinary symptoms, 
and undergo regular prostate health screenings 
as recommended by healthcare pro-viders.

In conclusion, understanding the symptoms, 
diagnosis, and treatment options for BPH 
is essential for promoting men's health and 
well-being. Timely intervention and effective 
management can help men maintain a good 
quality of life despite the challenges posed by 
this common prostate condition.

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