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Mountain Views-News Saturday, June 17, 2017 
Mountain Views-News Saturday, June 17, 2017 
Jeff’s Book PicsBy Jeff Brown 

unprecedented collaboration, twenty-The Return: Fathers, Sons and

three of the world’s bestselling andcritically acclaimed thriller writers 

the Land in Between by Hisham 


pair their series characters in an

Winner if the Pulitzer Prize • The 

eleven-story anthology curated by the

acclaimed memoir about fathers and 

International Thriller Writers.So sit 

sons, a legacy of loss, and, ultimately,

back and prepare for a rollicking ridehealing—one of The New York Times

as your favorite characters go head-
Book Review’s ten best books of the year.

to-head with some worthy opponentsin FaceOff—it’s a thrill-a-minute 

When Hisham Matar was a nineteen-


year-old university student in England,
his father went missing under mysterious

The Way of Liberation: A

circumstances. Hisham would never see 

Practical Guide to Spiritual 

him again, but he never gave up hope that

Enlightenment by Adyashanti 

his father might still be alive. Twenty-

This book is Adyashanti s stripped-

two years later, he returned to his native

down, practical guide to spiritual 

Libya in search of the truth behind his

awakening. With a profound

father’s disappearance. The Return is the

simplicity it outlines the Foundations, 

story of what he found there.The Pulitzer

Orienting Ideas, and Core Practices

Prize citation hailed The Return as “a 

that are essential in the process of

first-person elegy for home and father.”

waking up to the absolute nature of

Transforming his personal quest for

Reality and living it to the fullest

answers into a brilliantly told universal

extent possible. May this book serve

tale of hope and resilience, Matar has

as an insightful companion on your

given us an unforgettable work with a

journey to that place of sacredness,

powerful human question at its core:

to the flow and flowering of existence

How does one go on living in the face of

beyond all notions of self.This is not

unthinkable loss? 

a book about spiritual betterment,
self-improvement, or altered states

Face Off by Lee Child , Michael 

of consciousness. It is about spiritualAn instant New York Times and USA 

awakening going from the dreamTODAY bestseller and “a thriller 

state of ego to the awakened state

reader’s ultimate fantasy” (Booklist),

beyond ego as quickly and efficiently

this one-of-a-kind anthology pulls

as possible. -- ADYASHANTI 

together the most beloved charactersfrom the best and most popular thrillerseries today. Worlds collide!In an 

All Things By Jeff Brown 


The former president said he wanted to get tohas, it has never sparkled more,” Obama said. “Andwork on his presidential center right away toyet, if you ask a lot of people outside of Chicagocombat the perception Chicago is a dangerousabout Chicago, what’s the first thing they talkplace.Former President Barack Obama said about? They talk about the violence.”Obama saidWednesday that he and Michelle Obama wouldhis presidential center’s programming will aim topersonally donate $2 million to support summermake a lasting impact on the community.“We’ll bejobs for Chicago young people this year.Obamaworking with the city, we’ll be working with themade the announcement while presentingcounty, we’ll be working with businesses, becausepreliminary plans for his presidential library andpart of what we want to do is reach young peoplecenter in Chicago’s Jackson Park neighborhood.who might be at risk if they don’t have somethingConstruction will take four years, but Obamato do during the summers,” Obama said. “But partsaid he wanted the facility to start offeringof what we also want to do is to reach older youthprograms immediately.“We don’t want to wait forwho may be prepared for apprenticeships becausea building,” he said. “One of the things that we willone of the things that this project is going to dobe starting this year is Michelle and I personallyis generate jobs. We want to make sure that someare going to donate $2 million to our summer jobsof those young people can get trained so peopleprograms here in the community, so that rightdon’t say, ‘Why didn’t you hire anybody from theaway, young people can get to work and we canneighborhood?’“What we want this to be is thestart providing opportunities to all of them.” “Asworld’s premier institution for training youngsomebody who has not been right here in Chicagopeople and leadership to make a difference in theirover the last couple years, whenever I visit, I tellcommunities, in their countries and in the world,” 
people, Chicago’s never looked more beautiful. It Obama said. 

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are raising mental health awareness, reducing harmfulstigma, and connecting students to lifesaving care.”

If you or someone you know needs help, call theNational Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-273-TALK 
(8255).How to Protect Your Child’s Inheritance from aFuture Untrustworthy Spouse

A big reason parents develop an estate plan is toprovide for their children financially. It’s not the onlyreason. And if you’ve heard me talk about “legacy” youknow I don’t think it’s the most important reason. But itis important! Most of us want to make sure hard-earnedassets, family heirlooms, or closely held businesses staywithin the family. Within that context I’m often askedhow to protect children’s inheritance from a futurespouse in the event of untrustworthiness or divorce. It’sa thoughtful and significant question. And thankfully,
there are many ways to structure your child’s inheritanceto help ensure it will remain in the family for futuregenerations. Let’s look at a few of the options. 

