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We have had such a mild and mellow spring, for aminute there I almost forgot just how hot it couldget in our neck of the woods. But, just as it doesevery year during the summer months, the heathas returned with a vengeance and we pup loversfind ourselves, yet again in a quandary as to whatto do to keep it cool with our furry four-leggedfriends. 

There are numerous activities in Southern 
California you can participate in along with thefamily dog, to help keep your mind off the heat.
The trick is finding which activities best suit yourown personal preference and at the same time,
best accommodate the physical and social comfortlevel of your beloved best friend.

This past week, I did a little research and cameup with a list of local dog-friendly outings, as wellas a few less-local pet-friendly getaway ideas, allspecifically designed with you and your canine inmind. 

Adventure Dog LA offers pack walks for youand your dog to join other teams like yourselveson a trail hike in the local hills. Owner and trainer, 
Will Hathaway gives free training tips along theway and it’s a great way to spend a day exercisingand socializing your pet, and yourself for thatmatter!; 541-520-6748

Hermon Park is an off-leash dog park adjacentto the historic Arroyo Seco in northeast LosAngeles. The park has two fenced areas, one forlarge dogs and one for small, elderly and disableddogs. Facilities include a double-gated entrance,
trees, benches, and water dispensers for the dogs.
The park is open daily from dawn to dusk. 5568Via Marisol, Los Angeles; 323-255-0370.

Angel City Brewery in downtown LA specializesin craft beer, and they welcome dogs to join theirhumans in nearly every area of the pub with theexception of the brewing area. Just abide by thebasic rules - keep your dogs leashed at all timesand clean up after them. 216 Alameda St., LosAngeles; 213-622-1261

The Grove in Los Angeles is the ultimate 
destination for entertainment. 
The Grove offers shopping, diningand enjoyment in a pet-friendly(and child-friendly) atmosphere.
Also check out the adjacent parkand historic farmers market! 
189 The Grove Dr., Los Angeles;

If you prefer to cool your paws(and feet) at the beach, here area few dog-friendly spots that areclose enough to include in a daytrip: Rosie’s Dog Beach 5000 E.
Ocean Blvd., Long Beach 562

Happy Tails 
by Chris Leclerc 

570-3100; Huntington Dog Beach 100 GoldenWest St., Huntington Beach 714-841-8644; ArroyoBurro Beach (aka Hendry’s Beach) 2981 Cliff Dr.,
Santa Barbara 805-687-3714. 

If you’re looking for a great getaway for morethan a day where your precious pup will be equallywelcome, San Diego County is one of the most pet-
friendly destinations on the west coast and witha mere 2-hour journey from here to there, it’s amust-do for us dog-loving Sierra Madreans. Hereare a couple of hot dog spots in No. SD County.

Cardiff State Beach North is a sweet seaside spotthat allows dogs on leash from dawn to dusk. Ifyour pup loves the water and you are looking for abeautiful beach to enjoy together, this is it. Located1 mile south of Cardiff on Old Highway 101, it‘s afabulous place for you and your pup to keep it coolin the heat. If you plan to sleep over, Cardiff by theSea Lodge comes recommended. With reasonablerates and awesome accommodations, they willmake you and your furry four-footers welcomethroughout your stay.

Maggie Houlihan Memorial Dog Park is a two-
acre space dedicated to dogs and dog lovers inEncinitas Community Park. There’s a show circle,
a large turf area and separate off-leash fencedareas for large dogs, small dogs and shy dogs.
Open 5am-10pm, this park has everything you’llneed including benches, water stations and bagsfor your best bud’s droppings. 425 Santa Fe Dr.,

Now in case you’re one of those folks who’veyet to find the perfect pet to spend leisurely timewith, you may want to visit the Pasadena HumaneSociety for FREE ADOPTION DAY on ThursdayJune 22, 9am to 5pm. On this special day, adoptionfees for all available pets -including dogs, cats,
rabbits, birds and reptiles - will be sponsored byCarol Ann Kirby at no cost to you. You can checkout their adoptables at

Enjoy the summer months with your darlingdogs. Have lots of fun and remember to be carefulin the sun. Love and let live! 


