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Are you still motivated with your current fitness 
routine? Do you even have one? Looking for 
something exciting and doable? Consider using a 
mini trampoline. Personal use, mini-trampolines 
can be bought at department stores and online 
ranging anywhere from $54-$120. 

Rebounding workouts, as they are sometimes 
called, are a great way to improve overall fitness. 
They offer numerous health benefits and have 
gained popularity due to their fun nature and 
multiple health benefits. Here are some ways a 
mini trampoline can benefit you.

Cardiovascular Fitness

Rebounding workouts are excellent for improving 
cardiovascular health. The bouncing motion 
increases your heart rate and helps improve 
circulation, strengthening your heart and lungs. 
NASA conducted a study in the 1980s to compare 
the effectiveness of different exercises. They found 
that rebounding was an efficient form of exercise 
for astronauts due to its low impact and high 
cardiovascular benefits.

Low-Impact Activity

Unlike running or other high-impact exercises, 
trampoline workouts are gentle on the joints. The 
trampoline mat absorbs much of the impact, reducing the risk of injury. No matter how old you are, 
you can safely benefit from rebounding if you start slowly.

Strengthening and Muscle Conditioning

Bouncing on a trampoline engages various muscle groups, including the core, legs, glutes, and back. 
Regular workouts can lead to improved muscle tone and strength.

Balance and Coordination

The unstable surface of the trampoline helps improve balance and coordination. This can be es-
pecially beneficial for athletes or older adults looking to maintain agility.

Lymphatic System Health

Rebounding stimulates the lymphatic system, which helps in detoxification and boosting the 
immune system. The up-and-down movement promotes lymph flow, aiding in removal of toxins 
from the body.

Mental Health

The fun and exhilarating nature of trampoline workouts can improve mood and reduce stress levels. 
The physical activity also promotes the release of endorphins, which are natural mood lifters.

Calorie Burning

A 30-minute trampoline session can burn anywhere from 200 to 400 calories, depending on the 

If you’ve never used a mini trampoline before you could be thinking how boring, just jumping for 30 
minutes? Far from it! There are many movements that you can incorporate into your customized 
workout. Here are some basic upright moves. Mix them up and as you get more confident put more 
energy into each one, pushing harder onto the mat.

1. Basic Bounce – What most people will automatically do when they get on a rebounder. Just 

2. Cross Country Ski Jump – From the basic bounce, make one foot go slightly forward while 
the other one goes slightly back at the same time and then switch sides.

3. Knee Lifts – From the basic jump, put more energy into it. Bring both of your knees up as 
close to your chest as you can.

4. Jogging – Run in place while staying in the middle of the mat. As you get more comfortable 
make the jog higher and strike the feet harder.

5. Jumping Jacks – A simple jump with both feet out and in. Make this more intense by hitting 
your feet on the surface harder on the outward part of the movement, inward part or both.

6. Twists – Do the twist with your legs straight and then bent. The more you bend the knees 
the more your heart rate will go up.

How to know which one is best for you? First consider the overall size. Mini trampolines come in 
diameters as small as 38” up to 48”. That matters because a smaller surface will limit the types of 
movements you can do on it (ex. how big of a jumping jack you can safely do). Will you need an 
adjustable/ removable handrail to hold on to? Probably not but if just starting out it may help you 
feel more secure until you’ve practiced some of the movements. Does the tram-poline contain actual 
springs, bungees or spring free stretchy bands (the latter will last the long-est). Select one that will 
last the longest. If portability is a consideration (maybe you’ll want to share with another family 
member) there are foldable versions that can be packed up and car-ried to other locations. And 
then there’s the load limit. How much 
weight will it hold? All these things 
vary so be sure to choose one that best 
suits you so it will fit your needs over 

Even if you already have a great fitness 
routine, give rebounding a try. It 
offers a variety of ben-efits, is gentle 
on the body and can provide whatever 
intensity workout you want. 