Create a Trust 

A trust involves three parties: (1) the person creatingthe trust (you might see this written as the “settlor,”
“trustor,” or “grantor.”), (2) the person or entity holdingthe trust property for the benefit of the beneficiary,
known as the “trustee”, and (3) the person(s) that


benefit from the creation of the trust, known as the 
“beneficiaries.” Choosing a trustee who is independentFRANKEN, AND KATKO can be a great way to eliminate any arguments thatone beneficiary has more control to receive assets than

what is actually provided in the trust documents thanother beneficiaries, a helpful situation when you have anuntrustworthy son- or daughter-in-law.


A lifetime trust is a type of trust that - as is evidentfrom its name - lasts for the lifetime of the beneficiaryHEALTH IN SCHOOLS and passes to the next generation of beneficiariesupon his or her death. It is commonly referred to as aACT “generation-skipping trust” and can also dramaticallyreduce or eliminate estate taxes. Assets in a lifetime trust 
(WASHINGTON, DC) Today, Rep. Grace F. Napolitanoare protected against commingling in the marriage and,
(D-CA-32), Senator Al Franken (D-MN), and Rep. Johntherefore, cannot be pursued by a spouse. When assetsKatko (R-NY-24) proudly reintroduced the Mentalare held by a trust your children - and, by extension, theirHealth in Schools Act (H.R. 2913; S. 1370) to fund on-sitespouses - cannot access these assets. Therefore, even inmental health services for youth in schools nationwide.the event of a divorce, an ex-spouse cannot pursue them. 

“Supporting our children early in life can preventmental health problems from growing more serious overUse Prenuptial Agreementstime, helping our youngsters lead healthy, productiveIn addition to creating a trust to protect your children’slives,” said Congresswoman Napolitano, Chair of theinheritance from an untrustworthy spouse, yourCongressional Mental Health Caucus. “The Mentalchildren can use a prenuptial agreement as a tool forHealth in Schools Act does this by educating the entireasset protection. A prenuptial agreement is a documentschool community—from students and their families,that details an agreement between your child and his orto teachers, administrators, and support personnel—her spouse about the characterization of assets owned aton the warning signs and symptoms of mental illnessthe time of marriage and those earned after marriage.
to help identify and treat mental health issues beforeThis legal document also provides the couple to agreethey escalate. In this stigma-free environment studentsupon the division of assets in the event there is a divorce.
are referred directly to a clinician on school grounds,This may be an uncomfortable suggestion to bring upto receive services in a culturally and linguisticallywith your children, but it can be an huge benefit in theappropriate manner. I thank Senator Franken andevent of a later divorce. 
Congressman Katko for being at the forefront on mentalhealth issues in Congress, and I look forward to workingOther Planning Ideaswith them and all of our colleagues to ensure mentalBeyond the actual legal tools, it is important for you tohealth services are available for every child in America.”let your wishes be known to the family. One way to do

“We need to do a better job of treating mental healththis is to have a family discussion about your estate plan,
problems the same way we treat other health problems,explaining your intentions and reasons as to why it is setand that’s certainly true for our kids who struggle withup in this manner. Additionally, using clear languagemental and behavioral health issues,” said Sen. Franken, in your estate planning documents that specify thea member of the Senate Education Committee. “But intent or purpose in leaving the inheritance to benefitunfortunately, schools often don’t have enough resourcesdescendants - and not their spouses - can further solidifyto help support the one-in-five kids in our country whoyour wishes are followed. Finally, choosing a trusteeexperience mental illness. That needs to change, andthat is independent will keep control over the funds inthat’s why I’m working so hard to pass this bill to ensurethe trustee’s hands and not your child’s untrustworthythat every student has access to the kinds of services theyspouse. This will also allow you to manage or overcomeneed.” any conflict that you may not have been expecting. 

