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Mountain Views-News Saturday, June 17, 2017 9THE WORLD AROUND US 
Mountain Views-News Saturday, June 17, 2017 9THE WORLD AROUND US 
In biology, “symbiosis” refers to two organismsthat live close to and interact with one another. 
Astronomers have long studied a class of stars—
called symbiotic stars—that co-exist in a similarway. Using data from NASA’s Chandra X-rayObservatory and other telescopes, astronomers aregaining a better understanding of how volatile thisclose stellar relationship can be.

R Aquarii (R Aqr, for short) is one of the bestknown of the symbiotic stars. Located at a distanceof about 710 light-years from Earth, its changes inbrightness were first noticed with the naked eyealmost a thousand years ago. Since then, astronomershave studied this object and determined that R Aqris not one star, but two: a small, dense white dwarf 
and a cool red, giant star.

The red giant star has its own interestingproperties. In billions of years, our Sun will turn intoa red giant once it exhausts the hydrogen nuclearfuel in its core and begins to expand and cool. Mostred giants are placid and calm, but some pulsatewith periods between 80 and 1,000 days like the starMira and undergo large changes in brightness. Thissubset of red giants is called “Mira variables.” 

The red giant in R Aqr is a Mira variable andundergoes steady changes in brightness by a factor of250 as it pulsates, unlike its white dwarf companionthat does not pulsate. There are other strikingdifferences between the two stars. The white dwarf 
is about ten thousand times brighter than the redgiant. The white dwarf has a surface temperatureof some 20,000 K while the Mira variable has a 
temperature of about 3,000 K. In addition, the whitedwarf is slightly less massive than its companion butbecause it is much more compact, its gravitationalfield is stronger. The gravitational force of the whitedwarf pulls away the sloughing outer layers of theMira variable toward the white dwarf and onto its 

Occasionally, enough material will accumulate

on the surface of the white dwarf to triggerto this history of eruptions. Scientists think a novathermonuclear fusion of hydrogen. The release explosion in the year 1073 produced this ring.
of energy from this process can produce a nova,Evidence for this explosion comes from opticalan asymmetric explosion that blows off the outertelescope data, from Korean records of a “guest” starlayers of the star at velocities of ten million milesat the position of R Aqr in 1073 and informationper hour or more, pumping energy and materialfrom Antarctic ice cores. An inner ring wasinto space. An outer ring of material provides clues generated by an eruption in the early 1770s. Optical 


[Nyerges is the author his death, I even felt parent-less. My view of the

of “Til Death Do Us world changed and I was forced to acknowledge

Part?”, a series of stories the limits of life and the futility of pursuing solely

describing how he anda material existence. 

his wife attempted to 

deal with death in an After I learned of his death via a phone call, I

uplifting manner. The walked out into the morning rain, in shock,
book is available on Kindle, or from School of Self-crying, thinking, remembering. I was not feelingreliance, Box 41834, Eagle Rock, CA 90041 orcold or wet, and somehow I was protected by]unique state of mind that enshrouded me.

When my father’s 80th birthday coincided withDuring the next three days, I did as I had doneFather’s Day some years ago, I wrote a pictorialwith my mother when she died. I spent the nextbooklet for my father which outlined key aspectsthree days reviewing my life with my father.
of our life together. It was my way of thanking myAt first I allowed the random memories 
father. My wife Dolores and I went to his homeand pain to wash over me. I talked to Frankafter the wild cacophonous family gatheringconstantly during those three days, inviting andhad ended. We didn’t want an audience in an allowing him to be with me as we did the lifeatmosphere of laugher, sarcasm, and possiblyreview together. I felt his pain, his frustration,
ridicule. I only wanted to share the thank youhis emptiness and loneliness in his last few yearsstory with my father in a somewhat seriousof life. I did nothing to stop the pain of this – Iatmosphere.allowed myself to feel it all.