Michele Silence, M.A. is a 37-year certified fitness 

professional who offers semi-private/virtual fitness 
classes. Contact Michele at 
Visit her Facebook page at: michelesfitness Visit 
her Facebook page at: michelesfitness.


Let’s imagine. 

We are all getting ready for hot weather… Hoping that now 
the rains and wind and clouds are gone. The sun is here in 
the afternoon. It’s vacation time. Time off for re-charging the 
batteries and thinking about what we haven’t done and what 
do we have to do before school starts again. 

Summer, parades, 4th of July fireworks, pools and beaches. 
Can you believe that some NFL teams open up their camps in July? College football in 
August? And a college season that lasts until January Coaches and kids will practice 
and study and re-hab for about five months of the football season. Somewhere out there 
people are planning what else to change and arrange for the athletes in our sports. 

Most current plans are that there will be a new playoff system with a 12 team play-off. 
What do you think? This will be breaking the pattern for Bowl games and traditions. 
Possibly this will work out. More money for someone. Thus the season will officially end 
all the way to January 20th. 

The traditional “bowl” schedules are changing now. Rose, Cotton, Sugar, Orange.. then 
Peach, Nectarine?, olive? bank?, investment?, freeway?, Moving company? bowls will 
follow. Bowl games now are sponsored by business and corporations etc. Locally, the Rose 
Bowl will keep the date and time for 2 more years. But television rules the schedule and 
the bank book. The television contract runs out and then look for more changes. 

With the play off system the Rose Bowl “game” will be just another one of the play-off 
games. We will not be able to do the hoopla and events traditionally for that week before 
New Years Day. No longer the BIG TEN, PAC TEN or TWELVE matchup. As of now it is a 
four week play off. The teams will be prepping for the next game if they win, and will not 
be able to spend the days prior to our New Years game. The Rose bowl game is second in 
the playoff series. Will fans travel to Pasadena for perhaps only two days? And then have 
to travel to another venue? It won’t be the same. 

I hate to see the Rose Bowl Game and week of events fall along the wayside. The Rose Bowl 
should still be a great event for all concerned: fans, players, coaches, businesses, the city. 
Here’s my fantasy solution to keep the real Rose Bowl game alive.

The Tournament, the Rose Bowl and the City of Pasadena will have to become real partners 
and put together a package that can’t be turned down. The Bowl system will have to be 
flexible to continue the “BIG Game” on New years. Otherwise, just leave the playoff system 
entirely and do their own “Big Game Rose Bowl Classic.” 

After the 12 teams have been announced set up the chance to offer our game to two 
other teams of our choice. A lot of good teams are left who will draw big crowds and who 
would love a chance to play in a Rose Bowl. They can come for five or six days and enjoy 
the package of events that the Rose Bowl game includes. Since the selection is in early 
December, the Rose Bowl will have three weeks to promote the game not just one week. 
Teams can come out and enjoy all the traditional events and tours. Fans will have the same 
option: “this is our big trip.” 

In the play off system, lose the first game and you are done. Win and plan another travel 
day to another city. Go to Pasadena and it’s the great event and experience for players and 

If the powers that want-to-be can compromise and be creative this can continue to be a 
great event.

How about a Rose Bowl Kick-off Classic Labor day weekend? August before Labor Day 
. Guarantee teams a minimum then real football fans can begin the season with a huge 
football weekend. First the Classic in Pasadena, then go over to Las Vegas Classic for the 
Las Vegas game, (this year USC vs LSU) in Allegiant Stadium. Double header football! 
How about Notre Dame vs Ohio State? The Rose Bowl could make up it’s possible TV 
losses with the two-game plan. You gotta think ahead or you finish last.

Okay now, start reading your football publications and form your opinions on what games 
and teams you are excited about this year. How will USC and UCLA do in the BIG10? 
Good question. Maybe next column. Enjoy the summer and remember you can listen to 
me live on Sunday mornings beginning August 18th KLAA am830. 

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