“In Central New York and in communities 
nationwide, there is a critical need to improve accessBottom Line: Be Proactive 
to mental and behavioral healthcare in our schools,” If you wish to make sure your descendants receive asaid U.S. Rep. John Katko. “Early intervention andportion of your estate, discuss these intentions with yourpreventative mental health programming is critical tochildren and devise an estate plan that will guarantee thistreating and building better lives for the many childrendesire is fulfilled after your passing. Whether you haveand families nationwide whose lives are impacted byno estate plan, or have one that’s more than a few yearsmental illness. I’m proud to once again join my colleagueold, sit down with a trusted estate planning professionalRep. Napolitano in introducing the bipartisan Mentalto create or update this plan to suit your goals.
Health in Schools Act and thank her for her leadershipDedicated to empowering your family, building youron this critical issue.” wealth and securing your legacy, 

The Mental Health in Schools Act, which Napolitanointroduced in the previous five Congresses, would createa total of $200 million in grant funding for 100 schoolsacross the country to partner with local nonprofits toprovide on-site, culturally and linguistically appropriatemental health services for students. It is patterned after asuccessful pilot program started in 2001 in Napolitano’sarea, which began in four schools that has now expandedto 26 schools throughout Los Angeles County, includingmuch of the San Gabriel Valley.A local attorney and father, Marc Garlett is on a mission

“We know not every school has the same resources,to help parents protect what they love most. His office is 
which is why our bipartisan measure ensures flexibility,located at 49 S. Baldwin Ave., Ste. G, Sierra Madre, CAallowing schools to improve their services to meet the91024. Schedule an appointment to sit down and talkneeds of their students,” Napolitano added. “The Mentalabout ensuring a legacy of love and financial securityHealth in Schools Act builds on the success of our suicide for your family by calling 626.587.3058 or visit www.
prevention program in Los Angeles County where we for more information. 


The latest on Business News, Trends and Techniques 

By La Quetta M. Shamblee, MBA 

South Pasadena resident and independent agent, IdelleSharing Program has more than 1 million membersSteinberg understands the full spectrum of what issharing about 1 billion in expense annually.
available to help people find the best fit for retirementDue to very recent changes in regulations, this modeland health insurance. Initially inspired by her personalof coverage is now available to the public, without thefeelings of uncertainty about the future, she immersedreligious caveat. These plans meet the governmentherself into learning everything she could about planningrequirements for Minimal Essential Coverage (MEC),
for retirement. In 2004, she became a licensed insurance which include annual check-ups, and preventativeagent. Her education also encompassed learning aboutscreening. With the exception of the annual MEC visit tothe full range health insurances and staying abreast ofa doctor in the plan’s network, member can choose theirregulations and changes.own non-network doctors for all other services. “It’s not a 

When asked what she likes best about the financial solution for everyone, but there are lots of benefits for thoseservices industry, she says, “I really like helping peoplewho are interested,” stated Steinberg. To start, the planand educating them about what is available.” Certainlydoes not encompass all pre-existing conditions and is bestthe current upheaval and politics surrounding healthsuited for individuals who subscribe to overall healthier 
insurance, along with the wide range of investmentslifestyles. Although there is leniency for some pre-existingpromoted for retirement, have made it more challengingconditions that are common, including hypertension,
for people to understand which direction to take.high-cholesterol, non-insulin Type 2 diabetes, sleep apnea

Idelle provided insight into her expertise in advisingand hemorrhoids. In spite of this, the 30% to 60% lowerconsumers about how to get higher returns on retirementcost than traditional health insurance is catching theinvestments with private plans. Unlike qualified plansattention of more people as a viable option.
that impose limits on the amount that can be contributedEvery member in the Health Sharing Plan pays aannually, these allow individuals to put in more money.monthly amount and an “initial shared amount” annuallyThey also provide tax-free income and to the delight ofof $500 or $1,000, which is similar to a deductible. 
account holders, generate stock market-like gains withoutMembers can go to any doctor as a self-paid patient, havethe risk of losses and feature very low fees that becomeaccess to a 24-hour Teledoc for phone consultations andnon-existent after about 15 years.prescriptions, and a list of other benefits. Since this model 

The most intriguing information Idelle shared isis traditional health insurance, no insurance company isregarding a Health Sharing Program that meets theinvolved. This seems the perfect fit for a growing grouprequirements for the Affordable Care Act. Initiallyof people seeking for a practical and affordable way toknown as Health Care Sharing Ministries established byaddress their health care needs. 
large faith-based organizations, this type of co-op modelThere are different ways to approach the managementof sharing health care cost has been around for about 25 of one’s health and wealth. Idelle is one of the industryyears. However, access to these types of plans was limitedprofessional paying attention to what’s on the horizonto parishioners of the participating church and faithand what’s readily available to assist with both. Idelle 
organizations and required adherence to specific practicesSteinberg can send you information about the range ofto maintain eligibility and participation (i.e. churchprivate retirement plans and Health Sharing Programs.
attendance, adherence to a certain code of conduct).Contact her at or (626) 
The current network of independently managed Health 441-7332. 

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