Dolores and I brought some special foods, putI spoke to Frank as I’d speak to anyone living. Ion some music, and I began my short presentationfelt his presence and even his responses. I did thisbeginning with my earliest significant memories.for myself as much as for Frank and his on-goingI shared with him my memories of how he toldjourney.
me I would be an artist when I grew up. HeI began to see him as a young man, who met,
always told me to put my bike and toys away, sofell in love, and married my mother. Somehow,
“the boogeyman” wouldn’t steal them. As I grewthis was a major revelation to me. I had never seenolder, I learned that the world was indeed full of my own father in that light before. He had simplyvery real “boogeymen” and my father attemptedbeen “my father.” Suddenly, he was a uniqueto provide me with ways to protect myself againstindividual, with his own dreams, aspirations,
these unsavory elements of life.and goals. Amazingly, I’d never viewed him in

I recalled to my father, while my motherthis way during our life together.
and Dolores listened on, the birthday partyAnd then, after perhaps 12 hours of this, andadventures, getting hair cuts in the garage, andmiles of walking, I began a more chronologicalhow my father tolerated my interest in mycologyreview of my life with my father, point by pointand wild edibles. by significant point. I saw his weaknesses and

Everyone found the recounting amusing, evenstrengths, as well as my own. As I did this review,
funny, but there were also tears mixed with theI looked for all the things that I’d done rightlaughter. As with most memories, some thingswith my father, all the things I’d done wrong,
my father recalled quite differently from me, andand all the things that I could have done better.
some he didn’t recall at all. Some things that I sawI wrote these down, and the “wrong” list was 
as life-and-death serious, he saw as humorous, shockingly long. The “right” list only containedand vice versa. a few items! 

But above it all, I felt I’d finally “connected” I asked my father to forgive me, and I resolvedwith him at age 80 in a way that I’d never managedto do certain things differently in order to changeto do before. My “fathers day card” wasn’t pre-and improve my character. I know I would notmade by a card company, but consisted of myhave imposed such a rigor upon myself had it notown private and secret memories that I sharedbeen for the death of my father.
with him. I managed to thank him for doing allA week later, when there was the funeral at the 
the things that I took for granted – a roof over church, I felt that I’d come to know my fathermy head, meals, an education, a relatively stablemore than I ever was able to do in life. I brieflyhome. shared to the congregation my three days of

Of course, all our family members – “insiders”“being with” my father, and learning what it was

– knew that my father was no saint. But I waslike to be Frank, in his shoes, and how we forgaveat least acknowledging the good, and sincerelyone another. 
thanking him for it.More importantly, I shared to family andMy mother died two years later, and we all knewfriends gathered that day the importance ofmy father would be lost without her. They’d beenconstantly finding the time to tell your livingmarried over 50 years. His health and activitiesloved ones that you indeed love them, not waitingdeclined and he finally passed away on the Ides ofuntil they die to say the things that you should beMarch a few years later.saying all along.
Though his death did not come as a surpriseI remember Frank now on Father’s Day, and

– I was nevertheless left feeling his absence.continue to express my heart-felt thanks for allThat early Saturday morning when I learned of that he – and my mother – gave to me. 
data (red) in a new composite image of R Aqr showsunderstanding of the behavior of R Aqr in morethe inner ring. The outer ring is about twice as widerecent years. Chandra data (blue) in this compositeas the inner ring, but is too faint to be visible in thisreveal a jet of X-ray emission that extends to theimage.upper left. The X-rays have likely been generated

Since shortly after Chandra launched in 1999,by shock waves, similar to sonic booms aroundastronomers began using the X-ray telescope tosupersonic planes, caused by the jet strikingmonitor the behavior of R Aqr, giving them a better surrounding material. 