Rocky Road is a three-

and includes spay surgery,
year old domestic short 

vaccinations, microchip 
hair with a beautiful, soft 

and a free wellness 
silky short black and white

exam at a participatingspotted coat that gives her

veterinarian. Feel free to 
a striking appearance. She

call us at (626) 286-1159is a rambunctious cat who 

for more information on 
enjoys relaxing next to her

Rocky Road. She currentlycat friends. She likes to play

resides at the San Gabriel 
hard to get, but approach her

Valley Humane Societyslowly, show her a feather

located at 851 E. Grand 
toy and her playful nature

Avenue in San Gabriel 
takes over! Come by to meet

which is located off San 
Rocky Road and considerGabriel Blvd, north of 
giving her a forever home. She would be a wonderful Mission and south of Las Tunas Drive. To arrangecompanion and a great addition to a lucky family.a ‘Meet and Greet’ with Rocky Road, please stop byCome by to meet Rocky Road. She would love to beany time from 10:30am to 4:30pm Tuesday throughclaimed and taken home. Her adoption fee is $99 ID#5330 

There’s a lovelyprayer I use often,
“God grant me theserenity to acceptthe things I cannotchange, courage tochange the things 
I can, and the wisdom to the know the difference.” 
It’s such a complete picture and remedy for almost 
any trouble. The words courage and wisdom alwayshave an impact. Both play a huge role in our progressas yogis on the path. There are many who practiceyoga solely for the the physical benefits; but mostpractitioners do seek the opportunity for greaterdevelopment that yoga offers.

My teacher Yogarupa Rod Stryker, states, “thesingle hardest yoga practice is the same for everyone. 
It’s called change.” Evolving and transforming isn’teasy and nor is the path always clear. Courage is anessential ingredient in not only implementing change,
but sustaining the effort. Remember, courage is notfearlessness, it’s taking actions in the face of fear. Youmay have had to summon the courage to attend your 

Real Life Tips from LIfe's Instruction Manual 
When I travel, I note that each 
community has a space dedicatedto spirit. Often they are the mostopulent and ornate edifices of thecity. Historical markers of time andthe buildings are representative ofthe finest artisans of the period.

In countries with a monarchy, grand mausoleums areerected to honor dead royalty, military or political leaders.
Mosques sometimes become cathedrals. Cathedrals

can become monasteries. 
Temples or MosqueSanctuary or SynagogueBasilica or AbbeySanctuary or ChapelThese houses of worship are symbols of spirit. 

They are not God itself, and God is everywhere it cannotbe contained. 
Dynasties end, rulers are overthrown, empires arebroken. Everything changes. 

first yoga class, or chose to take a risk that benefittedthe greater good. There are many experiences ofcourage in life, big and small.

What we fall back upon is wisdom and resolve.
Wisdom comes from many sources: pivotal texts,
wise and truthful people, and straight from divinity.
Often, it’s the inner wisdom that provides the clarityand stamina we need to proceed forward. There’s nocomfort quite like knowing we’re on the right path inthe midst of challenging circumstances. As courageand wisdom become cornerstones of practice, self-
empowerment follows.

Explore your yoga practice on the mat and throughself inquiry. You’ll most likely uncover courage andwisdom you did not know you possessed. Feel free toemail me at with questionsand inquires. 

Keely Totten,
E-RYT 500, 
Teacher at Yoga Madre 

It doesn't matter if we worship in a temple or a buildingwith the tallest minaret, or the biggest dome. It doesn'tprove a thing.

It doesn't matter if one, in life, is addressed as yourHonor, your Majesty, Sir or Dame; we are all going to die.

What is important is how we treat people while we areliving and the good we do on a day to day basis.

We may not build great monuments or have a title orletters of distinction behind our name. 

We can all live our very best life while we are here.

What we all can do is be kind and care for each other. 

Be still and know. 

A relationship with the Divine is personal and neednot be displayed. To the extent that religious buildingsserve to emphasize the need an intermediary, they do aspiritual disservice to each of us.

Don't be fooled into believing a false duality. We areone with Spirit.

We are unique emanations of Spirit.
Be still and know. All is well. 

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