A Weekly Religion Column by Rev. James Snyder 


So that you know, I am not suspicious (knockgreasy smile, accepted the apple fritter, noddedon wood). I take a rather practical approach tomy head and said, “Thank you.”
life and try my best not to get bent out of shape.For her to bring me one apple fritter was aAt my age, it’s rather difficult to keep my shape.wonderful thing, and I deeply appreciate it andI try to keep my guard up, but no matter what Idid not give it too much thought.
do, I drop it.For her to bring me the second apple fritter

Tuesday I was engaged in a “project,” whenwas a little suspicious, but I was not going to saythe Gracious Mistress of the Parsonage cameanything or spoil the moment or discourage herand brought me an apple fritter. “I thought,” shein any way, so I accepted it.
said rather cheerfully, “that you could use anNow the third apple fritter, three days in a rowapple fritter.”has made me more than suspicious. I do not want

I was most gracious for this apple fritter. to be judgmental here. I certainly don’t wantNothing raises your spirits and encourages youto do anything that would spoil the next appleto do your best like an apple fritter. I know myfritter that might come. But I was suspicious.
wife and I disagree as to the nature of these appleI mean, I was very suspicious about the wholefritters so it surprised me that she brought one to scenario. 
me. For her to bring me three apple fritters in a

My insistence is that an apple fritter is anrow, knowing that she does not like apple fritters,
apple and an apple is an apple. She, on thecaused me to rethink the whole situation. Why,
other side of the breakfast table, insists that for example, was she doing this? What was sheit is a doughnut. We have never resolved thisexpecting from me in return? How much troubledifference in our relationship. When she broughtam I really in now?
me an apple fritter I was a little bit surprised, butAll of these questions jammed my brain sowas thinking deep in my heart it may be I havethat I could think of nothing more.
convinced her that an apple fritter in deed is aHas she come over to my side concerningfruit. these apple fritters? Or, was she setting me up

I smiled most graciously, thanked her andfor something?
enjoyed the apple fritter like I enjoy every appleAs I slowly munched on the third apple fritter,
fritter I eat. It was the highlight of my afternoon,my mind went a million miles an hour. My mindI can tell you that.was going so fast I almost could not enjoy the

Nothing more was said about it because I doapple fritter. Never fear, I took the time to enjoynot like to spoil a good thing. I just enjoyed it andthe apple fritter, then I resumed my suspiciouswent on thinking that perhaps we have come to athinking.
conclusion about this contradiction. The first thing I thought about Friday morning

Then Wednesday came around and in the when I got up was the suspicious apple fritters.
middle of a project in the afternoon, my wifeWas she going to bring me another apple frittercame in and said, “Here, I thought you mighttoday? Would I find out today the scheme behindenjoy an apple fritter for today.”this apple fritter scenario?

Without thinking, I took it, smiled and Friday afternoon as I was involved in somethanked her most graciously for this afternoonwork my wife passed by and said, “How’streat. Nothing bolsters my day more than a warmeverything going? You getting some work done?”
apple fritter. Nothing goes better with a cup ofI nodded and she continued walking withoutcoffee than an apple fritter. I am quite convincedpresenting me with an apple fritter.
that in heaven we will enjoy apple fritters.To this day, she has never mentioned the apple

With me whenever I have an apple fritterfritter scenario. I, loving life in all its amenities,
in the afternoon the day goes by so smoothly.have never questioned her about it. What sheI enjoyed that apple fritter to the nth degree,meant by it and what was happening, I probablywhatever that may mean.will never know. 

I did not think much of it, because you shouldThinking about this I was reminded of whatjust enjoy your day and whatever blessings come,David once said, “This is the day which the Lordlike an apple fritter, just enjoy it to the best ofhath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it”
your ability.(Psalm 118:24).

Let me repeat that I am not a very superstitiousI do not know the story behind the appleperson (knock on wood), but I do like to takefritters, but I certainly rejoice in those appleprecautions. Once it is over, I like to move on.fritters. 

Then on Thursday, the inconceivable Dr. James L. Snyder is pastor of the Familyhappened.of God Fellowship, 1471 Pine Road, Ocala, FL

“Here,” my wife said most cheerfully, “I 34472. He lives with his wife in Silver Springsthought you would enjoy an apple fritter for theShores. Call him at 352-687-4240 or e-mail 
afternoon.” The church web site isI did not know what to do or say. I put on a 

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